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Southern Louisiana Private Swamp Tours
"The departure point for this 2.5 hour long swamp tour is located 30 minutes outside of the great city of New Orleans and along the way you will see fishing villages and breath taking views of the bayou. If needed transportation is provided to and from the location with high end luxury vehicles and there is a pick up fee per person that is due at time of arrival at the tour location.As your tour departs from the docks and you begin to explore the swamp you will see all sorts of wildlife ranging from alligators to migratory birds from South America and everything in between. The beautiful Mississippi River Delta is ranked as one of the top 5 deltas in the world with the most animal life per acre. On your tour you will have the opportunity to see alligators up close as your tour guide hand feeds them food. Come see what southern Louisiana has to offer.""""A private swamp tour is the best way to explore and appreciate the history and landscape of southern Louisiana. This two and a half hour tour explores over 28 square miles of terrain with many different types of wild life such as alligators and migratory the tour guides are locals and they are knowledgeable in the rich history of the area. Make sure to ask them about the 2
From $90.00
Louisiana Plantation Life Tour
"Choose 2 of these 3 plantations to visit on the Great River Road that winds along the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge: Laura Plantation: This Creole plantation tour is based upon 5000 pages of documents found in the French National Archives and upon Laura’s ""Memories of the Old Plantation Home"" in which she details 250 years of true-life stories of the Creole women slaves and children who lived and worked here Oak Alley Plantation: You'll experience a bygone era in one of the South’s most beautiful settings-Oak Alley Plantation built in 1839. Marvel at the unbelievable quarter-mile long alley of 28 magnificent Oak trees each over 250 years old and view the Majestic Cypress Trees in Louisiana’s swamps bordering the Mississippi River. Whitney Plantation: In 2014
From $86.00
Laura Plantation Tour from New Orleans
"On this 5.5 hour tour you will get to view and enter the slave quarters as part of your experience. You'll start off with a 1 hour and 15 minute drive out to the plantation. On this tour you will hear stories of all aspects of the plantation life. The book “Br'er Rabbit” was written here. The Plantation house was nearly destroyed by fire back in 2003 but it was rebuilt to the original design using building materials from antique homes that were disassembled and sold off in pieces. The rebuilding process is a story all in itself.""""The Laura Plantation Tour is considered by many in the tour industry as the best historical plantation tour in the Mississippi Valley. The plantation was run by four Creole women most notable
From $65.00

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