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One Hour Boston Segway Tour
"This one hour Segway tour is the ultimate way to experience the best of Boston. Start your tour on State Street in Boston's Financial District. Cruise along the Freedom Trail as you make your way toward the Boston Common and Downtown.  passing impressive and unique architecture as you make your way to the harbor. This area of Boston is full of breathtaking views of the water as well as the cityscape.  Finish by gliding alongside the famous R.F. Kennedy G""Segway tours are the best way to explore the city of Boston! This one hour tour will lead you to some of Boston's most prominent sights and landmarks.title=Highlights&1=Great+overview+and+orientation+of+the+city&2=Get+inside+tips+from+a+local&3=Family+friendly&4=Small+group+ensures+personal+service&5=Multiple+times+offered+throughout+the+day&6=Perfect+introduction+for+first-time+visitors"""Boston
From $60.00
Downtown Freedom Trail Walking Tour in Boston
"Choose when to explore Boston at either 10am or 6pm. Arrive at 28 State Street across from the Old State House. Meet your professional guide and then begin your 70-minute walking tour of the Freedom Trail. Start your tour at the Old State House and then compare it with the New State House. See Faneuil Hall a marketplace and meeting hall since 1743. Walk through the city to the Boston Massacre Site and learn the history behind the memorial. Admire the architecture of Park Street Church and King's Chapel. Then make your way to the Old South Meeting House. Walk through the Old Granary Cemetery and visit Old City Hall. Pass the First Schoolhouse Site and The Old Corner Bookstore which was a meeting place for famous authors including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Charles Dickens. Stroll through the beautiful Boston Common to end your Freedom Trail walking tour. Explore the quirky streets and charming atmosphere of Boston on this 70-minute walking tour."
From $15.00
Boston Freedom Trail to Copley Square Walking Tour
"Pick the perfect day to explore the streets of Boston. At 10am meet your professional guide outside of 28 State Street located across from the Old State House. Follow your guide and begin your 2-hour walking tour of Boston.Start your tour on the Freedom Trail visiting Faneuil Hall the Old and New State Houses and the Boston Massacre Site. See both the Old and New City Halls along with Old Corner Bookstore and King's Chapel. Stroll through downtown on your way to Boston Common and the Public Garden. Admire the stunning swan boats as they sail under the world's smallest suspension bridge. Continue on to the John Hanco
From $25.00

Freedom Trail Tips (125)


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Jun 01, 2016


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Jun 01, 2016

Freedom Trail

Our family walked the Freedom Trail on July 4th, it was filled with many Benjamin Franklin's and other note able historic people and events along a 2.5-mile-long path through downtown Boston that passes by 16 locations significant to the history of the United States. Each was marked largely with brick and had a person telling us about the events that happened there. Stops along the trail include simple explanatory ground markers, graveyards, notable churches and buildings, and a historic naval frigate. We visited: the Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King's Chapel, King's Chapel Burying Ground, Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of Boston Latin School, Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, Site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House, Old North Church, Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Bunker Hill Monument and went onto the USS Constitution. Most of the sites are free or suggest donations, the Old South Meeting House, the Old State House, and the Paul Revere House charged an admission.

The Freedom Trail was originally conceived by local journalist William Schofield, who in 1951 suggested building a pedestrian trail to link together important local landmarks. Boston mayor John Hynes decided to put Schofield's idea into action. By 1953, 40,000 people were walking the trail annually.

The National Park Service operates a visitor's center on the first floor of Faneuil Hall, where they offer tours, give out free maps of the Freedom Trail and other historic sites, and sell books about Boston and United States history.

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Aug 26, 2015

Boston Irish Famine Memorial

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Ireland's famine, this memorial was unveiled in 1998 as a tribute to those who fled the ravages of the famine in Ireland to start a new life in the US. The series of plaques surrounding the sculptures are very informative and help tell the story of the famine.

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Jan 31, 2015
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Red Line to History

the freedom trail is the historic 2.5 mile (4 kilometers) long red colored foot path to the various historical sites along boston of which many of these sites you can see from a boston trolley tour if you don't want to walk the whole thing. besides the painted red lines along the historical sites, there are ground markers explaining events, graveyards, notable churches and other buildings along the trail like boston commons, old state church, USS Constitution, fanneuil hall and more. some are paid attractions like the Old South Meeting House, Old State House, and Paul Revere House.

the landmarks and attractions along the freedom trail include: ( I will have tips on some of them)

1.Boston Common
2.Massachusetts State House
3.Park Street Church
4.Granary Burying Ground
5.King's Chapel
6.King's Chapel Burying Ground
7.Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of the first public school, Boston Latin School
8.Old Corner Bookstore
9.Old South Meeting House
10.Old State House
11.Site of the Boston Massacre
12.Faneuil Hall
13.Paul Revere House
14.Old North Church
15.Copp's Hill Burying Ground
16.Bunker Hill Monument
17.USS Constitution

according to wikipedia:

The trail was originally conceived by local journalist William Schofield, who since 1951 had promoted the idea of a pedestrian trail to link together important local landmarks. John Hynes, the mayor of Boston, decided to put Schofield's idea into action. By 1953, 40,000 people annually were enjoying the sites and history on the Freedom Trail.[3]

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Jul 07, 2014

Freedom Trail

Follow the red brick line!

The Freedom Trail is the most helpful tourist guide I've experienced in any city anywhere in the world. More cities need to copy this idea. Basically you can see pretty much all of Boston's historic sights by following a red brick line built into the pavement. In fact it's so easy you can forget to even navigate for yourself. I joked that if some clown had painted a red line that diverted off into the harbour, I'd probably follow it into the drink.

It's a fairly comprehensive tour of the city, although you'll want to do a bit of research to see more. I ended up missing a few sights I'd like to have seen because I thought I'd covered everything. Personally I'd recommend doing something like this for a day in Boston:

*Go to Charles Street on Beacon Hill for breakfast.
*Explore the Public Garden.
*Go back up to Beacon Hill to explore the narrow streets and the square.
*Wander back down to Boston Common.
*Meander to the start of the trail at the visitor information centre near Park Street Station.
*Start following the Freedom Trail
*Pause for an Italian lunch in North End.
*Finish the trail at the USS Constitution
*Take the water shuttle back to Boston and enjoy the city harbour view.
*Walk down New Atlantic Avenue towards South Station.
*Turn onto Congress Street Bridge to see the Boston Tea Party museum.
*Finish your journey at South Station
*Take the metro back to your hotel.

You'll see a lot of people in costume guiding tour groups around the city. My favourite, and I wished I'd taken a picture of this, was seeing a British Red Coat drinking alone in an Irish Bar in Boston. It's hard to think of a sight more lonely.

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Jan 30, 2014

Boston Tours Day Tours

We visited Boston 47 years ago to walk the Freedom Trail and have been to lots of big cities since then. We were finishing up a road trip and I welcomed the idea of not having to figure out trains, maps and streets for an entire day. This tour covered all the highlights as described in their brochure plus they picked us up at our hotel in Waltham. Ralph - (Henry) asked us about ourselves and did a good job describing things in Boston over the years since our visit in 1966. We started at the Old North Church which was an uphill walk. Good idea to do this first thing in the morning. The lunch stop was great at Quincy Marketplace. After lunch there was time to walk to a bit of the Freedom Trail. We enjoyed browsing at the outdoor market and picked up some fresh fruit to finish our lunch. One of the things I wanted to see this time was the USS Constitution at the naval yards. Their website and our driver made it clear that it is not always open and things happen. We got to the naval yards towards the end of the tour and walked through security and boarded "Old Ironsides" in a matter of minutes. We discovered it had been closed to tourists in the morning because of a retirement ceremony. We only went on the top deck but they do offer tours for all three decks if you have the time. This tour was very relaxing to me - I got choked up several times hearing the stories of our ancestors' bravery and their ideas for this country and the people. You can still visit cemeteries there with headstones of where these revolutionary patriots are buried - very touching. We had wanted to drive through Cambridge to see Harvard University's campus and we did that too. Our driver took good care of us all day and delivered us back to the Hilton Garden Inn right on time. Thanks Boston Tours for a great day.

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Sep 13, 2013

Historic Places in Boston

I'm sure the hotel will give you information for public transportation. You can also check

For historic places, Faneuil Hall and the Faneuil Hall Market place would me good places. Paul Revere's home is not too far from the Faneuil Hall Market place. The nearest T stops are Aquarium, Haymarket and Government Center.

For historic eating places, you can try the old Oyster House, also near Faneuil Hall.

You can also take the Freedom trail which is a walking tour, just follow the red line on the sidewalk. It passes many historic places in Boston. It starts at the Boston Commons on Tremont st between Park and Boylston. Just google the Freedom trail for more info.

Speaking of the Boston Commons, you can stop by the old Cheers bar on the other side of the Boston Commons, on Beacon St. Only the outside looks like it did on TV. The inside is not the same as on the old TV show.

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Apr 24, 2013
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"Boston in a Nutshell"
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"The Perfect Weekend Away City"
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"Boston Features the Old and New"
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Follow the Red Bricks

The Freedom Trail is an excellent way to introduce yourself to Colonial Revolutionary Boston. In about 2 to 3 hours the Trail will take you along 16 historical sites. It covers well over two and a half centuries of what is considered "America's most significant past".

The sites are followed along a brick or painted line which serves as the guide connecting the sites along the route. Along the Trail you will encounter many other interesting and significant sites.

Following is a list of the sites along the Freedom Trail:

Freedom Trail
Boston Common
Massachusettes State House
Park Sreet Church & Granary Burying Ground
Kigns Chapel & Chapel Burying Ground
First Public School Site & Ben Franklin Statue
Former Site of the Old Corner Bookstore
Old South Meeting House
Old State House
Boston Massacre Site
Faneuil Hall
Paul Revere House
Old North Church
Copp Hill Burying Ground
USS Constitution & Charleston Navy Yard
Bunker Hill Monument

You can meander yourself around the Freedom Trail at your own pace or sign up for a Guided Tour. For more information check out their website where you'll find locations and times of where you can start your guided tour.

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Jan 23, 2013

Don't Miss this Walking Tour

You can take as long or be as quick as you like along the FREEDOM TRAIL; it is 2-1/2 miles of brick lined route, which meanders through the downtown of Boston, so you can always stop for food, browse other places, see the historical places in depth, or just pass by. Come back another day and do some more!!

Signs along the Trail identify each of the 16 stops, which include Bunker Hill and Boston Common.

Your hotel can provide information or, there are a number of good websites, in addition to the one below, there is:
which has a lot of information too.

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Sep 16, 2012

Walking the Freedom Trail

If you have any interest at all in history, Boston has a great activity in the Freedom Trail. Follow the red brick road to see a number of important sites in the development of this nation.

I started off at the north end, parking near the USS Constitution. Due to the high security measures, I decided to forgo that, and went instead up to the Bunker Hill Monument. This was a site of an early battle between the colonial forces and the British, and is today marked by a large stone tower.

From here, you walk south on the Charlestown Bridge to North End. Next stops include Copp's Hill Burying Ground and Old North Church (one if by land...two if by sea). There were a few Burial grounds along the tour. I found some of the intricate tombstones to be fascinating to look at. You can tour the Old North Church in depth, but the lines can get very long, so I had to take a pass on that.

The Paul Revere House is privately owned, and can be toured for a small admission fee.

After a little bit longer of a hike, you hit Faneuil Hall. The hall has served as a marketplace ever since its inception in the 1700's.

Then it is on to the site of the Boston Massacre and the Old State House - a nifty building that really sticks out as a historical site in the midst of the towering 20th century buildings.

Later in the tour, you hit the Granary Burying Ground, which is the final resting place to a number of figures - Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock to name a few.

While there are some modest hills to climb on the rolling streets, this is a pretty nice and easy walk, and start to finish will take a minimum of two hours (I didn't stop for Revere's Home or Old North Church, which would also add to the time.) There are plenty of people around during the day (including numerous tour groups.) With two visitor centers and several restroom stops available, this is the number one attraction that I'm glad I saw in Boston.

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Aug 20, 2011

The Freedom Trail-Walk a mile in their shoes

Th freedom trail is this wonderful 2.5 mile walk through most of the major historical sites in Boston that have to do with the American revolution. You start out in Boston Common (A park) and end up at the USS Constitution. It can take you 3 hours or 3 days depending on how much time you spend at each site. If you stop at each location and tour it is at a minimum an all day event. I stopped at most and climbed the Bunker Hill monument as well as visiting the USS Constitution.

I am a history buff so for me this was a good day out. If you have school aged kids this is better than most educational type forays because you are outside most of the time, walking along the red brick guideway seeing all the places you learned about in school (If you are American that is). You can't get lost if you follow the red bricks!

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Jun 26, 2011

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Boston Common

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Park Street Church

Among the famous Christian Churches of Boston is the Park Street Church at the Corner of Park Street and Tremont Street and lies across the street from the Boston Common and beside the Granary Burying...
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Granary Burying Ground

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Old South Meeting House

A den of traitors. Or at least that's how the British would have seen it. This was the dry tinder box for the American Revolution. The locals would meet here for heated debates about the future of the...
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Blue Man Group

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