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Baltimore Scavenger Hunt Adventure
"The adventure begins at the Maryland Science Center within the Inner Harbor. Just rev up that smart phone and see where it takes you on this 3-hour challenge. This well-designed course will have you venturing our along the harbor and walking to interesti including to Little Italy and the Flag House.  Take some time during the tour to stop for a bite to eat (at own expense) or simply enjoy the best of this great harbor city. Great for families friends and those ready to have fun on a scavenger hunt adventure! Please note that pricing is per individual but your team must book together. One voucher is valid for your team of 2-5 people.""""Turn Baltimore into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure! This challenge combines the excitement of 'The Amazing Race' with a 3-hour city walking tour. With your smart phone as your virtual guide teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Note: Pricing is per individual
From $15.00
Dynamite Day Tour: Small Group DC Bus Tour
"The small group bus tours in Washington DC by this tour operator strive to give the best guest experience possible! They do everything possible to make sure our guests don't feel like they are being herded around. Our guides share stories that gr as well as the visitors from other countries plus they have a number of ways to engage our guests throughout every tour because the last thing they want is for people to feel like they are stuck in a rolling classroom. The guides on this tour excel in helping guests get all the pictures they want yet still have the time & freedom to explore on their own at most locations. At the following locations your DC tour guide will share the stories that keep everyone entertained and engaged at the beginning of each visit to these American treasures. Most stops last 10-20 minutes and after hearing some great American history guides will help take any photos our guests want then allow a few minutes to wonder on your own.US Capitol White House WWII Memorial Thomas Jefferson Memorial Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Martin Luther King Memorial Korean War Memorial
From $85.00
Epic Evening Tour: Small Group Bus Tour
"These nightly small group bus tours in Washington DC by this local tour operator strive to give the best guest experience possible! They do everything possible to make sure guests don't feel like they are being herded around. On this evening tour of DC you won't have to worry about keeping up with your guide or a crowded tour. Our guides share stories that grandparents & grandchildren will enjoy as well as our visitors from other countries plus they have a number of ways to engage guests throughout every tour because the last thing they want is for people to feel like they are stuck in a rolling classroom. These guides excel in helping guests get all the pictures they want yet still provide the time & freedom to explore on their own at most locations even on a night tour. At the following locations your DC tour guide will share the stories that keep everyone entertained & engaged at the beginning of each visit to these American treasures. Most stops last 10-20 minutes and after hearing some great American history guides will help take any photos our guests want
From $55.00

Amtrak / Commuter Rail Tips (12)

Amtrak from DC

If you're staying in Washington DC and looking to move on to Baltimore, you have the option of taking the Amtrak from Washington DC's Union Station through to Baltimore.

Using commuter rail services, you can connect through to Baltimore for just US$7.00 (accurate at October 2014).

This is one of many options to connect through but is very convenient and very reasonably priced too.

As this is also a commuter route, services are fairly frequent.

Gillybob's Profile Photo
May 28, 2016

Train to/from BWI

Baltimore is connected to it's airport by a train service which runs from Baltimore Penn Station. ARC trains run a service to Baltimore Airport (code BWI) where free shuttles run from the Marshall Rail Station to the airport terminals.

Services operate on weekdays only (no weekend services) with stops located on the lower level terminal roadway.

Shuttle buses from BWI to the train station operate every 12 minutes from 05:00 to 01:00 daily and every 25 minutes between 01:00 and 05:00.

One-way fares at US$4.00 (accurate at September 2007).

Gillybob's Profile Photo
Aug 08, 2014

NEVER ride Amtrak

Just a friendly reminder that no one should ever use Amtrak again. Their website will purchase authorize a ton of money out of your account, leaving you with holds on funds over $1000 for a $269.50 ticket (since they attempt a purchase authorization each time you hit submit, and if you bank approves it, that does not mean amtrak will approve it because if your billing info isn't the first set of billing info your bank returns (many accounts have primary, secondary and tertiary billing info, payment processors are expected to check all returned XML data, which Amtrak does not) then they will refuse to help you in any way for hours on the phone, and claim that contacting your bank to help resolve the issue is 'illegal' and attempt to blame the issue on you.

As a web developer who interacts with payment gateways and payment processors and ACH processors, I know exactly what their website did, why it is wrong, and why it is their fault.

The corporate bureaucracy involved with getting on the phone with a person that can help you is as follows:

Call. Press 0. Press 0. Ask to speak with a manger. Denied. Ask to speak with a customer rep, transfer + hold for 45 minutes, 4 hours on the phone explaining the situation (monday) , told it will be resolved by Friday, given exact instructions (step by step) for what to do when you call on Friday. Call Friday and follow steps and be told that everything you were told Monday you were not told. One again told it is illegal for a merchant to contact a bank to tell the bank that the transaction will not be processed (yeah, totally illegal guys, no merchant has ever contact a bank, ever, because of how illegal that is, right? wrong, but hey, uninformed people probably buy that line all the time). Finally have the person admit they were wrong and that it is just an internal policy, have them tell you they can offer you a travel voucher for your outgoing trip, but only after your bank denies the transaction one last time, bank denies the transaction and they say 'it's your zip code, you aren't giving me the zip code correctly' and of course, I am SITTING AT THE BANK WITH THE BANK MANAGER WHO IS SAYING THAT IT IS THE ZIP CODE ON MY ACCOUNT.

Offer to put the bank manager on the phone, representative declines and once again says that the issue is with me, that no way could it be an issue with their system. Once again, while I am sitting at my bank, verifying the information as I speak it. Tell them once again you are not looking for anything FREE you are just not able to make the purchase, because they have already purchase authorized so much money out of your account. Told once again it will be 3-5 business days and the transaction will fall off (it should have fallen off right away when they pinged the payment gateway saying they were not going to pursue the transaction that was pre-authorized with the purchase authorization, but that is something the Amtrak programmer omitted). Explain to them that a mom and pop hair salon in rural vermont has a better system that was designed for less than the purchase authorization holds and once again mention I do this for a living so STOP LYING TO ME PLEASE. Told that a travel voucher for your outgoing trip will be made and that you can just hope and pray that the money is back in your account by Monday, because you are expected to show up at the train station with cash to pay for your ticket.

Accept this, but tell them you want proof in an e-mail that this is indeed the case, that you have been dicked around all week and do not trust that it is 'in the system'. They tell you they will send an email right away. Boom. E-mail sent. Call ended. Check e-mail, nothing about a voucher, just a bill that says:

Reservation Number Is XXXXXX
Subject To Cancellation Unless Purchased By June 28, 2014

Total Reservation Charges: $ 146.70
Ticket Delivery Charge: $ 0.00
Total Charges: $ 146.70


Call back, ask the woman on the phone to confirm that it is paid. Woman says 'it's in the system', ask for an e-mail with proof because you were told 'it's in the system' on Monday, but when you called back Friday it was not. Mention that no less than 5 minutes ago, you were told by the customer relations person that they would send an email which would mention the 'travel voucher'. Start to get attitude from the woman, ask her employee id number, refused. Ask her name, mumbled, ask her to repeat it and spell it, mumbled and subject change to transferring to customer relations. Ask to some how not have to sit on another 45 min hold, or if there is ANY way to get some written proof that what is 'in the system' is going to still be 'in the system' the next day.

Refused. Hung up on.

Jun 27, 2014

Weekend Travel

Just an update for everyone. The MARC train now runs on weekends. This is great for tourists needing a better way to get from Baltimore to DC and back on the weekends. Bonus....the fare is the same as during the week for commuters. $7 one way from Baltimore to DC.

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Dec 06, 2013
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MARC Commuter Train

An excellent way to get to Baltimore from Washington DC is to take the MARC Commuter Train's "Camden Line." It's somewhat slow (about 1 hour 15 minutes), and doesn't run terribly often (only during the morning and evening commutes Monday-Friday), but it's cheap and convenient. The train drops you off at Camden Station, within easy walking distance of Camden Yards, Ravens Stadium, and the Inner Harbor. To/From Washington's Union Station, fare is $7 1-way, $14 round trip. 10-ride tickets and monthly passes are available.

For Baltimore Orioles baseball games (Monday-Friday evening games only), a special bus service returns fans to Washington. Buses depart for Washington 20 minutes after the game ends. Cost is $10 at the bus. Valid MARC tickets are accepted, though sometimes the attendant will try to get you to pay $10 anyway. Be firm, and you will eventually be allowed to board.

Update: I can no longer vouch for the reliability of the return bus to Washington DC. We tried to use this service recently and were refused boarding due to lack of buses. If you do plan to use this post-game service, be prepared to find another means of transportation to get back to Washington, such as the Amtrak train from Penn Station (departures at 11:45PM and 12:50 AM, 45 minutes, cost $14).

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May 14, 2013

Baltimore's Penn Station

The main rail station in Baltimore is Penn Station, about a 30-minute walk north of the Inner Harbor. From Penn Station, you have the choice of the MARC commuter rail's Penn Line to BWI Airport, Washington, DC and northern Maryland (Monday-Friday only), and AMTRAK rail service to Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston (as well as occasional trains to other destinations such as Chicago and New Orleans).

Penn Station is also served by Light Rail. A shuttle trolley takes passengers from Penn Station to Camden Yards on the main Light Rail line. A one-way ticket costs $1.60.

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Sep 27, 2009

Amtrak at Penn Station

Amtrak offers regular service between Baltimore's Penn Station and other rail stations on the East Coast, including Washington, New York, and Philadelphia. Riding Amtrak, at least during the week, is a lot better than driving up and down the heavily congested I-95. On the weekend, maybe not.

The Maryland Transit Authority has a light rail connector train from Penn Station to its main rail line. From the main lobby, follow the signs (to the right) downstairs to the light rail track. The connector train goes up and down the same track all day. It stops right in front Penn Station. Buy your light rail ticket at the machines by the track. The station's address is:

1515 North Charles Street
Penn Station
Baltimore, MD 21201

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Apr 15, 2007

take the train to baltimore

baltimore is well connected with the other east coast towns by trains.
i took the train between baltimore and washington DC 3 times and had pleasant journeys all 3 times.

if you travel between monday and friday then you can save quite a bit of money by taking the commuter train called "marctrain".

you also have amtrak that travels every day.
amtrak is a bit more luxorious, but also quite a bit pricier than marctrain.

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Feb 16, 2007

Top 5 Baltimore Writers

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"The Land of Pleasant Living and...."
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"Baltimore "The Monumental City""
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"~ Baltimore ~"
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Pennsylvania Station

Penn Station wasn't always THE Baltimore station. In 1860, Baltimore had five separate railroads but not one passed through the city due to local ordinances.

The Northern Central Railroad came to northern Baltimore. The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore terminated on the east side of town, and the Baltimore and Ohio stopped on the southern edge. To get from PW&B to B&O's Camden station the cars were disconnected from the engine, hitched to a team of horses, and pulled through the city.

The Northern Central station stood on the site of the Sun offices at Centre and Calvert Sts. and the trackbed is now a biking/hiking trail.

The B&O Railroad (the first railroad in the US - organized in 1827) had trains to New York, Washington, or out to the mid-West via West Virginia. Their Mt. Royal station has been converted to an arts center.

The PW&B Railroad (absorbed into the Pennsylvania Railroad system in 1902), ran from Baltimore through Maryland towns through Delaware to Philadelphia, Pa.

The current Penn Station's main concourse has brass fittings, antique wooden benches, and overhead glass skylights. You go down the stairs to the platforms (unlike the B&O Mt. Royal station which was on a single level).

Penn Station is the fifth busiest in the nation, serving nearly one and a half million rail passengers each year. My sister often comes down to visit our mom from Princeton by AMTRAK. It has:

• Quik-Trak ticket machine
• Checked Baggage Service and Redcaps
• Enclosed Waiting Area
• Restrooms
• Payphones
• Paid Short and Long Term Parking
• Snack Bar

It is the terminus for a MARC train line which goes from Washington Union Station to Penn Station via New Carrollton, Bowie State, Odenton, and BWI Rail Station. The MARC trains use the main railroad tracks and run only during weekday commuting hours.

There is also a Light Rail line (the yellow line) between Penn Station and Cromwell Station in Glen Burnie. You can transfer from the yellow line to the Blue line which goes to BWI anywhere before Linthicum.

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Jun 05, 2006

MARC Train Service

Many people who work in Washington DC, choose to live in the Baltimore area because it is cheaper, less crowded and more down-to-earth.

A convenient method of commutting to DC is the MARC Train commuter rail line.

There are several lines. One begins in Perryville, MD up near Wilmington, DE. Another begins in downtown Baltimore. Another begins way out in Martinsburg, WV. The most recent addition is a spur from Frederick, MD.

Most lines have frequent service 'inbound' to DC in the morning, and 'outbound' in the evening.

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Aug 17, 2004

Amtrak - Penn Station

This is a classic train station from the early 20th Century. Inside you'll find aged wooden benchs, a train status board from the 60's, and an "ALL ABOARD" call whenever it's appropriate....

Most people passing though are on the commuter line to Washington DC.

It's about 2 1/2 hours to New York from here....

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Jan 02, 2003

Amtrak - BWI Airport Station

If you land at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), take the free shuttle to connect to the BWI Amtrak Train Station!

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Aug 17, 2004

Things to Do Near Baltimore

Things to Do

Inner Harbor

This screwpile lighthouse served to mark the entrance to Baltimore Harbor from 1856 till 1988. Today its sit on the end of Pier 5 along with some historic ships that make up a sort of maritime museum.
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National Aquarium

Since its opening in 1981, the National Aquarium has been one of the major sights at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Its striking modern architecture of a pyramidal roof, colorful rectangles and cylindrical...
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Things to Do

Phoenix Shot Tower

One of the other memorable sights on our walk was this very tall tower. It's where rifle shot was produced - lead was dropped at the top of the tower, and as it fell into water at the bottom of the...
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Things to Do

Basillica of the Assumption

This religious attraction in Baltimore is a National Historic Landmark, the first Roman Catholic Cathedral built in the United States. Built between 1806-1821, it stands as a testimony of faith and a...
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Things to Do

Lexington Market

Since 1782, Lexington Market has been the center of downtown Baltimore's shopping, and a hub of social life. Here are all kinds of groceries, including ethnic foods. At the center is a small stage...
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Things to Do

Walters Art Museum

Main Hall of Walters Museum is looking like Italian classic Palazzo. It has transparent roof made out of glass and that why there is always light inside. Its galleries and columns constitute excellent...
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Getting to Baltimore


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