New York City Local Customs

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  • Fire escapes in Chinatown...
    Fire escapes in Chinatown...
    by marielexoteria
  • Drummers putting some beat and fun in the parade
    Drummers putting some beat and fun in...
    by Jefie
  • A mermaid on its fairy tale throne float
    A mermaid on its fairy tale throne float
    by Jefie

Most Viewed Local Customs in New York City

  • 1. Tipping

    We are going to NYC for our 2nd trip in just under 2 wks, I was looking for info on tipping to remind myself, and came across this. I think it's awful that these people have to rely on tipping to make...

  • 2. Walking

    There's really only a couple rules as a tourist walking the streets of NYC. The first one is you've gotta keep up. Don't lolliegag down the street and get in everyone's way. There's people who live...

  • 3. Street Food & Festivals

    On a Sunday the Midtown stretch of Lexington Avenue is closed to traffic and it becomes a lively local street market. We stumbled across this by accident and were very pleased that we did so. Most...

  • 4. Smoking

    In case you haven't heard, NYC became smoke-free in 2003, meaning you cannot smoke indoors in any establishment. No matter what...monsoon, blizzard, scorching heat...if you want a smoke you have to...

  • 5. Homelessness

    One funny thing I have to mention were the reactions we received when we cleaned up after ourselves in smaller restaurants. In particular, was the first night we were in New York and we stopped at...

  • 6. Subway

    Metrocards act as your tickets for the subway. The are credit-card sized and fit into any wallet. They can be purchased in in vending machines in most every station. Machines accept cash, debit, and...

  • 7. Chinatown

    Buildings in NY have to have a fire escape according to the security code, and some of them are not only useful (we could debate whether they're also useful to thieves or not) but they make the...

  • 8. Central Park

    Welcome to Belvedere Castle! This place is a popular place for newly weds to have photographs taken. This is one of the many historical places to see in Central Park. It is beautiful and open to the...

  • 9. Driving & Parking

    Parking on the street here in manhattan can be confusing and difficult, with alternate side of the street rules in effect for different days of the week plus the parking meters don’t allow all-day...

  • 10. Coffee

    There are Starbucks coffeehouses pretty much at every corner in the city! It's not a rare occurrence to have two Starbucks facing each other, just to make sure New Yorkers don't have to cross the...

  • 11. Broadway & Shows offers discounts & deals on line. We just ordered 2:1 Broadway tickets for some of the cities major shows. I love here & there are itineraries, lists & info. galore. offers...

  • 12. Parades

    We happened to be in Coney Island on June 18, 2016, the day of the Mermaid Parade that officially marks the beginning of summer in the city, The first Mermaid Parade took place in 1983, and it has now...

  • 13. Halloween Parade

    It is one of NYC's biggest festivals drawing 2 million spectators and thousands of participants, a must see if you happen to be in NYC on Halloween's Eve. So colorful and creative are the costumes...

  • 14. Taxis

    Even after huge drops in the mid- and late 90's, the overall crime rate has continued to drop : New York has the lowest overall crime rate among U.S. cities with more than one million people. In 2003,...

  • 15. Street Performers

    Minding his own bidness (?) --------------------> Grab your guitar, you can play & sing along with the boys here - FUGs / "Dirty Ol' Man"

  • 16. Holiday Season

    I have always wanted to see New York City at Christmas and I am very happy it finally happened in 2009 when I took my wife there on her second trip to the city but her first as a US citizen. It is a...

  • 17. Metropolitan Museum of Art

    My trip to New York was the first time I had ventured on American soil and I had expectations for the people as well as the place. Several years earlier my dad had been on a business trip to Indiana...

  • 18. Street Vendors

    If you want food on the go that is good try a street vendor. It is often cheaper than what is served in many restaurants and healthier than fast food restaurants. Some vendors don't stay in the same...

  • 19. Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island

    Here is an amazing view of New York which you probably haven't seen before. This is one of the photos taken during an Air Show where the pilots do amazing acrobatics, formations, and generally taking...

  • 20. St Patrick's Day Parade

    I understand that the parade for St. Patrick's Day (March 17) is really BIG in NYC and something that both locals and tourists look forward to as it's an important tradition in town every year. The...

  • 21. Sales Tax

    In September of 2005, New York City permanently eliminated the city sales tax of 4% on clothing and footwear purchases under $110. In April of 2006, the state of New York followed suit and repealed...

  • 22. Dogs & Dogwalkers

    (work in progress) This rather incongruous photo was taken just by the entry to Battery Park and really caught my imagination. From what I could determine, the elegant mutt in question was a borzoi,...

  • 23. NYPD

    I wandering the streets of the East Village when I came across this little scene. There was a movie crew at work and lots of spectators. I decided to check out what was going on and found myself...

  • 24. Public Toilets

    Beautiful thing about Manhattan is that a free bathroom is never too far; being clean is another story Macys Lord N Taylor Barnes and Noble Home Depot Bed Bath and Beyond Grand Central...

  • 25. Ground Zero & 9/11

    Mid September '06 on another beautiful NY day there was a farmers market next to the Path station. Construction slowly continues(?) while birds fly over & take it all in. It's safe now to stand near...

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