New Hampshire Off The Beaten Path

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New Hampshire Off The Beaten Path

  • Find something creative and cool in...

    The beauty of these little independent shops is their creativity. Things you don't see anywhere else emerge from the shelves and beg to go home with you.

  • A TRUE country fair

    I've heard wonderful things about the DEERFIELD FAIR. A friend who has horses and a big farm in RI says they never miss the annual Deerfield fair. We drove around the fair grounds and were amazed at the size of it and the number of permenant buildings used to house show horses, country goods, foods, and crafts. Next one is scheduled for September...

  • Follow the GREEN SIGNS to Strawberry...

    Along the coast of New Hampshire, about 50 miles north of Boston, is Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A long history of maritime trade and Naval history can be told through the architecture of this 40 building museum known as Strawbery Banke. Seems the early settlers came up the Piscataqua River and decided this place with its banks filled with wild...

  • The Smaller Beaches in New Hampshire

    Sure everyone knows those big beaches in New Hampshire - Hampton!! But go a little furher North on that Route 1A and you will find some much nicer, less crowed and more real "New England" beaches. Wallis Sands, Jenness State, North Beach, are all beautiful to name a few! There is usually ample parking. Which you get by purchasing a special $5 coin...

  • Take the Ferry to Star Island

    Gather the family, pack a picnic and take the Star Island Steamship company Ferry from Portsmouth Harbor out to the Isles of Shoals. You'll cruise around historic Portsmouth Harbor and out past many quintessential New England lighthouses, and after a short trip you'll be at the Isles of Shoals. A small group of occupied islands off the shore of New...

  • Take the Ferry to see Lighthouses

    The Star Island Steamship Company takes a very scenic route out to the Isles of Shoals. But if you dont feel like making a whole day of it, you can take a much shorter trip and see wonderful things. The Captain will make sure you see your fill of real New England Lighthouses, like this one here that my son is enjoying.

  • And here is Bertha's shop !

    WANTED TO GIVE YOU A CUTE STORY ABOUT ONE OF THE BLDG. MUSEUMS AT STRAWBERRY BANKE..... Bertha was a busy they used to say... and so her husband built a 2nd floor bay on the front of the house so she could keep her eye on everyone who came up and down the lane....noting the time they came home at night....and with WHOM !! :-) Bertha and...

  • Fun by the river

    Just passing through or visiting the area, North Woodstock is a great New England town to visit. besides the neat little shops and restaurants, the pemmigewasset river flows through town. Right in the center of town is a little picnic spot on the river where the kids can play on teh polished granite rocks and splash in the water. Pick up an ice...

  • Step Back in Time

    We took a day trip that included Bath, New Hampshire; Woodstock, Plymouth, and Weston, Vermont, and a stop at Dartmouth College at Hanover, New Hampshire on our return to Bretton Woods. Bath has a covered bridge and what claims to be the oldest general store in the nation. The bridge has to be one of New Hampshire's longest. The general store was a...

  • Take the tour of Strawbery Banke

    We'll definately revisit this great neighborhood of Portsmouth. The museum is a collection of homes from the 1600's and 1700's, but the creators of the exhibits decided to show us a bit of the later times as well. We saw some 1940's as well as some 1950's. They put it together well for the tourist...or school children to learn about life here...

  • Old, Old Routes

    I recommend driving only SHORT PORTIONS of these roads, and marveling at the rest of the route on the map.There are at least four old turnpike routes which are two centuries old. All run remarkably straight from SE to NW, and all now have discontinuous portions. These were carriage routes. Following closely on a detailed map, you will see sections...

  • Historical Markers

    NH is dotted with historical markers, and we made our children stop and look at many of them and then endure discussion with Dad afterwards. Torment your children, too!

  • Reindeer farm

    I visited this place a long time ago and can't remember exactly where it is, but its somewhere near Haverill, Massachusetts and close to or maybe even over the New Hampsire border. Its a little out of the way place where reindeer are fenced into a large field and you can drive up and view them.


    Madison Gulf is a side cirque off the northern walls of the Great Gulf, separating the peaks of Mt Adams from Mt Monroe. Parapet Brook tumbles down alongside the trail. This trail ascends from the Mt Washington autoroad to the Madison Hut in 4.8 miles, the last mile doing so in a very vertical fashion, requiring scrambling and handholds - very much...


    This is the last Presidential peak in the range. At 5367 feet, slopes drop away over 4000 feet to the north and the east. In the pass between Mt Madison and Mt Adams - the Presidential neighbor to the west - lies Star Lake, near which is the AMC's Madison Hut - room for 50 guests, originally built in 1888 and rebuilt after a 1940 fire. The Hut is 6...


    This is New England's second highest peak at 5774 feet. There is a great variety of mountain features to be found on this peak: steep glacial cirques enscribe and encircle its base; sharp ridges fall off on its sides. Grand views are enjoyed from its alpine slopes far above the timberline. Other memebers of the Adams family cam be found on...


    5541 feet high, the AMC considers this only a shoulder of Mt Washington and thus doesn't include it in its list of New England peaks above 4000 feet - climb all and you can become a member of their Four Thousand Foot Club! Since the peak is only a shoulder, a non-presidential name is given - Clay, a senator from Kentucky through whose support John...

  • Mt. Chocura

    One of the less often visited peaks of the White mountains, but still a challenging hike never the less. Makes for some fun backpacking, as you can readily camp in the non-protected forests at the base of the peak.

  • Drive along the highways of the North...

    Sparsely populated but plenty of beauty surrounds you in the area called the North woods, located at the very top of the state, north of the White Mountains.

  • Fall Colors

    A must thing to do is to just drive around. This is when you can sometimes find the most beautiful things. This picture is a product of just that. It was also taken in October, right before all the leaves fell. If you are interested in taking photographs, then just drive around and you will fill up a roll before you know it!

  • Pack Monadnock and North Pack Hiking

    On Route 101 between Wilton and Peterborough is Miller State Park, which straddles the towns of Temple and Peterborough, on a small mountain known as Pack Monadnock (elev. 2290 ft). There are 4 ways up the mountain: The Wapack Trail, the Marion Davis Trail, the Raymond Trail and the auto road. You must pay to park in Miller State Park or to drive...

  • Odiorne Point State Park is on the NH...

    Odiorne Point State Park is on the NH seacoast, just north of Rye on route 1A. I have never seen the place crowded or with the parking lot near capacity. It's a wonderful place for a picnic, to fly a kite, wade in the tidepools, check out the wildlife, and learn some NH history..See this web site for more...

  • Mount Chocorua

    Mount Chocorua is a 3,475 foot mountain in the Sandwich Range of the northern Appalachians near Lake Winnipesaukee. On a whim we just decided to give it a try. So we left bright and early for the base of the mountain and began by climbing the Brook trail going up. We got chewed alive by mosquitos! Oh my gosh it was bad! You couldn't stand still or...

  • A Cabin

    Here is a picture of a cabin that you would stay in on 3 Mile. They're not so bad, and you're really only there to sleep, you spend the rest of the day at the dock or swimming. Outside all day!

  • Stay on 3 Mile Island!

    3 Mile Island is an island in Lake Winnipesaukee that offers a unique vacation: you stay in little one room cabins with two cots and a gas lamp that are dotted all over the island, and hang out on the main dock where there are diving platforms, canoes, kayaks, games, etc. It has been called a "rustic resort" and "luxury camping." Whatever. Anyways,...

  • Got bait?

    If you ever need bait, this is the place to go to! This place is real, believe it or not. I've seen it many a time with me own two eyes. It's in Wakefield, near Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee. On Rt. 109 right next to Rt. 16 intersection.

  • Side road sightings...

    Just be sure to travel on the smaller, secondary roads. You'll be sure to see something different, such as this sign we passed---did YOU know that 'there's gold in them thar hills?' We didn't!! (The sign says "Goldpanning by Permit Only")

  • The Baker River

    A river with plenty of snow cover.. this is my idea of a perfect day on vacation (if you're not in Rome, that is!).....wandering around looking for beautiful photo ops. We were on Route 118, having just driven through part of the White Mountain National Forest.......

  • Stained Glass Sightings

    I just think it's so interesting to see the workmanship in buildings wherever I go. This is a close-up of the stained glass in the Warren church.....beautiful, isn't it? All of the glass was beautiful, but I only took a pic of this one in the front of the church... wonder how long it took the craftsman to make this?

  • Explore the side roads

    Driving through tiny Warren, New Hampshire, we noticed this old wooden church. I can't resist a steeple!

  • With no Sales Tax You Might find you...

    When ever I go on trips I always seek out the local Thrift stores. If you take a little time you will always find a bargain.If you need an extra bag or two be sure to visit the Thrift stores you'll be sure to find an unwanted suitcase just waiting for you. Most of the time it will be cheaper than a cardboard box! Also, keep in mind you will be...

  • Looking for a short hike...

    Looking for a short hike and don't want to hit one of the four to five thousand foot mountains in Franconia, hike the 4.4 mile (7Km) Welch-Dickey Loop Trail near Waterville Valley. Head up state road 49 from I-93 (take the Campton exit) toward Waterville Valley. From state road 49, take a left onto Upper Mad River and then a right on Orris Road....

  • Find Your Ancestors

    The cemeteries are filled with very old headstones and I was fortunate to find one of my ancestors in the town of Dover.

  • Top of Mt Washington

    The top of Mt Washington has the honer of having the worst weather in the world . The record for wind speed was made here. Approx 235 mi per hr .You can hike up to the top. You can take the cog railway or you can take the auto road , better have good brakes .

  • The Great North Woods.Up...

    The Great North Woods.Up above the Whites is a region, no a Kingdom, of Wilderness, Moose, and logging roads as far as the eye can see (or the 4by4) Up here timber is King (or at least was until a few months ago) so development is replaced by Timber Company land, which though logged frequently, is often left for years in as true state of Wilderness...

  • New HampshireThe Road Less...

    New Hampshire The Road Less Traveled By coming to New Hampshire in a way you are already off the beaten path. The state is a heaven for the outdoors. Any activity you can think of in a distinct four season environment. There are over 140 campgrounds in NH...Plenty of Biking trails in and around state and local parks.Ponds, streams and lakes to...

  • New Hampshire has many great...

    New Hampshire has many great destination spots that pertain to our nation's beginnings. There are many historical sites and museums. Some of the best times can be spent just driving the backroads. Autumn (between mid September and mid October) is a great time for viewing our wonderful foliage.

  • Search out the best of quaint...

    Search out the best of quaint New England: the covered bridge at Jackson just off Rte. 16, the charming town of Hopkinton with its white-steepled churches surrounding the village square, just off Rte. 89, a few miles west of Concord.

  • Covered bridges (sometimes...

    Covered bridges (sometimes called 'kissing bridges') are found all over New Hampshire. Each is unique in design, reflecting the time in which it was built and its maker's taste and skill. They're a great place to wait out a summer rain, a wonderful vantage point for watching a snowfall, or for admiring the reflection of fall foliage in the clear...

  • As you drive along Rte 302 in...

    As you drive along Rte 302 in Crawford Notch, take time to stop and view Silver Cascade along the highway. There's a rest stop opposite and you can cross the road for a beautiful shot of this cascade.

  • Mount Willard TrailThis was...

    Mount Willard TrailThis was the last hike that I did on the trip. It's located in Crawford Notch and the trail starts by the Crawford Depot.

  • The payoff is the view from...

    The payoff is the view from the cliffs. Look way down to the parking lot and make sure your car is still there. Yep, I see the dot that's mine.

  • Don't turn around at the Falls...

    Don't turn around at the Falls like most people, cross the brook, no bridge this time and continue up the Frankenstein Cliff trail. It gets a lot steeper but you'll have some great views along the trail, even if the mountains are shrouded in clouds.

  • Arethusa Falls and...

    Arethusa Falls and Frankenstein CliffThis loop trail will take you to the base of New Hampshire's highest waterfall and over the top of Frankenstein Cliff. I did this hike on a day when it poured with rain so the views from the cliffs were not as great as they could have been but they were still magical in their own way.It's a rocky climb for the...

  • A path at the top leads to...

    A path at the top leads to ledges that give a great view of Mt. Passaconaway, Mt. Chocorua and Middle Sister.


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