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Freedom Trail Tips (6)

The Freedom Trail is anything...

The Freedom Trail is anything but about freedom. There are plenty of other cool old streets to wonder around without the masses.

Unique Suggestions Don't get me wrong, it's a nice way to get to all the main tourist attractions in town but do stray from the path.

Fun Alternatives Use the trail to see all the main sights, preferably early in the morning so it's not so crowded and use side streets when you can to see more of the real city.

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Dec 04, 2003

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail. This red line that runs along the sidewalk takes visitors on a walking historic tour of the city. It's great if you're really interested in seeing the best-preserved historic sites, but the route is often crammed with clueless tourists as well as the usual Boston crowd. Many of the destinations are highly overrated, and it's probably best to take them in while passing by to less-mobbed (and quainter) places. In fact, I'm not recommending skipping any of Boston's famous historic sites, in fact I list many here. Simply encounter them differently than walking the mobbed and sometimes not very straightforward line.

May 27, 2003

Paul Revere's House along the...

Paul Revere's House along the Freedom Trail. Alright, so most of the Freedom Trail is quite touristy, but it's an authentic historical kind of 'touristy'. While most of this attraction is free, certain parts (like Paul Revere's House) require a fee before you're allowed in. Seeing it from the outside was good enough for me...
Photo: Standing infront of the Paul Revere House. 'I'm not going to pay for that!' ;)

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Aug 24, 2002

Hardly any of the 'historic...

Hardly any of the 'historic sites' are worth a price of admission. Go to the Park Service Visitor Center at 15 State Street behind the old state house, and walk the Freedom Trail. It's free, with satisfy any history buff, and moves right along. Two things - watch the tempature and wear comfortable shoes!

Aug 24, 2002
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The Freedom trail, It's a line...

The Freedom trail, It's a line painted around Boston that passes 14 Historic sites . Do it on your own or by trolly.
These are friends of ours that came with us.This was outside the lobby of our hotel .

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Aug 24, 2002

The Freedom Trail

This self-guided trail through downtown Boston, passes most of the historically significant sites in Beantown.

Unique Suggestions Just get a block away from the trail occasionally, you'll be amazed how the crowds thin.

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Sep 18, 2002
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"Boston in a Nutshell"
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"The Perfect Weekend Away City"
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"Boston Features the Old and New"
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Things To Do Near Boston

Things to Do

King's Chapel

The King's Chapel is one of the many protestant Unitarian Denominational Churches in New England and is part of the Freedom Trail, you can check this area and Chapel too as it lies just in Tremont...
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Things to Do

City Hall

The New Boston City hall is just a stone's throw away from the old City Hall Building that was built in 1968 and on the famous brutalist style which was popular during those times (brutalist design...
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Things to Do

Granary Burying Ground

I enjoy visiting cemeteries. I think they are beautiful and hold spiritual tranquility. I look at the crypts and headstones and wonder if the deceased have families that live on. I enjoy the beauty of...
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Things to Do

Black Heritage Trail

This is a shorter trail than the freedom trail and takes you mainly around the Beacon Hill area which is lovely in itself. There are beautiful mansion houses and millionaire's squares. Excellent and...
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Things to Do

Old State House

What a great idea! To use a landmark as also a metro station is genius! The Old State House is one of the oldest public buildings in the United States, built in 1712-1713. It's one of the landmarks...
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Things to Do

Old South Meeting House

A den of traitors. Or at least that's how the British would have seen it. This was the dry tinder box for the American Revolution. The locals would meet here for heated debates about the future of the...
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