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Las Vegas Monorail Ticket
"With your choice of a 1- to 7-day ticket enjoy unlimited rides on the Las Vegas Monorail to experience the best of the Las Vegas Strip. This quick convenient reliable form of transportation delivers you to several resorts and attractions along the Strip including the MGM Grand Bally’s Paris Las Vegas Flamingo
From $12.00
Brad Garrett's Comedy Club at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
"Head to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for 90-minutes of world-class stand-up atBrad Garrett's Comedy Club. While the comedians vary each delivers a hilarious and memorable set that will keep you laughing for the rest of your evening. 2016 Performances:August 1 to August 7: Brad Garrett Eddie Ifft and Joe Bronzi August 8 to August 14: Danny Bevins and Sam Fedele August 15 to August 21: Brad Garrett Jay Black and Steve Hofstetter August 22: Andrew Norelli and KT Tatara August 24 to August: Andrew Norelli and KT Tatara August 29 to September 3: Brian Scolaro and Jack Coen September 4: Brad Garrett Brian Scolaro and Jack Coen September 5 to September 10: Brad Garrett Paul Ogata and Jay Nog September 11: Paul Ogata and Jay Nog September 12 to September 18: Ralph Harris and Heath Harmison September 19 to September 25: Brad Garrett Michael Somerville and Dave Burleigh September 26 to October 2: Debi Gutierrez and James P. Connolly October 3 to October 9: Brad Garrett
From $52.00
CSI: The Experience
"Become the latest recruit in the world of forensic science! At CSI: The Experience you will be guided by videos featuring cast members of the hit TV show. Work alongside real-life forensic scientists as you examine bullet casings match DNA to potential suspects and identify the source of a single strand of hair to complete the identification process.Let the evidence tell the story as you unravel the timeline and ultimately identify the killer in your selected crime scene."""Based on the hit CBS TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this interactive attraction is a must for any budding CSI Agent! At the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip delve into one of three different crime scenes and see if you have what it takes to uncover the truth."
From $31.00

MGM Grand Tips (8)

The MGM Lions

Favorite thing The lions are on desplay in the MGM Grand until late at night. Sometimes the trainers go into the glass enclosure and play games with them. This day they had cubs who came to visit for a couple hours. The lion in the picture was lying just above the people who
could stand and watch them from underneath. Kids and adults seem to stay for hours and just watch them.

JudyinPA's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2004

Big honkin' hallways

Favorite thing The MGM is big ... no, make that *Grand*. Heeh.

With a hotel that big you're going to do a lot of walking to get to your room. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the loooooooooong hallway.

Fondest memory While walking down the loooooooooong hallway to get to our room, we encountered half-naked drunk college guys. It was very bizarre.

ErinInMD's Profile Photo
Apr 11, 2004

See the world's largest hotel,...

Favorite thing See the world's largest hotel, the MGM Grand! This hotel opened in 1993 at a cost of $1 billion. This hotel has 5,005 rooms and a casino so big that it's divided into four sections. To stock the slot machines for the opening required $3.25 miilion worth of quarters. There is also a 15,000 seat arena where big-name boxing matches take place.
The entrance used to be through the huge gaping mouth of a lion, but it has been replaced by a more natural looking 70 foot tall bronze lion towering over the intersection of Tropicana and the Strip.
A theme park was built out back but it hasn't been very successful. They do have one noteworthy ride though called the Sky Screamer which is a cross between a bungee jump and a giant swing. You take the plunge from the twin 250-foot towers at a cost of $22.50 for the first ride.

worldtrekker's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Baby Sitting & Child Care

Favorite thing Why should Mum and Dad be penalised for wanting to enjoy Vegas with the kids? Ok I agee kids shouldnt be allowed into the casinos, but there are so many other attractions for children in Vegas that it seems only fair to take them with you....BUT what happens when you really want a night to yourselves. Nice dinner, take in a show, just some "away from the kids" time. Well there are many Child Care agencies in Vegas, legally checked, fully licensed and insured, just make sure you see all the paperwork before booking them. Several of the large hotels have a baby sitting service so Ive listed a few should you feel the need.......

MGM Grand Youth Activity Centre. Tel: 702 891 3200
The Orleans. Kids Tyme Child Care Centre. tel:702 365 7300
The Palms. Kids Quest Centre. tel: 702 942 7777
The Venetian. New Horizons Childcare Centre. tel: 702 414 5437
Dial-a-Granny. 4065 Nevso St. LV. 89103. Tel: 702 243 1880 24hr care at hotel or centre

RAINBOWWINGS's Profile Photo
May 20, 2006
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The best shoeshine in Vegas

Favorite thing If you go into the MGM Grand you can't pass on the chance to get those shoes shined. If you start from the hotel lobby, you want to walk into the casino and follow the wall on your left. The first men's room that you come is the place. There is a short Chinese man named Chin that shines shoes in there and he is the best. He mixes his own dyes and keeps them in a MGM water bottle. He tells everyone that his secret is the MGM water. He is always good for a story and more than happy to give gambling tips if you want them. I always visit Chin before I set foot into any other place in Vegas. It's like the old song goes..."when there's a shine on your shoes...there's a melody in your heart..."

erudisel's Profile Photo
Nov 29, 2004

Golden lions

Favorite thing The lion is the trademark symbol of MGM Grand. In addition to the huge statue which guards the entrance into the hotel, several lions are on exhibit in an area within the hotel. You can walk through and see them in their manufactured hotel habitat.

At certain times during the day, trainers come in to feed the lions and enjoy a bit of recreation with them.This picture did not come out so well through the glass, but this big guy jumped on the glass panes over the walkway and put on a bit of an impromptu show.

There is no charge to enter the lion habitat and its interesting to walk through and see what the lions are up to.

goingsolo's Profile Photo
Dec 29, 2004


Favorite thing I'm Glad That I changed From The Stratosphere To The MGM Hotel.

Better Hotel Better Location.

Closer to the Action !

This is where I live link

Fondest memory Sunshine DRY HEAT atmosphere.
Never seen so many slots & gambling tables.
It's fun for a short time.

EdinburghRoc's Profile Photo
May 04, 2004

The famous Hollywood icon

Favorite thing A huge statue, approrpaitely in gold, of the golden lion perches outside the MGM Grand Hotel. The grandiose size of such figures and displays which mark the entrances to the enormous Strip hotels convey a larger than life feeling, that over the topness that is characteristically Vegas.

goingsolo's Profile Photo
Nov 12, 2004

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Things to Do Near MGM Grand

Things to Do

MGM Grand

Movie themed casino. Features giant TV screen in main casino and indoor amusement park. it also has an MGM lions exhibit with live lions displayed in a glass cage. Dated but still a glamerous casino...
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Manhattan Express Roller Coaster

The "Manhattan Express" roller coaster that is located at the New York New York Casino and Hotel is a real thrill. Look at the facts first: - 4,777 feet of track - maximum height of 203 feet - drops...
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New York-New York Hotel & Casino

New York City themed casino, featuring a roller coaster on the roof. Besides the new York theme this casino is known for theme park rides at a simulated coney island exhibit along with numerous...
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Zumanity - Cirque du Soleil

I really recommend that if you can afford it and you have the time or really i think everyone should make the time expecially go to the "Zumanity" show at the New York, New York hotel!!!...
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M&M World

Right next to the MGM there are a couple of pretty massive logo stores worth checking out. The Coca-Cola store has everything you could ask for with the Coke design. M&M World is four floors of candy...
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Coca Cola Store

Do you remember the old days when coke was still sold in small glass bottles? Well, Coca cola still sells them but not at regular stores anymore. They sell them at the Las Vegas' Coca cola store. So,...
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3799 Las Vegas Blvd.


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