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Combo Oak Alley Plantation and New Orleans City Tour
"Go beyond the typical city tour experience and see New Orleans like a local. Relax in an enclosed air-conditioned minibus that runs every day rain or shine. You’ll pass through the French Quarter and travel past mansions along Esplanade Avenue on your way to a stop in City Park where you can visit the Morning Call Café for coffee and beignets. In addition you will see the Ninth Ward a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina. View the Garden District with its vast mansions that line pristine boulevards and Faubourg Treme — one of the oldest African American neighborhoods in the country dating back to the 1700s. Pass through the home of the internationally acclaimed World War II Museum and by the Contemporary Arts Center
From $99.00
Three Hour City Tour of New Orleans
"Your tour begins when you pass through the French Quarter and travel past the mansions along Esplanade Avenue on your way to a stop in City Park where you can visit the Morning Call Cafe' for coffee and beignets or view the Besthoff Sculpture Garden. In addition you will see the Ninth Ward a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina. View the Garden District with it's vast mansions that line pristine boulevards the Warehouse District Faubourg Treme- one of the oldest African American neighborhoods in the country dating back to the 1700's pass through the area formerly known as the American Sector
From $45.00
French Quarter Walking Tour with Burlesque Guide and Optional Drink
"Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse is the meeting spot where a festively attired tour guide will greet you. The mood is set and you can relax as the evening unfolds. You'll move from the club to the storied streets of the French Quarter. Blaze Starr Chris Owens and many more titillating women are remembered for their bold style of living out loud. Lessons on tassel twirling and sexy glove pulls are delivered in style and don't you worry - the men are no left out. We're pleased to present the only burlesque centered tour. Upon the tour's conclusion there's intentionally a lot of evening left. This tour wraps early. On a regular basis guests follow the guide to burlesque performances. The groups are kept small and this tour is adult only.""""The history of burlesque presented by a burlesque dancer! This tour is completely unique in every way. You'll meet your expert guide in a world class Jazz venue on Bourbon street. Then you'll take to the French Quarter streets in the early evening. Guest
From $25.00

French Quarter Tips (22)

Louis Armstrong Park

I came to New Orleans to live and the first week I was there, a friend (?) recommended I visit Louis Armstrong Park. I went into the park and there were about half a dozen big yellow school buses parked with teachers standing around talking to each other by the buses. There were at least over 100 - certainly more, students (am I not supposed to say what race? - well, anyway, I am a white female and they weren't white and most of them were teenaged males...) that crowded around me in a huge mass. - I was surrounded and finally they were so close that a few of them started poking me hard on the upper chest and arms with their fingers - I was lucky it was just their fingers. They called me foul names relating to my "cracker" race, and used filthy, threatening profanity. - They said they were going to "kill" me!

The teachers watched, chatted and did nothing. Many of them were smiling. - No help from them!
Well, my mind went into overdrive, as happens during extreme danger, and I started speaking in another language besides English.- Weird, but true. - It was a miracle because the kids' whole demeanor changed, and the crowd backed up, with some of the boys actually getting flirty with me. - "Hey man, she ain't American!" was the refrain. In other words, being a "foreigner" - and I don't think this applies anymore, meant I was to A-okay and my life to be spared. - I called the cops and the Chamber of Commerce and they did their job: they never mentioned it and the police did nothing. Nothing. - Toddies for the Tourist Bureau, of course. - It wasn't long after that, that a husband and wife stood in front of that famous statue and the man was shot while he watched his wife get a bullet through her head and die. - STAY AWAY FROM THAT PARK!!!!

Oct 08, 2014

Mardi Gras traffic enforcement

During Mardi Gras time, the streets will be filled with people, some well on their way to intoxication. Still the police patrol on horseback and when they want the crowds to move, they mean it. They will warn you once to move if the parade floats are coming down the street. If you don't move and continue to move into the streets trying to "catch beads" you'll end up with the rump of a large horse pushing you back into line.

Agraichen's Profile Photo
Feb 26, 2014

French Quarter Of N.O.,Disgusting As Vomit!

In most cities in the world there are areas in which you are advised not to venture into; well I couldn't stress more how far away one should stay from this one. Walking through the French Quarters of N.O., my friend and I were disgusted by a variety of sights. First, there are too many rude street people. They try to stop you while walking past them, they will continue walking beside you, persisting on selling to you, or getting something from you. Just the same, the merchants are rude when you are in their shops looking at the merchandise. Yet, ALL of the shops have the same exact, over-priced merchandise. Yes, there definitely is a strong stench, but it's not only urine! If you want to look more closely in this area, you must be on foot. If you're driving, consider this: there is nowhere safe to park. Finding this, we parked far from most of the shops, and went off on foot. A woman who worked at a tourist info shop gave us directions to meet up with a tour group. And, she charged us $10 for the info! The ten dollars was nothing compared to where she sent us, via a map in which she drew clear directions. She did however, tell us to walk fast and to speak to no-one! That wasn't hard considering there was no-one in that dirty vacant area! DON"T ever attempt to search these streets for the so-called renowned sights that you've heard of before regarding the area's scary past. Oh, the sights were memorable alright! We saw a man with a needle in his arm. We witnessed a guy lighting up his crack pipe between two utility boxes, as we walked past. We were subjected to seeing someone throw up on the side of a vacant building there are many of, maybe due to Katrina, but more than likely to the beings who slum around in the area. On several different streets after that, we witnessed more bold crack or pot smoking- with no regard to who might see! A man who was slumped in his parked, junky car on one of the streets, who had two very young children jumping around inside, let me know what he intended (sexually) to do to me, as my boyfriend walked right beside me. Next, we couldn't help hearing a couple of guys beating on upside down buckets (wow!)which were placed stratigically in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking everyone's way. Their group tactic is to force passers by to give up money, while several other guys loudly promoted them and harassed the unaware people. There were also many prostitutes, pan handlers, drunks, verbal assaults toward bystanders by angry transients; garbage and excrement was everywhere. I found later, that I had walked a maggot in the tread of my boots into the car that we drove!! We unfortunately saw a fight involving an older man and an filthy, young guy. My question is why did we see so many empty cop 'cars', but we never saw any 'cops' in that entire area? Were they undercover? That I doubt. But where were they? Yea, we could hear sirens, but where were the cops while there car windows were rolled all the way down? And yet there was no activity going on near these officer's cars! The next day we went to see the famous St. Louis Cemetery #1, only to find out they have to lock it up... ALL THE TIME. A sign at the entrance states: Warning- Enter At Your Own RISK! --- They can't afford security cops for this historical sight? On the outside walls which confine the cemetery from the public, is a strong smell of urine. If you don't smell it, you'll see it for sure! In the entire New Orleans area, people speed and drive ruthlessly, with no regards to other's on the road. Yet even when a cop is right there, and obviously witnesses an incident, no-one gets pulled over! There are drive-through daiquirie stands; they sell other alcoholic drinks in these places as well. It doesn't seem to matter if there could be a DUI charge waiting to happen...or worse. Then I ask once again, where are the police? Wow, driving on their roadways there made me feel very insecure! For most of my life, I had wanted to visit the sights, and be a part of the festivities that take place in New Orleans. Now, I feel the need to suggest that no-one visit that city until they gain 2 centuries worth of progress in law and in order. The French Quarter is truly a scary place. But not because of ghosts from the past; it's scary due the huge majority of allowed misconduct and mis-guided inhabitants. Literally deemed a tourist (trap), so where the hell are the police in this completely lawless area? Yes the weather in N.O. was great. The weather where I live is not so great; it's horrible and it usually is. But coming back home far away from New Orleans, was like entering paradise. If you ever do end up in N.O.---my word of warning: be cautious! PLEASE! Or better yet, don't end up there at all!

Nov 05, 2012

Conventional Wisdom

The "conventional wisdom" concerning my ex-home town unfortunately no longer applies. At one time if you: walked in groups; kept to Bourbon & Royal streets; remained reasonably sober; watched your back; did not look for trouble... all would be well. All these things were great advice... forty years ago! New Orleans has suffered radical change over the years which left three prime groups in charge: 1. Uptown wealthy upper class, the landed gentry. 2. The corrupt and incompetent local political class. 3. The amoral super violent thugocracy which now kills, robs, rapes and terrorizes. (The decent hard working middle class moved out decades ago... they are gone.) The city apologists will never admit the current state of decay, because N.O. stays afloat by tourist and convention dollars. (You will not get the straight story from the powers that be... trust me.) Driving down Canal St. near the Quarter I go into a black depression. Looking at the T shirt shops- the third world vendors, and hotels on every corner, its almost like an advanced civilization died out leaving the degenerate barbarians to tend the ruins.

Should you come to New Orleans and tour the Quarter? Forty years ago I would say yes, now I make no recommendations.

NeutralGround53's Profile Photo
May 07, 2012
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French Quarter

My mother and I visited New Orleans in May. We were walking down Bourbon St. when a lady started yelling really loudly in my face and reached down and cupped and lifted my breast twice. I kept walking and she preceded to grab my butt. My mother was behind me and only saw the butt grab and said the lady was carrying a tray of shots in her other hand. She started following me down the street yelling things about how big my butt was and then turned around. She worked at one of the bars on the right, right before Harley Davidson, just can't remember which one. So be careful in that area of Bourbon heading towards Canal. I didn't have my mace available at the time, but when I go back in October I'll have it ready!

Aug 08, 2011

Being Cased on Royal

My husband and I were walking on Royal St. after a night on the town and we happened to catch a guy who zigzaged across the street about 20 yds in front of us so he was walking toward and on the same side. I looked behind me another guy crossed over now walking behind us. Oh yeah.... the radar went beserk! I grabbed my keys put them inbetween my knuckles...getting ready, not knowing what was going to happen. My husband jerked me to the other side of the street as they closed in. Smart, totally smart on his part. The guys did know each other. They met and ended up walking together in the same direction. Crisis averted. You have to keep your wits about you. We've been to NOLA a million times together, year after year. just because you are familiar with an area does not mean it has not changed. Yes,we all love the Anti-freeze just gotta watch yourself. Drunk= TARGET! BTW we plan on moving to NOLA in 2014! Nothi9ng could change our minds, that City is Da Best!

Apr 17, 2010

Stay Away from Bourbon!

My tall, blond sister was arrested on Bourbon, while out celebrating her 21st bday, after being harrassed by a bouncer at the Old Opera House. She was then assulted by police when they hit her and her boyfriend in the chest with their "baton" because they were "raising" thier voices. They were just trying to tell their side of the story. Apparently, the bouncer new the cops. Luckily, we had a "good" witness that made a phone call and she was let go. In the mean time, she had been stuck in an alley while "paper work" was handled for over an hour, surrounded by 4 African American cops. Although she was released from hand-cuffs, she still received a "summons" for "disturbing the peace" on BOURBON street. For a city that has the "highest crime rate in the U.S., " can you believe they were going to take this young girl to a jail with murders, rapists, theives, etc... ? Needless to say, after driving two hours out of the way that Monday for her summons, the courthouse was closed due to some "Judge holiday." Come to find out, a summons is only for people that have been arrested and taken to jail. So, the whole thing was thrown out! Guess that officer wasn't trained very well on WHAT he can give summons for and WHEN to schedule them!
What a horrible experience that was both mentally and physically exhausting! We will not be back!

Oct 05, 2009

Safety in the French Quarter

Yesterday at about 5:30 I was hit hard on the head with a broomstick by a group of boys who asked me for a dollar. It was on Conti St about half a block from Bourbon St in the French Quarter.

I'm not a weak-looking person, it was early, it wasn't quite dark yet, there were people around. This is the first time I've been attacked in many years of travel and living in American cities.

Be careful when you travel to New Orleans - watch out for kids with sticks, wherever you are and whatever time it might be.

Nov 03, 2008

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Just use common sense.

I just wanted to say that while crime is a problem, New Orleans is still a beautiful city. I have gone to N.O. for the last three years and have never had a problem more serious than the occasional bum asking for some change. I have been on Bourbon St., day and night, and even walked around the less crowded areas, (down to the river, around the french quarter, jackson park, etc., and have never had a problem. However, part of the reason I may have never had a problem is that I use common sense. I always travel with atleast two or three other people and stay in well lit areas. So yeah, N.O. may have a high crime rate, but don't let that discourage you from enjoying a beautiful city rich with culture. For every thug in the city, there are hundreds of decent, wonderful people.

Sep 01, 2008

French Quarter and the natives

We just got back from a week in the French Quarter. It was our first time and the tip I can give is take a taxi from the airport and don't rent a car. Everything is within walking distance, cable car, and bus. If you drive in you will have to find a place to park and run the risk of either paying high parking prices or getting your car booted. Use your good sense and talk to people...ask where you are welcome and where you may not be. We didn't have any problems other than not having enough time to take it all in.
It's just as well that you spend your cash on the many beautiful shops, or the food (Oh man the food!!!) and the natives. I've never been any place that was so welcoming. If I could I would move there, live there and die there. We will be coming back to NOLA real soon. It gets in your blood and becomes a wonderful addiction. You won't be able to get enough... and that's the truth.

Aug 07, 2008

The Old Quarter

The Quarter is a beautiful, historic, (now) relatively clean, (sort of) well-policed area. Many folks here have said it's safe in the day time. I say, "bullSH**!!" People get shot and stabbed in broad daylight here. Granted, it's rare, but it can still get ugly. Here are some safety tips from a local (because some part of me cares when good, decent people come to visit the most precious and screwed-up city in the country):

1. When walking, try not to dress up too, too much unless you are armed. It's actually a good idea to be armed at all times.

2. Don't speak with, look at, or even barely acknowledge anyone who looks even remotely suspicious.

3. Try to walk in a group of at LEAST 3 people, if possible.

4. Don't hang out in the blocks between Canal St. and Toulouse on Burgundy at night or in the day time if you can. There's a lovely wedding chapel and a couple of decent bars, but there's also a LOT of riff-raff in this part of town.

5. Did I mention that it's a good idea to carry a weapon?

6. PLEASE don't take the kids on Bourbon. And, avoid the hustlers and at Chris Owens (St. Louis at Bourbon).

7. From St. Ann to Esplanade is primarily gay, so avoid it if you're a pretty conservative person. Then again, why would you come here if you were conservative?


9. ***DEFINITELY*** avoid Basin St., as it borders the Iberville Housing Project (the one they DON'T tell you about in the tourist guides). It is one of the poorest, dirtiest, and most dangerous parts of the city right now.

10. Don't buy cannabis on the street here. Ever.

11. Don't do anything to get yourself noticed by the police. They might do more than just arrest you. And, by God, DO NOT get in an NOPD officer's way if you can.

12. Avoid the bums in Jackson Square (very sad that there are so many bums in our most notable park).

13. Be careful of the levee and of the Moonwalk and the Riverwalk. A LOT of bums can be seen there.

14. At night, walk on the side of the street where cars AREN'T parked. We have people jump out and mug tourists and locals alike pretty often.


Jun 17, 2008

It's all in how you dress...

So I had to write my own little blurb about staying safe in New Orleans.

I think the fact I was dressed like a slob with no cash helped...If you are out to score a hottie for the night do it with your charm, not your wallet, because the bad element will take the time to case you out...then hit you the NEXT evening... I saw quite a few "jet setters" having difficulty with local riff-raff...then I sat down next to them and had a beer without issue.

Truth is I was pretty relaxed the whole time I was there. I was followed once but simply turned and asked..."wasssup jeeves?!?!" and the guy walked away. I think that if you are yourself and aren't out to look like a rich...arrogant a$$hole you will be just fine.

I stayed about three blocks from Burbon Street, at the St. James hotel and never took a cab, I walked the ENTIRE french quarter and never had a problem (aside from having too much fun.) I'm sure that there is a bad element to the downtown area but it seemed pretty tame to a guy living in Anchorage, Alaska. I'm more intimidated by Chilkoot Charlies up here than anywhere I visited in New Orleans.


Mar 25, 2008

Things to Do Near New Orleans

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

This small chapel was built in 1826, which makes it the oldest chuch still standing in the city. It was built close to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, just outside of the French Quarter, at the peak of the...
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Wax Museum

Visited the Musee Conti Wax Museum which contains wax sculptures that chronicle the history of New Orleans. The attached picture is of Madame LaLaurie torturing her slaves in the attic of the...
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French Quarter Walking Tour

On our last visit to New Orleans, we got ourselves out of bed early and headed down to the National Park Service Visitors Center for their free tour of the French Quarter. The walk departs from 419...
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We saw the Superdome on the way in from the airport, and of course when we took the New Orleans tour, they mentioned it again. On their website, I thought that it looked like a giant hamburger all lit...
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1850 House - Louisiana State Museum

While you're walking around Jackson Square you'll see the 1850 House which is apart of the Louisiana State Museums. "The Upper and Lower Pontalba Buildings, which line the St. Ann and St. Peter...
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Pharmacy Museum

Before 1804, the field of pharmacy was unregulated. The only requirement was a six-month apprenticeship, after which time the person could make and sell medicines unhampered by any laws or agencies....
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