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French Quarter and Cemetery Tour
"Off to where the city began Jackson Square where you’ll get an in-depth account of the beginning of the French settlement to the Spanish takeover to the Battle of New Orleans. Your guide will tell you about the exciting history of the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte and his gang of cu St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. In the City of the Dead where your guide covers the African culture Voodoo religion Music and the famous and infamous people that are laid to rest there.""""Join us on this 2.5 hour stroll through the French Quarter. On this tour we will cover the history
From $55.00
French Quarter Walking Tour with Burlesque Guide and Optional Drink
"Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse is the meeting spot where a festively attired tour guide will greet you. The mood is set and you can relax as the evening unfolds. You'll move from the club to the storied streets of the French Quarter. Blaze Starr Chris Owens and many more titillating women are remembered for their bold style of living out loud. Lessons on tassel twirling and sexy glove pulls are delivered in style and don't you worry - the men are no left out. We're pleased to present the only burlesque centered tour. Upon the tour's conclusion there's intentionally a lot of evening left. This tour wraps early. On a regular basis guests follow the guide to burlesque performances. The groups are kept small and this tour is adult only.""""The history of burlesque presented by a burlesque dancer! This tour is completely unique in every way. You'll meet your expert guide in a world class Jazz venue on Bourbon street. Then you'll take to the French Quarter streets in the early evening. Guest
From $25.00
French Quarter History Tour
"Off to where the city began Jackson Square where you’ll get an in-depth account of the beginning of the French settlement to the Spanish takeover to the Battle of New Orleans. Your guide will tell you about the exciting history of the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte and his gang of cu""Join us on this 90 minute walking tour of the Historic French Quarter. Your tour will start at the Jamie Hayes Gallery on Chartres Street. The building is a very important location that was set in motion by the Spanish reconstruction of the French Quartertitle=Highlights&1=90-minute+historic+walking+tour+of+the+French+Quarter&2=Visit+some+of+the+nation%E2%80%99s+oldest+buildings%2C+including+the+Cabildo+and+the+Pontalba+Apartments&3=Learn+about+the+unique+architecture+that+came+from+French+and+Spanish+set"""New Orleans
From $25.00

Bourbon Street Tips (53)

Just be smart

It seems like on Bourbon Street and also the French Quarter they have their own little money making scams going. Just be cautious. Don't walk around alone, use your common sense and you'll have a lot of fun. Bring dollars to take pictures with the weirdos (locals in costumes or their cute little pets or musicians or just plain strangeness). Use the restrooms at Pat O'Briens (Bourbon/St Peter) as there are very few public restrooms available. There are also a lot of just plain nasty bathrooms in that area and Pat's was by far one of the best. Me and my daughter went to NOLA last week and we found the city colorful, fun and I never felt afraid or in danger. Just like with any big city there are panhandlers, beggars and scam artists. I have to beleive a bunch of drunk tourists are easy pickings. I never seen anyone offering to shine anyone's shoes or ask me where I got my shoes or asked where I got them. There is a great place to eat down by Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop and Bar called the Clover Grill. It's just a dive place but friendly with good greasy food. Perfect after a night of drinking. If you hate crowds, noise, smells, and just plain strangeness stay away from Bourbon Street. Please don't bring your little kids there you'll scar them for life. :D We saw a large police presence and felt safe in the city. Anyway...we loved the city and found it to be FABULOUS!

KrisG11's Profile Photo
Jul 28, 2016

shoe shinning scam

My friend and i am moving to Florida and stopped by bourbon st. He got 40 dollars from us because he asked us about a free boot polish and put shampoo on our boots wiped it off and demanded 20 dollars each

May 31, 2016

Just walk around and watch the weirdness happen

Wild few days in Nola ... it's a whole different vibe at night .. lots of bars, restaurants and people partying all hours of the day. It's a wild place and you have to be careful ... stay together and wouldn't suggest a girl being alone there at night. Lots of drinking and a lot of fun to be had but once again you have to be cautious .
best place to just sit back and watch the weirdness happen.
My review sounds disapproving but the truth is I love New Orleans .. we stay in the French Quarter and drive around looking at things good food and have good drinks .. cute shops are everywhere and definitely walk up and down bourbon street at night. But I'm on the far end of middle age and I've been lucky to not have anything too bad happen except our first trip to Aruba .. but you will have to read that review to hear the details :)

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May 02, 2016

Bourbon Street - Party Central in New Orleans

Bourbon Street is the core of New Orleans' nightlife. It is a street that runs the length of the historic French Quarter, and is lined with bars, nightclubs, and souvenir shops. For parents traveling with children - beware - there are also a number of strip clubs along Bourbon Street that are not discreet in their advertising.

Bourbon Street has definite warts - drunk tourists, tawdry strip clubs, some sketchy characters hanging around, bars with some of the nastiest bathrooms in the US, and way too much cigarette smoke. However, it also has bands playing some great music in its bars, ranging from rock to jazz to rap to funk. Also, the nightlife goes very late, since New Orleans does not have a mandatory closing hour for bars. The food on Bourbon Street is generally mediocre - the Fench Quarter's best restaurants are on other, quieter streets nearby.

One good thing about Bourbon Street is that you can carry your drink out of a bar and walk down the street with it. A lot of the fun is just walking down the street and people watching.

[photos to come]

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Jan 05, 2012
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While in New Orleans it seemed to be just a big party town all the time...of course the biggest attraction for me was the music..The music being played just seemed to be everywhere and whatever type of "genre" of music you liked it was to be found here.. A typical local sound and immediately recognisable to me was the sound of "Zydeco" local cajun music with a sound of its own. How good it is here with these wonderful friendly people to join in with the music..Musso's I find wherever I travel are definately a special kind of people..
There is also just a large music emphasis on Jazz as well ,with just so many of the most famous Jazz musicians coming from this city..I would say notably "Louis Armstrong"..I went to visit his monument that is displayed in the local park, but , as my visit was not that long after the Hurricane 'Kristina" catastrophe..the gate to the park was closed but could see the small statue of the man holding his famous trumpet and immediately in my mind I could hear his playing. Yes , there is something very special about music..

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Oct 10, 2011

Pat O'Brien's

Yes, yes, I know, this has tourist trap written all over it. Well guess what, I didn't care. All three times I've visited I've made Pat O's a stop on my list. Each time it has been worth it.

This place is fun because there are many different types of atmospheres all rolled into on big establishment. My favorite area is the outdoor courtyard that features the Flaming Fountain. This fixture is awesome to look at in the dark of night. Get your picture taken next to it! I have had many a romantic night engrosed in deep conversation with my husband. Of course we were also deeply engrosed in the Hurricanes that we were drinking.

In case you aren't familiar, the Hurricane is the signature drink fo Pat O's. Here's a little tip for you: THEY WILL MESS YOU UP. Oh I'm sure you think you're different and you can hold your booze, but chances are if you are that confident in your drinking ability, you might be able to have 3 Hurricanes and then you'll be as wasted as the rest of us after having 1 or 2.

Other areas of the bar include a piano bar area and a regular bar room with the usual bar scene. The piano bar is also a must at least once, just to say you were in there. There is a very good chance that it will be crowded, but it's still fun, so just make your way in and find a table. If your timing is right you will be able to see an old old gentleman perform with the dueling pianos. This guy plays the silver patter with metal thimbles on his fingers. He plays quite a beat and has been there for years and years. It is considered a treat to see him.

Another tip: If you order your Hurricanes 'to go' you will get them in a syrofoam cup that you can throw away, and you will only pay for the drink (I think about $7). However, if you order a Hurricane in the regular glass they will charge you for the drink AND the glass. Don't worry, you can turn your glass in at the end of the night and get your money back. But you can also let them keep the money and keep the glass as a souvineir.

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Apr 04, 2011

Bourbon Street

Bourbon street is a famous tourist trap :) Gift shops, clubs with live music(most of them have a cover band but there are some nice jazz exceptions), hundreds of bars where young people go to drink hurricanes and cheap beers till early in the morning, xxx clubs/strip joints etc So, Bourbon is ideal for party animals but a place to avoid if you have children unless you want to explain why the girls flashing their boobs because some people throw beads :)

Although we prefer something less crazy we stayed on a street off Bourbon so it was interesting to passing by many times every day although we only went into to two jazz clubs there only because some other corners of the city. But it was funny to see (and it wasn’t some kind of carnival like Mardi Gras) weird people like those in pic3 that parade with giant cross in their hands!

But of course, it’s really interesting to check the street early in the morning too, before the stores start to open, when they just clean the mess of the previous night (pic 5), one morning we woke up early just to walk around without any tourists around and it was so different than the evening madness.

Don’t forget that you can check some historical building easily this way (during the night you cant really enjoy any of the local architecture. At 623 you will see the house where Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote once lived, at 941 the Lafitte’s Blacksmith shop etc
by night

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Dec 24, 2010

Maybe there's something in the air....

That just brings out the crazy in a gal!

Whether you jump in and participate or not, how can you go to New Orleans and not check out Bourbon street? Check out by day, then check out by night.

It's fun....

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May 30, 2010

Top 5 New Orleans Writers

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"Two Visits - 54 Years Apart"
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"new orleans louisiana"
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"The Naughty Madame"
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"New Orleans-An Intriguing Visit to the Past"
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"Crescent City Comes Calling"
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Fun Loud Party

Bourbon Street was a lot of fun. We enjoyed watching the street performers, musicians and colorful people. The gift shops, strip clubs, and bars with rock and roll pouring out led to the street... Love the architecture those iron balconies above are charming.

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Apr 03, 2010

Bourbon Street

The party doesn't stop here! We thought we would check it out during Mardi Gras and it was amazing. The buildings are beautiful, this strip is a bit tacky but unique. Many Voo Doo shops line the streets, daquari bars, and seafood restaurants. We tried the hand grenade....guaranteed to get you drunk it says. I would have to agree that it does. If you are into the drinking scene that feels like an ongoing frat party then this is the place for you. My favorite parts of New Orleans was everything beyond Bourbon Street. But I would say that everyone should experience it at least once.

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Sep 28, 2009

To Bourbon or not to Bourbon?

For some, Bourbon Street is a destination. For others, it's to be avoided at all costs. The good news for both camps is that if you've come to New Orleans to party, you've found the place. If you've already had your quota of hangovers, there are plenty of other things to do.

Named not after a type of liquor (although that would be appropriate) but after the French royalty who occupied the throne when it came into being, Bourbon St. used to be an expensive address for the well-heeled. How times change. While rents are still astronomical, the quiet residential street of 3 centuries ago is now a raucous mix of mostly bars, souvenier shops and strip clubs with a few hotels and restaurants thrown in - lots of neon, loud (read: earsplitting) music and alcohol of every kind and then some. Even if "party 'til you drop" is no longer on your agenda, most folks are still a little bit curious about this infamous part of New Orleans so a walk-through is definately recommended. It's quieter and smells better early in the day when the previous night's refuse has been hosed away - good choice for just taking in the architecture or strolling through with small children. Later at night is best for experiencing the noise and color of Bourbon in full-throttle insanity (not a place for the young'uns).

Whether there for just for 5 minutes or for 5 days, I think most visitors would say that if you haven't been to Bourbon Street, you haven't been to New Orleans!

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Jul 21, 2009

bourbon street

many visitors to new orleans come to party on world famous bourbon street. this historic street is lined with bars, restaurants, and strip clubs. bourbon street is a very interesting place to visit in the french quarter. personally at night i prefer the other sections of the french quarter. at night bourbon street is crowded and the bars are over priced. also you have to deal with drunks and pickpockets. however a visit to new orleans would not be complete without a night out on bourbon street.

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May 25, 2009

Things to Do Near Bourbon Street

Things to Do

Preservation Hall

One thing you will instantly be aware of when you visit New Orleans, is that it is a city which thrives on music--JAZZ and ZYDECO among the most popular!! Music is in the air in every part of the...
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Things to Do

Le Petit Theatre

**UPDATE 4/28/13 - When I last visited New Orleans, I was saddened to see that Le Petit has shuttered her doors... :-( The original corner building was designed in 1789 by Gilberto Guillemard and...
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Things to Do

Jackson Square

Any direction you look, you will get a picturesque view. The statue is worth taking a picture or two (or five) of. Say hello to the carriage pulling donkeys. Stop and admire the street performers....
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Things to Do

St. Louis Cathedral

This was our second visit to New Orleans and we hung outside the church on Sunday morning till after service so we could get a quick look inside. We were only inside for about 10 minutes. There was a...
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Things to Do

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

The oldest cemetery in New Orleans, St. Louis Cemetery #1 was founded in 1789. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the burial sites are elaborate above ground vaults and...
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Things to Do

1850 House - Louisiana State Museum

While you're walking around Jackson Square you'll see the 1850 House which is apart of the Louisiana State Museums. "The Upper and Lower Pontalba Buildings, which line the St. Ann and St. Peter...
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Getting to Bourbon Street


Bourbon Street spans13 blocks from Canal St., to Esplanade Ave.


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