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  • Mays Landing colors in the Fall
    Mays Landing colors in the Fall
    by Moira126
  • The beaches of the Jersey Shore
    The beaches of the Jersey Shore
    by Moira126
  • Things to Do
    by April1985

Mays Landing Things to Do

  • Storybook Land

    Longer than I can remember, I have been going to storybook land. During christmas Santa would be there, and I would wait in line just sit to sit on his lap. There were rides, and adventures, and The fun just wouldnt stop. To get in you go through a castle, it truely is a magical place for children. I have so many fond memories from this place, I...

  • Hamilton Mall during Xmas

    Just walk around the mall , and look at all the decorations . Also the casino's as well as other business's get together and make ginger bread houses. They are really fun to look at , and even get ideas for your own ginger bread houses !

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Mays Landing Restaurants

  • Y-U-M .. steak

    this is such a good place for cheese steaks. they call them philly cheese steaks , but we all know you can not get a philly cheese steak anywhere but philly. but , for regular cheese steaks , they are pretty tasty . they use very soft break and you can watch them make your steak in front of you . they put on real slices of white american cheese ....

  • Try the fries

    I love Wimby's for their fries. They have delicious ones. And the use the good cheese wiz hahha. I know you're all probably thinking this girl is crazy. But, i have to be honest. I love cheese wiz. It is probably very horrible for my stomach, but, It is just so good. They also made delicious burgers here. So tasty , you get that real american BBQ...

  • Good Salads

    This is a very small place. Godfather's Pizza has delicious pizza, salads, strombolio's, etc. I have never had a bad experience here. The food is always delicious and the people are always friendly. It is located in the consumer square shopping center near target. grilled chicken caesar salad & the pizza


    Mrs Field's Original Cookies, ARE SO GOOD ! i know , its a chain bakery . But , her cookies are good for an on the go snack. If you dont want to eat lunch, get some cookies, they come in all shapes and sized. Little ones, big ones, round ones, heart shapes ones. They even have ones with frosting on them , and they have different kinds too....

  • Little Burgers

    Ruby Tuesday Restaurant has a very tasty salad bar, with 4 differet kinds of greens, different cheese, meats and veggies to creat a one of a kind salad ! They also have a nice new menu, all re-designed which i think is beautiful , since i am a graphic designer. The decor is very american friendly, or what america used to be. Very fast food service,...

  • I hop for I hop !

    IHOP Restaurant is a nice place to bring your grandmother , or a nice outing with your friends and the fam ! The food is yummie , and the waitstaff is friendly . This ihop is not 24/7, so dont try to go here at 1 am ! They serve bkfast all day long, so if you are craving some pankakes and sausage, this is the place to go ! But also , it is a chain...

  • icecream !

    I love friendlys. This friendlys however, itsnt my favorite. You'll have to travel to northfield for that! Anyways , Friendly Family Restaurant, is known for their amazing sundae's ! If you have a child with you, they can get an ice cream that looks like a clown ! The kid's meals are good too. Reallly inexpensive and tasty. The food here is good,...

  • Nice Atmosphere

    Chili's Grill and Bar is a nice chill place to eat. But it sits right up there with applebee's and TGI Fridays . Its another chain restaurant, that has the usuall stuff. Here at Chili's Grill and Bar, there is a wider assortment of grilled fajita's. I want to say this is an american restaurant, with a tad bit of mexican flare. The food is tasty,...

  • Taco's

    Now, Im sure everyone heard about the taco bell scare with ... what was it .. rats or ecoli ? well , either way , eating fast food can be scary . This taco bell , is fine . however , in canada there are no taco bells because they say that the meat is not fit for their dogs to eat . so people , why should we eat it ? i think the canadians are on to...

  • Dollar Menu

    Okay, another chain restaurant. I know i know. But, the dollar menu is something that is great for people who are on the go, and not trying to break their wallet. They offers lots of things from entree's (burgers and chicken sandwitches) to sides (french fries and cookies) to deserts (parfet's). They also offer salads for those who are more health...

  • KFC

    Kentucky Fried Chicken... yes folks, they're everywhere! I know you may be thinking, why is she talking about fast food on virtual tourist! But, a lot of people like to get the most bang for their buck. Well, this wouldnt be very adventurous of you, but, if you want to save a few bucks this is an okay place to go. They dont offer a dollar menu like...

  • Eat Chicken - Not Beef !

    Chick-fil-A is a fast food restaurant located inside the Hamilton Mall in the food court. I like their chicken, but it's just " okay " nothing too great, to brag about, but, its tasty. If you're walking around the mall and you want a bite to eat, this is a nice place to get chicken fingers. I can't speak too much about their sandwitches because, i...

  • Roast Beef anyone?

    Located inside the Hamilton Mall food court, Arby's is a place that you can get sandwitches, french fries, deserts, basically anything on their menu. It is a fast food Restaurant. So, basically its fast, its cheap, and its food. If you like roast beef they have a lot of tasty meaty filled sandwitches to choose from. They're good. I like the chicken...

  • I guess its Italian

    So, again, I am submitting another chain restaurant. Its Olive Garden. Many of you probably hate this restaurant because its not "real" italian. And you're right. Its not. I dont know how many times I have been here and just felt like, "why did we come here?" But, the food is okay, and if your hungry, its not a bad place to go. They have the...

  • Yum Seafood

    Well, its a chain restaurant. I'm sure everyone has heard of Red Lobster before. They have good biscuits and tasty food. Not the best but, its food. This one is clean, its right by the mall. So if you are looking for something a bit more classy than mall food, this is a good place to eat. You can buy alcohol drinks, martini's, margaritas, etc. They...

  • good fast food

    Mon-Thur: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AMFri-Sat: 11:00 AM - 01:00 AMSun: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PMApplebee's is like a high class fast food restaurant. They have booth's, tables, and a bar. The atmosphere is very chill and relaxed. The decor is fun and funky. The food is cheap and good. Not the best, but hey, its sit down/ slow/ fast food. The wait staff is...

  • Indian Food

    My brother wanted to take my boyfriend and i to eat indian food. he knew this place that he said was amazing . its the closest thing to home cooked indian food that you could get he told me . and i didnt know what to order since i had never had indian food before , so he basically told me what to get and he got some things , and it was okay . im...

  • Delcious Indian food & buffet

    Bombay Indian Restaurant has a wonderful menu of appetizers, 14 kinds of Indian breads, 12 kinds of tandooris, 12 chicken dishes, 10 lamb dishes, 23 vegetarian dishes and 6 seafood dishes in addition to salads, biryanis and of course dessert! Very friendly service and comfortable atmosphere. The buffet is great. 6 days a week they have a lunch...


Mays Landing Shopping

  • Dollar Tree

    Well , if you like dollar stores , then the Dollar Tree is a very nice one . Except that you get hit with the smell of stale garlic and plastic as soon as you walk in . If you can stand the smell , the store isn't half bad ! They do have a nice selection of wrapping paper and other fun things . Just hold your breath ! Gift wrap & such not much

  • Great place to buy Plants

    My mom loves flowers, and so, this is where we go to shop. It has tons of greenhouses, and it is very beautiful, and the smell , is amazing, unless of course you have alergies (like me) but you know , if it is one thing i cant stay away from , its flowers, no matter how alergic i am, they are just too beatiful for me to shy away from. Inside this...

  • Great Mall

    This is a mall, with almost everything someone from south jersey could possibly want . Clairs, Wet Seal, Pac Sun, Delias, Macys, JC Penny, Sears, American Eagle, Disney Store, Gap, and more. It has a lot of specialty stores , and a handful of jewelery stores. A decent size food court, and lots of little treats to stop and grab a bite. Anything you...


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