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Meridian Things to Do

  • Forget the space needle!

    This is Meridian's claim to fame.I don't think I can even start with any words to explain how much this giant sculpture has meant to southwest Idaho as far as tourism is concerned.All I can do is just try to somehow do this artwork justice by saying that people here are EXTREMELY proud of it.Yes, there are a lot of great things about Meridian, but...

  • Find the hills.

    When the inversion is taking place(smog),you might want to go to the foothills to see the sun.This is a picture of what it looks like above the inversion.

  • funny drivers.

    Watch when people try to merge and use their signal, the driver in the car behind thinks that he is getting cut off.It's the funniest thing to watch, enjoy!


Meridian Hotels

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Meridian Restaurants

  • Authentic mexican food.

    If you are starving for some good home cooking mexican style, give Taco Bell a try.You can have crunchy,tasty taco supremes and burritos here for a great price.It seems like it's faster to get your food at the drivethru, but don't let that discourage you from going inside.You can use your debit card here.Adios! The favorite dish would have to be...

  • Get your donuts!

    If you want to get some quick breakfast and don't want to spend a lot of money, Walmart has what you need.This place is extremely popular here in Meridian, and by tasting those donuts, I can see why.Also if you need to get some cash for the donuts, they have an ATM machine close by. The bearclaw is nourishing, but the jelly filled is also just as...

  • Delicious and healthy.

    This eatery is just down the road from Jack in the box, but it's a little more than a dollar to get something here.Sometimes, the economy improves in Meridian and the people here can afford to go here and have a tasty sub sandwich.I would definately recommend this as one of the best places to eat in Meridian. The cold-cut trio is as good as it...


Meridian Nightlife

  • Open 24 hours.

    This is the place to hang out, meet people and have a good time.The Boise town square closes at 9:00, so after that, you can come to Walmart and have LOADS OF FUN!! I think it's casual, but I have seen people in there with suits on before.

  • Great place for steak and beer.

    After a long day of activities in this fine city, you might want to take it easy with a game of pool or just have a beer and think of the next day of absolute excitement on staying here. Wranglers

  • Meridian Hotels

    10 Hotels in Meridian

Meridian Transportation

  • Canyon county drivers.

    I don't know why they call it Canyon county, there isn't a canyon anywhere near it, so I figure the people there might be blind.If you ever run upon a 2C Idaho plate, that means that they are driving slow in the fast lane and driving over mile markers in the slow lane.Be very careful not to get caught behind one of these drivers, because it says in...

  • Adjust your speed.

    When entering the freeway, people here like to drive 35 or 45 mph on the ramp to merge with traffic going 70.It's quite entertaining to have to weave around the car to avoid an accident, because we have semi-trucks going 75.This driver was in a hurry, she was going 45 on the freeway(it's 65)

  • Is this L.A?

    No, we don't have palm trees, movie stars(except Wilford Brimley) or the beach, but we have the smog and the gridlock.Whatever you do don't drive through the Mcdonald's/Chevron corridor by Main St. around 4:00 to 6:00 because the Meridianites like to buy at the peak hours of the day.You know, we have Home Depot and Winco.Plus, the freeway is next...


Meridian Shopping

  • This is the place!

    I enjoy coming to this exhibition of the latest in automobile parts and accessaries.If my headlight in my car burns out, I can walk to this store.(Shucks is 3/4 miles away). Headlight replacement bulb for 99 accord. I can't remember, but I don't think it was very expensive.

  • It's like a mall!

    This store is amazing, you can buy everything here, and they give you free real estate magazines and apartment guides when you leave!You definitly have to check this place out if you come to Meridian, because this might have the watertower sweating as the prized landmark. milk, razors, bread, socks, fruit roll-ups, dog food. About $26.93...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Meridian Local Customs

  • Free checks!!

    Meridianites get laid off a lot, so a custom would be to go to the unemployment office and file to get checks in the mail.Of course, that means they are helping the local bar economy.

  • Don't do it!

    Suicide is not the answer,but if you try it and fail, just take I-84 to the Eagle RD exit and you have St. Lukes Meridian medical center.They have great places to eat across the street too!

  • Trying to move away.

    After most people move here, they try to move away and sometimes it takes a while.It costs a lot of money to move away and wages are low here, so it can take several months or years to save enough to leave.So, until the move happens, you can see meridianites going to the pharmacy to get anti-depressants to help live here.


Meridian Warnings and Dangers

  • Idaho's most prized possesion.

    I know, maybe you don't have sagebrush where you live, so you might want to take some home to show family, friends and whoever the plantlife here in Meridian.YOU CAN GO TO JAIL if you take sagebrush from this area.It has actually happened and if you pay your fine, then maybe you can get off for the sagebrush crimeI am not joking, step away from the...

  • Rednecks.

    Watch out for these people, they can be very friendly until they have a few beers(preferably Milwaukie's Best)I would suggest to have a twelve pack of the beer suggested above especially if at the Wal-mart parking lot.

  • L.A, Houston, Meridian?

    In the wintertime often, we have this weather phenomenon called an inversion.As Meridianites, we are proud to be in the air quality levels of such cities like Mexico city, Fresno, Los angeles.It really only lasts a couple months, off and on.


Meridian Tourist Traps

  • Meridian RD.

    I said NOT to go above 25, and this guy didn't see my webpage, now he has to turn around and head for Broadway to pay his ticket.I think he was going 27mph and that is why there were two cops there. Drive 24mph if you have to. Get a cab, because I don't think they charge you if they get a ticket.

  • Don't drive.

    If you drive your car and the speedometer goes above twenty five mph, walk because you will get pulled over and if you walk too fast, you will get pulled over. This is a giant speed trap, the picture I have here is Meridian Rd, which is a commercial/industrial road and it is twenty five. Isn't it wonderful? The Meridian city hall is conveniently...

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Meridian Off The Beaten Path

  • The sweet smell of Nampa.

    You can smell the sugar beet factory if you are here, so if you want to smell something different,(in the same area)use these directions.Take the Garrity exit and head to Nampa, turn left on Kings RD, and head about two miles to the armory, stop and roll your window down.Where else could you fill out a day with so much fun?

  • The Idaho Center.

    After you get a respirator, you can come to Nampa and go to a concert(usually country)Don't take I-84, because it will take at least an hour to get here. You should take Ustick Rd, because the planners didn't know that people might actually move here and possibly drive here too, thats crazy!

  • Sugar beet heaven.

    I am not sure you can visit this place, but you can sure drive by and see one of the great attractions to this thriving area.This plant is known for it's great sugar beets and that sweet smell that infiltrates the metro Boise area.Be sure to roll your window down and get a whiff of that Nampa air as you drive through!


Meridian Sports & Outdoors

  • Airfare wars.

    The airlines have these airfare wars and they lower fares, so that you can see an NFL game in Seattle or San Francisco.You can also fly to Portland for an NBA game.Sorry, no sports here in Meridian.Actually, watching the weather change is loads of fun and entertainment. You need a porch and a chair.

  • Meridian Speedway.

    You can watch the car races or the other races, the rednecks racing each other to the cheap beer at the food court.It's more fun to watch the rednecks race each other on who gets drunk the fastest than watching the cars.Another fun sports activity is getting out of the parking lot! Have fun!! Insurance

  • Checking out chainsaws.

    Sometimes, you can visit this place and they have a really good sale.If that is the case, you have a footrace against every Meridianite to grab air compressors, chainsaws, a couple pieces of wood, how to build a deck guide, and a few other items. Bring a 3/4 ton truck(I think this is a chevy town) and good running shoes.The locals might wear boots...


Meridian Favorites

  • Phoenix north

    Most people in the rest of the united states think that the Meridian area is fairly cool in the summertime and that we get tons of snow in the wintertime, but since we have the nuclear winter or inversion in the wintertime, we lack snow. In the summertime though, we can see temperatures as high as 110 here, just in july we saw that temperature...

  • Rubbernecks.

    Driving into Meridian is always fun when there is either somebody getting pulled over or a car accident.There is a huge line of traffic staring at the most exciting thing they have ever seen(besides the water tower)All that means is that I get to spend time in my car listening to the radio and checking out the unbelievable scenery. One time the...

  • Storey Park.

    I think this is Meridian's only park.It's a nice park with playground equipment and the most important thing: A VIEW OF THE MERIDIAN WATER TOWER!!! Memories of water towers with Meridian painted on the side....


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