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Trikke Tour through Las Vegas' Fremont East District
"After meeting up with your guide and getting a brief orientation about the trikke the fun scooter-like device you'll be riding set off on a 1-hour tour. Start off at Container Park a shopping center made up entirely of shipping containers. Then zip around the buddingly hip Fremont East district a part of town that has seen a lot of new development recently. Lear about the history of the area from the guide and learn how Fremont East has become such a cool place for locals to live work and play. The 1-hour tour includes complimentary bottled water a helmet
From $49.00
Downtown Las Vegas Trikke Tour: Life is Beautiful Art Murals
"Follow your guide on this 1-hour trikke tour bringing you to see art murals from the annual art music and food festival called Life is Beautiful -- the largest festival that takes place in an urban setting. As you will navigate the streets sidewalks and alleys of Downtown Las Vegas you'll marvel at the numerous massive colorful murals that gave a face-lift to some of the older structures that dominated the area. Listen as your guide provides you with many little-known facts about the artists’ creations and allow you to enjoy the ar D*Face Bicicleta Sem Freio Jerry Misko II
From $49.00
Sin City Comedy at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino
"Beautiful girls take the stage with world-class stand-up comedians in a choreographed production that will have you rolling in the aisles with laughter. The hot ladies of the Sin City Dollz perform seductive dance numbers and two headliner comics will ke with the stars of Comedy Central Letterman The Tonight Show VH1 HBO and from famous comedy clubs around the country. Alternating with the comedians are beautiful dancers performing modern burlesque acts. Sin City Comedy Show is produced by Emmy award winner John Padon."
From $20.00

Grand Canyon Tips (70)

Grand Canyon

3 ways of getting there - helicopter, plane or car.

The helicopter probably works out about the same as the plane (ie like a week in a penthouse suite at The Bellagio), but you havent spent a day arguing with the wife whilst you get lost in the Nevada desert.

We used Papillon, although there are a dizzying number of other firms all doing the same thing - Scenic, Sundance and Heli USA. Little extras like free hotel pick up helps, but all thats really important is that the damn thing doesnt drop out of the sky like a lead balloon.

To confuse matters further, each company then offers a further thirty permutations on the tour, consisting of any / all of Canyon floor landing, picnic, champagne, boat ride, flight over the strip, south rim, foot massage etc etc.

The best value one for my money is The Celebration Tour. Helicopters arent the most comfortable form of transport and the 45min one way trip is probably the limit for most people, even if it is broken up with views of Lake Mead and The Hoover Dam (your ears will be ringing like Notre Dame when you arrive). You've then got 20mins to 'explore' (although you wont get very far) before its back onboard, a quick refuel, then back to Vegas. To finish, the flight OVER the strip is actually AROUND the strip, but still an unforgettable experience.

Oh, and make sure youre the first one out when it lands, thereby avoiding giving the destitute pilot a much needed tip.

Try to look surprised when the *** receptionist reminds you there isnt a toilet on board...

tomhoward's Profile Photo
Nov 30, 2005

A break from the madness...

A long day ahead, we began the tour at 6:30 am. Bus ride was approximately 4 hours each way, with frequent stops for those who need to eat, drink, use restrooms & smoke. Photo stops made at Hoover Dam as well, along with 2 points of overlooking the Grand Canyon (Bright Angel Lodge and Yavapai Point). These are where you get the best views of the canyon, as well as the Colorado River with the suspension bridge (Yavapai Point, but you really need to look!).

HotRodEtte's Profile Photo
Sep 06, 2005

Grand Canyon by Helicopter

Las Vegas is a place for gamblers. I'm not one. SO we desided to fly into the Grand Canyon. It's quite expensive..but would we ever go there again?

It was a great experience and the money worth...

You'll find pictures of the trip in my Grand Canyon travelogue.

Gerrem's Profile Photo
Aug 13, 2005

must see things

In Las Vegas in very important to see a tipical show with half naked women, if you know what i mean.There you can meet some locals or just all sorts of people. I know i did.
Also you should see the most famous hotels and casinos, you should go inside. And for those who dont kow, you cannot take pictures in casinos, they have very strict rules, about it! Bellagio and its fountain are great but you have to be there at certain time to see the fauntain! Its magical.
Stratosphere is great, there are some thrill rides on the roof and i suggest that you go there very late (midnight) because it can get very crouded.
You can get good hotels with cheap prices! I was in a San Remo hotel that is just nearby the mgm grand and New york hotel, so that is cool.
This are the basic things. Please dont hesitate to ask me anything!

misika's Profile Photo
Jul 11, 2005
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Grand Canyon

Take a plane trip to the Canyon (seeing the Hoover Dam below on the way), then a helicopter ride over the Canyon itself and down into it, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Some take different tours, whereby they either go on the Hoover Dam tour. Some camp around the Canyon or in a lodge. We just visited it for the day, had the picnic lunch down in the Canyon itself.

Take water with you (as so hot)!

feag's Profile Photo
May 26, 2005

Breathtaking side trip

If you have about 3 hours you want to kill, condider taking a quick side trip to the Grand Canyon. Sundance Helicopters will take you over to the west end of the canyon, landing down inside for a quick champange picnic and then back to Las Vegas for a bird-eye view of the strip. See your hotel from a whole new perspective. The picnic lunch was terrific too!

raevnzno's Profile Photo
Mar 31, 2005

Lunch overlooking The Grand Canyon.

A trip to Vegas wouldn't be complete without a visit to The Grand Canyon. If you don't have a car there are lots of trips to choose from. You can go by bus, coach, plane, helicoptor or a combination of these.

We went by light aircraft to the rim which was an experience in itself as you fly over the mountains and get great views of the Canyon and The Hoover Dam.

We had a helicoptor ride to the bottom of the Canyon followed by a river trip on The Colorado. A helicoptor back to the rim was followed by lunch with The Hualapi Indians served on tables overlooking The Canyon.

Not cheap but a day never to be forgotten.

Tricky_Dicky69's Profile Photo
Dec 31, 2004

Jaw Droppingly Spectacular

The Grand Canyon trip was the highlight of my visit to Vegas. The journey to the canyon itself wasn't great...I'm not that fond of planes and the small plane was quite bumpy on the way out from Henderson Airfield...having said that, the return journey was much smoother.A helicopter into the canyon was next, followed by a trip on the Colorado river, and then small tour of the Rim.
I don't think I have ever been anywhere so quiet and peaceful as Guano Point. The scenery is stunning, it's definitely worth the time out to do thid trip.
Handy Hint: book the trip over the can save you a fortune. One chap we spoke to in Vegas who was running the trips said that the price couldn't be beat.
If you're going in the summer, remember to take a hat and plenty of water.

KarenTaylor's Profile Photo
Aug 29, 2004

Top 5 Las Vegas Writers

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check out the wild life

You can slowly learn to hate Nevada. Hate the sand, the grit, the heat, the neon; blinking neon.

Actually Nevada is no all that bad. I have a killer tan. The wild life can be fascinating. And I love the vultures. Some people call them

Vultures have a really bad rap. But they are beautiful to look at. They are
black with white trimming on the bottom of their wings. They soar on the updrafts and the currents and hang in the sky all day. And it is a total myth that they only live off
of dead stuff.

Yes,vultures really do like dead stuff. And they would probably be on you in a New York minute if they saw you stumble or drop. But they eat live stuff too. The golf courses attracts wildlife because of their decorative
vegetation and ponds. And the wildlife attracts the buzzards. There are dozens of golf courses. And on any golf course are a dozen vultures; swarming and slewing and diving over the golf course. Circling above
the golf course all day. Looking for easy pickings: cute baby rabbits, baby
ducks and baby delicious pheasants.

crummey's Profile Photo
Aug 06, 2004

Grand Canyon by air

Travelling to the Grand Canyon by air was great. Attempt to take an early trip rather than late as our flight was delayed by 45 minutes due to previous delays in the day. In October it was dark when we left so less chance of seeing the view.
By air the chance of good photos of Hoover Damn and the Canyon are great.

davesut's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2004

Grand Canyon by air

Try to get there and return in daylight. More opportunities for photos. In addition we went on the last trip of the day which was delayed by 45 minutes. Avoid this time if you can. The Hoover Damn looked good.

davesut's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2004

Grand Canyon - my it is cold

The Grand Canyon is awesome. Be wary it is cold. The shop when you got there could have charged double the amount for sweatshirts and jumpers and we would have bought them. The grey one was cheaper than my blue one. Neither lasted beyond the first wash when we got home. However, they were worth it.

davesut's Profile Photo
Jun 19, 2004

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