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The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street
"On this small-group tour you will discover one of the most famous streets in Las Vegas - Fremont Street. Before there was the Strip Las Vegas centered around this infamous street which in 1905 became the first paved road in Las Vegas. How times have changed!Your tour guide will take you through 10 historic blocks and 12 iconic stops including the famous Neon Cowboy and several historic casinos. You can count on seeing a lively streetsc"""The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street celebrates Las Vegas as America’s outdoor museum of popular culture. This small-group tour is the city's most original 90-minute walking tour of downtown filled with history and architecture. Your local savvy guide will share their entertaining stories about historic Glitter Gulch
From $30.00
Downtown and Fremont Street History Walking Tour
"Your 2-hour walking tour begins when you meet your guide on the famed Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Located in the heart of downtown’s Casino Corridor Fremont Street can be spotted in famous Las Vegas photos and film scenes.On this 1.5-mile (2.5-km) tour you’re also bound to learn things you didn’t even imagine existed off the Strip let alone Las Vegas. Discover the joys of randomness found in this part of town: a piece of the Berlin Wall in a men’s bathroom a 19th-century chandelier from the San Francisco Opera House and 1870s street lamps from Brussels.Check out where Old Blue Eyes and the rest of the Rat Pack used to hang out and walk under the Fremont Street Experience’s canopy of lights in a ped the Golden Gate and Binion's and snap a photo of the quirkiest wedding chapel in town. You might even spot Pawn Stars’ toy appraiser Johnny Jimenez
From $35.00
Las Vegas Segway Tour: South Fremont Street
"Your 2-hour Fremont Street Segway tour begins with pickup at your Las Vegas hotel. After you check at the starting location your guide will give you a brief orientation so that you can use your Segway safely and easily. Get acquainted with your fun ride and then hit Fremont Street with your guide. You have two options for areas to explore.Coast through South Fremont S seen on Pawn Starsand Rick’s Restorations seen on American Restoration. Hit up some of the same locations included in the North Fremont Street tour — because they’re just too popular to miss — such as the Downtown Container Park and the Charleston Art District.""""There are many ways to see Las Vegas
From $129.00

Street Hustlers / Cabbie Kickbacks Tips (19)

Beware of baseball cards and brochures

Everywhere you go on the strip there are baseball cards of nude women who are available to be called to your room to "strip" for a fee. They hand these out to anyone who will take one (even kids) on the street and they line the bridges and fences with them.

Unique Suggestions Try to keep your children away from the people handing out the cards and brochures out.

Fun Alternatives No alternative.

ccsouthprk's Profile Photo
Jun 23, 2004

Trust Me!

Don't ask a taxi driver to take you to a stripclub; you'll get screwed big time! Talk to a bartender or concierge and have a destination in mind before you jump into a cab. Don't be embarassed; this is Vegas!!

columbus1492's Profile Photo
Feb 06, 2004

Your own Ego

Basically realize that anything that sounds 'Too Good to Be True' - IS! You will get offered various scams by various people during your stay, and hawkers on the street will constantly try to stop you or put flyers into your hands. If you are egotistical enough to think you are somehow 'special' to them, and will win whatever they are offering, you will get taken. Realize you are the 400,000th tourist they have spoken to that day, one of many there who they will try to con in Vegas. No need to spend it on really wasteful rubbish like street scam artists who will only leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Unique Suggestions Can't be made bearable.

Fun Alternatives Walk past them or pretend you don't speak English.

firechick's Profile Photo
May 14, 2003

Nudity exposure

Nudity exposure! That's right. If you travel to Vegas with children, watch out for people on the street handing out cards with naked women on them!

Unique Suggestions Try not to bring the kids to this city. While it can be a great entertainment for some, it can be a disappointing experience for children. There are numerous strip joints and bars in Vegas where people are exposed to nudity. I think there are also bordellos in Vegas. These places are trying to advertise them selves with cards. These cards have the name of the place, phone number and a color picture of a naked or half naked woman.

Fun Alternatives Do not bring children to Vegas. Not only the nudity but as soon as you walk into a hotel or a gas station, or any other public place, you have to watch out for slots and other gambling devices. Children are not allowed near these machines.

janika's Profile Photo
May 13, 2003
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there are so many though!!!

alright amsterdam has pickpockets,new orleans has muggers, vegas has the porn pedlers...these people will do anything to get you to take the hooker guides theyr'e passing out. the mayor has done a lot to stop these annoying little pests,but like all pests they keep coming back.fortunatly you don't have to squash them, just keep walking and say NO!!!! that is unless you want some female company that night???but remember prostitution is NOT legal in clark county,you have to go to parhump or anywhere in northern nevada..the road to reno is littered with brothels!

Unique Suggestions avoid the tattoo shops on the strip, they are the biggest ripoffs in town !!! even if the prices are better than where your from look into some local shops, just ask any younger bartender in town. if your into good tattoos i have a guy here in vegas thats amazing, if you need that info email me,or heres the name of the shop.
paradox studio of dermagraphics, his name is victor.

Fun Alternatives avoid the taxi's in vegas, they are all crooks and evil people!!! the prices are horrible, and they take you for a drive !! they will make that fare go sky high!
if you can rent a car, if you can't do that i guess you'll find out about bad cabbies!

excitableone's Profile Photo
Sep 20, 2002

Cabbie recommendations. NEVER...

Cabbie recommendations. NEVER listen to cabbies. theyre scum and they get kickbacks from directing you from good reputableplaces to crappy dives and holes. Luckily we didnt fall for it, but my drunk buddies almost did. (yes, we drank a bit there...)

rscimagery's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Beware of the Street Vendors...

Beware of the Street Vendors handing out leaflets. They are a nuisance standing outside a lot of the casinos. They try to push their 'tacky' leaflets at you as you are walking by and although they are not troublesome, it's about time they were outlawed.

bellagio's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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Things to Do Near Las Vegas

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The Neon Sign Museum

The Neon Musuem doesn't just consist of historical neon signs, but there is something else that is very special. The visitor center once was the La Concha Motel lobby, Mid-Century modern design...
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Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Also in Las Vegas you can see some very interestings Museums.This is a picture taken at Natural History Museum. Others good museums are: Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Houdini's Museum. The Tomb and...
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Fremont Street Experience

Make sure you get downtown to see the light show on Fremont street. This area is much older hotels but they have cleaned it up in recent years and its definitely worth a trip to see some historic...
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The Golden Gate Hotel

I love to head to The Golden Gate for their $.99 shrimp cocktail, which they have been serving since 1959. By 1991 they served a whopping total of 25 million! -OR- You could really splurge and...
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After 20 years of marriage we decided to get our vows renewed on our holiday to Vegas in July. We chose the Elvis - Burning Love package at the Wee Kirk and we chose well! It was such a lovely...
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Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

We went during late June in 2014, myself and my family. I will say that overall I was pleased with the experience and the view from up above will make you forget about the costs and the inconvenience...
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