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PF Chang's China Bistro Tips (4)

PF Chang's China Bistro: Bustling Americanized Chinese

Since this Theatre District hotspot always has a line our front and a long wait for a table, it took us a while to actually make our first stop at PF Changs. We never seem to have the time or patience to wait. As a result, it wasn’t until recently, when we had tickets to an early movie, that we finally made it inside. The ambience was bustling, our waiter was very perky, and the food was enjoyable.

Check the PF Changs website for other locations around the country.

Favorite Dish We especially enjoyed the Szechuan greenbeans and the Kung Pao chicken. It's not the place to go for 'authentic' Chinese cuisine, but after several fairly underwhelming visits to Chinatown eateries this was a good alternative.

sarahandgareth's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2005

P.F Chang's at Park...

P.F Chang's at Park Street.
Although this is a chanin of Chinese restaurant where you can get similar tastes in molst of the metropolitan areas, if you do like Chinese visit P.F. Chang's when you are in Boston.
Comtemporary decoration and very nice ambiance.

Favorite Dish Orange Beef.

aozcakir's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

PF Chang's China Bistro: Food as bad as it is in every other city

If you've never been to PF Chang's and you like Chinese food, DON'T GO. This restaurant has a loyal following (for reasons entirely mysterious), but the food is truly horrid. Almost all the dishes float in the gummy sauce American Chinese restaurants are famous for. Hot & sour soup tastes like something died in it. Pho Pasteur, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant nearby, is cheaper and INFINITELY tastier.

Favorite Dish If you're forced to go here, order the chicken lettuce wraps. They're decent. Vegetarian version isn't as good.

Aug 09, 2006

P.F. Changs: Typical American-Chinese Food and Bar

PF Changs is the epitome of the American-Chinese Cuisine (differentiated from chinese cuisine by making veggies as garnishings instead of being the main draw as the same as meats.) and is the number one Chinese Bar cum restaurant in America. The chain was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang. The restaurants serve American Chinese cuisine from a menu originally conceived and planned by chef Philip Chiang. "P. F. Chang's" is the namesake of Paul Fleming (P. F.) and Philip Chiang (whose surname is simplified to Chang.) They have a branch here in boston at the theater district at Park Plaza Mall.

Opens: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm everyday

Favorite Dish PF Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps are good, quickly cooked spiced chicken served with cool lettuce cups; crab wontons filled with creamy rock crab meat served with a spicy plum sauce on the side; and Sichuan chicken flatbread, Chinese scallion flatbread grilled with Sichuan marinated chicken, layered with melted cheese and served with a creamy Asian coleslaw but the best are the stir fried large scallops at $ 17 an order plus the cute fortune cookie (the fortune cookie is really an american invention since there are no fortune cookies in china ok!).

but I still prefer the classic chinese dishes instead of the Americanized ones as I am quite familiar with the different cuisines of the different regions of china.

machomikemd's Profile Photo
Sep 03, 2014
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