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Path to Pali Passage - 30 Min Helicopter Tour - Doors Off or On
"The lush tropical vegetation of the Nu’uanu Valley masks a secret: Oahu was born from fire. The best way to appreciate the incredible beauty the immense flows of lava produced is through the air. Your helicopter sightseeing experience begins over the isl you follow the Windward Coast and its long stretches of white sand beaches and turquoise waters as they lead you towards the gorgeous mountains beyond. Turning inward you pass the three sharp peaks of famous Mt. Olomana characteristic of its English translation “divided hill.” A breathtaking passage through the Nu’uanu Pali cliffs and the lush rainforests that lie within leads you back to the Leeward side of the island and Pearl Harbor. The flight ends with a pass over the USS Arizona Memorial and a new appreci"""Waikiki's white-sand beaches are not Oahu's only amazing attractions. No tripis complete without seeing Oahu's iconic mountain peaks. This 30 minute helicopter tour offers views of Diamond Head the three peaks of Mt. Olomana
From $185.00
City-by-the-Sea - 20 Min Helicopter Tour - Doors Off or On
"Fly high above the world famous city of Honolulu on our City-By-The-Sea helicopter tour. Your helicopter takes off from Honolulu International Airport and takes you over Honolulu Harbor and Oahu’s beautiful South Shore. Flying past Honolulu's skyline you can see the busy shops of the Ala Moana Center and the popular picnic grounds of Magic Island. As you near the white-sand beaches of Waikiki marvel at the multitude of surfers beachgoers sailboats and swimmers savoring the beauty and joy of the island affectionately known as The Gathering Place. Rising from Waikiki's beaches is mighty Diamond Head. Your bird's eye view will let you peer directly into the crater and wave to the hikers on the ridge you head for Pearl Harbor. At the famous port you will pass over the USS Arizona memorial and the famous Battleship Missouri. At the end of your tour
From $150.00
Honolulu Waikiki Wicked Small Group Walking Tour
"You’ll start your Waikiki tour by meeting at the Duke where we’ll talk about Hawaii’s surfing legends and heroes. From there we’ll head off to see Hawaii’s first-ever hotel — one that has managed to maintain its fabulous grandeur through to today. With views of the main promenade of Hawaii we’ll then enjoy a pick-me-up sampling the peaberry blend and top beans of Kona coffee from this year’s crop. Next we’ll dig into some samples of poke a Hawaiian quintessential treat that makes sushi look boring
From $90.00

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91-215 Ewa Beach Road, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, 96706, United States
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