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Giordano's Tips (31)

Giordano's: Yummy pizza from Giordano's!! *mmmmm*

We ordered the pizza for delivery, it was about $20 for 1 Medium Deep Dish Pizza. Not a bad price considering how big it actually was! It was enough for 3 people plus we had extra! I cannot compare it with the other pizza places in town because I did not try those places but I loved this pizza! Arrived Hot in under an hour! The delivery guy was very friendly. I would order from here again!

Favorite Dish We ordered the Medium Deep Dish Pizza--Plain

sabogg01's Profile Photo
Sep 19, 2007

Giordano's: Not the Quickest Meal on the Planet

I went here for luch with some business colleagues and my wife as we were rushing to get through lunch and go to a meeting. The food was mediocre, the ambience was basic 'decent Italian motif', and the service was slow. However, it was reasonably priced!

Favorite Dish I had the combination sandwich and it was okay.

BigBlueOne's Profile Photo
Aug 29, 2007

Giordano's: How Pizza is supposed to be!!

True Chicago-style pizza. Loaded with ingredients, more cheese than you can imagine, a delictable crust, and the tomato sauce is mouth-watering. The ingredients are on the inside and the sauce is on top.

Favorite Dish Go with the stuffed (DEEP) dish, for sure! It takes a little while to cook but the wait is certainly worth it. Two pieces will more than fill you up.

heath1978's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2007

Giordano's: For The Best Chicago Style Pizza

While the tourists flock to Pizza Uno and Due, Chicagoans go to Giordano's when craving great Chicago style (deep dish or stuffed) pizza. Their pizza was voted "Reader's Choice" by the Chicago Tribune, "Best Pizza in America" by the Today Show and has won the Food Industry News "Silver Platter Award" for the past 10 years.

Favorite Dish Ok. I admit it. I prefer New York style pizza to Chicago style. With that said, having lived in this town for almost a decade, I can say that I have sampled a few pizzas. Chicago pizza tends to fall into 2 categories- "thin crust" which is a flat, almost cracker like base with tomato sauce, some cheese and lots of toppings (everything from sausage to pineapple) and "deep dish" or "stuffed" which is a wonderful cheesy, tomato combination with either spinach (my preference) or some sort of meat. Strangely, the thin crusty is cut in squares while the deep dish/stuffed is served as slices.

Giordano's pizza has a sweet, bread-like crust and they serve their slices with just the right proportion of cheese to other stuffing. Just remember- the deep dish/stuffed pizza takes about 30-45 minutes to bake.

TRimer's Profile Photo
Jan 02, 2007
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Giordano's: Surprised !

In our travel to Chicago, my husband and I, had to try the famous Chicago's pizza ! So we picked Giordano's . Nice place with the typical Italian ambience ! There was a little waiting which is expected of a famous place when you don't make reservations. After we were seated and placed our order, we waited for a very long time for the salad that we wanted to have before our pizza, it never happened ! When the waitress finally brought our pizza, it was cold ! We asked her to please take it back to warm it up. After a long wait...again, she brought it back burned !! The salad never came....we were so frustrated with that horrible experience that we never went to another pizza place in Chicago ! There are excellent places to eat in Chicago and even at that same restaurant some people may have had a totally different experience.....Maybe it was just our luck that night, but it was certainly very frustrating ! The pizza, if not burned, was good

xuxaBR's Profile Photo
Nov 20, 2006

Giordano's: Pizzamaniaaaa!

Chicago's most famous dish - pizza! Be it for snack, lunch or dinner you could never go wrong with Giordano's pizza.

Favorite Dish There's nothing like Giordano's deep dish pizza. My favorites are pepperoni and sausage pizzas. A slice or two would be enough even for a guy as big as myself. So bring along some friends and family unless you want a doggy bag to take home. And be sure you're ready to wait. Giordano's is almost always packed that you have to wait to be seated for around 30 mins or so..and the pizza takes 40-45 mins to cook. But hey! It's worth the wait.

jaolucas's Profile Photo
Nov 02, 2006

Giordano's Pizza: We make the pizza -- You make us famous!

Giordano's is one of the classic Chicago stuffed pizza emporiums. This one is named after the founders' mother, who would make a stuffed pizza for Easter. The argument between Pizzeria Uno and Giordano's is one that will never be settled!

Favorite Dish If you like stuffed pizza the classic one with just cheese is a good place to start, although I am partial to mushrooms & spinach!

shrimp56's Profile Photo
Apr 20, 2006

Giordano's: World Famous Stuffed Pizza

There are several locations throughout Chicagoland to satisfy your need for cheese! In addition to the pizza, there are pasta dishes and sandwiches, wonderful appetizers, and delicious desserts! I reccommend starving yourself for at least 12 hours before eating at Giordano's. Not for the lactose intolerant!!

Apr 19, 2006
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"The place I call home"
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"Captivating City of "The Big Shoulders": Chicago"
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"Never A Lovely So Real"
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"Chicago - My Favorite City in the United States!"
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Giordano's: Good Pizza And Atmosphere

Great atmosphere in downtown Chicago (near the Sears Tower) and good pizza.

The deep dish pizza was too much for my son and myself to eat in one setting.

I like thin pizza (which they offered too) - next time I am in Chicago I will try their thin version.

I really enjoyed the place. Watching the people and the decor was appealing.

Go to my home page to check out my trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!


Favorite Dish Pizza - deep dish or thin.

mikehanneman's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2006

Giordano's: Giordano's Why go to Chicago+not try deep dish?

The first Giordano's was opened on February 1974. They served a variation of their mother's deep-dish, double-crusted pizza, which she made on Easter and stuffed with ricotta cheese. Today, they serve both deep dish and thin crust pizza. You have your choice of toppings. The small plain serves 1-2 people and costs $8 for the thin and $12 for the deep dish. We got the small spinach deep dish which costs $15.

The one thing you must remember when eating here is that since the pizza is freshly prepared, it takes about 30 for your thin crust to be ready or 45 minute for your deep dish to be ready. You should order a light appetizer for your wait time. Salads are about $5 and the mozzarella sticks and stuffed mushrooms are $6. I was disappointed they didn't include some free bread sticks to chew on because of the long wait time. It is one of the suggestions I emailed to them.

If pizza is not your cup of tea there are salads, pastas and sandwiches to choose from. But why would you come to Chicago and not try a deep dish pizza. That is kind of like going to Philly and not trying a cheese steak.

When the pizza finally did come out, it looked huge. The small deep dish really does serve 1-2 people. It has a lot of cheese which I love but it had too much sauce that is sweet. I scraped that off and ate the rest. I finished my half of the pie, but my mother was struggling to finish the first slice of hers.

The service was good, our pizza arrived correctly. However, the table behind us ordered a spinach deep dish as well, but the waitress screwed up their order and gave them a plain. They knocked off a couple of dollars for them for the mistake. I don't think I would be too happy even with a discount after a 45 minute wait.

Overall the pizza was OK and the service was good. However, the original Pizzeria Uno which I had twice the last time I was in Chicago is my hands down favorite for deep dish pizza. I didn't eat there because I wanted to see what other deep dishes were out there.

lashr1999's Profile Photo
Nov 13, 2005

Giordano's: Best Chicago Style Pizza!

Pizza is very important in Chicago! While I enjoy all of them, to me, Giordano's is the best! It's where I always bring my friends when they come to visit!

Favorite Dish To me, a pizza isn't great unless it has tons of ingredients! I like deep dish pizza with sausage, onions, olives, tomatoes, green peppers and extra sauce.

Marisola's Profile Photo
Nov 03, 2005

Giordano's: Home of the stuffed Pizza

This restaurant is located in many places in the menu says, but the one I ate in was near the Sears you can imagine the view...big sky scraper buildings everywhere!! But all in all it was nice to be there! Most recently when I went it poured down with rain, and with a window view it was great, very therapeutic...but I'm sure I would be saying something different if I was outside!!

The food is great, I've eaten here twice and ordered different things each time, and both times I was extremely satsifed!! This time, we ordered too much food, actually I think it was a normal amount...but the portions were HUGE!!! It was unbelievable!! SO a warning...ask about portion sizes!!

Service has always been with a smile BUT it is very very slow! However, whenever the service is slow, I always think 'at least they are making it fresh' think the same!!

Favorite Dish You have to get a 'stuffed pizza' !! It is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten!! Whenever someones asks me what the best thing I have eaten is, I mention this pizza!! You must get it!! Being a vegetarian, I ordered a Super-veggie and was amazed that it tasted so gooood!!

It was basically a standard pizza but with generous amounts of vegetables, special tomato sauce and cheese, followed by another layer of dough and special sauce, baked to perfection in 35 mins. Yuuuuummmm!!

The combination platter was a great starter but you need at least 5 people to share it if you want to savour the taste of the pizza. The platter consists of Mozzarella sticks, and deep-fried zucchinis (courgette) and mushrooms.

arv1's Profile Photo
Aug 20, 2005

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