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Original Annapolis Seafood Crawl
"Don't feel like trudging around Annapolis on foot? No problem! Discover this beautiful city aboard an eCruiser with a local guide. This Annapolis and Eastport tasting tour will introduce you to the people places and food that make up the city's unique maritime culture.We’ll cross the bridge into Eastport an annex of Annapolis whose existence was and still is critical to the growth and prosperity of Annapolis. You’ll learn about the sibling rivalry that exists between these two sister communities and see iconic spots rarely seen by most visitors. Locals know how important these sites were to Annapolis and American history and you’ll get to hear the intriguing stories behind them.But this isn’t a history crawl
From $59.00
Explore the Heart of Annapolis
"Take a ton of American history add a dash of East Coast charm then mix in a few secrets and you’ve got lovely Annapolis! One of the oldest cities in America Annapolis is bursting with original colonial buildings and deep-rooted stories of the nation’s heritage. Your local guide will tell you the city’s history and show you its hidden gems as you learn about the importance of this seaport town in the building of America. Learn why the beloved Chesapeake Bay was so critical to America’s growth and why it needs to be preserved for the country’s future.  Stop for a panoramic and find out how this city helped to shape the country’s identity. Annapolis was a temporary capital of the United States before the capital was in Washington
From $29.00
Dynamite Day Tour: Small Group DC Bus Tour
"The small group bus tours in Washington DC by this tour operator strive to give the best guest experience possible! They do everything possible to make sure our guests don't feel like they are being herded around. Our guides share stories that gr as well as the visitors from other countries plus they have a number of ways to engage our guests throughout every tour because the last thing they want is for people to feel like they are stuck in a rolling classroom. The guides on this tour excel in helping guests get all the pictures they want yet still have the time & freedom to explore on their own at most locations. At the following locations your DC tour guide will share the stories that keep everyone entertained and engaged at the beginning of each visit to these American treasures. Most stops last 10-20 minutes and after hearing some great American history guides will help take any photos our guests want then allow a few minutes to wonder on your own.US Capitol White House WWII Memorial Thomas Jefferson Memorial Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Martin Luther King Memorial Korean War Memorial
From $85.00

Inner Harbor Tips (4)

The Annapolis City Harbor

Favorite thing While in the city, take a walk along the harbor of Annapolis where there are many things to see and do.

There is even a plaque where the African slave, Kunta Kinte--of Alex Haley's 'Roots' fame--set foot on U S soil.

When I visited, there was only a plaque to see. Now there is the lovely Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial at the City Dock, where you can see the Alex Haley sculpture group, Compass Rose, and Story Wall. This memorial represents another side of our U.S. history and anyone who doesn't know about Kunta Kinte or Alex Haley, could read their historical story in "Roots" or if you're too lazy to read it, watch the movie on video.

Here you see a view of the harbor from the US Naval Academy across the Severn River.

I love the murky waters of an overcast day.

lmkluque's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2012

Just Me & the Ducks at City Dock

Favorite thing I love to sit at City Dock and watch the ducks and the boats come in. Add some gelato and you've got a perfect afternoon.

Fondest memory I came here on my first anniversary and my husband and I ate gelato and watched the people and just felt calm and happy. The thing I miss the most is peoplewatchign at City Dock.

fmaven's Profile Photo
Sep 15, 2005

Harbor View from a Condo

Favorite thing We invited an internet friend, an Englishman who had immigrated to Canada, to come sailing with us. He had another friend from the same email group who lived in this condo in Annapolis that overlooked the Annapolis harbor.

Fondest memory We took our friend to eat hushpuppies, soft crabs, hard crabs and crab cakes (none of which he was familiar with), and also we did an overnight sail in the Potomac.

grandmaR's Profile Photo
Apr 27, 2005

Enjoy a cup of coffee early in...

Favorite thing Enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning watching the sunrise over the harbor... even if sunrise is too early for your liking, sleep in and go for a later cup. :-)

Fondest memory Watching fireworks over the harbor.

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Aug 26, 2002
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Top 5 Annapolis Writers

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"ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND--Historic Chesapeake Bay area"
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Things to Do Near Annapolis

Things to Do

Maryland State Capital Building

The Maryland State House is the oldest American state house still in use. The Maryland General Assembly convenes here for three months of each year. The Speaker of the House of Delegates and the...
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United States Naval Academy

One of two houses of worship, the United States Naval Academy Chapel is located on the grounds of the Navy's service academy in Annapolis. The cornerstone was laid in 1904 by Admiral George Dewey with...
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Fort McHenry

Located at the center of Baltimore Harbor, Fort McHenry is an impressive focal point rich in historical significance. The valiant defense of the fort by 1,000 dedicated Americans inspired Francis...
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Industrial Museum

This is my personal favorite museum in town. Founded in 1977, you can go back to the Industrial age in Baltimore, and see things were done 100 years ago. There is a replica of a canning operations:...
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Fells Point

While the shipyards that attracted people from all over the world to settle in Fells Point may have been relegated to the historical archives, Fells Point international flavor remains palpable through...
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Federal Hill

Strictly speaking, Federal Hill is not part of the Inner Harbor, and is its own district, but since it is easily accessible from and overlooks the harbor, I have included it as one of the points of...
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