Lake Tahoe State Park Travel Guide

  • Lake Tahoe State Park
    by slavderin
  • Lake Tahoe State Park
    by Yaqui
  • Lake Tahoe State Park
    by Yaqui

Lake Tahoe State Park Things to Do

  • Jeffrey Pines

    As a family we always enjoy whatever the state parks systems have to offer and Spooner Lake park as much to offer including the beautiful Jeffrey Pines. The main photo shows my lovely family underneath so you can see how huge they are.Jeffrey Pine (Pinus jeffreyi), named in honor of its documenter John Jeffrey, is a North American pine related to...

  • Stop & Read~~

    What is nice like so many parks is they often have lots of educational information to share. I noticed while we were there so many just passed by the plaques, but I try to make a point to stop and read as much as I can. It helps promote interest in our parks and to help my own children what they are all about. There is a battling going on between...

  • Spooner Lake

    Spooner Lake has some beautiful meadows and lovely aspen groves that surround Spooner Lake. The area is very popular for fishing, wildlife, wildflowers, and hiking trials. In fact, it is the starting point for many backcountry trails. If you fancy fishing then ice fishing access trail is now available here too. Yet, use extreme caution when walking...

  • Cave Rock Park

    Is a three million year old volcanic plug that juts out at 360-foot high and has an 800-foot wide dome. You cannot miss it from this recreation area or from the lake. It is the spiritual birthplace of the Washoe Native Americans who call it "De'ek wadapush," Standing Grey Stone. It is has been cherished for centuries and is only accessible...

  • Cool lake reflection

    Just enjoy the clear water of the lake at different parts of the Lake Tahoe. You can drive the entire circumference of the lake, crossing from California to Nevada and back. On the Nevada side, there are many casinos which are legal.Great place to feel refreshed and recharged. In winter, the snow adds another beautiful white dimension covering the...

  • Ski-but only 8 months or so

    Skiing is a popular sport in season, and the resort is set up for tourists/visitors with a plthera of chalets and condos and some motels/hotels.

  • Vikingsholm -Home & Castle

    This is a home on the edge of the lake around the west side. It is about 10 miles from inner town of Tahoe. Built in 1929 by Lora Knight form Chicago, who by the way was wealthy, she wanted to feature NOrseman architecture of the 800 era. It is partially stone and partially wood. A fine tour was given and amlpe time to view the interior and...

  • Emerald Bay

    As the name suggests, the waters of Lake Tahoe at Emerald Bay are turquoise. A truly beautiful sight to behold.

  • Gondola Ride

    The eight-passenger cabins take you 2.4 miles up the mountain in 12 minutes while you enjoy views of Lake Tahoe. Located at 9,123 feet, you're treated to views of the Carson Valley, Desolation Wilderness and shore-to-shore views of Lake Tahoe. This ride is seasonal and only operates from 1 January to 23 October, 2005


Lake Tahoe State Park Hotels

  • The Ridge Tahoe

    400 Ridge Club Dr., Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 89449, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

Lake Tahoe State Park Restaurants

  • jryder's Profile Photo

    Bistro Danielle: Always a hit!

    by jryder Written Oct 26, 2009

    I have been many times. Once just in from the beach and we all sat in the bar. Another time I attended a work party and then I took family there while they were up visiting and sat in the dining room. The food is always so good. Their prices are less than you’d think for the high-quality of their food. I highly recommend them for late lunches and dinner.

    Favorite Dish: The grilled salmon on butternut squash risotto with panchetta and basil pesto and red wine sauce on top. Or the Tri-tip Quesadilla.

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Lake Tahoe State Park Warnings and Dangers

  • Yaqui's Profile Photo

    Watercraft Inspections~Eurasian...

    by Yaqui Updated Aug 12, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The state park takes this issue very seriously with even doing regular boat inspections. Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) is an attractive plant with feathery underwater foliage. It was once commonly sold as an aquarium plant. Eurasian watermilfoil, hereafter called milfoil, originates from Europe and Asia, but was introduced to North America many years ago and is now found over much of the United States.

    In western Washington, the distribution of milfoil closely follows the Interstate 5 corridor. It is very apparent that milfoil has been spread from lake to lake on boat trailers. Because it is widely distributed and difficult to control, milfoil is considered to be the most problematic plant in Washington. The introduction of milfoil can drastically alter a water body's ecology. Milfoil forms very dense mats of vegetation on the surface of the water. These mats interfere with recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, water skiing, and boating. In eastern Washington milfoil interferes with power generation and irrigation by clogging water intakes. The sheer mass of plants can cause flooding and the stagnant mats can create good habitat for mosquitoes. Milfoil mats can rob oxygen from the water by preventing the wind from mixing the oxygenated surface waters to deeper water. The dense mats of vegetation can also increase the sedimentation rate by trapping sediments.

    When milfoil invades new territory, typically the species diversity of aquatic plants declines. While some species of waterfowl will eat milfoil, it is not considered to be a good food source. Milfoil reproduces extremely rapidly and can infest an entire lake within two years of introduction to the system. However, milfoil is able to reproduce very successfully and rapidly through the formation of plant fragments. In the late summer and fall the plants become brittle and naturally break apart. These fragments will float to other areas, sink, and start new plants. Milfoil will also grow from fragments created by boaters or other disturbances during any time of year. A new plant can start from a tiny piece of a milfoil plant. This is why milfoil can so easily be transported from lake to lake on boat trailers or fishing gear. Once established in its new home, water currents may carry milfoil fragments and start new colonies within the same waterbody.

    Once milfoil becomes well-established within a waterbody, it is difficult or impossible to remove. In smaller waterbodies (350 acres or less), we have had some success using an aquatic herbicide called Sonar® to remove milfoil and the selective herbicides 2,4-D and triclopyr-TEA show great promise in managing milfoil infestations. Other control methods include harvesting, rotovation (underwater rototilling), installation of bottom barriers, diver hand pulling, diver dredging, and in some very limited situations the use of triploid (sterile) grass carp. We are investigating other biological controls such as the milfoil weevil. Milfoil management costs the state and private individuals up-to-one million dollars per year.

    Lake Tahoe State Park
    P.O. 8867
    Incline Village, Nevada 89452

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Lake Tahoe State Park Off The Beaten Path

  • Slow down, pull over and take the...

    Lake Tahoe is impressive in so many ways. It's big! It's Deep! And it's OLD! It's the center of the world for the natives who used to live there. I was driving from Vegas to Reno and decided on a whim to zip over the hill and take a look. What I found was pretty darn amazing. Next time I think I'll plan to stay longer and camp out at SAND HARBOR,...

  • Scenic Driving around Lake Tahoe

    I had never imangined what to expect from Lake Tahoe until I arrived in this area. And, I could only say that driving around this lake can be considered as one of the best scenic drivings you can get, in addition to driving Highway 101 along the west coast of America.

  • Lake Tahoe State Park Hotels

    1 Hotels in Lake Tahoe State Park

Lake Tahoe State Park Sports & Outdoors

  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    Swimming in Tahoe

    by DSwede Written Apr 17, 2012

    I guess it all depends on your point of view. I grew up on the north side of the lake, so I thought the water temperature was normal and that everywhere else in the world was warm...

    With that being said, the above posts are correct. The average temperature is about 50F. Winter or summer, it does not matter, the lake is so large and the currents are so strong, that the temperature only fluctuates about 4 degrees. We used to go swimming for my sister's birthday (December) and the water actually felt warmer since it was countered by the colder air.

    The beaches on Tahoe will have wave action typically less than the ocean, but do not count on them being calm. They are most of the time, but since the lake is so large, strong winds on the opposite side of the lake can carry 4+ foot waves to the other side even if the other side has good weather.

    There are hundreds of small almost secret places I know to go swimming that are fantastic, but it is next to impossible to explain how to get to them. Only locals have the intimate knowledge to find most of them.

    With that being said, the most protected and typically calm beach around the entire lake would be Sand Harbor (on the east side). Also due to its shallow, protected bay, it is typically a couple degrees warmer than the rest of the lake.

    Equipment: Swim suit, towel and sun lotion are a must. Food and drinks are recommended, but no glass is allowed. You can also bring canoes or kayaks if you like.

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