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French Quarter Longboard Excursion
"The meeting spot will be the fountain next to the river walk entrance. Once everyone in the group has arrived safety equipment and a longboard will be issued to each member of the group. Once everyone is comfortable with their gear 15 minutes of lessons and safety guidelines will begin. As soon as each member of the group is comfortable to begin we take off. The route is as follows; We skate down the river just past jackson square and cut over to decatur st. From there we skate back up decatur to n peters and follow that to our starting point at the fountain. We will be stopping frequently for p"""Downtown New Orleans is a longboard paradise with endless opportunities for pictures history
From $65.00
New Orleans Garden District Walking Tour
"Upon arrival in New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 the Americans found the Creoles living down-river from Canal Street. The two groups hated each other so the Americans settled up-river from Canal Street in the early and mid-nineteenth century. This enclave of Americans became filthy rich and built great ostentatious mansions in an area that came to be known as the Garden District.On the Garden District tour you will stroll the streets of this famous neighborhood and view the stately mansions and lush gardens; see the homes of Archie Manning John Goodman and the house where the Confederate President
From $15.00
Audubon Nature Institute Museums Admission
"Choose from the following options for your visit to Audubon Nature Institute’s family of museums. Choose just one attraction to visit or save with combination packages to two or more attractions.""""Get to know the beasts of the Southern wild on your visit to New Orleans with a choice of admission to the group of museums that make up the Audubon Nature Institute: Audubon Zoo Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Entergy Giant Screen Theater and Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Check out top-notch exhibits at the four attractions to learn more about critters both local (Louisiana swamp) and global (African Savanna). Choose one or see them all
From $12.00

Cafe du Monde Tips (40)

Cafe du Monde: New Orleans Landmark

Be sure to stop by here for fresh Beignets in the morning! the lines are very long so get here early for the experience of the original beignet place. it won't be hard to figure out what to order as coffee and beignets are all they serve.

Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo
Dec 05, 2016

Cafe du Monde: Everything was hot and fresh and delish.

we had read this was the best place to get Beignets for breakfast ... so we waited in line and gave it a try .. they were great. Got some hot chocolate and I'd say it was well worth the wait and a must if you in the area. The people watching there was also really interesting and a wall right there was a great backdrop for a selfie.

There is a huge line .. the line in front is to be seated and eat there ... the line in the back is for take out only. We ate in the park and bench by the river. Either way the powdered sugar gets all over .. don't wear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We lean forward as much as possible to keep from wearing the powdered sugar. Though most love the coffee .. not a fan of any coffee so we got the hot chocolate and it was scalding hot. Everything was hot and fresh and delish. The beignets are large square pillows of doughnut-like heaven buried in powder sugar. If you exhale near them you will spray white sugar everywhere .. if you inhale .. the sugar will make you cough.

Favorite Dish Beignets

chattygirl7491's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2016


The lines here at Café du Monde can be excruciating. Come early and don't get in the line for the take out! If you see a table and there is no line on the streetside, take it! The biegnets are nice and the coffee can be good. That said, you can take that can of Café du Monde chickory coffee and make better. Of course you won't be offered the ambiance and there is something to be said for that.

Favorite Dish Beignets and coffee are about it here.

mtncorg's Profile Photo
Jun 02, 2015

Cafe Du Monde: Sip Coffee, Enjoy a Baginet, Watch the People

The Café Du Monde has been serving coffee and Beignet since 1862 to discerning locals and tourists. There are now 8 locations; but I have been to the one in Jackson Square and the one in the French Market (the original one). A Beignet for the uninitiated is a French-style donut with lots of powdered sugar on it. It is crowded, noisy, and semi-organized pandemonium; but also lots of fun. A great place to people watch! Open 24 hours a day except Christmas. Great coffee too!

Basaic's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2015
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Cafe Du Monde: Three Beignets are Enough

Everybody wants to try a beignet here and rightly so. Café Du Monde is large and open 24 hrs so there really is no excuse. But be warned - three beignets are enough for two - we bought three more to take home and eat later. Still good, but not the same. In April 2013, two café au laits and six beignets cost under $12.

Great place to people watch - especially the "Leaving ritual" - stand up and proceed to rub yourself down, generating a cloud of powdered sugar that envelopes those around you. Wear white !

ChrisSheena's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2013

Café du Monde: The Original Coffee Stand

At the eastern corner of Jackson Square, you will find the famous Café du Monde. A must experience for visitors to New Orleans, though it can get pretty crowded here. You can also find their Coffee and Chicory blend to purchase in many shops and stores in the French Quarter, New Orleans as well as all over the U.S.

Favorite Dish French-style beignets are excellent, though probably not the most healthy for you.

meteorologist1's Profile Photo
Mar 30, 2013

Cafe du Monde: No introduction needed

Cafe du Monde is one of the most famous and popular must-do's in New Orleans. Located right at the edge of Jackson Square, this local bakery/coffee shop is always hopping. It's hard to resist stopping here every time you hit the French Quarter. It's crowded and noisy with tiny birds hopping around the patios looking for dropped morsels and getting covered in icing sugar in the process, but the servers are fast and efficient at keeping everyone happy. It's a great location for people watching and taking a break from walking around exploring the neighbourhood.

Favorite Dish Definitely their flagship item is the beignets! Round donuts served in sets of 3 and covered in icing sugar. They are served hot out of the oil and are positively addictive. If you're a coffee drinker as well then you'll need to have a cafe au lait which is likely their second most popular menu item.

RWFAN's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2013

Cafe Du Monde: Famous donuts--MMMMMM

Stopped here for the usual coffee and doughnuts---great coffee and good donuts---MMMM, donuts.
Very busy and crowded most of the time----we sat and got served pretty quick...long line for takeout...

Favorite Dish black coffee

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Nov 18, 2012

Top 5 New Orleans Writers

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Cafe du Monde: Famous beignets

Right on the edge of the French Quarter rests this very famous little cafe. A great place to just sit and relax for dessert, or just to watch the world go by. Grab a table, and there are little menus there which discuss the offerings. Make sure you know what you want, because this place is bustling, and once your order is taken, you may not see a waitress again. The order of the day, of course is the beignets - for $2.50 you get three of the french donuts, doused in powdered sugar. They are light and delicious! I also noticed that the "to-go" window line was packed and much slower than just grabbing a table, so if you aren't in a hurry - table service is definitely your best bet.

PinkFloydActuary's Profile Photo
Jul 04, 2012

Cafe Du Monde: Du Monde: Chickory java jones

A wonderful place to sit and sip while relaxing your aching toes from a day of touring or a night of debauching.

The latte with it's chickory is a delight. The beignets are a soft sugared donut like creation.

Favorite Dish Latte

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Feb 21, 2012

Cafe du Monde: You can't leave without trying a beignet

Still on our quest to sample most - or if possible all - of the local food available in New Orleans, we made the obligatory stop at Cafe du Monde. This little coffee place has been around since 1862, and they're mostly known for their "beignets". "Beignets" is the French translation of doughnuts, but I've never come across anything like it in French cuisine. In fact, the recipe was brought to New Orleans by Acadians (later to be known as Cajuns in the U.S.), and I'd describe it as fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar (and in case you're wondering why they give you a small glass of water, it's actually so you can wash the sugar off your fingers once you're done eating!). I'd be scared to find out how much fat these little square pastries hold a piece, but this is definitely the kind of food you need to enjoy without thinking about calories. You can get an order (3) of beignets for $2.50, and to go with it Cafe du Monde serves fresh orange juice, regular or chocolate milk, or their famous cafe au lait. That's all there is on the menu but really, what else would you want?!

Cafe du Monde is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except on Christmas Day).

Favorite Dish We tried beignets at a couple more locations in New Orleans but quite honestly, my favourite ones were at Cafe du Monde.

Jefie's Profile Photo
May 31, 2011

Cafe du Monde: The world's most famous doughnut shop

...and doughnuts are not even their specialty. Opened in the French Market (now more commonly known as the French Quarter) in 1862 this is America's oldest doughnut destination. On Decatur Street it is just steps from Jackson Square. Today the French Quarter is the heart of New Orleans entertainment and partying but in 1862 (the second year of the US Civil War) the French Market was the creme de la creme of New Orleans shopping centers.
Cafe du Monde has a unique atmosphere of pandemonium and enjoying a relaxing homage to your sweet tooth. There are about 100 tables and it is not entirely unusual to feel that you are being hovered over as you eat your beignets. The noise level is probably the worst aspect of this place as it can get quite raucous but there will also be people reading papers while sipping their coffee and/or carrying on very deep conversations.
Cafe du Monde is open 24 x 7, it is an official New Orleans Landmark (complete with Historical Marker), and the beignet was officially named the state doughnut of Louisiana in 1986.

Favorite Dish Their menu is basically coffee, milk, and beignets (pron. ben-YAYs). Beignets are square, puffy and very light fried dough, thus the reference to doughnuts. The word "beignet," though effectively co-opted by the beautiful French language was originally a Celtic word which meant "to raise" but in France it means "fritter." At Cafe du Monde, the standard order is three beignets with, or without, powdered sugar. Texans like to refer to beignets as "mini-funnel cakes." There is considerable controversy as to haw they came to be a New Orleans delicacy but the two most popular theories seem to be that they were either brought down the Mississippi River by French-Canadian traders or that they were brought by a group of Ursuline nuns who migrated from France in 1727.

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Apr 17, 2011

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800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116


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