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Boston Scavenger Hunt Adventure
"The adventure begins in Boston Common and will take you on a journey among historic landmarks and along key sections of the Freedom Trail. Experience the history of old cemeteries and famous meeting halls with the sights and smells of the Italian North E' you choose your own pace. You can start when you want and take breaks to discover the city; perhaps stop for lunch along the Freedom Trail or grab an Italian pastry in the North End.The tour requires approximately 2 miles of walking with several stops along the route to complete challenges and decipher clues. The game software tracks team points and posts the final score to a city leaderboard!Please note: Pricing is per individual but your team must book together. One vouche"""Turn Boston into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure! This challenge combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a 3-hour city walking tour. Using your smart phone to guide you make your way through Boston among well-known and overlooked gems of the city solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Great for families
From $15.00
Boston Freedom Trail to Copley Square Walking Tour
"Pick the perfect day to explore the streets of Boston. At 10am meet your professional guide outside of 28 State Street located across from the Old State House. Follow your guide and begin your 2-hour walking tour of Boston.Start your tour on the Freedom Trail visiting Faneuil Hall the Old and New State Houses and the Boston Massacre Site. See both the Old and New City Halls along with Old Corner Bookstore and King's Chapel. Stroll through downtown on your way to Boston Common and the Public Garden. Admire the stunning swan boats as they sail under the world's smallest suspension bridge. Continue on to the John Hanco
From $25.00
Downtown Freedom Trail Walking Tour in Boston
"Choose when to explore Boston at either 10am or 6pm. Arrive at 28 State Street across from the Old State House. Meet your professional guide and then begin your 70-minute walking tour of the Freedom Trail. Start your tour at the Old State House and then compare it with the New State House. See Faneuil Hall a marketplace and meeting hall since 1743. Walk through the city to the Boston Massacre Site and learn the history behind the memorial. Admire the architecture of Park Street Church and King's Chapel. Then make your way to the Old South Meeting House. Walk through the Old Granary Cemetery and visit Old City Hall. Pass the First Schoolhouse Site and The Old Corner Bookstore which was a meeting place for famous authors including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charles Dickens. Stroll through the beautiful Boston Common to end your Freedom Trail walking tour. Explore the quirky streets and charming atmosphere of Boston on this 70-minute walking tour."
From $15.00

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Seize the day

Favorite thing Seize the day & enjoy shopping, dining & sightseeing in this fine city. Legal Sea Foods, Mamma Maria, Bull & Finch Pub (Cheers), Blue Man Group, Whale Watching, the Freedom Trail & John F. Kennedy Library & Museum are but a few of the greatest choices.

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Jan 22, 2003

I really enjoyed walking...

Favorite thing I really enjoyed walking around in Boston. There is so many different areas with different things to see and do in them. I really liked Cambridge but I don't know if it was beacause of the odd shops and restaurants or the fact that I lived in a very friendly and relaxed house:) Cambridge is also close to Harvard and I liked that area too.

Fondest memory Must be my most generous host Mike:)

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Aug 26, 2002

There is a lot to see and do...

Favorite thing There is a lot to see and do in Boston. The following are suggestions: 1. Visit the Old State House. 2. Fanueil Hall and Qunicy market. 3. Go to the New England aquarium ( many say the best in America ) 4. See the Old Ironsides ship in Charleston 5. Visit the Old South meeting house- great museum . 6. Go to the top of the John Hancock tower- great views of Boston. 7. Take a stroll on Boston Common ( NOT at night ) 8. Visit the student area around Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore Square- great ambience. 9. Go clubbing, again Student area is great for this. 10. Visit the JFK Presidential library in Columbia point , Dorchester. 11. Visit Harvard University, stroll around the grounds, soak up the atmosphere. Have your picture taken and then you too can say you went to Harvard ! 12. Admire the architecture in Copley Square.

Fondest memory Lots. The Old South Meeting house was great - real sense of history and immaculate displays. I enjoyed Harvard and the area around the news stand- very 'hip'
The JFK library was impressive with interesting and moving exhibits ( it's been recently enlarged and further improved ) Nightlife is superb. Trust me.

coast2coast's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

I would recommend visiting:

Favorite thing I would recommend visiting:
1) The top of the John Hancock Building.
2) The inside of Trinity Church.
3) The Prudential center shopping area.
4) The Copley plaza.
5) Copley square.
6) Newbury street.
7) Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market
8) The museum of science.

Fondest memory Some of my favorite moments in Boston have been when I'm walking along the Charles River in the spring time, and the Boston Common during the autumn and at night during the winter.

The Charles river is picturesque when the early morning sun has risen and the rowers and boaters are taking advantage of the warmer weather.

The Boston common is beautiful when the leaves change color, adding a palate of beauty to the region. After the leaves have fallen, men and women who work for the city, adorn the trees with clear holiday lights, adding a festive atmosphere to the common.

Aug 25, 2002
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If you are planning to visit...

Favorite thing If you are planning to visit Boston, it is very important to book a hotel room early (especially if you care about getting a good price! Also, once you are here, buy a map of the city that has the routes of the subway system on it. The subway, known as the 'T' is a cheap and easy way to get around. It can take you to all kinds of good places, like to the Aquarium, the Science Museum, the Prudential building (the tallest in Boston), Harvard Square (which is a bit of a freak show), Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game, etc. It can take you to the bars...but not home from them (it closes at 1:30 am-no more trains!)

Fondest memory I like to take a walk in the North End of Boston in the winter. The North End is a variable Little Italy, complete with Italian pastry and espresso shops, where little old men watch Italian soccer games on TV.

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Aug 25, 2002

Boston is meant for walking....

Favorite thing Boston is meant for walking. This is a remarkably compact city whose labyrinthine streets will delight the stroller, although they can -- and often do -- push drivers over the edge. An hour's stroll will take you from sites in the North End to Beacon Hill's mansions. You can explore the country's oldest public park, the Boston Common, in the morning, tour a Back Bay Victorian in the afternoon, and in the evening dine on Szechuan seafood in Chinatown or gnocchi in the North End. One of the joys of wandering Boston is absorbing the character of each neighborhood. Beacon Hill exudes power, prestige, and history; in the Old West End, time seems to zoom by and then, a minute later, magically stand still; Bostonians love to hate the sometimes antiseptic Government Center; the North End is a haven for Italian restaurants; Charlestown remains a predominantly Irish-American enclave; the downtown area features historic sights in a thoroughly 'Manhattanized' locale; Back Bay remains a living museum of urban Victorian residential architecture; the gentrified South End is an anomaly of planning and architecture; and hope springs eternal for a World Series pennant at Fenway Park.
Cambridge -- technically a city west of Boston, but more a collection of neighborhoods -- has a long history as a haven for freethinkers, writers, activists, and iconoclasts. All streets in Cambridge inevitably lead to Harvard Square, an essential stop on your Boston tour.Here's our highly selective list of the very best things to see and do.

Aug 25, 2002

When visiting Boston, you must...

Favorite thing When visiting Boston, you must walk around the old part of Boston where the Boston Tea Party took place, where Independence Hall stands, etc.: it gives you a special feeling about being American. Go to Faneuil Hall, to Filene's Bargain Basement, to Salem to see the House of Seven Gables, eat seafood and drink beer anywhere, but especially Cheers. Remember the TV show? The actual bar is right there in Boston near the Commons, I believe. And besides the bar downstairs, there is a wonderful fine dining restaurant upstairs. I was last in Boston in January when the temp what something like 30 below zero. I thought I was going to die, but I still had a really great time. One thing I want to do the next time is go to a Hockey game.

Fondest memory More things to do-the list could fill so many pages:I was very impressed with Harvard Square, Boston College, Boston University. A great place to take your kids if you want to inspire them to go to college. The history-if you're a history buff, is so abundant, you can virtually OD on it. Transportation-wise, you have many choices which are all satisfactory-the sub, renting a car, taxis, walking. I rented a car and had not too much time finding my way around with the help of a good map and occasionally stopping for directions. For accommodations, the new Hilton by the airport is beautiful. It's conveniently located, has all the services including a gym with sauna, swimming pool, and equipment, and it has some nice restaurants and bars within. Also, cabs and buses run by all day if you want to go exploring. Boston is also so close the the Cape, Martha's Vinyard, Mystic, Providence, Connecticut, Vermont,and a million other interesting places. If you went to visit Boston, you would want to go back again and again.

Aug 24, 2002

avoid the tourist traps. OK,...

Favorite thing avoid the tourist traps. OK, do them once, but don't spend your time hangin' in Fanuil Hall the entire time, or planning your day around the John Hancock building. In my opinion, boring! Do the artsy stuff - go to stores you won't be able to find anywhare else. My favorite - PLUTO in Davis squrae. You should go to Bertuccis or better tyet any Italian resturant in the North End. By all means, DO NOT go to places like the Gap. Why even bother leaving your home town? GO to the Deli Haus after midnight at Kenmore Square.

Fondest memory Ramming aorund the Children's museum when I was little, going back stage at the New England Aquarium (where I now work), riding the subway and not having to think about driving anywhere, skating in the Commons.

Aug 24, 2002
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"Boston in a Nutshell"
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"The Perfect Weekend Away City"
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"Boston Features the Old and New"
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Things to Do Near Boston

Things to Do

King's Chapel

The King's Chapel is one of the many protestant Unitarian Denominational Churches in New England and is part of the Freedom Trail, you can check this area and Chapel too as it lies just in Tremont...
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Things to Do

City Hall

The New Boston City hall is just a stone's throw away from the old City Hall Building that was built in 1968 and on the famous brutalist style which was popular during those times (brutalist design...
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Things to Do

Granary Burying Ground

I enjoy visiting cemeteries. I think they are beautiful and hold spiritual tranquility. I look at the crypts and headstones and wonder if the deceased have families that live on. I enjoy the beauty of...
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Things to Do

Black Heritage Trail

This is a shorter trail than the freedom trail and takes you mainly around the Beacon Hill area which is lovely in itself. There are beautiful mansion houses and millionaire's squares. Excellent and...
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Things to Do

Old State House

What a great idea! To use a landmark as also a metro station is genius! The Old State House is one of the oldest public buildings in the United States, built in 1712-1713. It's one of the landmarks...
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Things to Do

Old South Meeting House

A den of traitors. Or at least that's how the British would have seen it. This was the dry tinder box for the American Revolution. The locals would meet here for heated debates about the future of the...
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