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The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street
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Las Vegas Segway Tour: South Fremont Street
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The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street
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Extreme Sports Tips (20)

Mini Baja racing

So another mother and myself booked a weekend girl trip to Vegas! We wanted to steer away from the total cliche of Vegas, while still enjoying its natural setting, so we had the Ultimate dessert experience. My friend found this great attraction on a local cite called not only did they offer the activity at a great rate, it included our hotel at a discounted rate...SWEET! Anyway, Tammy and I has such a blast! we even made our husbands envious! Warning the Minni Baja chase is highly dusty yet addicting! Remeber your Sunscreen! I totally got raccoon eyes LOL :)

Equipment shorts, closed shoes,sun block, camera water

Apr 25, 2012

Kayaking Near Las Vegas

One of the best things I did near Las Vegas was kayaking at Black Canyon. We did this excursion with the guys at Kayak Lake Mead.

Our take off point was Willow Beach which is a bit further down from Hoover Dam. When we arrived our tour guide had our kayaks ready to go. We were given good instructions and were given some practice before we headed towards our destination of Emerald Cove. The kayak towards Emerald Cove wasn't too bad since the wind was at our back and there wasn't much boat traffic on the river. We were allowed to go at our own pace and the tour guide pointed out some interesting information about our surroundings. The views were amazing and we had a chance to explore all the nooks and crannies of the canyon.

This was definitely a great trip and a good workout which we felt the next day. I am looking forward to doing another trip with Kayak Lake Mead the next time I am near Las Vegas.

Equipment Kayaks and safety gear is provided. It may be a good idea to bring some food for when you stop at the cove.

Alfine5's Profile Photo
Oct 01, 2011

Drive a Vette!

Ever dreamed about driving one of the new Vettes, but can't put the cash together without pulling down a ski-mask and marching into the nearest bank? Don't worry! At "The Drive" in Las Vegas you can drive some of the coolest cars around for only 10 bucks! The 10 dollar fee actually allows you to drive 2 cars, ranging from sports to off-roads. There is both a track for racing and off-road driving there.

Check out their site, as it is very good and informing.

PS: If you're bringing your partner, they can sit in the back-seat if you choose to try some of the luxury cars with more than 2 seats;)

Equipment Don't forget:

1. Driving License.

2. Condition to pass a breathalyser-test.

3. A camera

Apr 04, 2011

Cycling in the Cactus and Heat

The most fun (albiet blooodiest) thing I did in Las Vegas was the Red Rock Canyon Bike Tour. The bike rental outfit met us out at the trailhead with all of the equipment we needed; dual suspension bikes, helmets and water bottles. We navigated first the very rocky fire road, then a long single track. Up, up, up, up..... then the fun ride down the curvy single track, being VERY careful to avoid the cactus jutting out into the path.

I made the mistake of standing on my pedals at the very end of the ride to rest my poor "sit place". I hit a rock and dramatically and unceremoniously dismounted with an over the handlebars flight, returning to our hotel bloody and dirty. Ahhh... but it did feel good to lie there on the ground for just a bit!

Equipment Water! Bring LOTS of water. It's very hot and very easy to get dehyrdrated, particularly on the long climb (push) up the hill.

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Apr 04, 2011
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129 N. 8th St., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, United States
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200 North Main Street, Between Fremont Street and I-95, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, United States
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Boxing: Dela Hoya vs Pacquiao

I was not surprised that on my first visit to Las Vegas in the New Year 2009, I happen to see a huge billboard of the boxing match between Dela Hoya and Pacquiao still at the MGM Grand Entertainment building.

Although I already know at that time that Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines won on their December 6, 2008 fight, I still am amazed how these two champions are so popular.

I love boxing, and I love boxers who after fighting for the title not to mention the physical damage that it will cause - still have kind words to their opponents. I have seen and heard their interviews after the fight - both Dela Hoya and Pacquiao are incredible. Very admirable human beings!

freddie18's Profile Photo
Jan 11, 2009

Skydive Indoors Las Vegas!

~At Flyaway, America's first vertical wind tunnel, you can break the bonds of gravity and body fly. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving gives you the chance to test your skills of human flight during a single flight session or as a participant in a personalized coaching program.

~ Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is a popular training resource for sport skydivers, competition teams and military units. Our body flight experience can be your resource for corporate team-building programs and high adventure recreational groups.

~Thousands each year achieve the dream of body flight in America's first indoor skydiving facility. No experience is necessary, we will teach all you need to know to body fly indoors.

Equipment Provided at facility.

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Aug 27, 2007

Operate an automatic machinegun!

Ever been wondering what it's really like to operate an automatic machine gun whilst watching Bruce Willis unload 100's of rounds at helpless crooks? Me too.

At the Gun Store in Las Vegas you can rent a wide variety of guns, ranging from handguns to assault rifles. I, myself, rented a MP5 with 4 magazines, and it was a great experience B)

Unfortunately this was at my last day of vacation, so most of my budget was already spent. If you think there's a slim chance you're the kind of guy that will enjoy firing off 100$ bucks with an AK-47 (and you can afford it), bring a lot of cash, and spend the day there. I've been kicking myself after coming home for not trying more guns!

Equipment PS: There's a reduction coupon at their website, so print it out and bring it!

Feb 17, 2007

Hiking Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the best town for urban hiking. You can walk from New York to Paris, to Egypt, to Sahara desert, and to Monte Carlo within a few miles. If you get tired from hiking, there are all kinds of restaurants and roadside cafes to choose from.

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Aug 27, 2006

Top 5 Las Vegas Writers

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Shoot a real machine gun

Okay, now I am not a real fan of weaponry but I found this ad in a travel guide for Las Vegas. It is probably one of the strangest "activities" I have written to date here on VT. It is a testament to the "Anything Goes" concept for visitors to Las Vegas.

I found an ad for "shoot a real machine gun" in the 24/7 guide. You can choose from over 50 varieties of handguns or sub machine guns: MP5, UZI, Thompsons and AK47 to name a few. The staff is knowledgeable and well trained, so if you are interested in finding out how these weapons work then the next time you are in Las Vegas check out "The Gun Store" and see what it is all about.

Open 7 days a week 9AM to 6:30pm

Equipment located 3.5 miles from the Strip

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Oct 04, 2005

Speedy Racing at the XPlex Las Vegas

Come to the XPlex Racepark on the South Las Vegas Blvd, sit in a high speed kart and race like the Nascar or Formula1 Guys! At the xPlex you can do this - no experience required, no gear to bring in, nothing but yourself to enjoy a couple of hours the feeling of racing! And it is for the whole family: Mom, Dad, sis and brother, friend, grandpa or grandma - it's really like this: Everybody get's excited and there is no one who didn't want to do it again and again and again!

Equipment They are open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 3pm until 11pm in the summertime (end of august), and from 9am till 5pm in the wintertime. You can rent a spitfire, world formula or a rotax kart, but you can also bring your own kart or motorcycle. Usually there are always some advanced racers out there to practice for their next races. And this makes the whole thingi even more interesting: to race in between the experienced drivers. It's also a place where you can be sure to find new friends. There is a great sportsmanship with karting, I can say it from my own experience. By-the-way: It's my hometrack, so if somebody wants to know some details about kart racing - just look at my website, you'll find plenty of infos there!

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Aug 05, 2005

This isnt something I tried or would even contemplate in fact had never even heard of it before, but this place was across the road from our hotel.
Its skydiving but without the sky! Indoor skydiving its called. You have training and equipment is supplied in the price.

Open 10am-7pm

Look out for money off coupons

bugalugs's Profile Photo
Aug 05, 2005


If visiting the Red Rock Canyon and feeling adventerous, dont just want to drive the 13 mile scenic loop then you can horseride through this area. Riding stables in this area.
Or maybe you fancy hiking/walking in the canyon. There are organised walks/hikes of different lengths and levels. These have to be pre-booked, phone 702-515-5367.
There are even cycle trails.

This photograph is of wild burros, I had read that these lovely animals lived around here and as we were just about near the end of the 13 mile drive the car in front of us slowed down and there walking along the road taking his time was this donkey (burro). Then we noticed many more all busy eating.

bugalugs's Profile Photo
Aug 04, 2005

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The Neon Sign Museum

The Neon Musuem doesn't just consist of historical neon signs, but there is something else that is very special. The visitor center once was the La Concha Motel lobby, Mid-Century modern design...
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Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Also in Las Vegas you can see some very interestings Museums.This is a picture taken at Natural History Museum. Others good museums are: Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Houdini's Museum. The Tomb and...
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Fremont Street Experience

I went here twice when I was staying in Vegas, I found it so much better then the main vegas strip. The drinks are cheaper, the pubs had more "alternative" music playing. Two pubs had a cover band...
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The Golden Gate Hotel

I love to head to The Golden Gate for their $.99 shrimp cocktail, which they have been serving since 1959. By 1991 they served a whopping total of 25 million! -OR- You could really splurge and...
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After 20 years of marriage we decided to get our vows renewed on our holiday to Vegas in July. We chose the Elvis - Burning Love package at the Wee Kirk and we chose well! It was such a lovely...
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Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

We went during late June in 2014, myself and my family. I will say that overall I was pleased with the experience and the view from up above will make you forget about the costs and the inconvenience...
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