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Worlds of Fun Tips (9)

Advanced ticket purchase for park, food

I don't even know where to begin. We planned this vacation over 3 months in advance and were very excited for my children's first experience to the park. I had over 25 people in my group with 9 campers staying at the village. The whole purpose of purchasing and reserving tickets and campsites in advance is to avoid hassle upon arrival. From the beginning it was a total disaster. I was on the phone at least a dozen times talking and being transferred and really getting nothing accomplished. I just wanted all of our campsites to be together and purchase advance park tickets so it would make it easier on everyone. However it made it harder than it needed to be. They tried to accommodate all of us together but were unsuccessful. There is no reason that we could not all be together from the looks of the sites when we arrived. And then if that wasn't bad enough when we picked up our park tickets they just let us all walk in without even doing a head count or counting the tickets that we ended up a ticket short for our group which should have never happened. Oh wait there is more. I also purchased two of the advance souvenir cup but when I tried to use them was told they were not activated by one employee them walked over to the next food stand and had no issue getting them. I can keep going and going. Half the rides were not working. Half the dinosaurs were broke . Two of the food stands didn't have cups or there pop machine was out of order. The one pop machine I stopped at to get a water ate my $5 and I never got it back. Had to wait in the food line longer than usual because the employee helping us told us that the other 5 employees that were supposed to be helping him decided to all take a break at the same time. Waited in line at the Viking voyager with my two year old that they let ride the first time but when we went the second time they told him that he couldn't. Very inconsistent staff. Not very friendly or informative. I used to love this park and have visited it many times and was excited to share that experience with my kids and though they may not have noticed everything that went wrong I will be thinking twice about visiting this park anytime soon. It was supposed to be fun and worry free and it was just the opposite. They seemed to care less about making their guests happy no matter what the cost. So sad

Jun 15, 2015

Try it in October for a spooky world of fun!

Worlds of Fun is a very enjoyable theme park with plenty of great rides, like the Timber Wolf (a wooden roller coaster), the Boomerang (the name explains itself), and my favorite, the Mamba, which features two huge drops and goes up to 70 miles per hour. I really like the park because it's a unique place and not a chain theme park as well. Worlds of Fun is even better during the month leading up to Halloween, as it is filled with spooky decorations, people in monster suits who dance to the Monster Mash and pose for pictures, and THE scariest and most elaborate haunted house I've ever been in! Perfect for horror movie-loving adrenaline junkies!

xoxoxenophile's Profile Photo
Feb 15, 2013

Ride at twilight

We love Worlds of Fun! Here is a great tip we have discovered in the last couple years... after 4 pm you can get into the park for only $19.95. That's the adult price, I'm not sure what it is for kids. Why is this such a great deal? First of all, for summertime in KC, its MUCH cooler.... secondly, the lines are shorter....., third, there are less groups of school-age kids around (nothing against school-age kids, I have some of my own... but it makes it much easier to get around the park)... fourth, the rides are beautiful at night with all the lights on... fifth, the park is still open until midnight on the weekends, so you get a full 8 hours of rides in for half the price... last, some summer weekend nights have a fireworks and laser show. So as far as I'm concerned, I'd much rather pay half, ride more, and stay cooler!

Jun 19, 2008

Worlds of Fun KC, MO

Worlds of Fun is a nice way to spend the day with or without kids. originally opened in 1972 Worlds of Fun is a traditional amusement park themed around Jules Verne's adventure book "Around the World in Eighty Days". The park offers its guests more than 100 rides and attractions, including six world-class roller coasters, thrill rides, and award-winning live entertainment. They have some fairly decent food on premise also. The web site is chock full of information and can give you the most current specials and information on lodging nearby.

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Feb 18, 2006
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Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is an amusement park connected to its sister, Oceans of Fun. Each summer me and my friends head there for a day of rides. They have three great rollercoasters, a couple water rides, and a park filled with everything in between. Food here is expensive (in the fashion of overpriced amusement parks of the world) but better than trying to haul around fanny packs with snacks. My suggestions are to stay into the night when it will cool off. If you go near opening time, go straight back to the rollercoasters before the lines form. My favorite rides are: The Mamba (with a 200-foot drop it's one of the tallest, fastest rollercoasters built), The Detonator (a tower that bolts you up into the air at 45 mph), and The Fury of the Nile (a water ride).

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Jan 19, 2006

You've got to go - it's worlds of fun ...

Worlds of fun is an amusement park in the theme of Jules Verne's adventure book Around the World in Eighty Days. It opened in 1973. This place is huge and great for both kids and grown-ups.

There is also the Oceans of fun water park!

Aug 14, 2005

Oceans of Fun...the closest ocean around here!

I love starting off my tan while I am takeing a relaxing float along the 800-foot Caribbean Cooler. There are the three twist slides "Maui Wowee"," Waikiki Wipout" and "Honolulu Lulu". The Typhoon is the speeders slide and then there is the huge Hurricane Falls, a 72-foot tall slide that holds up to five sliders at one time. You can definitely bring the whole family on this raft ride.

You can also relax at the Surf City Wave Pool and brand new this year is Paradise Falls, more slides and a huge bucket that dumps 1,000-gallons of water while you wait in the lines. It's like a cute little twist to the Swiss Family Robinson tree house.

My daughter always has a blast in Crocodile Isle, complete with mini water slides, spray cannons and Captain Kidd's pirate ship with more slides and spray cannons.

Right next door to the pirate ship is Castaway Cove. This pool is the perfect get-away just for adults with a swim-up cabana serving tropical refreshments, jacuzzi jets and a sun deck.

Open between May through September.
Hours are as early at 10am and closing times vary between 6-8pm.

Regular Single-Day Ticket (48 inches tall to age 59) -- $25.00
Junior (4 years old and up and under 48 inches tall) -- $13.95
Parking -- $7.00

Life jackets for kids are complementary.
Most rides requiring tubes will be complementary to that ride, otherwise there is a charge for the single and double tubes.

Small lockers, mini wagons and private and public showers are available. Food and drink vendors are everywhere and if you happen to forget something there is a large shop as you enter into the park.

aphrodyte's Profile Photo
Jul 08, 2003

Around the World in one day...World's Of Fun

I have been coming to this park since...FOREVER.

I've seen structures and games come and go. The park's strongest draw are the locals and trying to find something new and innovative each year. The newest items for the park are the Thunderhawk, where you are seated in rows and get flipped around while going through a fountain of water (sort of like you were a load of laundry going through the wash cycle), and Camp Snoop, the newly renovated family area for the kids.

Some of the rides have an additional charge. For example, The Rip Cord. With this thrilling ride, you are strapped to 1 or 2 of your thrill seeking buddies (or go solo if you are daring), hooked onto a stainless steel cable, pulled back to over 100 feet in the air and it's up to you to rip the cord and swoop and swing down like a bird catching it's prey. I've been on this numerous times. It's thrilling each and every single time. I'm usually the one that gets to pull the cord, something about putting my destiny and the destiny of others in my hands. (grin)

In addition to the thrilling rides there are carnival type games and musically themed shows. Stax of Wax, a 50/60's tribute, is one we go to each year for the audience participation. My daughter loves to go to this show and dances from start to finish. At the end of the day the park closes off with a spectacular fireworks display along with music and laser lights.

For an additional charge, you also have the option of visiting Oceans of Fun in the same day, right next door. The Monsoon ride connects both parks together.

The amuement park is only open between April and October. The park opens as early as 10am and closing times varies.
Feel free to look on the website for accurate closing times.

48 inches and up -- $36
under 48 inches -- $13.50
3yrs old and under -- FREE
Coupons for tickets are available on the website as well as in local grocery stores.

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Jul 02, 2003

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Worlds Of Fun is a big...

Worlds Of Fun is a big amusement park with lots of roller coasters and water rides. It was a place our family went almost every July when I was a boy. They have built a giant water park next to it I have not been to yet called Oceans Of Fun.
It is not Disneyland but it is as close as you will get to it in Kansas City.

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Aug 25, 2002

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