Duluth Travel Guide

  • Army Corps of Engineers' maritime museum
    Army Corps of Engineers' maritime museum
    by Ewingjr98
  • Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge
    Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge
    by Ewingjr98
  • Duluth
    by Mel&Trav

Duluth Things to Do

  • Aerial Lift Bridge

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    When visiting Duluth for the first time (or the second, or the third..), visiting the Ariel Lift Bridge and the Marine Museum is a must! The lift bridge was the third attempt to connect the city to a penninsula in Lake Superior called Canal Park. This narrow canal is a key to great lakes shipping and it was imperitave that two things needed to...

  • Quiet Place in Duluth

    Park Point Marina Inn is a very comfortable, clean place to stay. They have a good breakfast included and a free shuttle to and from Canal Park that runs every hour on the hour. But on a nice day it's a pleasant walk through the neighborhood and across the drawbridge to the Canal Park area. Each day in the morning they provide a flyer with...

  • Glensheen Historic Estate

    This mansion belonged to the Congdon family, the head of which was the richest man in Minnesota for many years. I have not included any pictures of the inside because you're not allowed to take pictures inside, but it is absolutely stunning. There are 39 rooms in the mansion, and they are all worth seeing. These must be seen through a tour. The...


Duluth Hotels

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Duluth Restaurants

  • Something for everyone - and it's all...

    Fresh and local in a convenient diner-type (three meals a day) restaurant - with attractive prices and a helpful staff! What's not to like at the Duluth Grill, which makes a point of local sourcing of ingredients and food made fresh, from scratch, on-site. The large menu features old favorites and new trends, with selections that range from tofu...

  • Good Italian food for Duluth

    This restaurant is rather "fancy" by Duluth standards, but not excessively so. You'll find great, more authentic Italian dishes here, albeit at a higher price. Their gnocchi is great, as is there rigatoni balsamico. I also like the foccacia bread before meals :)It is certainly expensive compared to other local eats, especially if you order one of...

  • Excessively "progressive", but good...

    This is a pretty cool place located in the basement of the DeWitt-Seitz building, one of the centers of Canal Park tourist activity. It definitely attracts Duluth's more liberal crowd, and some aspects of the atmosphere seem to reflect it, but it is a nice place to stop by and get a good coffee and sandwich. The three-pepper hummus sandwiches are...


Duluth Nightlife

  • A Classy Bar

    D.A.C or the Duluth Athletic Club is a great bar, very busy on Thursday nights. Both students and mature adults enjoy this place. There is a restaurant separate from the bar that has great food, but is a bit expensive. Try the spinach and artichoke dip if you go. Dress is typically a littler bit more upscale such as black pants for girls and a...

  • Dancing, Drinks and Fun

    Grandma’s Sports Garden (this is different than Grandma’s Restaurant) is a popular hang out for students. Wednesday and Saturday nights the place is packed. If you want a great party on Halloween this bar is crazy busy and the costumes are great. The downer is there is always a line and October in Minnesota is typically freezing! Pretty casual

  • Catch a movie

    You can always head down to the waterfront and check out a movie in the Omnimax Theatre that opened in 1996. Check out the website below for what's showing now.


Duluth Transportation

  • Some extra (important) cycling tips

    If you want a good cycling tour of the city, you might enjoy riding from all the way from one side to the other. Note that the easiest and safest way of enteriong downtown or Canal Park from West Duluth (or vice versa) is via the pedestrian / cyclist bridge and path. The entrance is in the West End on Superior Street after the M & H gas station and...

  • Cycling around Duluth

    Although you will probably arrive by car, from May to September, you may certainly want to bring your bike. Duluth's older neighborhoods are best explored on two foot-powered wheels, in my opinion, plus friendly drivers (in my experience) and a decent network of bike paths make the city very fun to bike around. The Westside Waterfront Trail in West...

  • Bring a car

    The vast majority of visitors to Duluth drive in, and you'll probably want a car, or suffer limited mobility. This is because 1) the "international" airport is very limited in terms of regular passenger flights, only to and from DTW (Detroit) and MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul), and 2), as in most American cities, Duluthians tend to rely on their...


Duluth Shopping

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  • Chico's - The Best Shopping Experience!

    Chico's always has the most unique clothing and pieces that you cannot find anywhere else! I love to shop at Chico's because of the friendly staff and the inviting store. Whenever you visit Duluth, be sure to check out the beautiful Chico's store and pick up an outfit that will make you feel amazing everytime you wear it!Chico's address: 921 West...

  • The DeWitt Building

    The DeWitt Building has many great shops that offer unique items. The cutest candy shop is located in the building that makes homemade chocolates and sugar candy. There is also a store that sells ice cold orange cream sodas that are great on a hot day!

  • Mall

    The Miller Hill Mall is just like any other mall in Minnesota with stores like: Abercrombie and Fitch, Old Navy, American Eagle, Victoria Secret, JcPenny, Yonker’s, Maurice’s, GAP, Wet Seal, Barnes & Nobel and many other stores. They do close at 7:00PM on Saturdays.


Duluth Local Customs

  • Butt-Crushing City

    Pretty much wherever you go in Duluth, if it's indoors, you aren't allowed to smoke. All restuarants are smoke free. Bowling alleys, too. For the most part, if you want to smoke indoors, you pretty much have to do it in your home or in a bar.

  • Local brews

    Check out the wine and liquor stores around town for some local brews. I bought a beer that was actually brewed in nearby Ashland, Wisconsin that was pretty decent. The beer pictured here is a local beer from Duluth that is served at the Scenic Cafe (see my restaurant tip). It was a Lake Superior Brewery Mesabi Red. The brewery is located on W....

  • Duluth is pleasant on the...

    Duluth is pleasant on the eyes. You'll find some interesting architecture here. Pictured is Central High School.


Duluth Warnings and Dangers

  • A Duluth Girl's Advice

    I have lived in Duluth for most of my life and I will not walk by myself at night - especially in residential areas. If I am driving downtown at night, I make sure that my doors are locked. Exceptions to this are the Canal Park area and the Miller Hill Mall, which are well-policed and where there are usually a lot of tourists milling around.Be...

  • Downtown Strong-Arm Robberies: Jan-Apr...

    News Release Since January 1st, 2006 there has been 20 street robberies in Lincoln Park, Central Hillside, and East Hillside. Most of the robberies have occurred after dark and involve use of force and not weapons. The victims are usually walking and alone and are confronted by multiple suspects. In a couple of the cases a suspect approached, asked...

  • Duluth can be quite cold....

    Even in the summer!Be sure to bring a light jacket if you are visiting between May and October, and a heavier jacket during other months, just in case.Remember that, due to the influence of Lake Superior, temperatures can stay in the 30's or lower 40's (that's roughly under 5° C for you celsius folks) on spring days as late as May, especially near...


Duluth Tourist Traps

  • Where's my fish from?

    This is not aimed directly at only Duluth and really not a huge deal. Rather it is just an observation I've made from coming up this way for years. Many restaurants will make a big deal about "Fresh Lake Trout," and charge you like it is lined with gold. You automatically get this romantic vision of a fisherman on Lake Superior pulling up to a dock...

  • The Great Lakes Aquarium

    I thought the Aquarium was great with all fresh water species plus a river otter, freshwater stingrays, and their room of Africa but I thought it was it was expensive. $10 to go through it and $3 for parking but they do have AAA discounts. Canal Park.

  • Canal Park

    In the summer, the "Canal Park" area comes across as a touristy place. There are lots of cutesy places to buy inexpensive reproductions of lighthouses, keychains attached to maps of Lake Superior, and special Duluth commemorative spoons. You can take a ride in a horse-drawn buggy, or buy cotton candy from a streetside vendor. I imagine that on...


Duluth What to Pack

  • DON'T forget a JACKET!!!!!

    Weather is usually much cooler in Duluth nomatter what the season. During my last visit, temps at night (Mid July 2004) were dropping into the low 40s. You'll want a mix of cooler and warmer weather gear as the weather changes abruptly.

  • Various

    If you're here anytime other than from about June through August, be sure to bring some warm weather gear. It's cold up here! Duluth and the surrounding area provide some great photo opportunities so bring your camera. There is ample opportunity for camping and hiking, so come prepared and be sure to book well in advance.

  • Most Important Thing to Bring to...

    Make sure to bring a coat, even in the summer as when the wind comes of the lake it can get chilly. But be sure to bring along summer clothes too because if you go to Miller Hill it can be 20 degrees warmer up there! Make sure to bring your camera as Duluth is such a beautiful city and there are many photo opportunities awaiting! There are...


Duluth Off The Beaten Path

  • Enger Park, at the end of the...

    Enger Park has a pretty Japanese-style garden. It's but a short drive from downtown. The five-story, 80-foot tower was dedicated in 1939 by Crown Prince Olav and Crown Princess Martha of Norway. The view from up there is the best of any point in Duluth.Located at Skyline Parkway and US Highway 51 (at the western end of Skyline Parkway).

  • Gooseberry Falls State Park

    Driving the north shore, you'll pass through many parks and cross numerous bridges. At Gooseberry Falls State Park, you'll pass the main park entrance, then cross over a high arch bridge. To your left, you'll see a beautiful waterfall, just upriver from the bridge. This will temp you to pull into the parking area and visitor center just off the...

  • Split Rock Lighthouse

    Just north of Gooseberry Falls State Park is an overlook. The road reaches the top of a rise and begins to bend left and down again. Pull off at walk up to the stone wall. On a point of rocks, over looking Lake Superior is Split Rock Lighthouse. You'll be able to enter the park a mile further up the road, but this first impression will stay with...


Duluth Sports & Outdoors

  • Various

    Duluth's natural scenery is great to explore for the sportsman. When you're into summer boating, hiking, fishing, conoeing or skiing, you can do it all in the greater Duluth area.

  • A ski chalet in the center of town

    Nothing new to Europeans who are used to skiing right to their front door if they happen to live in the Alps. But mighty unusual for a major U.S. city to have ski slopes right in the midst of a populated neighborhood. Remember that Duluth is built right into the hillside, so why not put up a chairlift and let citizens have easy access to some...

  • Baseball in a great old ballpark

    I'm not a big sports fan, but I love an evening at the ballpark, and even moreso at a park like Wade Stadium. Wade was built back in the 1940s by the Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration and it's a lovely old brick and wood ballpark. Up until 2003 it was the home of the Dukes, a farm team for the big leagues. As of this summer it will be the...


Duluth General

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  • Duluth - Service Center for Northeast...

    Consider spending extra time in Duluth and using it as a base of residence to see much of northern Minnesota. It's the commercial hub of an area stretching over 100 miles (160 km) to the north and northwest. You can choose between a leisurely drive for 2+ hours to your destination and then spending the night, or returning to Duluth for a different...

  • There IS a budget motel

    The Chalet Motel is at 1801 London Road, a block off I-35 at Exit 258---thats up past Duluth on the lakeshore. The Chalet is an old highway motel, very casual, and popular with sportsmen who are looking for a place to take their boots off after a day in the woods. Very well managed by a friendly staff, and much much cheaper than any of the mainline...

  • Downtown

    You'll find some interesting architecture in downtown Duluth. Superior Street and First Street are lined with cool shops and restaurants and you'll find some interesting buildings like this one.


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