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Museum of Science Tips (15)

Geek comfort

The science museum in Boston is an excellent place to indulge your inner geek! It's huge and you could easily spend all day in there. The main halls of the museum cover loads of different aspects of science with lots of interactive things to try. They also have an IMAX screen and a Planetarium (both cost extra over the entrance fee but you can purchase tickets to those separately if that's all you want to see). Even without the extras, the exhibits are captivating, and not just for kids.

We decided to take in a Planetarium show as neither of us had ever been to one before so we got the $6 add on ticket to the general admission. We got a cold drink while we waited for the show to start since there wasn't a lot of time to really investigate any of the main exhibits before hand. The show was all about the moons in the solar system and their origins and the night skies are projected on a screen over your head on a domed roof. Very cool.

We went to the Planetarium for a show and only had about 45 minutes to look around some of the exhibits but really enjoyed what we did get to see. I really enjoyed the exhibit on the space and lunar module capsules and the dinosaurs were well done as well. The maps and dioramas, too, were good. There is so much more and as I said, you really could spend all day there. Well worth the price of admission.

There's level access, elevators and lots of accessible features. The museum isn't too far from a Subway station and is on a main road so there are also busses. It's also not a long walk from North Station if you arrive by train. The cafeteria has great views over the river. There is on site parking for a cost but it will fill up early. At the time we went, 2014, there is a lot of construction in the area so the traffic in front of the museum is pretty heavy.

tvor's Profile Photo
Sep 22, 2014

For the curious mind

Museum of Science is worth visiting for everyone who is interested in how the world around us revolves, how things work, and especially why. The museum is stacked full of all kind of fancy gadgets that exemplify a certain law of physics with fun and interactive way. Almost everything can be touched and adjusted.

We spent good three hours there with three young boys, going through most of the museum. Some parts are bit rundown and I got flashbacks from my old school, but fortunately most of the museum is relatively modern. Everything is explained at least in overall level, and time just flies going through different knobs and twists of various tools. At least one in the group have better than average understanding of physics to explain why things happen as they happen (to happen).

There is also a café that serves mostly pizza and burger style food, some salads are on the menu, too. There is a magnificent view from on the Charles River from the café, so it is worth of at least a coffee.

nomadig's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2009

Go to the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is PACKED with fun things to do for kids of all ages! My sons absolutely adore a day there. They like it there so much that we get a yearly membership. They have exhibits that are constantly changing and they have exhibits that have become old favorites! The big Tyrannosaurus is one of the old favorites.

Jan 11, 2007

Museum of Science

Being one of the best science museums I've been too, this is a place I really like. I have been here twice for special exhibits. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Even though the two special ones were why I have come here, the rest of the musuem in nice and I did pretty much like the Big Dig exhibit. Highly recommend this on your tour of Boston.

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Oct 06, 2006
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The Museum of Science is the result of 6 men getting togher and forming the Boston Society of Natural History. Together the managed to collect enough material to open a temporary museum in 1864. It was known as the New England Museum of Natural History and it was located at the corner of Berkeley and Boylston Streets in Boston's Back Bay. Today we know the museum as the Museum of Science. Construction of the current building began in 1949, with the first wing opening just two years later in 1951. Several additons have been added through out the years. The result is a museum with 400 interactive exhibits and more than 1.6 million visitors each year.

The museum has changed a lot since I first discovered it back in 1990, but it has definately gotten better. I last came here in January of 2006 with SES and Patrick. I wanted to see the Star Wars exhibit, which was very cool. Patrick was over joyed with the dozens of hands on exhibits and the dinosaur exhibit. When you go, catch the electricity show. it can be very load and scarey for the young ones and the weak of heart. We also saw the planetarium show when we were there, although I have to admit all three of us fell asleep. I've been to the IMAX theater in the past but skipped it this time due to the 3 hour drive we were facing.

If you go to lots of museums in your travels, you should look into the membership packages. The membership here is good at over 200 museums nation wide, so its well worth the investment.

The exhibit halls are open every day 9 AM to 5 PM except on Fridays when it closes at 9 PM.

Prices start at $16 for and adult for just the exhibit halls and $13 for children. The IMAX, Planertarium, Laser Show and Butterfly Garden are all extra. There are packages that offer a small savings over purchasing individuals tickets for each.

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Sep 24, 2006

Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination is the first museum exhibit of it's kind. It compares the fantasy world of Star Wars with current technology. There are hands-on activities as well as costumes and props from the films. One of my favorites was Luke's original Landspeeder from Episode IV .
Far, Far Away: The Worlds of Star Wars is a planetarium presentation of how plantets featured in Star Wars compare to real planets and moons in our solar system. Narrated by Anthony Daniels.
Millennium Falcon Simulation In a replica of the Millennium Falcon, we see a presentation of what we know about our own galaxy.

The museum is very kid friendly.
This is a popular exhibit and there are tons of people here. The amount of people limits enjoyment of the exhibits. The crowds are too big to properly enjoy the interactive exhibits. It's a bit too overwhelming for me. However, I'm a Star Wars geek , so I had a great time. If you aren't into Star Wars, it will be a long, exhausting day for you.

The Star Wars exhibit tickets are purchased seperately from the regular museum tickets. The planetarium and Millennium Falcon cost extra too. My group of 4 cost about $75.00 for everything.

This runs at the Boston Museum of Science from
Oct. 27, 2005 to April 30, 2006

COSI, Columbus, Ohio June through Aug. 2006

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland, Ore. Dec. 2006

California Science Center, Los Angeles, Calif. Feb. through April 2007

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Penn. June through Aug. 2007 Fort Worth Museum of Science, Fort Worth, Texas Feb. through April 2008

Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minn. June through Oct. 2008

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May 26, 2006

5-Wits TOMB- Go with a group or use go boston card

Located near Fenway, this little entertainment venue is the perfect time-killer when in the Fenway area. The concept is simple. In this Legends of the Hidden Temple-Style attraction. Inside the temple you will have to test your strength, wit, and cunning to find your way to the Pharoh's tomb. It's a little expensive (about 20 dollars per person) but my friends had a blast inside. It was a relief in the summer because it was so cool inside and hot out in the heat. However, for groups of 12 or more there is a special bargain if you make reservations ahead of time. Also, if you're just in the area for a little while 5-Wits TOMB is offered with the GO Boston Card along with 60 other Boston-area attractions.

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Apr 19, 2006

Fun for all the family

The Science Museum is great for kids and adults alike
You really need to put a couple of hours aside so you can really appreciate it all.

Go prepared as the cinemas do really cool shows and you need to figure out which ones you want to go to and the timings as you need to book them at the start. Check on their website.

I saw the 3D bugs one which was really cool, informative as well.
Also saw the Wired to Win:Surviving the Tour de on the IMAX theatre which was spectacular

General entrance is $15 for adults and $12 for kids and then you have to pay extra into each of the cinema style shows. They do package deals that range up to $23. All the prices are on their website.

In the general admssion you get into the exhibit halls and each of them have free interesting lectures or shoes, the one that involves the lightening ball is fantastic - a must to see

Feb 07, 2006
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"Boston Features the Old and New"
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Making Science Fun!

The Museum of Science is one of those rare places that never gets old. With its current and changing exhibits it truely never gets boring. The museum is geared toward children but adults are always fascinated and on any given day you will find a crowd of college students there as well. Almost all of the exhibits are hands on so as to ensure that even the youngest of your group will be well entertained. I would suggest going on a weekday as the weekends tend to get very crowded and there will be lines to try the exhibits. Besides just the regular and ever changing exhibits there are also planetarium, IMAX and laser shows, lectures, guest speakers, conferences, and a 3-D theatre. The changing exhibits in the past have included an exhibit on Lord of the Rings, an exhibit on the brain, Star Wars, and there was also and exhibit on butterflies with the museums own butterfly garden. There are bathrooms on every floor, and elevators and escalators. There are several food choices in the museum itself and if you choose to go outside of the museum for lunch you can always get your hand stamped. I would also suggest checking out the gift shop, which is always interesting. Some of my personal favorite exhibits include, the musical staircase, the monkeys, and the aquarium. Check website for changing exhibts, times, and shows.

Sep 29, 2005

Museum of Science

If you bring your kids or just have any interest in science be sure to stop at the Museum of Science that occupies a compound of buildings that stands north of Mass General on the banks of the Charles River Dam. The demonstrations, experiments, and interactive displays introduce facts and concepts so effortlessly that everyone winds up learning something. Among the 500-plus exhibits, you can see an iguana or a dinosaur, find out how much you'd weigh on the moon, battle urban traffic in a computer model, and climb into a space module.

Some activities and exhibits focus on specific fields of interest, natural history with live animals, computers, the human body, while others take an interdisciplinary approaches. There you can find a 15-foot lightning bolts in the Theater of Electricity and a 20-foot-long Tyrannosaurus rex mode. You can experience activities such as strapping on a skin sensor to measure reactions to stimuli, or sifting through an archaeological site. The emphasis is on hands-on education. For instance, at the "Investigate!" exhibit children explore such scientific principles as gravity by balancing objects. Children can learn the physics behind everyday play activities such as swinging and bumping up and down on a teeter-totter in the "Science in the Park" exhibit. Other displays include "Light House," where you can experiment with color and light, and the perennial favorite, "Dinosaurs: Modeling the Mesozoic," which lets kids become paleontologists and examine dinosaur bones, fossils, and tracks.

The Museum of Science includes the IMAX Mugar Omni Theater (PHONE: 617/723-2500), a five-story dome screen. The theater's state-of-the-art sound system provides outstanding acoustics Try to get tickets in advance online or over the phone.

You can also visit the Charles Hayden Planetarium (PHONE: 617/723-2500) for programs on astronomical discoveries; Laser light shows with laser graphics and computer animation. Activates are scheduled Thursday through Sunday evenings.

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Feb 27, 2005

Museum of Science

There's something for everyone here-not just us science geeks! Right now they have a great program about the lions of the Kalahari desert. They also have visiting exhibits and plenty of great IMAX films. You'll have to check out their website to see what special things they have going on.

Nov 22, 2004

Museum of Science

Keep in mind while you read this, that I wanted to put this in the tourist trap catagory, but thought you would look here for real information on the Museum of Science.

If you don't have kids - skip this place. Granted, this is probably the largest science center I have ever been in and the most impressive. However, I don't see how anyone could see the whole thing in just one day. After three hours of walking around and not being able to do any of the experiments, our feet were certainly paying a price.

While the museum of science surely is designed with children in mind, don't plan on actually DOING most of the experiments or any of the really fun ones, because the crowds around each will turn you off. We happened to be there on a Tuesday morning in April, which isn't even the tourist season, and the place was packed. So if you do go bring your patience and the most comfortable pair of walking shoes you own.

Cost: $13 adults, $10 children age 3-11
Or, it is included in your Boston City Pass, seperately purchased or availble there.

Planetarium, laser show, omni theater cost seperately. Gift shop and food court on site.

Parking garage available on site.
About $12 for five hours

Extensive info on website.

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Apr 10, 2004

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