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Mardi Gras Tips (15)

A Consuming Passion

Favorite thing Even "off season", Mardi Gras is a big part of New Orleans. This picture - taken December 12th 2004 - shows the stands being built on the steps of the Gallier Hall to get ready for the Mardi Gras parade The next Mardi Gras was to be February 24th 2005. Of course the official Mardi Gras.celebration always begins January 6th.

Next to Gallier Hall is the building which housed the now defunct Soule College (the red brick building in the back).

Gallier Hall was discovered to be infested with termites and had to have extensive treatment and renouvantion.

Fondest memory In addition to serving as a place for a reviewing stand, many important people in Louisiana history lay in state in this building - in the distant past, Jefferson Davis and General Beauregard, in the more recent past, New Orleans music legends Ernie K-Doe and Earl King to name a few.

grandmaR's Profile Photo
Jul 30, 2005

Largest Singles Mixer out there

Favorite thing Mardi Gras is also very well known for single people to go out and meet their own kind. Out of my 5 friends who attended the bachelor party, only 2 were currently still available, which meant that the other 3 of us were required to recruit eligible women to meet the single guys.

Mission was accomplished here, as Coli was able to meet this nice young lady and enjoy conversation and beverages.

Enjoy Mardi Gras, and remember the camera always tells the truth in the morning.

ATXtraveler's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2005

Bachelor/Bachlorette Parties

Favorite thing One of the things you will definitely see alot of during the Mardi Gras weekend are groups of bachelor and bachelorette parties. As most traditions go, a bachelor party is designed to be one last time out on the open prairie to have a good time with your guy friends before committing into a relationship with your wife. Conversely, several groups of women also had the same purpose and the two collided this weekend in Mardi Gras.

Ironically, the person next to me was also named Sarah, and this is her set of bridesmaids!

ATXtraveler's Profile Photo
Feb 07, 2005

maybe once IS enough

Favorite thing Mardi Gras
it's fun, it's wild, it's long!!! if yu have never seen it - GO! then you decide if 2 weeks of drinking is your cup of tea.

Jazz Fest
Getting huge! Alway (ok, mostly) great weather - meaning hot & humid. Tons of music, local food, and fun! For around $20 to get in per day, and another $xx for food, and crafts, and yo can't beat it!

French Quarter Fest
The best deal in town. Fun (but not a drunk fest), warm, FREE, and very diverse. Check out this weekend - it's almost getting too big but it's great!

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Dec 22, 2004
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Mardi Gras all year

Favorite thing On Decator, near the water, you'll find any number of stores carrying Mardi Gras beads, masks, feather boas and other assorted trinkets. This is the perfect place to look for those inexpensive souvenirs that will actually be enjoyed by their recipients.

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Oct 08, 2004

Mardi Gras

Favorite thing New Orleans is fun anytime of the year. If you want to goto during Mardi Gras time, I would recommend one thing in particular.
Mardi Gras is on a tuesday. The weekend before that is insane. Go the weekend before that because:
a. Yes, there are parades (they start that weekend)
b. It is very crowded, but not sooo crowded that you have to wait to get into a bar or have trouble manuevering through the crowds.
c. There are no cover charges to get into a bar/club. The next weekend cover charges are easily $20. The best thing about Bourbon street is hoping from place to place. Imagine if you have to pay $20 everytime!

Fondest memory It'll take your mind off of any worries.

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Mar 18, 2003

Mardi Gra Beads

Favorite thing Don't leave without Mardi gra beads for souveniours. You can buy them in fun shops along with other fun Mardi gra merchandise. Or you can get them from people in the streets and parades. I left with all kinds of beads different colors and styles that I now coordinate with my outfits at home for creativity..

Mar 08, 2003

Bourbon Street and the French Quarter

Favorite thing Mardi Gras started over 200 years ago by a group of prominent businessmen.

The people, cajun food and the music of jazz filling the streets.

Fondest memory The King cake is a delicacy and a rich pastry that is decorated with sugary icing in the Mardi Gra colors of purple, green, and gold.

Each cake contains one small plastic baby, and the person who finds the baby in her piece will host the next party. A tradition that goes on....

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Feb 13, 2003

Top 5 New Orleans Writers

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Mardi Gra in the French Quarter

Favorite thing Mardi Gra! I have never been to a party like this one before. It consists of parades and balls and festive costumes.

Fondest memory Drinking a 'hurricane' and not remembering what happened is a very potent drink.

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Feb 13, 2003

go with a group

Favorite thing I've never seen so many breasts in one evening
nor have I seen so many people in the streets in one evening
and never have I been molested by so many people trying to pick my pockets in one evening
Good food
Good Freinds
Good drinks
Good music
what else could one ask for

Fondest memory I don't remember to much I was pretty waisted the whole time
I'll have to look back in my journals and get back to you on this one

ChefSalt's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2002

have a babysitter, especially...

Favorite thing have a babysitter, especially if you plan to partake in the Mardi Gras festivities. Dining in The French Quarter is obviously a must. It's all good!

Fondest memory The endless parade of parades. This is the part the kids will enjoy, at least for a little while. Don't worry, folks. The naughty stuff happens at night. During the day, just a bunch of floats throwing beads and candy.

MrMarshall's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Go to Mardi Gras! It is a...

Favorite thing Go to Mardi Gras! It is a party that defies description. All ages can have a blast and the fun never stops. No matter what you've heard, you'll never know until you experience it.
Be sure and bring a costume. The only downsides are the expense, and you don't really get to know the city during Mardi Gras.

That's me on the right in red.

static1's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Things To Do in New Orleans

Things to do

Our Lady of Guadalupe

This small chapel was built in 1826, which makes it the oldest chuch still standing in the city. It was built close to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, just outside of the French Quarter, at the peak of the...
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Things to do

Wax Museum

Visited the Musee Conti Wax Museum which contains wax sculptures that chronicle the history of New Orleans. The attached picture is of Madame LaLaurie torturing her slaves in the attic of the...
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Things to do

French Quarter Walking Tour

On our last visit to New Orleans, we got ourselves out of bed early and headed down to the National Park Service Visitors Center for their free tour of the French Quarter. The walk departs from 419...
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Things to do


We saw the Superdome on the way in from the airport, and of course when we took the New Orleans tour, they mentioned it again. On their website, I thought that it looked like a giant hamburger all lit...
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Things to do

1850 House - Louisiana State Museum

While you're walking around Jackson Square you'll see the 1850 House which is apart of the Louisiana State Museums. "The Upper and Lower Pontalba Buildings, which line the St. Ann and St. Peter...
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Things to do

Pharmacy Museum

Before 1804, the field of pharmacy was unregulated. The only requirement was a six-month apprenticeship, after which time the person could make and sell medicines unhampered by any laws or agencies....
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