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Southern Louisiana Private Swamp Tours
"The departure point for this 2.5 hour long swamp tour is located 30 minutes outside of the great city of New Orleans and along the way you will see fishing villages and breath taking views of the bayou. If needed transportation is provided to and from the location with high end luxury vehicles and there is a pick up fee per person that is due at time of arrival at the tour location.As your tour departs from the docks and you begin to explore the swamp you will see all sorts of wildlife ranging from alligators to migratory birds from South America and everything in between. The beautiful Mississippi River Delta is ranked as one of the top 5 deltas in the world with the most animal life per acre. On your tour you will have the opportunity to see alligators up close as your tour guide hand feeds them food. Come see what southern Louisiana has to offer.""""A private swamp tour is the best way to explore and appreciate the history and landscape of southern Louisiana. This two and a half hour tour explores over 28 square miles of terrain with many different types of wild life such as alligators and migratory the tour guides are locals and they are knowledgeable in the rich history of the area. Make sure to ask them about the 2
From $90.00
New Orleans Marigny Neighborhood Tour
"We will stroll past architecturally significant buildings and historical sites recounting such tales along the way such as how the game of Craps was first introduced to America by way of New Orleans and how that famous culinary delight known as the po' ­boy came to exist.  This neighborhood sits on the original plantation of Bernard de Marigny one of the more colorful characters in the city and was once home to a thriving population of Free People of Color. Today it is  predominantly inhabited by musicians artists and entrepreneurs that add a rich layer to an already significant past. Tour like a local as we introduce you to the Frenchmen street scene and all the sights and sounds of this vibrant area."
From $25.00
New Orleans Treme Heritage Tour
"Come with us on a tour of Tremé neighborhood. Tremé is rhythm and soul. It is the pulse of the city the birthplace of great musicians and artists alike. Sitting adjacent to the French Quarter it is where Jazz was born and where great men rose up in defiance to demand civil rights.This is the story of the oldest black neighborhood in the country where Skull and Bone gangs Mardi Gras Indians and second line parades burst the seams of the neighborhood with music and deep rooted cultural heritage. Tremé is a national treasure and our highly educated and informed guides are ready to help you explore it."
From $25.00

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