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The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street
"On this small-group tour you will discover one of the most famous streets in Las Vegas - Fremont Street. Before there was the Strip Las Vegas centered around this infamous street which in 1905 became the first paved road in Las Vegas. How times have changed!Your tour guide will take you through 10 historic blocks and 12 iconic stops including the famous Neon Cowboy and several historic casinos. You can count on seeing a lively streetsc"""The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street celebrates Las Vegas as America’s outdoor museum of popular culture. This small-group tour is the city's most original 90-minute walking tour of downtown filled with history and architecture. Your local savvy guide will share their entertaining stories about historic Glitter Gulch
From $30.00
Downtown and Fremont Street History Walking Tour
"Your 2-hour walking tour begins when you meet your guide on the famed Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Located in the heart of downtown’s Casino Corridor Fremont Street can be spotted in famous Las Vegas photos and film scenes.On this 1.5-mile (2.5-km) tour you’re also bound to learn things you didn’t even imagine existed off the Strip let alone Las Vegas. Discover the joys of randomness found in this part of town: a piece of the Berlin Wall in a men’s bathroom a 19th-century chandelier from the San Francisco Opera House and 1870s street lamps from Brussels.Check out where Old Blue Eyes and the rest of the Rat Pack used to hang out and walk under the Fremont Street Experience’s canopy of lights in a ped the Golden Gate and Binion's and snap a photo of the quirkiest wedding chapel in town. You might even spot Pawn Stars’ toy appraiser Johnny Jimenez
From $35.00
Las Vegas Segway Tour: South Fremont Street
"Your 2-hour Fremont Street Segway tour begins with pickup at your Las Vegas hotel. After you check at the starting location your guide will give you a brief orientation so that you can use your Segway safely and easily. Get acquainted with your fun ride and then hit Fremont Street with your guide. You have two options for areas to explore.Coast through South Fremont S seen on Pawn Starsand Rick’s Restorations seen on American Restoration. Hit up some of the same locations included in the North Fremont Street tour — because they’re just too popular to miss — such as the Downtown Container Park and the Charleston Art District.""""There are many ways to see Las Vegas
From $129.00

Paris Hotel and Casino Tips (24)

Burger Brasserie: Burger Time!

One evening, we landed on the Le Burger Brasserie in Paris. We had an interesting discussion there...the guy at the host stand told us to hang tight while he went to look for a table. Moments later, the hostess arrived and asked us how many...we told her that we were taken care of, to which she replied "I am the hostess! I will find you a table." My brother and I looked at each other in puzzlement; luckily the first guy came back and got us out of the awkward encounter.

Once we got past that, I have nothing but praise for this place - it's pretty much an upscale sports bar with really good burgers. It seems a little on the dark side as far as the lighting goes, but there are plenty of TVs on to give off their warming glow. The burger selection here was solid...there were several options, but I finally narrowed it down to the “la campagne" - a turkey burger with turkey bacon, white cheddar, and a fried egg. It was fantastic...done perfectly. Like many of the higher end burger places though, you only get the burger...if you want fries, they have to be ordered separately. We split an order; they were OK.

If you make it past the seating, I completely recommend this as a option for a good burger.

PinkFloydActuary's Profile Photo
Nov 30, 2013

Le village buffet: An expensive mistake

The idea of Le Village Buffet is to bring to life five provinces of France through culinary expertise and visual attention to detail. Each one of 5 stations is themed for a particular province.

Whole restaurant designed to replicate the architecture of five provinces of France. Looks nice but a bit like an scenery.

Hours Of Operation:
Open daily from 7am - 10pm

Dress Code

Favorite Dish This was one of the worst buffet experience we have ever had. Big disappointment.

Quality of food was not as expected. We have not seen anything special about food. It was far away from French cuisine.

Mediocre food served with a side of attitude from the hostess and way overpriced ($48 for two for breakfast).

kris-t's Profile Photo
Nov 10, 2012

paris hotel & casino: casino dining

the paris hotel and casino has an excellent selection of restaurants to choose from. many of the restaurants at paris offer french cuisine. the following is a list of the restaurants at paris.

au sin, du parc, eiffel tower, jj's bodlangerie. la creperie, le cafe ille st. louis, le provencal, les artistes steakhouse, mon ami gabi.
see their website for more info and reservations.

doug48's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Paris Hotel: Paris Buffet

This was my first time to the Paris Buffet. My sister and her husband who are more frequent Vegas go-ers than I am or ever intend to be, swear by this buffet. I'm not a big eater, but it was actually very good. It was my sister's 30th b-day, so this was her first treat for the day.

The amount of selection was first rate. Lots of varieties of foods to chose from. If you get there at the right time (as we did), you can pay for the breakfast buffet (~13/person) and be there for when they switch the food over to lunch. I believe the lunch buffet is closer to $20. We went on a Saturday, so the rates maybe different during the week. I think we were there for two hours.

Favorite Dish There was a nice selection of cheeses, crepes, and shrimp.

SmileyLeSa's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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Steakhouse Les Artistes at Paris Hotel: French Steakhouse

The Paris Hotel steakhouse is one of the highest recommmended restaurants in Las Vegas for both decor and food. It was our only real culinary disappointment. The entrance reminds one of a metro entrance, located off the main casino, with a large room featuring French style and Impressionist paintings on subdued beige walls - nice enough but hardly worth a rave. Considering that we arrived after an evening theater show, we figured that the restaurant would be prepared for an influx oif customers, but such was not the case. Service was, at best, confused.

Our group of six did not stray from the house specials. The Garbage Salad ( yes, that is what they call it ) seemed a good idea offering iceberg lettuce, shrimp, salami, mozzarelly, red onions, etc., and was probably quite tasty when constructed many hours earlier ( appetizers $10-18 ). The menu offers a few chicken, seafood, and prime rib entrees for under $40 ala carte with side dishes at $8 but we stuck to the namesake offerings - steak. The steaks were certainly large enough and cooked exactly as ordered, but almost simultaneously our group commented on the strange mealy texture. A large baked potato similarly had an unpleasant texture. Both, particularly the steaks ( $45-50 ala carte ) were basically tasteless. Perhaps everything had been flash frozen and microwaved - who knows?

Of all our retaurant visits in Las Vegas, Steakhouse des Artistes is the only one not worth a good recommendation.

nicolaitan's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2010

Jean Philippe Chocolates: My Wedding Cake Will Be Made Here!

If you come into the Bellagio through the lobby and keep walking past the Conservatory you'll see cascading fountains made of the best stuff on Earth.....CHOCOLATE :)

The cakes on display here are absolutely amazing. If I ever get married my cake(s) will definitely come from here.

And since I've already planned to come here when I turn 30 I'm thinking of getting one for that celebration as well. :)

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday
7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday - Sunday
7:00 a.m. - midnight

Favorite Dish If nothing else, just stop by to look at the amazing chocolate fountains and cakes...

msbrandysue's Profile Photo
Oct 29, 2009

Jean Philippe Patisserie: Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio

Jean Philippe Patisserie is located inside the Bellagio, and is well worth a visit if you have a sweet tooth like me. Not only are there beautifully created (and tasting!) pastries and cakes, but there is also some very good ice cream on offer.

Also of interest is what claims to be the "World's Tallest and Largest Volume Chocolate Fountain". The photo I took only shows the bottom half of it. It certainly looked impressive, but was behind glass, so it was not the type of choc fountain you could dip marshmallows in. (See the photos which show only the bottom half of the fountain)

Favorite Dish We sampled a couple of the cakes - a Lemon Tart, and a chocolate concoction that had choc mousse and nutella and praline crispy biscuits. Yes, it was good. Another day we returned for a small serving of ice cream, which was creamy and full-flavoured.

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Oct 17, 2008

Ah Sin: Good food, but what's up with service?

Ah Sin is located at the Strip side of Paris. It has both outdoor (romantic) and indoor sitting. I chose to sit at the bar since we were having sushi.

Food: Very good
As expected from a Vegas restaurant selection was very wide including Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian (Malay) dishes. We had sushi and I was please with the quality - fresh, tasty and the presentation is equal to a top Japanese restaurant

Service: Bad
This is the downfall of this restaurant. First of all, even though it is a sushi bar, you CAN'T order from the chef. You can only order from your waiter. What's up with that? For me it totally killed the 'sushi bar' experience. Also, the service was slow....REAL slow. Maybe next time it's better to sit at the main dining area after all

Price: OK
$50 for 2 people - no alcohol

Overall: Average
I will consider coming back here, but only if I'm in a group and planning to have a proper sit down dinner. It is a shame since I'd come back here much more often if they had proper sushi-bar setup.

heryanta's Profile Photo
Apr 27, 2008

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Eifel Tower Restaurant: Paris Casino

We shared a great meal at the Paris Casino. We sat outdoors on the street and watched all the people go by. Across the street we could watch the famous fountain display at the Bellagio Casino. We enjoyed our meal; I had a bleu cheese encrusted steak with fries and shared a nice bottle of wine. There are many cheaper places to get a good meal in Vegas but we enjoyed it here.

Favorite Dish Steak

DJMist's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2007

Jean Philippe Patisserie: Pieces of heaven!

This patisserie is the realized dream of Pastry Chef Jean-Philippe Maury “Our approach was not to think that we were selling pastries, rather, we approached the space as if we were selling exquisite jewelry." And what an exquisite and tempting display indeed it was! Each petit fours and chocolate is dressed and displayed as lovingly and delicately as a bejeweled engagement ring would be.

There are four rotating shelf-towers with a dazzling display of cakes and chocolate, a gourmet crepe station, sandwich station and the piece-de-resistance: the world's tallest chocolate fountain! Imagine a 27 foot waterfall of milk, dark and white chocolate, cascading in a lyrical descent swirling from one receptacle to the next. It is utterly mesmerizing! I would have given anything to stand in there with my tongue sticking out

gypsysoul73's Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2007

Les Artists Steakhouse: Excellent steakhouse in middle Paris casino

First and foremost, this steakhouse is gorgeous! You simply cannot tell from the outside (inside the Paris Las Vegas Casino) that the restaurant inside is going to be one you just love to sit within and stare at the art. For the art surrounds you. I looked across the room and there were the famous Monet water lily’s covering the seating. That was when I began looking at ALL the details. This restaurant is two stories and open to a gigantic stained glass ceiling. There are two gorgeous curved staircases on each side of the room going up to the second floor dining. The tableware is gorgeous, and the walls are filled replica art of artists themselves. It is very expansive and clean and colorful all at once.

Now, add to this the succulent steaks and you have an evening of perfection!

The waiter was superb and everything he recommended was exceptional. I had a wonderfully crisp and perfectly made Caesar Salad. I was so happy eating this salad I could have stopped right there. My husband had the seared foie gras on top of caramelized apples. I tasted it and had to have more. That buttery taste I crave in foie gras was just fabulous.

My husband had the rare prime rib and he was so delirious with it he proved to me it cut with his fork it was so tender. I had the baked potato and the petit filet mignon with Béarnaise sauce. It was cooked perfectly to order and delicious. We supplemented our meal (the entire menu is ala carte) with creamed corn that was out of this world.

My husband’s dessert was an apple tarte with Cinnamon ice cream and I had dark chocolate mousse. Having been to France a few times, may I tell you this mousse prepared with dark chocolate was exactly the way I’ve always had it in Paris. I licked the dish clean.

I would recommend Les Artistes Steakhouse completely. The ambiance, the food and the staff have created a real jewel for Paris Las Vegas

Favorite Dish Petit Filet Mignon with Bearnaise sauce
Ceasar Salad
Dark Chocolate mousse
Creamed Corn

Yummmm. Making my mouth water.

chocolatepoetry's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2006

Le Provencal: Succulent Chicken Piccata

Le Provencal is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas. I have eaten there at least 20 times in the past 7 years.
The have a pretty good Wine List, with a very good Pinot Gregio, and Cab.

A charming French/Italian restaurant. Open for Lunch and Dinner daily. The waiters provide a show about once an hour in the evening, singing Opera, show tunes, and various other songs.
I find it to be a very romantic place.

Favorite Dish The calamari app. is good. The bread is usually delicious(with the wonderfully flavorful Olive oil for dipping) The angel hair pomadoro is a great pasta to share as an app. It is light and bursting full of great flavors. Fresh tomato,basil, garlic, sauce. Sauce is not a thick red sauce. I believe it has some chicken stock mixed in to give it a clearer appearance.

My favorite entree there is the Chicken Piccata. It is not your typical North East Piccata.
The chicken is a plump boneless breast with a wing bone sticking out of it. It is cooked to perfection (sauteed and roasted, I believe). It is served with a light alfredo type sauce over lingune.
The sauce is a light cream reduction, with butter, lemon, freshed diced tomatoes, thyme, and capers.
The sauce is light, not your typical alfredo version.
My husband usually gets the fish,(tilapia, salmon,grouper, sole).
He has never been disappointed.
The prices are very reasonable compared to other restaurants on strip. Entrees average $18-30 as I recall. I rarely look at prices there anymore.
Wine is $26 up.

Aug 19, 2006

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