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Wall Street Tips (16)

NYSE - the Stock Exchange

Favorite thing The New York Stock Exchange has been called the nerve center of the world's economy, and increasingly it's being guarded as if its Fort Knox. You'll have to walk past post 9/11 barricades and police to see the NYSE, but it's worth it. The enormous Corinthian columns of the front of the building give it monumentality and weight, even though its in a crowded space on a crowded street. The architect was George B. Post, and the building was opened in 1903.

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Jun 08, 2005

Trinity Church (Episcopal)

Favorite thing Trinity Church at the head of Wall Street is housed in a magnificent Gothic Revival structure that dates from the 1840s, but there was an congretation here in the late 17th century, which actually at one time they owned most of lower Manhattan. Through a series of shrewd and careful real estate deals, Trinity Church amassed an endowment that still is one of the largest for any church congregation in the United States. And because of its central role in the social, political, not to mention religious development of New York, Trinity Church is still an interesting place to visit -- a spiritual counterpart to the forces of "Mammon" which are so dramatically represented by the New York Stock Exchange only a block away.

The architect for Trinity Church, Richard Upjohn (1802-1878), was much inspired by Augustus Pugin in England, whose contemporary Gothic creations in England include the Palace of Westminster in London. Upjohn's success here hepled to popularize neo-Gothic design in the United States, and were a key influeunce upon later practictioners of the style - such as H. H. Richardson (designer of Boston's famous gothic-designed Trinity Church).

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Jun 07, 2005

Federal Hall National Memorial

Favorite thing "Downtown" New York is awash in classical architecture. This "Federal Hall" is perhaps the most notable example of Greek Revival in the city. When it was built in the 1840s it was the US Customs House for NYC, but since 1955 it has served as a memorial to George Washington, who statue stands on the steps. In 1789, the New York City City Hall stood on this site, and it was here that Farmer George took the oath of office to be President of the United States.

Fondest memory 28 Wall Street, N.E. corner of Nassau Street

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Jun 07, 2005

The wall street area

Favorite thing This street has always been the most important one for New Yorkers. The street was named for a wall that protected Manhattan from attacks of Indians at the times of the Dutch traders. The wall however, did not help to stop British, who came to the city by water and eventually overtook the New Amsterdam, later giving it the name New York, after the Duke of York.
Today's Wall street is the center of business in the city of New York, and is known as the financial center of the world.

The bronze statue of a bull, the symbol of Wall Street, has long been important for the traders, it is located at Wall Street and Broadway. The statue's nose has a lighter color than the rest of it from being polished by the hands of passers-by who want to earn fortunes.Try it yourself, who knows maybe you'll win a lottery ;-)

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Mar 12, 2005
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Wall Street and Ground Zero

Favorite thing After we had taken the Staten Island ferry we walked over to Battery Park to see if we could take a trip out to Ellis Island. But we decided that we were fed up with lining up so we skipped this and walked through Castle Clinton and through Battery Park to get to rest of the downtown area to check that out. On the way we passed a monument that used to be located at the World Trade Center. After the attacks on September 11th this monument was reassembled and placed here and it is a strong reminder of the incident. The downtown are is not that big because all of a sudden we saw the bronze statue of a bull (which is supposed to symbolize Wall Street) near the old Custom house. We did of course walk down Wall Street and took a look at the New York Stock Exchange but it wasn’t easy to get a closer look. The place looked pretty fortified with cops in full combat equipment. According to our guidebook it should be possible to get guided tours at the NYSE but it sure didn’t look like it when we were there.

Fondest memory We also walked over to the so called Ground Zero where the Word Trade Center used to be. Right now it is just a gaping hole in the ground so there is not really much to see there. There is a lot of activity in the area because the buildings around the site are being refurbished and I guess they are preparing the site for the building of a new tower and to make a proper memorial. But there were some posters on the fence around the area which gave information about the WTC complex. There were many things that reminded us about the incident on September 11th. For instance we walked by a fence in Greenwich Village that had lots and lots of little drawings clearly inspired by the events.

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Oct 13, 2004

New York Stock Exchange

Favorite thing With so much attention being given to terrorist threats ,I thought I'd pay a visit to the New York Stock Exchange area...Its located in the same general area as the World Trade Centers...on (D-uh) Wall St. ...I found that the vicinity HAS changed in light of recent warnings. the Nearby street is blocked off ,there are ominous looking soldiers carrying large guns near the entrance, a heavy police presence...some sort of construction is going on directly in front...and LOTS of tourists were taking pictures( just like me)...This is a fairly nice area of NYC ,if one exits the subway at City sees a nice park,some imposing governmental buildings ,the famous J and R Music/Computer World Stores take up the block on Park Row around the J&R stores and enter and almost European Pedestrian street...follow it and you'll end up at the Stock Market....also within walking distance ,the South St. Port area with big old ships,and a good view of the Brooklyn bridge.
Chinatown can be reached by walking towards the imposing governmental buildings
and cutting through the little passageway by the Moynahan Federal Building...when you see Columbas Park you've reached the fringes of Chinatown...

Aug 11, 2004

Wherever you goes STARBUCKS!!

Favorite thing Yes, we stopped in a couple of Starbucks' coffee shops. It's become an American classic. Good coffee.....pleasant atmosphere and it's so good to get a load off your feet!! :-) This one was down near Wall Street, but you can find one in most of these "hot" centers of activity.

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Jul 26, 2004

People watching in Wall Street

Favorite thing The photo shows the Federal Building across the Wall Street from the New York Stock Exchange. The security in this area is very tight, but the Federal Building must not be very important because its front steps are full of tourists taking a break or having a picnic. It has a great view towards NYSE building. It's a great spot to watch people; whether the market is up or down doesn't matter.

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Jul 24, 2004

Top 5 New York City Writers

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"NYC: Everyday, Something new."
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"I Heart New York."
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""I want to be a part of it ...""
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Favorite thing The intersection between Wall St and Broad St is one of the most knonwn in the world.

There are three historical buildings:

The Federal hall National Monument where George Washington was elected president in 1789;

Trinity Church one of the oldest anglican churches in USA

and the NY Stock Exchange founded in 1817, where all nations eyes look.c*

Fondest memory Ninguna intersecion de calles ha tenido en una ciudad mayor relevancia que la de Wall St con Broad St.

En ella se asientan tres edificios historicos:

el federal hall National Monument, Trinity Church y New York Stock Exchange (la bolsa) c*

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Jun 04, 2003

Wall Street

Favorite thing If you're interested in financial issues, you might find it interesting to visit the NYSE building, in Wall Street. There's not much to see there after making a long line to get in, except that you make a tour around the building and get to see the main room where the stocks are traded, so you can see the rush and the nervousness of all the people that work there! Oh, and of course, you can buy a few souvenirs...

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Apr 26, 2003

Wall Street Area

Favorite thing Visit the Wall Street area where ther are many choice sites. Wall Street itself was originally a walled fortress. Nearby in the area is Federal Hall where George Washington took his oath of office as the first President of the United States. and Frances Tavern, where the end of the Revolutionary War was celebrated.

Trinity Church is also in the area with its burial grounds which include the graves and memorials of Alexander Hamilton, William Bradford, and Robert Fulton among others.

Fondest memory Every Thursday and Saturday at noon the Alliance for Downtown New York leads a 90 minute walking tour of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. For information phone: 212-606-4064

The tour meets at the National Museum of the American Indian which is the George Gustav HeyeCenter located in the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House, One Bowling Green. For museum information phone:

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Mar 16, 2003

Finding your way around New York.

Favorite thing Getting around New York can get confusing at times (especially downtown). Midtown is quite easy since all the streets are numbered. Downton, it's all names. Be sure to familiarize yourself with some of the main streets. If you see a brown sign it means that it is a historical district or neighborhood.

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Sep 28, 2002

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National September 11 Memorial

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Ground Zero - World Trade Center

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