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Turquoise Guided Museum Tour
"The tour of the museum begins by entering a mock mine tunnel. The entrance to the museum will open 15 minutes before each tour begins. Guests are requested to show up within this 15 minute time frame. Guests who fail to arrive will forfeit their tickets and those tickets will be resold to a guest on the tour waiting list.The museum's displays include:Turquoise from over 80 locations around the worldMining history and modern techniquesTurquoise mineralogy/geology guests will be given the chance to enjoy the museum displays on their own.The Turquoise Museum is family owned and operated since 1992. Three of the five generations still work at the museum on a weekly basis. Tours are guided by one of these thr all of your questions will be answered and you will have a better understanding of “The World’s Most Colorful Gem”.""""The Turquoise Museum in Albuquerque New Mexico showcases the J.C. “Zack” Zachary turquoise collection. The collection includes turquoise from over 80 locations around the world
From $10.00
Albuquerque Scavenger Hunt Adventure
"The adventure begins in Old Town Albuquerque and takes you on a well-designed course through the historic and cultural streets as you visit churches walk through sculpture gardens and see the local parks and museums.  The tour requires approximately 1 mile of walking. The game software tracks team points and posts the final score to a city leaderboard for those with a competitive edge. leaving time to stop for a bite to eat or simply to enjoy the best southwestern sights of the town. Great for families friends and those ready to have fun on a scavenger hunt adventure! Please note that pricing is per individual but your team must book together. One voucher is valid for your team of 2-5 people.""""Turn Albuquerque into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure! This challenge combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a 3-hour city walking tour. Guided from any smart phone teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city
From $15.00
Albuquerque Rio Grande Balloon Ride
"We fly most days at sunrise weather permitting. We begin by meeting you at our launch site which is right on the west side of the Rio Grande River. Once at the launch site we will inflate the balloon and fly for about an hour down the river valley here in Albuquerque. During the flight depending upon the direction of the winds on flight day you will have great views of the Sandia Mountains to the east Petroglyph national monument to the west
From $167.00

Safety Tips (11)

Some of the older reviews here are out of date

Like any large city, Albuquerque has crime, but several of the reviews here are too old. Over the past decade the city has worked hard at making Central Avenue from Nob Hill through Downtown much safer. Adding in the tremendous economic growth and increased prosperity of the city over that time, these areas are more vibrant than ever. Yes, East of Nob Hill Central remains less desirable and yes 2 am downtown isn't for walking alone, but the worst days seem behind us.

Sep 29, 2011

The War Zone

When driving down Central Avenue (Route 66) at night on the weekends don't turn north and south into the area of town between Wyoming and Eubank. These streets are named after various Generals ie. General Chenault, etc. This area of town is rampant with gang violence and crime on the weekends which is why it's called the War Zone.
I used to live on Texas west of Wyoming and south of Central. I moved out after the War Zone started bleeding over into my neighborhood by Kirtland AFB.
This is only one area of Albuquerque so don't let it scare you off from a truly magnificent city and area.

Bubba2152's Profile Photo
Sep 25, 2009

Be Aware of Rampant Purse Snatching

There is an increased incident of purse snatching, and unfortunately, the Albuquerque Police Department is understaffed. Some women have been injured as they either fought to keep their purse or the car in which the thief was riding in continues as they grab the purse dragging their victim with them. The criminals are both men and women. There is not one area in the city more prone to this than another, it is a danger throughtout the city. I was a victim in a Wal-Mart parking lot on Academy, in the far NE heights. A car loaded with thugs came up from behind and the one in the back jumped out, dumped my cart, grabbed my purse and took off hooting and cheering. It took the police over five phone calls and three hours to respond (low priority). This is not an isolated incident, I know there were snatchings at adjacent strip malls that same week (verified by substation). One Wal-Mart on Eubank N.E. had over 18 such incidents one day in March. The brazen criminals went back into the store and wrote a stolen check while one of the victims was outside giving her statement to the police! I was told by the police id's are quickly sent down to Mexico where persons wanting to enter this country use them. Pay attention to your surroundings and keep your id, money, credit cards and cell phone on your person! If you must carry a purse, use a concealed fanny pack, or only put in it what you don't mind losing.

Jun 03, 2007

"Don't Touch" means "Don't Touch"

Tourist: So are cactus needles really that sharp?
Local: Yes. Don't touch them.
Tourist: [touches a cactus] YEEOUCH!!

For some reason, people unfamiliar with the desert always feel the need to touch the plants. It's always the first thing they do after you tell them not to. Well, don't touch means DON'T TOUCH! Desert plants are not nice. You can't just brush past them and expect your jeans to protect you; they will come right through your toughest clothes and sometimes even the soles of your shoes. Most of the potted plants you'll see in office buildings, hotel lobbies, etc, are native desert plants with their needles removed to avoid lawsuits. But if you're going to be doing anything outdoorsy, make sure you give the plants a wide berth, and try to wear shoes with Vibram soles (most good hiking boots have these). You're probably going to get a cut or poke anyway, and some of the plants have poison in their needles (nothing serious, just a little sting), so make sure you have a first aid kit--band-aids, antiseptic, etc.

Some of the mean plants are nice to look at from a distance, though. The long-spined prickly pear cactus has gorgeous yellow flowers.

MountainLaurel's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2005
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Red or Green ask for both

If your are asked if you want Red or Green Chili go with both. You never know which will be hotter and they both have a great flavor. If the Chili is to hot your mouth will nume after a few bites and you will only crave more. I warned you!! You can get hooked on Chili!!

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Aug 24, 2005

Downtown is safer than you think

The Downtown Abq. area is increasingly becoming more secure. The Downtown Action Team employs a dozen or so Downtown Ambassadors that roam the Downtown district helping lost tourists, recommending restaurants, and providing safety escorts at night (or day). Downtown is definitely safe during the day. Common sense suggests that Albuquerque is not unlike any other big city; don't venture down dark alleys, don't be flashing your cash around, etc...At night, I would recommend coming in groups (better chance of surviving the rough Albuquerque streets! hahaha!)

Jan 31, 2005

Dark alley in Albuquerque

Walking off alone into dark alleys are not a good idea when explroing the city. I was looking for a restaurant at night and a drunk older man approached me. I sat and talked with him for a while until he tried to bring Jesus into my life and then I had to go. Other times I was constantly being asked if I was Kathy or Sandra, or whoever else. It just seems like there are more men in that city than women.

SvetlanaL's Profile Photo
Jan 29, 2005

Dangerous Downtown

Be very careful after dark if you're going to be on Central or anywhere south of Central. Some areas have gang activity, are easy to get lost in, and carry a high risk of car-jacking. Make sure that if you are downtown that you stay in well-lit areas, and don't wander off alone.

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Aug 08, 2004

Top 5 Albuquerque Writers

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Not Safe for Women

Women should NOT be walking around ALONE anywhere in Albuquerque! Especially downtown, even during the day as I walked for breakfast. I was stalked on two seperate occasions and harrassed by men constantly - I guess my track pants and baggy sweater was too provactive for them?

Even the cab drivers hit on me (6 out of 9 of them) even though they were all very friendly and non-threatening, it makes me think Albuquerque is composed largely of single, lonely men. I never left my hotel room past 6 p.m.

Avoid downtown Albuquerque (Central Ave area). Even during the daylight I was freaked out by the sights, the sounds and the smells not to mention there wasn't another woman in sight. Several cab drivers told me that this area is high in criminal activity and a place for prostitution even though they are in the process of cleaning up the area.

So if you must go to this area, women must NOT travel here alone. The enormous orange ant population on the sidewalks in late August was frightening too!

lovemycacti's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2004

We stopped at the Museum of...

We stopped at the Museum of Archeology and Material Culture. It was a small museum near Sandia Crest and it was closed that afternoon. There was a nice looking cholla in front of the museum. We had seen many of them as we drove in New Mexico. I asked Becky to stand by the cholla for a photo. Becky stood just a little too close and got half a dozen cholla spines in her hip. Warning! Watch out for the jumping cholla if you don't want to get spines in your hip.

brdwtchr's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

Central Ave Has Low End Places

Along the 5-6 mile stretch of old Hwy 66-Central Ave, there are a number of places that are not in good shape, and a bit on the seedy side.

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May 24, 2013

Things to Do Near Albuquerque

Things to Do

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

Located in Old Town, this museum is well worth paying the modest $3- entrance fee (children $1-, seniors $2-). Largely chronologically organized, the there are valuable ancient artifacts and old...
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Things to Do

Old Town

Probably the busiest tourist attraction in town is the Old Town, which is the remains of the original city center around a plaza, with adobe buildings turned into restaurants and shops. Mostly kitsch...
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Things to Do

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is NOT in Old Town, nor in downtown Albuquerque, but it is easy and find as it can be seen from I-40 freeway. This is a wonderful place to visit for it's ceremonial...
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Things to Do

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

New Mexico is where the world's first atomic bomb was developed, built, and detonated, so it is appropriate that the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is located here. It is the only...
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Things to Do

Sandia Peak

Sandia Mountain is a 10,000ft peak that defines the landscape of Albuquerque, towering over it. Cable car rides are available to the top and there is skiing in winter and hiking during the summer...
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