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  • Oak Bluffs - Doll Houses
    Oak Bluffs - Doll Houses
    by savvygirl
  • Martha's Vineyard
    by DJ_Rolo
  • Port at Vineyard Haven
    Port at Vineyard Haven
    by RhondaRuth

Martha's Vineyard Things to Do

  • Beautiful Menemsha

    Spent a morning in Menemsha, checking out its shops, beautiful harbor, and beach. It's main street is picturesquely filled with sun bleached shingled structures, inlets and marshes.Apparently, part of the movie "Jaws" was filmed here. I need to re-watch this movie soon. Oh! It's located in a town called Chilmark.

  • Oak Bluffs Campground

    On my first trip to Martha's Vineyard - a day trip over 10 years ago - I walked through the campground briefly. I remember the square with the tabernacle and how it was surrounded by cute cottages. I knew I wanted to see this again on my return trip to the vineyard. On our first day I briefly wandered around the same square while my friends...

  • Menemsha Beach

    The beach at Menemsha was beautiful and busy. It's small yet open to the public. We didn't "do" the beach here but we did sit on its low wall and eat our lunch there. We got a parking space right by the water and it was free. So if you're looking for a beach to hang out on in Martha's Vineyard you should consider this one.

  • Black Dog Madness in Vineyard Haven

    So, we all know about The Black Dog and how it's synonymous with Martha's Vineyard. But I never realized how you can find the stores everywhere (just about) and how they own their own little complex of shops and other things in Vineyard Haven. There's a tavern, a snack-bar, stores for adults, kids, pets, and a ship museum. Kind of overwhelming!

  • Gay Head Cliffs

    Lucky us. We visited the Gay Head Cliffs on a clear and sunny day. Although I'm sure they'd be beautiful in any weather, we had optimum vistas as a result. This is a no-brainer. It's free and the walk to them is short and lined with shops. Go do this!

  • Cottage Museum - Oak Bluffs

    You could easily argue that the entire campground at Oak Bluffs is a museum. However, if you want to see what the inside of one looks like then you should check out the Cottage Museum. The inside has been decorated with various pieces from the time during which the cottages were built and the kitchen's been turned into a gift shop. It gives you a...


Martha's Vineyard Hotels

  • Mansion House

    Stayed for 2 nights at the Mansion House this week with mixed results. Got a suite with a fireplace...


Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

  • Tasty Family Style Dining

    Although I enjoyed my meal here I probably wouldn't pick it for a dinner again. Aside from the fact that you can't have a glass of wine with your meal, by dinnertime the floors had quite a bit of spilled french fries and other food items from the lunch hour. I guess this is what you have to expect from a family-style place. The good news is that...

  • Now THAT'S a sandwich!

    We asked a local about a good lunch spot and they sent us to the Waterside Market. It was bustling and there was a line to order food but we lucked out and got a table almost right away. Although you can do take out, it was so cute in here that we really wanted to enjoy our food at one of their tables. We got sandwiches. Big, honking, I'm on...

  • Tis Tasty!

    Twas a hot 'n sunny day. In spite of gigantic sandwiches we'd had for lunch we wanted something refreshing. We saw a sign for Tisberry and followed it down a small street off Main. My friends had some Arnold Palmers (iced tea and lemonade) but I opted for a coconut yogurt. The frozen yogurt is the sour type that is becoming popular now. I find I...


Martha's Vineyard Nightlife

  • Illicit Sounding Sweet Stuff

    Every night, behind Martha's Vineyard Gourmet Cafe & Bakery they sell freshly made donuts from 7:30 PM-12:58AM. Folks line up to wait for the goodies and their smell permeates the air in the immediate area. I didn't think I wanted any so I sat on a bench and accessed 3G (Not available on most of this island!) and waited for them. All around me I...

  • Oak Bluffs Arcade

    You might think that 3 grown women on a weekend away might do something wild and crazy on a Saturday night. Well, you could be right. We went to the arcade to play skeeball. And it was fun!

  • Best Live Music Spot

    Outerland is the former Hot Tin Roof club out at the MV Airport and is still the best place to hear live bandsand comedy acts on the island. It's a great place to people watch and catch some celebrities in the crowd now and then. This summer we saw a knock-out performance by Jim Belushi & his band and Larry David was hanging out.The new owners have...


Martha's Vineyard Transportation

  • Ferry to and from The Vineyard

    You can fly into MV but I'm guessing that most of its visitors go to Woods Hole and hop on ferry like we did. We took a car on board which cost each of the 3 of us $60 for a the round-trip. What a steal.It's a 45 minute trip and you can sit on one of the top outdoor levels and soak in the sea air, like we did. You can also sit inside, on a bench or...

  • Getting to Martha's Vineyard

    When traveling from the Cape to the Vineyard, the ferries operated by Hy-Line Cruises are a great way to get there. The Cape-Vineyard route runs from Hyannis to Oak Bluffs. Options include the high-speed ferry (55 minutes each way) or the traditional ferry (1 hour 35 minutes each way). If you have the time to spare, and the weather is good, take...

  • mopeds

    Most of the Island folk hate mopeds. The narrow roads plus many ignorant mopeds riders make it tough sometimes. If you do rent a moped, please beware of your surroundings. The Island has no capacity to expand the roads, so we all need to get along. That said, it's a fantastic way to see the Island.


Martha's Vineyard Shopping

  • Yummy Imports

    I love stores like this that are full of fun 'n funky and reasonably priced imported items. I could shop in them forever! I bought an adorable tunic that I wore during my trip. It's bright and comfortable and the perfect summer thing to wear. It will be a lovely souvenir for years to come. Fun clothes, jewelry, and home decor. BTW, the sign says...

  • Vistas 'n Tschotskes!

    You may find yourself in the mood to both shop and take in a beautiful view. If you're in Martha's Vineyard then you'll be in luck when you visit the cliffs at Gay Head. There's a small strip of shops and snack bars that line about half the walk to the scenic cliff overlook. You can spend more time here than you normally would with these...

  • fresh eggs, pork, beef and veggies

    Really local place and not easy to find, but worth it if buying fresh eggs, meat or veggies in season. This is behind the Cottle's Lumberyard and Debbie and Alan sell fresh eggs, bacon, ground beef, and much more---veggies in season---they sell at local markets and also at the farm---I got a chance to see the chickens and cows in person and had a...


Martha's Vineyard Local Customs

  • Ride on the Flying Horses

    Try your luck at catching the brass ring and winning a free ride on the oldest working carousel in the U.S., which has been enchanting children and adults for over a hundred years. The 20 hand-carved horses on this official historic landmark have real horsehair manes and tails.

  • Colorful Gingerbread Houses are the norm

    The camp meetings of the Methodist Church were ecumenical in spirit and attracted members of most Protestant sects as well as Roman Catholics. By the late 1850s, annual visitors were replacing tents with elaborately decorated carpenter Gothic cottages known as Gingerbread houses.

  • Relax - Have a coffee - It's an...

    Beautiful summer mornings should be spent on one of the porches. Lots of cool places to sit and watch the activity. Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard is a bustling little community. I like being in this kind of area and finding a quiet spot to sit and "people watch".


Martha's Vineyard Warnings and Dangers

  • Appearances can be deceiving in...

    You may meet someone and think they're all you're looking for, only to discover that they're really not all there...

  • Deer Tick On "Up Country Tour"- The...

    I am writing to warn travelers planning to vacation on the island of Martha’s Vineyard to beware of deer ticks. My vacation on Martha’s Vineyard this past August 2010 resulted in a “perfect storm,” leaving me with a life-threatening condition after being bitten by a Lyme Tick.I am a brown-skin African American and traveled with a friend who took a...

  • Careful for the Wild Turkeys

    We have wild turkeys in Georgia, but they sure don't act like the stuck-up ones you see on the island---they don't move for anybody when they are crossing the street---you really can't just plow into them---they are really slow, so be carefull and don't run them over---they are everywhere!


Martha's Vineyard Tourist Traps

  • dharmabum222's Profile Photo

    The Black Dog

    by dharmabum222 Written May 18, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For years before finally getting to "the Vineyard", I had heard about the infamous Black Dog Tavern....usually referred to as "the black dog"...I had seen the sweatshirts and heard that it is a "must see" but half suspected that it was an aweful tourist trap...I WAS WRONG!

    Unique Suggestions: Go for breakfast...go for brunch.....everything on the menu that was eaten at our table was better than the the sweathshirt will bring back great memories!

    Fun Alternatives: Don't miss it!

    Mother's Day brunch at the Black Dog

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Martha's Vineyard Off The Beaten Path

  • Take a walk in Oak Bluffs

    Lots of byways to walk in Oak Bluffs. You can't get'll run into the water eventually!! This pic was taken in a little shopping area where we stopped for coffee. What a terrific vacation that was back in the day when my daughter and I could escape together for a few days in the sun.

  • Doll Houses

    Founded as a Methodist religious camp in 1835, the town evolved into the island's first summer resort. Canvas camp tents gave way to a permanent cluster of brightly painted Victorian gingerbread cottages. If you happen to be in Oak Bluffs on a certain Wednesday evening in mid-August (the exact date is not announced until a few days before), don't...

  • Gay Head Cliffs and Beach

    These pictures were taken by my dad c 1947. The first picture shows the lighthouse in the distance. In the second picture, my sister is close to him (age 7) and I am far down the path wearing an identical sunsuit (which my mom made for us) at age 9. Climbing on the cliffs is prohibited now.The Chamber of Commerce website says:" Some beaches are...


Martha's Vineyard Sports & Outdoors

  • Martha's Vineyard Sharks Baseball

    The Martha's Vineyard Sharks are a summer wooden-bat collegiate baseball team. The roster is composed of baseball players from some of the top collegiate programs in the country. The Sharks play a 50-game season at the Vineyard Baseball Park in Oak Bluffs. Concessions are available at the games.The team is a founding member of the Futures...

  • Bicycle along the waterfront -

    You can see some of the wonderful views of the bay and houses on the other side. At other points along the roads you are looking at open ocean. Pack a lunch...picnic at the beach. There are several small towns on Martha's Vineyard. You can easily bicycle from one to the next...there are bike trails & lanes along the roadways. Great natural...

  • Martha's Vineyard Hotels

    1 Hotels in Martha's Vineyard

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Martha's Vineyard General

  • Menemsha Marshes

    It's not like I'm a marsh enthusiast (if such a thing exists), but I am learning to recognize the opportunity for a good photo. And that's why I snapped these. Ah yes... nature at its finest!

  • Oak Bluffs - Methodist Camp Grounds

    Oak Bluffs developed as a religious colony...and people there built a wonderful old church...worth seeing the interior. They later built a canopy for outdoor religious services in the middle of the commons. The entire commons area is now on the National Register of Historic Places...Small cottages in perfect "gingerbread" style create a circle...

  • 1870's Methodist Revival Camp~Wesleyan...

    Once called "A Feast of Tabernacles, the camp grounds have evolved from a tent village organized in very orderly fashion (see front page here) to the built environment which we can enjoy today. This summer religious retreat was duplicated throughout the country and became extremely popular in the 1800's. We can see these religious settlements in ...


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