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Lake George Things to Do

  • Frankenstein House of Wax

    I happen to be a fan of wax museums and usually they don't disappoint, but I really wasn't thrilled with this place. There are several exhibits of what is supposed to be scarey, both old and new, but I found these exhibits to be hooky. At one point it is so dark that you can't see in front of you, I personally found this to be dangerous. I have to...

  • Camping at Lake George

    We camped out for 3 days 2 nights at Lake George Battleground State Campground, very clean campsite, with hot showers, bathrooms, fireplace for every camp ground. This is near the downtown Lake George Area, and the main activities around the lake. Some activities include Para Sailing, Paddle Boarding, Boat Rentals, Scuba Diving, a free Beach Front...

  • Parasailing Adventures! Spectacular...

    We have been parasailing in Lake George before but last summer was the best. There are two ways to do it - this time we went with Parasailing Adventures (pink and green booth behind the Visitors Center.) They have a modern parasail BOAT, six of us went in the boat and flew high above the lake 2 and 3 at a time, side by side. It was so much more fun...

  • Fireworks Dinner Cruise

    We went on a fireworks dinner cruise aboard the Adirondac from Shoreline Cruises. When going on a cruise we didn't expect the food to be so wonderful. There was a prime rib buffet and everything was delicious! Arrive early to get the best seat. We sat on the 2nd deck near the rear windows and felt like we had the best seat. Since the boat was...

  • Enjoy a Wine Tasting

    The Adirondack Winery & Tasting Room just opened in 2008 right on the strip in Lake George. The owners call it a micro-winery. They make all the wine right on premises. They have a surprisingly wide selection of wines from what you normally expect out of a winery.The tasting was fun, not stuffy and had a good value - they even include a free glass....

  • Take a boat ride on the lake

    There are many different boats - even paddlewheel steamers that cruise up and down the lakeThe landscape and Adirondack mountains getmore interesting along the northern end.

  • People watching

    Lake George is full of hundreds of things to do but during bike week we suggest walking the strip and people watching, we spent a great deal of time outside McDonalds on Main St just watching the people .....hundreds of them crowd the streets and sidewalks!!Would not suggest women travel alone!!!!Stay in groups!

  • Miniature Golf Madness!

    If there's such a thing as the mini-golf capital of New York State, Lake George Village is it. There is practically a miniature golf course on every corner, with a wide variety of themes ranging from pirates to American landmarks. If you like miniature golf, Lake George is paradise.

  • Dr. Morbid's Haunted House

    According to the story, it's the house owned by mad waxwork maker Willy S. Morbid, who started using first corpses and eventually live people as the bases for his waxworks. This place is full of thrills and chills, from the moment you open the door and walk down the dark, creepy hallway. You're greeted by a sinister tour guide who leads you through...

  • House of Frankenstein Wax Museum

    If you're a fan of classic horror movies (especially those made by Universal in the 1930s), then don't miss this fantastic wax museum. It pays homage to all the horror greats, and features a chamber of historical horrors and torture exhibits as well as the disturbing Black Hole. At the same time, the House of Frankenstein isn't as scary as it's...

  • The Lake

    Don't just look at it - get out on a boat! Even though it was cold and getting dark by the time we left, we were glad we took the Lac du Saint Sacrement steamboat ride to see this natural beauty properly.We were in Lake George at the end of September - perfect for fall foliage, but not much else. Many shops had already begun to close, and the town...


    I loved being in Lake George during the fall because of all the rich tree colors: gold, orange, red. Take advantage of the crisp weather in September and October and go on a hike.There are trails for all levels of hikers and you'll appreciate the views from nearly all paths.One of my favorite fall trips!


Lake George Hotels

Lake George Restaurants

  • Delicious Fudge and Candy Apples

    I just can't seem to take a trip anywhere without finding a candy store to visit. My mom loves pennuchi so I like to stop and see if places carry it. To my pleasure this place had it, along with at least 10 other varieties of fudge. They had a special that day, but 3 wedges and get the 4th one free, so basically one pound for 3/4 pound price. The...

  • Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

    I really enjoyed this restaurant as it served some of the most delicious pancakes I have had in a long time. The space is a bit cramped and dated and could use a good cleaning but the food is really yummy. Service is prompt and friendly and always come with a smile. Get here early as parking is limited and so is seating. No one finished their meals...

  • Italian place in Main St.

    There was a great place on Main St we want to say Gillsepies, but we cant remember exactly ...anyway they have an open air porch where you can enjoy a great meal and still watch the people and motorcycles go by. Also they have special seating on an upper level if your nice and ask they may just let you up there.Service was great, food portions were...


Lake George Nightlife

  • Dj's

    DJ’s NightclubAddress: Canada Street, Lake George, New York 12845 Of the two bars that me and Honey checked out, this was BY FAR the best (we also visited King Neptune’s, but only stayed for a little while when we discovered how much it would cost to achieve any level of inebriation). We actually went by this place two separate times on our...

  • Parties everywhere

    During Americade (bike) Week there is non stop partying going on in LG!!! The bars are packed every night, be very careful about walking around with an open container as we saw a few people get busted for this.Drinks in LG are expensive so you might wanna BYOB and drink at the hotel! The strip is no place for kids during the day or at night. The...

  • Fun....Fun....Fun

    There are many fun clubs on the strip of Lake George but my favorite is DJ's. It's small with a bar inside along with tables and one outside on a large deck overlooking the strip. Outside on the deck is usually a guitarist playing music. At times you think the deck will certainly collapse due to the amount of people on it. It's a hotspot! dress...


Lake George Transportation

  • Traffic

    During the entire week parking is basically non existent the sides of Main St as far as the eye can see are lined with motorcycles and the public parking areas are full! We paid $10 to park for the night in a Temporary lot! Expect alot of walking as most parking is located quite a distance from Main St. Do not park in businesss parking lots YOUR...

  • The Lake by Paddlewheeler

    A cruise aboard the "Lac du Saint Sacrement" is a perfect way to cap off a Lake George weekend. There are several choices for cruises: you can have lunch or dinner, or just enjoy the scenery without the full meal service. We opted for a dinner cruise (although we wished we'd gone for the lunch cruise when we'd have been able to see more scenery)....

  • From the South - Take the New...

    From the South - Take the New York State Thruway (Route 87) north to Exit 24 to Albany. At Albany go north on Route I-87 (the Adirondack Northway) to your exit. From the North - Take I-87 (Adirondack Northway) south to your exit. From the West - Route The New York State Thruway (90) East Exit 24 to Albany. At Albany go north on Route I-87 (the...


Lake George Shopping

  • Great Shop (Emporium)

    Village EmporiumAddress: 199 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845 This is just one of the MANY souvenir/clothes/tchotchke shops in the village of Lake George. It first caught my eye while me and Honey were walking down the sidewalk with ice-cream cones and I glanced in and saw a black and white striped dress. Black and white stripes being an obsession...

  • Extoria Clothes Tattoos and Krazy...

    This was a great place they have clothes in the front aimed towards the younger crowd (or at least those women with good bodies) and in the back is a tattoo shop and Krazy Krackers piercings!!!!! 3 out of the 4 of us had our noses pierced the guys in the shop were all great and let us use the bathroom the enitre time we were in LG (lots of places...

  • Great kayak info

    Just want to acknowledge Jeff at the shop for all his info. We've been canoers and were looking into kayaks. Jeff explained the differences between the kayaks (uses, materials, prices). Unfortunately for him we've decided to just rent for the day wherever we are instead of buying, but Lake George Kayak rents out too so I guess it evens out.


Lake George Warnings and Dangers

  • Be aware

    During Americade be aware of your surroundings..we had no real problems except getting hit on every 5 feet, but if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time I can imagine it may not be good...dont travel alone!

  • Avoid the Americade!

    The Americade Motorcycle Rally held annually in Lake George Village might seem like a good event to go to, but in reality it's fairly dangerous. The streets of this smallish village can't take the massive increase in traffic, and every year there are life-threatening accidents and brawls in the streets.

  • Packed to the max......

    One week out of the month of June is a festival called "The Americade". At this time its packed to the max. For some its fun (like me) but for those going for a somewhat peaceful vacation time not so. The village is packed with motorcylclist from all over the world. Thousands of people attend this festival each year and it's growing. So...


Lake George Tourist Traps

  • Fort William Henry - twisted history.

    This is possibly the single most publicized thing to do in Lake George, but don't be fooled! This place is ridiculous. More than half of the information is wrong, the displays are out of date, and the tour is a rip off. Play some miniature golf. There are two courses on the fort grounds, and it's the only thing really worth doing there. If you...

  • For New Yorkers: the food...

    For New Yorkers: the food service is really slow, we spent an hour every day to have breakfast and found out that best time to have it is between 9 and 10 AM. Also in some places you cannot eat breakfast after 11 AM. Whatever you say they won't do waffles for you after 11 AM! In general food doesn't taste special. All you can cook by yourself in 30...

  • Lake George Hotels

    40 Hotels in Lake George

Lake George Off The Beaten Path


    If you want to make your vacation one to remember or just want to live a life just a bit wilder come to Unique Arts Studio for your tattoos and piercings. We are located in the Mayard Center in the plaza directly across from Ben and Jerry's ice cream, also next to Fire and Ice bar and grill.....we do the best pierdings and tattoos in the area and...


    Kayaking Lake George is one of the best ways to enjoy the surrounding area. The lake is quite calm so it is welcoming for all levels.

  • A Special View.....

    When your in the Lake George region be sure to go to Bolton Landing where there is a pull off. The view from this spot is spectacular. You can see a large proportion of the lake itself, which is 32 miles long. The mountains surrounding bring you such a sense of serene beauty. There is always a boat or two floating around, parasailing and cruise...


Lake George General

  • Basically this is biker heaven

    During Americade week most of the snobby tourist type people vacte the town and instead its taken over by a bunch of fun loving wild and crazy bikers, we saw no huge problems the entire weekend we were there, everyone basically just wanted to have a good time and cut loose. This is not for the faint of heart afterall it is Bike Week!!!!And yes...

  • Rent a Pontoon boat that you...

    Rent a Pontoon boat that you can drive yourself. We rented two boats. Ten on each boat and we were lucky enough to get the faster boat.

  • If you are in good health you...

    If you are in good health you have to climb up and look at the lake from Fifth Peak or take a longer walk (ap. 7-10 hours) to other high points. The view is breath taking. Just take a bottle (or two) of water, food and camera. The breath taking view from high points.


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