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North Shore Surfing Tour
"Beyond the sands and waves of Waikiki the thrill of the surf is only the beginning. Our island tours offer true adventurers a chance to experience much more than the ocean. Hike historic valleys kayak to remote islet shores and savor the tastes of the islands. If you’re looking for fun that many visitors don’t get to experience request your reservation today. Oahu’s north shore is well known for legendary surf breaks like Waimea Sunset and the Banzai Pipeline. People travel the world over for a glimpse of these breaks and we’ll get you there – up close and personal. This countryside tour offers a nostalgic version of Hawaii that any visitor should experience.2 Person Minimum Tour Size All tours are private and exclusive to your group Tour
From $350.00
2-Hour Small Group Stand-Up-Paddleboarding - SUP - Experience
"An Experience You’ll Always RememberLessons You’ll Never ForgetYour lesson start on the sand with ocean awareness and safety. Then we get you right into the water for a true ocean adventure. No worries our licensed instructors are trained in first aid and lifeguard CPR. Once in the water we show you all the fundamentals of SUP. And if you're an experienced rider then our experienced instructors will help you perfect your SUP wave riding skills. Semi-Private Surfing LessonWhen you and your friends want to go big group stand-up paddle boarding lessons are the only way to go2 Person Minimum Class Size You must book at least 2 Paddlers for this lesson. We do not group together people from different parties so each lesson is private and int"""When you and your friends want to go big
From $100.00
East Side of Oahu Surfing Tour
"Find What Lies Beyond WaikikiBeyond the sands and waves of Waikiki the thrill of the surf is only the beginning. Our island tours offer true adventurers a chance to experience much more than the ocean. Hike historic valleys kayak to remote islet shores and savor the tastes of the islands. If you’re looking for fun that many visitors don’t get to experience request your reservation today!East Side TourTraveling east of Waikiki offers a scenic drive to views of Diamond Head the Halona Blowhole and Oahu’s windward side. You’ll see our island green with native plants and a panoramic view of the Koolau mountain range — a beauty that has even captured the lens of Hollywood films and T.V. Come along and encounter a lush vision of Oahu that many vis
From $250.00

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Catch a filming of Hawaii-Five-O

Favorite thing Some of the filming of the current tv series called "Hawaii Five-O" are done on the premises of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The tv series is a "remake" of a popular show which was originally aired from 1968-1980 with the original cast members of of Jack London, Richard Denning, James McArthur and Kam Fong Chun. Most people will remember the catch phrase made famous by Jack London "Book-em Danno"

Throughout the property of the Hilton Hawaiian Village you'll see signs and advertisements about the show, so if you're lucky to be here during taping, you'll get to catch the hottest new cast members, Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park.

Fondest memory Unfortunately, we didn't see any of the cast members during our stay as the hotel was brimming with the upcoming Pro Bowl and I was so busy searching for players.

Maybe next time??

Gypsystravels's Profile Photo
May 13, 2015

Travelling with a child

Favorite thing When travelling with a kid in Hawaii, you must remember to have a car seat especially if you are renting a car.

Kapolei is nice and quiet because this is a town where most residents live. It is not touristsy town. If you go to the beaches here, you rarely see tourists. If there are, mostly, visitors visiting their own relatives who live in Kapolei.

The beaches' waves and current here are strong and most of the time, strong swimmers come here. There are warnings on the beaches.

You can rent a hotel in Honololu and just drive in Kapolei. It's not that far.

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Oct 25, 2011

Hotel calls

Favorite thing Next time check the internet first :)

A few years ago same thing happened to me, I thought hotel phone calls are just little expensive than regular rates and I was wrong big time. Learned my lesson and now use calling card or VoIP for international calls from Onesuite.

Jul 13, 2010

"Mysterious" Metal Rings

Favorite thing Here’s a piece of useless information. In case you’ve spotted large metal rings on the palm trees, all around Honolulu, this is not some kind of a local art (which was my first thought). I was told that this is the way to protect the trees from rats that simply climb up the massive trunk to either eat the fruit or cruelly destroy the wood.

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May 24, 2009
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Hotels Near Oahu

2169 Kalia Rd., Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815, United States
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2417 Prince Edward Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815, United States
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1277 Mokulua Drive, Kailua, Hawaii, United States
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59-579 Ke Iki Rd, Haleiwa, Hawaii, 96712, United States
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47- 039 Lihikai Drive, (Formerly Schrader's Marine Resort), Kaneohe, Hawaii, 96744, United States
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57-091 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, Hawaii, 96731, United States
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Kamehameha Dynasty

Favorite thing The Islands had 7 Kings and 1 Queen, who also was the last monarch of Hawaii. 6 of therse kings were of Kamehameha lineage.
Kamehameha I - known as Kamehameha the Great was the king that united the Islands. The small exhibit at the Nuuanu Lookout Point tells the story of the last battle after which all the islands were united under one reign. He was also the only Hawaiian king to have children that succeeded him.
Kamehameha II - is mostly remembered for breaking the rules of the ancient “kapu” (taboo), he was the first Hawaiian that allowed men and women to dine in one room. This king’s legacy is depicted in the permanent exhibition at the Ali’iolani Hale in Honolulu.
Kamehameha III - the first Christian monarch of Hawaii he’s responsible for the first constitution of Hawaii and diplomatic relations with other countries. Kamehameha the third had no children, which brought him to the idea of establishing law that would allow kings to be elected!
Kamehameha IV - contributed a lot to education and healthcare, together with his wife – Queen Emma he established the Queen’s Medical Center which is the leading Hospital in Hawaii until nowadays. A lot can be learned about this king while visiting the Queen Emma’s Summer Palace.
Kamehameha V – this king’s name was biblical – Lot, even after he became the fifth Kamehameha he was still referred, by many, as Prince Lot. He’s responsible for building the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (nowadays Hawaii State Art Museum), Ali’iolani Ale, the State court house, and the Royal Mausoleum. Although contributing immensely to the architecture and development he left huge debts!
He didn’t have children, and was never married being separated from the love of his life at a very young age.
Lunalilo I – although part of the dynasty, he was not the direct Kamehameha and therefore was not named the Sixth. Lunalilo was an elected monarch that won his throne over David Kalakaua. He was very popular and known as the People’s King. Lunalilo is one of the two kings that is not buried at the Royal Mausoleum, demanding to find his resting place close to his people. He’s buried at the Kawaiahao Church (located by the Mission Houses). With death of Lunalilo the Kamehameha dynasty came to its end.

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Feb 27, 2009

Paradise not lost

Favorite thing Aloha,
You will enjoy this lovely island as it is jammed pack with things to do. When you arrive to Oahu in the baggage claim area you will see many free for the taking brochures of things to do. They all have maps and coupons for your use. This will help you to see what there is to do that hold your interest.

If you go to Pearl Harbor arrive very early to ensure a short wait time to get in and note due to heighten security they do not allow anything in that cannot fit into your pockets.

You can also check out the Trolley system as well as the Bus. The trolley is a great way to get around and the red and blue lines are great for sightseeing and you can get on and off the trolley as much as you wish.

Aloha and enjoy your stay

Fondest memory I will never forget how it feels off step off the airplane and into that beautiful soft tropical air. I have visited the islands countless times and it is always the same every time I travel to the islands.

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Mar 19, 2008

Introduced Species: A Threat to Hawaii

Favorite thing Just in case you're wondering why you have to fill in those agricultural forms when you're flying into Hawaii, it's to protect these fragile islands. Plants and animals introduced from elsewhere have wreaked ecological havoc on Hawaii, whose endemic life leads the world's endagered species lists. Evolving in isolation for nearly a million years, those plants and bird that made it to Hawaii were unchallenged for millenia and lost their adaptations associated with avoiding prey. Hence, the arrival of predacious species has challenged their survival. A perfect example is the nene, a Canadian goose that is now Hawaii's state bird, whose survival is threatened by the mongoose, because the goose no longer instinctively knows how to protect its eggs. In fact, the only island on which the nene population is growing is Kaua'i, which happens to be the only island to which the mongoose was not introduced.

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Dec 26, 2007

Be Alert for Rainbows

Favorite thing It's no accident that Hawaii puts rainbows on its license plates -- there are rainbows everywhere. The nature of the Hawaiian weather means that sun is often shining through rain and midst, creating hued arches almost everywhere. I once saw a complete double-arched rainbow commuting east-bound on route 78. More often, however, you'll see peices of rainbows here and there. Rainbows are one reason to have your camera with you all the time on Oahu -- I've missed more photo opportunities than I can count!
By the way, the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is often guarded by an ill-humored leprechaun, so don't bother even starting off on the search unless you're armed with a keg of Guinness

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Aug 11, 2007
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"O'ahu ~ “The Heart of Hawai‘i”"
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"Captivating Oahu"
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"Oahu: Home Sweet Home in Paradise"
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"Heaven on Earth"
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Oahu is Isolated -- Very Isolated

Favorite thing You will notice it when you visit here and you certainly would notice it if you lived here: Oahu is far away from everything on earth. In fact, Honolulu is considered the most isolated large city on earth, being farther from any other large city than anywhere else (Perth is considered second in this category).
Of course, the isolation is geographical -- to get to Hawaii you need to fly at least 5 hours from anywhere. We sit on islands amidst the vast North Pacific and even the Pacific Island nations and Alaska are quite distant. But the isolation is also temporal -- three hours behind the U.S. West Coast and 6 hours ahead of Japan or Australia, we share a time zone with very few others. Therefore, all live sporting events are over by the time we get home from work and live events like American Idol (which Andrea watches) or Presidential addresses are never in prime time. If you want to call a friend in Maryland after dinner, you can't -- it's already past midnight there!

Fondest memory But there are other factors affecting one's feeling of distance, too. First, the newspapers (of which there are two) are horrible, so when you even bother to buy one they don't keep you up on half the things going on. Tornados rip through Florida (where family and friends live)? Who knew? Local TV news is not better (see the earthquake story). North Korea signed a nuclear accord? Last week? Really?
Of course, the weather also makes keeping abreast of events difficult. After all, with perfect temperatures, tropical sunlight and cool breezes all year round, it's hard to make the effort to click through a million internet pages to keep up on the news and stay in touch. We'd much rather be at the beach or hiking the trails.

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Mar 03, 2007

Hawaiian Words in English: Not Just for Tourists

Favorite thing When I first visited Hawaii, I was quick to notice the use of "Aloha", "Mahalo" and a few other Hawaiian words in conversation and I figured it was just an affectation to make tourists feel like they were in a more exotic locale. However, now that we live here we realize that these words are used in every day life by every resident of Oahu and even appear in front page newspaper stories (e.g. the fatal pedestrian accident occured just ewa of Kahili Street). Mahalo is not used just to thank tourists but is even used to than people over after announcements at the gym. Speaking of the gym, I was once asked if I was "pau" with a piece of equipment -- finished. So don't think of the use of these words sounding fake.

Fondest memory Here are some good Hawaiian words (and we're sure we've missed a few):
pau: finished
pau hana: end of the day
ohana: family & friends
mauka: mountain side
makai: oceanside
ewa: towards ewa or west
akami: smart/kowlegeable

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Feb 25, 2007

Houses are EXPENSIVE!!

Favorite thing So, do you think you want to live in paradise? Well, if you do, you'd better come with a full wallet and low expectations. For the quality of house we could buy in Maryland for $400,000 (and we though THAT was overpriced!) we would have to pay over $900,000 here. And if we wanted the same amount of land, too? About $1.5 million. Of course, if you make the decision to buy less house, you may find something of quality below $900,000 but most likely you'll find a termite-infested fixer-upper in a sketchy neighborhood or choose to fight the traffic from Ewa Beach or Mililani to get your cheap house (and who wants to commute for over an hour each day in paradise?).
Still, I'm sure you don't believe us. For those doubters, check which has an exhaustive list of properties for sale. If you check Kailua (where we chose to live) you'll see that we're more or less telling the truth.

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Dec 26, 2006

The best places to buy leis

Favorite thing There are two areas that are the best to buy leis. Chinatown has many, many lei stands that sell a HUGE variety of leis. So forget about that boring ol' single orchid lei. Go for the Christina! The second location that is good to buy leis is at the lei stands at the airport. Just remember whenever buying a lei to take back to the mainland that some CANNOT be taken since they have seeds and things that are not allowed to be transported to the mainland for agricultural reasons.

Jan 19, 2006

Things to Do Near Oahu

Things to Do

Diamond Head

Hiking Diamond Head is one of the great outdoor activities around Honolulu. The hike takes just a few hours and it offers nature, geography, history, an scenic views of the ocean and Honolulu. We...
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Things to Do


There is so much to and see in and around Waikiki but you can't forget or avoid the beaches. They are right there in your face no matter where you go in Waikiki. And they are beautiful. Nothing...
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Things to Do

Lanikai Pillboxes Trail

Lanikai Pillboxes is an easy hike even for unadvanced hikers. It is located on the eastside of the island of Oahu and is one of the favorite spots for locals. There is a spectacular view from all of...
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Things to Do

Pearl Harbour

I totally admit I am not a history buff and don't find it fun .. so this wasn't on my short list of things to do .. however my husband isn't crazy about beaches, snorkel and the ocean ... he really...
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Things to Do

Hanauma Bay

Hula dancing is a traditional form of Hawaiian art that makes dance out of music and song. Hula Dance was originally a religious dance brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians. It was often used to...
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Things to Do

Cultural Activities

This place is amazing. I grew up in NZ (now living in Melbourne, Australia) and there are alot of polynesians here...however visiting this place is another experience get to learn the...
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