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The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street
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The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont Street
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Walking Tips (28)

Bring Your Walking Shoes

If you are only planning on traveling up and down the strip, just bring your walking shoes and dive in. The traffic is pretty crazy, so we stayed away from driving. If you get too tired by the end of the day you can always grab a taxi from one end of the strip back to your hotel!

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May 04, 2005

People movers all over the place

All along The Strip are "people movers". Whether they're moving sidewalks or escalators, they're all over the place. I assume it's for the safety of pedestrians, so they can cross the street a little more easily and not run in front of cars. Or perhaps to help traffic congestion. Or both...

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Jan 02, 2005

Your Own Two Feet

From our experience the only way, if you can, to get around Las Vegas is WALKING. The bus has it's place, but you'll find that either buses or taxis are stuck in rush hour traffic on the strip, and your best bet is walking.

Sadly, walking is much faster if you're headed somewhere on the strip during busy times. To give you an idea of length, the strip is approximately 4.0 miles long.

madamx's Profile Photo
Nov 18, 2004

The less travelled sidewalk

Walking in Las Vegas is hard work; distances between places are always further than you think, and the sun can be hot for those from more northerly places. In addition, the sidewalk is ofter lined by people offering flyers for good time girls etc.
However, we noticed on our most recent trip that using the west sidewalk (New York, Bellagio, Circus CIrcus) was much less crowded both with less pedestrians, and less street hawkers, making movement between places easier.

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Aug 17, 2004
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The Vegas shuffle

Like most things in Vegas, there's a certain pace to the Strip that's unlike anything I've ever seen. I call it the Vegas shuffle for no other reason than the fact that I don't know what else to call it. Hordes of tourists either on sensory overload or gastronomical excess, move very slowly, pausing to point, stare or to photograph anything and everything, They move in all directions, the most common of which is directly in your way. And no matter where you go, there they are.

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Jun 07, 2004

Walk your way to the sights

Walking is a great way to see Las Vegas. You can wander in and out the various hotels and get a great feel for the city.

If you're looking at a map of the Strip, the distances can be a little misleading ... what looks like a close walk really isn't.

We spent our first full day walking the strip and only got as far as the Venetian (we started at the MGM Grand). For hotels that are a litle farther away you may want to take a taxi.

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Apr 11, 2004

Walk Walk Walk

The best way to get around the hot spot is by walking. If you plan on sticking around the Las Vegas will take longer just to drive through the crowds then just parking your car and walking on your own two feet. There is so much to see, and it's good excerise :) Just make sure you have comfy shoes.

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Jan 23, 2004

Walk off those buffet meals

The best way to see the Strip is on foot. Forget driving during evening hours, you can walk much faster. When you tire, just take one of the many monorails or moving walkways between casinos.

Do NOT try crossing Las Vegas Blvd in the middle of a block or against the light however. Traffic comes from several directions at a high rate of speed. Use the walkways or wait for the signal.

Nov 01, 2003

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Pedestrians beware

Folks, if you are coming to our fair city and especially if you are planning on imbibing heavily and walking around, please be warned that Las Vegas drivers are, a) ALWAYS in a hurry and usually drive 55 mph or better on the major streets b) Usually pissed off, talking on a cell phone, slapping a kid in the back seat, or otherwise distracted and you should never assume someone will see you and slow down. (You will be lucky if you get them to swerve), and c) unfortunately far too many drivers, both local and tourist, are often drunk themselves. Several people get killed on the sidewalks here at night or early morning.

And one more thing. NEVER jay-walk (run accross the street to avoid walking to a traffic light). The streets here are 7 to 8 lanes wide and as I said, everyone is driving way faster than you can run...

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Aug 31, 2003

Boots made for walking, but sneakers are better

I highly suggest walking around Las see so much! The people are hysterical, and by walking you can pop in and out of many places with no commitment to staying.

Alternatively, take a cab to one section and then walk towards your final destination from there. Of course, in summer this may not be a viable option.

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May 17, 2003

sidewalk feeds Fashion Mall

Hubby & I lost our bearings briefly during our sidewalk hike. Near the Strip's Fashion Mall, the left sidewalk is closed. We were routed through the Mall itself. (Bleh. All malls=same.) Just enter and bear to your right. A small sign will lead you out a side door. The Strip's to your right.

May 06, 2003

Getting Around Vegas

We started out by car, ended up on foot once we found a parking spot. Plan on a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Between the traffic back-up on the Strip, and trying to find a parking space once you get where you are heading ... plan on a lot of walking, the best way to get around the Las Vegas Strip. There are lots of sights to see all along the Strip itself, not to mention old Downtown and off the Strip. For the sights along the Strip, it is best to plan on doing a lot of walking.

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Apr 20, 2003

Things To Do in Las Vegas

Things to do

The Neon Sign Museum

The Neon Musuem doesn't just consist of historical neon signs, but there is something else that is very special. The visitor center once was the La Concha Motel lobby, Mid-Century modern design...
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Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Also in Las Vegas you can see some very interestings Museums.This is a picture taken at Natural History Museum. Others good museums are: Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Houdini's Museum. The Tomb and...
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Things to do

Fremont Street Experience

I went here twice when I was staying in Vegas, I found it so much better then the main vegas strip. The drinks are cheaper, the pubs had more "alternative" music playing. Two pubs had a cover band...
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Things to do

The Golden Gate Hotel

I love to head to The Golden Gate for their $.99 shrimp cocktail, which they have been serving since 1959. By 1991 they served a whopping total of 25 million! -OR- You could really splurge and...
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After 20 years of marriage we decided to get our vows renewed on our holiday to Vegas in July. We chose the Elvis - Burning Love package at the Wee Kirk and we chose well! It was such a lovely...
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Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower

We went during late June in 2014, myself and my family. I will say that overall I was pleased with the experience and the view from up above will make you forget about the costs and the inconvenience...
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