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Inner Harbor / Downtown Tips (16)


Favorite thing I just have to say that I really enjoyed the sight of families enjoying the Inner Harbour paddling their way around on the colorful DRAGON PADDLEBOATS. There were the bright green and red dragonboats and the bright purple and yellow paddleboats. I coudn't find out anything about them, so I don't know how much it was to rent them, but probably it was by the hour. What a great way to spend the afternoon.
Update: I have since found out that the price for the paddleboats is $10.00 for half an hour.

LoriPori's Profile Photo
Oct 04, 2006


Favorite thing The crown Jewel of Baltimore the INNER HARBOUR is a scenic waterfront delight, the site of dozens of retail shops, restaurants and attractions such as the National Aquarium, Port Discovery, Maryland Science Center, the U.S.S. Constellation and Ed Kane's Water Taxis.

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Sep 25, 2006

The Inner Harbour

Favorite thing The Inner Harbour has a lot of the tourist attractions that are common to most cities, museums, aquariums etc. What's a little different about this one is that they have a kind of maritime museum, but its all afloat. An all day pass to all the attractions is $17.50 for an adult, and less for a child, a senior etc. To visit just the ships, minus the USS Constellation, its considerably less, $7.

Fondest memory You have a bit more freedom to run than is common in most of these type of things. I visit quite a few because of the ex-sailor in me.

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Aug 31, 2005

Painted Fish or Crabs Around Town

Favorite thing Over the past few summers, the cityscape of Baltimore has been marked with giant plastic fish or crabs painted with a variety of designs -- e.g. a monk fish painted as if he were a Francisan friar. In 2005, the animal of choice was the crab, which is the seafood of choice in Baltimore due to the bounty (now rapidly diminishing) of the Chesepeake Bay.

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Oct 09, 2005
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Old Bay Line

Favorite thing The Baltimore Steam Packet Company (known locally as the Old Bay Line) carried people up and down the bay from 1840 to 1962. It ran primarily between Baltimore and Norfolk, although they also had trips to Annapolis, D.C. and Richmond at various times. My husband remembers that they would stop in Hampton at Old Point Comfort on the way to Norfolk. When it ceased operation in 1962 after 122 years of existence, it was the last surviving overnight steamship passenger service in the United States. One of the ships was famously re-named the S.S. Exodus and in 1947 Jewish refugees from Europe sailed her to Palestine in an unsuccessful attempt to emigrate.

Fondest memory Our family took a trip down the bay in 1954. We had our new Ford station wagon loaded on the boat, and we left Baltimore in the evening, and got to Norfolk early the next morning. We went past Fort McHenry, and under the brand new (just finished in 1952) Chesapeake Bay Bridge (aka the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge - photo 3). Of course in those days the bridge was a single span.

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Oct 23, 2010

Historic Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower

Favorite thing Acetaminophen, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid (a-seat-a-MIN-oh-fen, SOE-dee-um bi-KAR-boe-nate, and SI-trik AS-id) is a combination taken to relieve pain caused by heartburn, sour stomach, or acid indigestion. The acetaminophen is a pain reliever. The sodium bicarbonate is an antacid to neutralize stomach acid by combining with it to form a new substance that is not an acid. This medicine called Bromo Seltzer is available without a prescription.

Captain Isaac Emerson, the inventor of Bromo-Seltzer had this tower built at 312-318 West Lombard St. and South Paca St. next to his factory. The factory no longer exists.

Modeled after the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy the Bromo Seltzer tower has been a Baltimore landmark since 1911, although there are other buildings on the skyline that overshadow it now.

I don't remember it, but the tower was originally topped with a 51-foot revolving replica of the blue Bromo-Seltzer bottle, which was illuminated by 596 lights and could be seen from 20 miles away. The bottle had to be removed in 1936 (before my time) due to structural concerns.

The four clock faces are all still working and the face displays the word BROMO-SELTZER instead of numbers. The tower is not open to the public.

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May 24, 2005

Baltimore Aquarium E-Ticket Pickup is faster!

Favorite thing Highly suggest using the E-Ticket order and pickup, there was no line at all and the few people that did pick up went straight in no wait. So guys if you are planning to take your lady here, be a hero and don't make her wait!

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Mar 26, 2006


Favorite thing In addition to Harborplace, the Aquarium, and Ft. McHenry, other ships and boats are in the harbor.

This is a picture of the U. S. S. Constellation which is one of the attractions of the Baltimore Harbor.

When we came here by ship, we were going to anchor in front of the Trade Center (which is in back of the ship in the picture) and go up to the top of the Trade Center and take a picture from above. But that area is full of paddle boats, so we were afraid to leave the our boat there. Consequently we don't have a photo of our boat at anchor from above.

Fondest memory The U.S.S. Constellation was the last all sail warship built by the U.S. Navy. Her keel was laid in 1853. She arrive in Baltimore and became a living museum in 1955, and was extensively renovated recently. I have not actually been aboard for years.

Constellation will be open every day except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day during the following hours:

May 1 - October 14: 10am - 6pm
October 15 - April 30: 10am - 4pm
Extended hours may be available June/July/August.

Adults $7.50
Children (6-14 years) $3.50
Children (Age 5 & under) Free
Seniors 60+ $6.00

Boys from 11-18 can stay on board and experience life as they would have lived it in Mr. Lincoln's Navy as a Powder Monkey.

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Aug 25, 2004

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Baltimore Aquarium General admission Ticket Booth

Favorite thing This is the general admisssion ticket booth which does move pretty good, we were in line all the way back to the sidewalk and it took only about 20 to 25 minutes. There is always some thing coming over the loud speaker which helped to pass the time like bird calls, small animal noises or this guy telling you how fast the Will Call and E-Ticket lines are moving and there is no wait! Not sure about you but I was feelin' a little silly thinkin' why didn't I just order them while I was on the website?? but being a computer tech I only have myself to blame, lazy I guess. that will learn me. So take it from me you may want to order them on line, there doesn't seem to be a wait.

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Mar 26, 2006

Monumental City

Favorite thing Baltimore has lots of monuments. They built the first monument in the US to George Washington back in 1829 (photo 5)

The first photo is of a statue of John Mifflin Hood, early president of the Western Maryland Railway. Mr. Hood played an important role in shaping the Western Maryland Railroad (it became a "Railway" after 1911) into a strategic "bridge line" that linked the Port of Baltimore with western points.

During his stewardship, Western Maryland passenger trains also used the Pennsylvania Railroad line from the west, stopping at Pennsylvania Station, to reach the Western Maryland's Hillen Station in downtown.

The statue is unusual because few statues were ever commissioned to honor men of the railroad industry. Some people think it should be at Pennsylvania station instead of here.

Fondest memory This picture was taken from the car and wildcard03 kindly confirmed the identification of it for me.

Yes, that's John Mifflin Hood, president of the WM Ry. from 1874 to 1902. The monument is located in St. Paul Place, a small park located along St. Paul Street where it is crossed by Orleans Street (on an overpass) in downtown Baltimore.

The third picture is of the statue of Lafayette at the base of the Washington Monument of Baltimore, and the fourth photo is of the statue Major George Armistead at Ft McHenry - he was the one who commanded the fort when the Star Spangled Banner was written

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Aug 06, 2011

Cannons at the USS Constellation

Favorite thing There are two large cannons in front of the USS Constellation in the Inner Harbor. They're quite interesting, though there's not too much else to do around the area. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the two cannons here were originally used on the warship Constellation.

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Feb 02, 2006

Arriving by water

Fondest memory I love arriving at destinations by water. The approach is much slower than by car, giving you time to soak in the atmosphere and anticipate your visit.
On this trip we brought along our (okay)-my- life-sized cutout of Austin Powers. We set him up in the stern of the boat, causing many other boaters to stop by and comment, and thusly, new friends were made!

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Feb 02, 2003

Things To Do Near Baltimore

Things to Do

Inner Harbor

This screwpile lighthouse served to mark the entrance to Baltimore Harbor from 1856 till 1988. Today its sit on the end of Pier 5 along with some historic ships that make up a sort of maritime museum.
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National Aquarium

Since its opening in 1981, the National Aquarium has been one of the major sights at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Its striking modern architecture of a pyramidal roof, colorful rectangles and cylindrical...
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Phoenix Shot Tower

One of the other memorable sights on our walk was this very tall tower. It's where rifle shot was produced - lead was dropped at the top of the tower, and as it fell into water at the bottom of the...
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Basillica of the Assumption

This religious attraction in Baltimore is a National Historic Landmark, the first Roman Catholic Cathedral built in the United States. Built between 1806-1821, it stands as a testimony of faith and a...
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Lexington Market

Since 1782, Lexington Market has been the center of downtown Baltimore's shopping, and a hub of social life. Here are all kinds of groceries, including ethnic foods. At the center is a small stage...
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Walters Art Museum

Main Hall of Walters Museum is looking like Italian classic Palazzo. It has transparent roof made out of glass and that why there is always light inside. Its galleries and columns constitute excellent...
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