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New Orleans Treme' Walking Tour
"Treme' (pronounced Tre-May) sits adjacent to the French Quarter and is the oldest African-American neighborhood in the United States. Treme' is a vibrant area steeped in music and culture. Come explore this iconic gem and revel in New Orleans Jazz histor the birthplace of such Jazz greats as Alphonse Picou and Trombone shorty.Treme' was originally settled by Free People of Color; often referred to as Creoles whose unique experience helped shape the civil rights movement. It is the hallmark of African-American history not to be missed. Today Treme' is home to artists musicians and craftsmen and is a living breathing
From $22.00
Three Hour City Tour of New Orleans
"Your tour begins when you pass through the French Quarter and travel past the mansions along Esplanade Avenue on your way to a stop in City Park where you can visit the Morning Call Cafe' for coffee and beignets or view the Besthoff Sculpture Garden. In addition you will see the Ninth Ward a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina. View the Garden District with it's vast mansions that line pristine boulevards the Warehouse District Faubourg Treme- one of the oldest African American neighborhoods in the country dating back to the 1700's pass through the area formerly known as the American Sector
From $45.00
French Quarter History and Legends Tour
"Join us for a two hour morning history stroll through the French Quarter. We will walk the narrow streets of the oldest parts of the city visiting the longest surviving buildings and sharing the most interesting and most famous stories of our h the riverfront that was the lifeblood of the City and visit nationally recognized landmarks like Madame John’s Legacy Napoleon House Lafite’s Blacksmith Shop and more.  See the oldest buildings from the original French settlement built well before the American Revolution. Here a thriving colony existed creating a unique mix of French and Spanish architecture food from ingredients around the world
From $19.00

Bourbon St. Tips (23)

Bourbon Street is a tourist mecca

Bourbon Street is world famous for the annual Mardi Gra parade of naked diving for plastic beads and drunken behavior. Not surprisingly, the rest of the year, this street feasts upon the tourists who...
atufft's Profile Photo
Jan 08, 2006

It's only a tourist trap if you make it one!

Bourbon Street is a must see - no doubt. It only becomes a tourist trap if you spend you ENTIRE trip there and don't get to experience any of the wonderful things within (and outside of) the Quarter....
moirholj's Profile Photo
Dec 06, 2003

don't get stuck on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street can't be entirely avoided but if you stick strictly to it you'll miss a lot of the nicest parts of town. It is a touristy and often seedy area if you confine yourself to the main four...
richiecdisc's Profile Photo
May 04, 2009

Frozen Drinks

Along Bourbon Street you will find many places selling frozen drinks in all kinds of flavors. I recall the price was around $5 for a small one. But it really wasn't that good, the flavor was...
nicolettart's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2003

Bourbon Street - Overrated!

There is nothing special about Bourbon St. Its been made famous by the Mardi Gras parade held in February. If you want to catch a few drinks stumble through once or twice but New Orleans has so much...
tafurojo's Profile Photo
Dec 27, 2003

Yes Bourbon Street is a tourist trap

Yes Bourbon Street is a tourist trap. This is despite it's fame as a nightlife hot spot. It is overcrowded with conventioneers who fill bars where third rate bands play "Sweet Home Alabama" to them as...
Paul2001's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2013

Show your tittts! Show your tittts! Go to jail!

It is illegal to show your stuff on the streets kids. I know first had when the phone in my room rang and a hystiracal girl on the other end demands I go to the pookie at 3am cause her boyfriend is in...
LolaSanFrancisco's Profile Photo
Feb 15, 2004

Bourbon Street

Most locals try to avoid Bourbon Street . Its a pretty smelly street with expensive drinks and scam artists. The rest of the French Quarter is great though. . Eat a muffalatta or a po- boy sandwich....
brookdreamsoftravel's Profile Photo
Jan 31, 2004

Three drinks for the price of one? Really?

You’ll see this gimmick everywhere on Rue Bourbon and in the French Quarter, but don’t be a sucker and fall for it! Yes you do have to pay for one of the drinks, but it cost the price of all three...
Mar 06, 2004

Not Worth It

Bourbon St. is one of the largest attractions of New Orleans, but honestly it is not worth your time. The street is lined with neon-signed bars and strip joints. Every night it is packed with a crowd...
HasTowelWillTravel's Profile Photo
Apr 23, 2009

Mickeymouseland for adults

Icannot comment a lot on these “establishments”, as I did not step in, just took a few photos when walking by. I have a problem with people making money with the low instincts of human, and it is not...
kokoryko's Profile Photo
Jul 25, 2011

Restaurants on Bourbon St. aren't worth it.

Overpriced dining on Bourbon St. is bland at best. Please walk a block away and get a much better meal! Walk up to the the Clover Grill-The Clover is located across from Cafe Lafitte in Exile and is...
JacquelineRenee's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2005
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330 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112, United States
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210 O'Keefe Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112, United States
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931 Canal Street, 70112
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334 O'Keefe Avenue, (formerly Sleep Inn), New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112, United States
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Things to Do Near New Orleans

Things to Do

Our Lady of Guadalupe

This small chapel was built in 1826, which makes it the oldest chuch still standing in the city. It was built close to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, just outside of the French Quarter, at the peak of the...
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Things to Do

Wax Museum

Visited the Musee Conti Wax Museum which contains wax sculptures that chronicle the history of New Orleans. The attached picture is of Madame LaLaurie torturing her slaves in the attic of the...
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Things to Do

French Quarter Walking Tour

The Le Monde Creole tour in the French Quarter is excellent. They take you into several private courtyards in the quarter. This tour costs a little more but is worth it to get into the courtyards. The...
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Things to Do


the superdome sports arena is home to the new orleans saints NFL football team and the annual sugarbowl college football bowl game. the superdome also hosts rock concerts and other events through out...
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Things to Do

1850 House - Louisiana State Museum

While you're walking around Jackson Square you'll see the 1850 House which is apart of the Louisiana State Museums. "The Upper and Lower Pontalba Buildings, which line the St. Ann and St. Peter...
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Things to Do

Pharmacy Museum

Before 1804, the field of pharmacy was unregulated. The only requirement was a six-month apprenticeship, after which time the person could make and sell medicines unhampered by any laws or agencies....
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