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Grand Canyon via Sedona and Navajo Reservation
"Your day trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon includes some of Arizona's most scenic landscapes. Start with a journey through the Sonoran Desert to the red rock country of Sedona where you will make a morning coffee break and a photo stop. Take a stroll through stunning Sedona before continuing your tour along a pretty 17-mile scenic drive in Oak Creek Canyon.You’ll travel up into the San Francisco Mountains surrounding t and you’ll have a break to eat drink in the boundless wonders of the canyon from great overlooks take a short nature walk or browse shops for souvenirs handcrafted by the local Indians.After your lunch break your guide will take you on a 23-mile driving tour along the rim of the Grand Canyon. This is the main event – incredible view after incredible view of the canyon will keep your jaw in a permanent dropped state. You’ll stop at viewpoints along the way to and then your guide will escort you by van from the canyon to the Navajo Reservation
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Monument Valley Mystery Valley Tour
"Your tour will begin at The View Hotel Visitor's Lobby located inside the Monument Valley Tribal Park where the Visitor Center is also located. In Mystery Valley you will see the Honeymoon Arch which is very popular with newly weds because o there he/she will share with you cultural stories geography and history. He/she will guide you to the Square House Ruin Three Pine Dwelling House of Many Hands and many many more. Sharing all of the sites in Mystery Valley would not be a mystery now would it? Your guide will have other sites to share with you while on the hiking tour of this must-see excursion. Because of it's remote location not very many ""
From $90.00
Albuquerque Rio Grande Balloon Ride
"We fly most days at sunrise weather permitting. We begin by meeting you at our launch site which is right on the west side of the Rio Grande River. Once at the launch site we will inflate the balloon and fly for about an hour down the river valley here in Albuquerque. During the flight depending upon the direction of the winds on flight day you will have great views of the Sandia Mountains to the east Petroglyph national monument to the west
From $167.00

More Things to Do in Chaco Culture National Historical Park


Pueblo del Arroyo

October 2011 was the first time that I stopped at Pueblo del Arroyo. I had only done the sites on the Chaco loop road on my previous visit. There is a short, spur road off the far northwest end of the...
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Casa Rinconada Great Kiva

Casa Rinconada is an isolated great kiva located on top of a ridge on the southern side of the canyon directly across from Pueblo Bonito. It is located within a cluster of small house sites. Two of...
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Talus Unit Near Chetro Ketl

Talus Unit is a small structure composed of east and west room blocks located against the cliff behind the back wall of Chetro Ketl. Two rooms connect the east and west room blocks, which rise...
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First Stop on Chaco Loop Road - Hungo Pavi

Hungo Pavi is the first stop on the Chaco loop road. It is an unexcavated great house located about 1.8 miles (2.9 km.) southeast of Pueblo Bonito at the mouth of Mockingbird Canyon. According to the...
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Home of the Sun Dagger

Chacoans were definitely skywatchers. Fajada Butte has six petroglyphs including the Sun Dagger, a carving of a "rattlesnake", other spirals, and a rectangle that are conspicuously lit by contrasts...
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History of Chaco Canyon

There is quite an extensive history of Chaco Culture. I cannot list it all here, but from the National Park Service website, I obtained the following information:AD 850 to 1250 Chaco Canyon served as...
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The Canyon Itself

Well, it's about a 16 mile trip on a dirt road to get to Chaco Canyon. The road is good, but can be rutted at times. It makes for an exciting ride for your kids in the back of a minivan :-)The Canyon...
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