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Boston Scavenger Hunt Adventure
"The adventure begins in Boston Common and will take you on a journey among historic landmarks and along key sections of the Freedom Trail. Experience the history of old cemeteries and famous meeting halls with the sights and smells of the Italian North E' you choose your own pace. You can start when you want and take breaks to discover the city; perhaps stop for lunch along the Freedom Trail or grab an Italian pastry in the North End.The tour requires approximately 2 miles of walking with several stops along the route to complete challenges and decipher clues. The game software tracks team points and posts the final score to a city leaderboard!Please note: Pricing is per individual but your team must book together. One vouche"""Turn Boston into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure! This challenge combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a 3-hour city walking tour. Using your smart phone to guide you make your way through Boston among well-known and overlooked gems of the city solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. Great for families
From $15.00
Boston Freedom Trail to Copley Square Walking Tour
"Pick the perfect day to explore the streets of Boston. At 10am meet your professional guide outside of 28 State Street located across from the Old State House. Follow your guide and begin your 2-hour walking tour of Boston.Start your tour on the Freedom Trail visiting Faneuil Hall the Old and New State Houses and the Boston Massacre Site. See both the Old and New City Halls along with Old Corner Bookstore and King's Chapel. Stroll through downtown on your way to Boston Common and the Public Garden. Admire the stunning swan boats as they sail under the world's smallest suspension bridge. Continue on to the John Hanco
From $25.00
Downtown Freedom Trail Walking Tour in Boston
"Choose when to explore Boston at either 10am or 6pm. Arrive at 28 State Street across from the Old State House. Meet your professional guide and then begin your 70-minute walking tour of the Freedom Trail. Start your tour at the Old State House and then compare it with the New State House. See Faneuil Hall a marketplace and meeting hall since 1743. Walk through the city to the Boston Massacre Site and learn the history behind the memorial. Admire the architecture of Park Street Church and King's Chapel. Then make your way to the Old South Meeting House. Walk through the Old Granary Cemetery and visit Old City Hall. Pass the First Schoolhouse Site and The Old Corner Bookstore which was a meeting place for famous authors including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charles Dickens. Stroll through the beautiful Boston Common to end your Freedom Trail walking tour. Explore the quirky streets and charming atmosphere of Boston on this 70-minute walking tour."
From $15.00

Filene's Basement - CLOSED Tips (16)

Filene's Basement: Go early and go often

Bargain shoppers haven at Filene's Basement. My daughter was there for three months during the show she was performing. She said she was there almost every day. I was there for a long weekend and I was there almost every day and could have related to my daughter. Great bargains to be had if you can wade through all the merchandise and dodge all the people.

vaustin08's Profile Photo
May 02, 2011


Filene's Basement is Filene's answer to an outlet. What it really is, is a store loaded with last seasons fashions for men, women and children. You can get name brand clothing for a fraction of it's retail price. The clothes are organized by gender, age (adult, child), type (shirts, pants, intimate wear, swim wear etc.) and by size. I have gotten some fantastic pieces for my wardrobe that have stood the test of time. My favorite piece is a wrap denim skirt that hits my leg mid thigh.

While you are here look for the store manger, Andrew McGinnis, tell him you know me and you'll get a discount.

What to buy Name Brand Fashions

What to pay $1 to what ever you can afford.

moiraistyx's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Filene's Basement: The longer it's been there, the more you save

The concept of Filene's basement is to sell the goods that don't sell in the regular Filene's department store at a reduced price, and the longer that item is left at Filene's basement, the more the price is marked down.

UKDaisy's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Filene's Basement: Filene's Basement

I love Filene's. I have never actually been in the REAL store, but I love the basement. It's always one of my highlights of going to Boston because I do love to shop. It's not for the faint of heart, though-it gets kind of crazy in there. Not very organized and hordes of people. And if you're not into sales (I have friends that refuse to shop sales because it's somehow demeaning of them) then it probably won't be for you. BUT, if you like heavily discounted clothes, jewlry, and chocolate then you should check it out.

What to pay They're supposed to mark down things every week but I think they sneak by on it and don't. For every week it's supposed to be marked down by 25%.

Krumlovgirl's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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Filene's Basement: For more bargains...

This is the outlet store that everyone living in Boston (or who has visited it) recommends. It is right in downtown so pretty easy to reach while touring the city, and there are many other shops around in case you want to take advantage of the shopping trip and check out a bunch of stuff in different places.

Watch out when entering this outlet: there's this big department store called FILENE'S which will catch your attention, but the prices here are very high just like in any other department store (JC Penny, Bloomingdale's, etc.). You want to go to Filene's Basement, so you have to find the entrance to the basement level: take the stairs or escalator towards the metro station, there's a little door leading to the shop before you enter the station itself.

You will find designer clothing, accesories (even some perfumes) and houseware at very good prices. I found some great deals here and a lot of beautiful clothes & lingerie. As for clothing shopping, check this out: the fitting rooms are usually packed, so be patient if you want to try things on. Also, this is not a place for you if you're too shy, as there is not privacy inside the fitting rooms: they are only large empty rooms with mirrors where you have to get undressed and try the stuff on in front of the rest of the girls that are doing the same. No one cares about you, but if you're too self conscious it might be uncomfortable to try things on this way. The cashiers are usually fast despite the fact there is always a lot of people inside the store.

What to buy Clothes, souvenirs, accesories, houseware.

The only problem with this store is that everything is quite messy: you have to spend a good deal of time trying to find a garment you like, then trying to find your size, etc. Everything is rather mingled, although there are specific sections according to the type of clothes and the prices are visible. This is the same system other outlets usually use, so you just have to deal with it..... it's the price to pay for getting cool bargains ;)

Besides the low prices in the tags, they have additional discounts depending on how long a certain garment/item has been on sale at the store: if it's a "new" item (newly arrived) you will only get the regular discount, but as weeks go by they decrease the price even more (20%, 30%, 50% ,etc.) if the same item has not been purchased, so you can end up paying 40% of its original price or even less if no one has been interested in it before you. I had never seen this kind of system before but it's cool.

Laura_Mexico's Profile Photo
May 23, 2006

Filene's Basement: Such a Deal ...

A trip to Boston is not complete without going to Filene's. Shop one of the basement levels and find a discount on every item. The longer the item stays on Filene's shelf, the greater the discount. Play close attention to the dated price tags, it determines your discount.

What to buy At FIlene's you will find a department store filled with a wide selection and variety of merchandise. I have purchased shirts, ties and sometimes Hummels from Filene's Basement.

Hours: Open Weekdays 9:30am-8pm; Sat 9am-8pm; Sun 11am-7pm

What to pay The longer you shop at Filene's the more you will spend. You can easily spend a couple of hours shopping just exploring.

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Sep 05, 2005

Filene's Basement: The Ultimate Bargain Basement

Filene's Basement has more than one location, but until you vist the Filene's Basement in Boston, you ain't seen nothing yet! No longer related to the regular Filene's stores (which is a relief as they are all closing since being bought by Macy's), the basement is quite an experience. As you step literally into the basement, you will be surrounded by discount merchandise. You will see everything from shoes to dishes, lingerie to men's suits, clothing to handbags, wedding dresses to active wear, and much more.

Just a warning, the yard sale type feel isn't for everyone and the wide open changing rooms aren't much fun for the modest.

What to buy It is important to go into Filene's Basement with an open mind. You never know what will be be especially cheap from visit to visit.

What to pay Not much, especially if you keep an eye on the date posted on the back of the price tag. The longer an item has been in the store, the greater the discount. Big signs throughout the store will tell you exactly what you will save.

sarahandgareth's Profile Photo
Aug 29, 2005

Filene's Basement: I'd Walk A Million Miles Thru One of your Aisles!!

Who can describe Filene's...the word MECCA comes to mind. I can imagine if you live in Boston, this place is a 'regular" stop. The appeal for the uninitiated lies in their system of automatic price reductions. I'd schedule my "date nights" around their markdown calendar!!!!!!!!!!!

What to buy Everything's in the basement!!!!!!! Bring a big empty box and visit the linen department!!!!!!!

What to pay Blow the whole budget and eat at McDonald's for the remainder of your stay!

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Aug 28, 2005
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"Boston in a Nutshell"
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"The Perfect Weekend Away City"
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"Boston Features the Old and New"
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Filene's Basement: Bargain Hunting

Filene's basement has a huge selection of discounted items for men, women and children. It's a little unorganized so be prepare to search for sizes etc. A note for western americans and European travelers- the dressing room is completely communal meaning everyone has to change in front of each other. Don't be shy though it was actually sort of fun as women all around were complimenting each other on their outfits.

What to buy Look for italian leather handbags marked down to half price, the mens shirts especially seemed to be good deals with polo ralpg lauren and michael kors shirts for 20 bucks. Another good deal seemed to be the large selection of semiformal dresses which were abut 40 dollars.This place has everything.

What to pay fro 2.99 for underwear to 150 for a purse or more for select designer items, shirts started at 6.99 up to 40 and cute dresses were as low as 16.99 up to 60 dollars.

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Jul 08, 2005

Filene's Basement: Sort of brand outlet

If you are interested in buying brands for less, some people advice you to the discount stores in the city centres. Filene's Basement, located in the neighbourhood of Boston financial district, is one of these chain stores.

You could find some real bargains from that place, but they are far and between. Most of the stuff is junk; old and ugly. The place has a peculiar fragnance, either from the items or the customers, but it is a telltale sign that the store is not worth of visit.

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Feb 02, 2005

Filene's Basement: Basement Prices

It seems that most Bostonians go to this place to shop. They have mostly marked-down items and it is in the heart of Downtown Crossing, beside Macy's.

What to buy Men and Women clothings and accessories.

What to pay marked-down prices

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Nov 19, 2004

Filene's Basement: Scavenging at Filene's Basement

It's almost like a treasure hunt. Allow at least one hour to go around the whole store searching for good values. Of course, there's plenty of tasteless clothes for sale there, but there's also a lot of very good looking ones, at very low cost. Just scavenge a bit and you'll get your great values at this bargain paradise!

What to buy Clothes!

What to pay Less or much less than in other stores (yet, there's also a lot of things at Filene's Basement that have regular prices)

Sep 30, 2004

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