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St Thomas Catamaran Sail: Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge
"Board 'The Cat' a spacious 54-foot catamaran for an exhilarating sail to the uninhabited Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge's Turtle Cove where you'll experience an unforgettable fun-filled marine life adventure. And free pirate tattoos to show off your experience!Your friendly crew will provide snorkeling equipment (mask snorkel fins snorkel vest)
From $75.00
Branson Half Day Guided Fishing Trip
"Your day will begin by meeting your guide at the lake who will make sure your are comfortable in the boat go over the plan for the day and you'll head to your first fishing spot. Throughout the day you will see the beautiful Ozark Mountain country that has been drawing visitors to Branson for over 50 years. Fishing the deep clear waters of Table Rock and Bul Crappie Walleye and Bluegill. On the cold clear waters of Lake Taneycomo you'll experience the thrill of catching Rainbow and German Brown Trout up to 24"" long. Regardless of your skill level your guide will teach you all you need to know to insure a successful"""This is a 4-hour private fishing charter on Table Rock Lake Bull Shoals Lake or Lake Taneycomo in Branson
From $250.00
Guided Fishing Trip from Branson
"Your day will begin by meeting your guide at the lake he'll make sure your are comfortable in the boat go over the plan for the day and you'll head to your first fishing spot. Throughout the day you will see the beautiful Ozark Mountain country that brings visitors to Branson for over 50 years. Fishing the deep clear waters of Table Rock and Bull Crappie Walleye and Bluegill. Regardless of your skill level your guide will teach you all you need to know to insure a successful day on the water and introduce you to the world of fresh water fishing.""""Professional fishing guide service on Table Rock Lake
From $300.00

Missouri Botanical Garden Tips (15)

This is a must see if your in the area

I spent 2-3 hours here and still wasn't finished but they were closing .. I wish we lived close enough to see this in every season .. I'd so be a member and come hang out and just soak up the natural beauty .. its a huge garden .. so much variety. Lots of birds, chip munks, even saw a baby bunny. Did see a snake that was tiny. It just was the best garden I've ever seen .. if you know of better let me know!!!

chattygirl7491's Profile Photo
Aug 15, 2016

OMG this Park blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Botanical Garden was one of the main reason we visited St Louis from Ohio as one of the top in the country and even in the world .. had to see it for myself. I believe it was 8 a person and we went on an ideal day in .. great weather.
LOVED it. So impressed .. so many gardens .. rose garden, Japanese, Chinese, English. Rainforest. Lily. Many areas had water features ... love the sound of water. There were ponds, waterfalls, fountain and lake, Art glass was incorporated in the gardens and water. Lots of birds singing. Plus the critters .. saw baby bunny, snake on a lily pad, frogs, turtles, dragonflies, bees. The trees and plants were spectacular beautiful .. it was just the most lovely Eden to explore. Lots of seating if you wanted to just relax and enjoy. Unfortunately our time in town was very limited so my goal was to do the Botanical Garden, zoo and sculpture garden in one day. That was alot of walking but glad I got to see everything I'd hoped of seeing.
If you are into photography .... you will love this place ...bring lots of batteries. I took a million pics and had a blast. It surpassed my expectation and they were high.
trying to pick just 5 pics ... is almost cruel .. it's like picking which of your children you love the best :)

chattygirl7491's Profile Photo
Jun 09, 2016

The Oldest Botanical Gardens West of the Mississip

The gardens offer a variety of flowers, trees, and shrubs in specific garden areas that will awe visitors. Be sure to allow plenty of time to stroll the gardens in order to really appreciate it. Tthe tram ticket allowed us to learn about the gardens as a guide shares the specifics of each area as the tram drives through the gardens. Plus, we could hop off and later back on if we desired. There is even a home garden center where you can get ideas for you own yard/garden. The children’s area has plenty to entertain the kids, too.

It is a large garden and we were limited on time. Visitors could spend more time strolling the various gardens. They really have some unique areas to visit, too.

charlenemixa's Profile Photo
May 30, 2014

Missouri Botanical Garden

This is located off Shaw Blvd, just south of Hwy 40/64 and Forest Park in the Tower Grove area. It is a nice visit, but not as many places/stops were open as they used to be. In fact about 1/2 were closed, or part of administrative facilities. The park features various displays of flowers and designs with ponds and ornate buildings. For $8, it is a bit steep for what you see and get.

BruceDunning's Profile Photo
Aug 21, 2010
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For the plant lover

Great gardens and nice setting. 12 and under free, $8 adults (you can find BOGO coupons on the internet). Take a camera. I took over 300 pics. Lots of walking, but worth it. If you have kids take quarters for the KOI pond. A handfull of pellets equalls alot of enjoyment when the kids watch these huge fishies gobble up the food.

Aug 06, 2009

Glass in the Garden

The Chihuly Blown Glass exhibit is at the Botanical Gardens till October, 2006. The way that the glass is made to blend in with the garden is truely amazing. Chihuly is a world renown glass artist who is also responcible for the hand-blown glass at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. The garden is also open Thur and Sat nights. The glass looks even more incredible lit up at night. They serve drinks and give glass blowing demonstrations. During the day admission is $10, At night $15.

Unfortunately Chihuly has moved on, but the Botanical Gardens are still worth a visit.

cckbp7's Profile Photo
Feb 12, 2008

Wintertime Excursion to the Linnaean House

People don't usually think of going to "Shaw's Gardens"—the Missouri Botanical Gardens—in the wintertime. The Gardens maintains an extensive display of camillias in the Linnaean House, which is located quite close to the main building, The Ridgeway Center. In the summertime, just outside the Linnaean House are planted water lilies. But camillias bloom in the wintertime, mostly in late January and through February. In the deep south, of course, they bloom outdoors. But here in St. Louis, you can see them at the Linnaean house. These large shrubs or small trees bear beautiful flowers that range from red and deep pink through light pink and white. All have a center of small yellow anthers. The Gardens have gone out of their way to make the Linnaean House a beautiful excursion. A long brick walk runs through the modest greenhouse-type building. While camillias don't have a fragrance to speak of, there are jasmine and Russian olive trees in the building which give off a faint but wonderful scent. Also planted under the trees are interesting plants, such as colorful cyclamen and exotic angel wing begonias. There is even a rare yellow Chinese camillia there that blooms late in the season. You owe it to yourself sometime this cold season to stop over to see the camillias and then possibly have lunch in the small restaurant in the Ridgeway Center which in fact has a terrace that overlooks the Linnaean house, which by the way was built in 1882 and is the oldest continuously operated greenhouse conservatory in the U.S.A.

jandris's Profile Photo
Feb 10, 2008

This may be the best Botanical Gardens in the US

I have been to many Botanical Gardens and I have to say that this is the best. This is the nicest location in St. Louis and I always look forward to going here.

The grounds are beautiful and the gift shop is outstanding.

The neighborhood around the Gardens is getting much better and quickly. The Botanical Gardens are located close to "The Hill" District which is the Italian Restaurant District.

This is my top rated destination in St. Louis far.

Feb 06, 2007

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“Glass in the Garden”

On our most recent visit to St. Louis, we were lucky to catch the special Chihuly Exhibit at the famed Missouri Botanical Garden. His amazing pieces were placed strategically throughout the garden, as well as in the domed conservatory (known as the Climatron). If you’ve ever stood in the lobby of the gorgeous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, you’ll agree that what hangs over your head is equal parts enchanting and mind-blowing: it’s an explosion of color in the form of a delicate glass sculpture and it covers a large part of the ceiling in that lobby. Having already experienced that, I was excited to know Chihuly’s pieces would be on exhibit throughout the Missouri Botanical Garden while we were in St. Louis - and I wasn't disappointed. The Botanical Garden is a lot of fun to visit on any given day (including the childrens’ gardens), but it was extra special with Chihuly’s sculptures on display, integrated into the canopy of foliage and fauna as though they always had a home there.

Incidentally, the Climatron is the world’s first geodesic dome greenhouse, built in 1960 and much loved by the people of St. Louis. The tropical plants (some of which are endangered species) are lush and gorgeous, and if you never make it to the RainForests of South America, then you can at least get a taste of them via the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Admission: Fri thru Sun $12-$16 / Mon thru Thur $10-$14
Open: 8:30am - 5:30pm seven days a week

jadedmuse's Profile Photo
Aug 27, 2006

Botanical garden is nice day to relax

When I worked at a daycare near there we would take the children to the garden on nice days.

I also liked going there even if it was just by myself or with a friend on my day off just to stroll through.

Jun 20, 2006

Stop and Smell the Roses

Spend a day at the botanical gardens.

Outdoor garden areas include formal English Gardens, hedge mazes, Japanese gardens and more. Bring your quarters for the Japanese Gardens to get food to feed the Koi. All the gardens are meticulously cared for and beautiful in their own ways.

The gardens also include a rainforest "dome", where you walk through a micro-climate created inside. The size and variety of rain forest flora will amaze you.

You're in for a day of walking to visit all there is to offer. Those with tired feet can always opt for a trolley ride...

KiKitC's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2005

Missouri Botanical Garden

Pretty big place admission is $3.00 for St. Louis residents, $7.00 for non-residents. Free for kids 12 and under. $1.50 for age 65 and up. Hour generally 7 days a week 9am-5pm except holidays. This place has some many varieties gardens like the Climatron conservatory , Victoria Garden, Herb Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Chinese garden, Shoenberg Temperate house and much more. It is very peacefully and relaxing. Bring a book and relax.

queensgirl's Profile Photo
Oct 10, 2004

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