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Whitney Museum of American Art Admission
"On May 1 2015 the Whitney Museum of American Art flicked on the lights and opened its doors at its new home in the Meatpacking District sandwiched between the Hudson River and High Line Park. It’s been a huge hit ever since. The 220000-square-foot (20000-square-meter) space designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano
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New York City Hop-on Hop-Off with One World Observatory Admission
"A hop-on hop-off New York bus tour allows you to see the city at your own pace and provides easy transportation to top sights. Entertaining tour guides keep you informed when you’re on board and you can hop off and on the distinctive double-decker tour buses when you wish to check out attractions like One World Observatory or 9/11 Tribute Center. Choose from the Downtown Loop or All Loops (includes the Uptown Loop Brooklyn Loop and Night Tour). Your reservation includes admission to One World Observatory - plus an upgrade option to visit the 9/11 Tribute Center.One World ObservatoryThere are a million things to experience in New York City but only one way to truly see them all. Start by ascending to the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere in less than sixty seconds then look toward the horizon and feel the city’s invincible spirit. Take in the iconic sights surrounding waters and panoramic views of the skyline and beyond. Explore three levels filled with innovation and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the bustling crossroads of the world at the See Forever Theater. Engage with City Pulse and our global amba
From $69.00
New York City Hop-on Hop-off Tour
"Enjoy pre-recorded tour narration in 11 different languages! In addition to live tour guides in English you can choose pre-recorded narration in English French Spanish German Italian Portuguese Mandarin
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Cafe Boulud Tips (6)

Cafe Boulud: A walk in the park, a dinner in the cafe

My final night in NYC, we went to Cafe Boulud after taking a stroll through Central Park. We arrived to a packed restaurant, but due to our large party size, we ended up in a room towards the back of the restaurant. Service was spectacular - they really took care of us, and our head waiter was willing to make accommodations and suggestions. As with the previous meals, we had multiple courses, and unlike the night before, I was able to hit all the right choices. We started with a mushroom soup with a truffle oil, which I devoured quickly. Having missed on the fish the night before, I played it a little safer and went with a piece of steak, which was done to perfection and just was an awesome piece of meat. I struggled on the dessert - molten chocolate cake or apple strudel with brandy ice cream. When I told the waiter I wish I could have the ice cream with the cake, he said no problem and made it happen. It was a great ending to a great meal. The walk back to the Grand Central Hyatt along Madison avenue was a great way to get the blood flowing again as well.

PinkFloydActuary's Profile Photo
Dec 31, 2011

Cafe Boulud: Guess who's coming to dinner?

How was I supposed to know this is one of Barbara Walters' favorite restaurants? Or that it is one of the hottest tables around? Well, I didn't. I stumbled in at lunch, and could hardly believe my luck. No waiting, and a table with a View! Turns out that Daniel Boulud, the head chef, comes from a family of chefs in France, and has now become Bon Appetit's honoree. He has put together a stunning menu in beautiful surroundings.

I just wouldn't try to eat dinner here...

Favorite Dish I had the Moroccan spiced duck, which was astonishing.

Bunsch's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Cafe Boulud: Upper East Side: Fine French Cafe Style

This restaurant is located between Madison and Fifth Avenues, right off Central Park. The first thing I noticed was they had about 6 tables on the sidewalk, which immeditaly suggested it was more casual than Daniel. Thats a good thing. Most of the men were in business suits as were the women. However, I wore jeans, a blazer, and some nice shoes which was appropriate according to the maitre d' whom I had spoken to on the phone while making my reservation. The ambiance in the room was basic, upscale, and neat.

As soon as I sat down, the server brought out a sample tablespoon of tuna tartare, that was delicious. Then another server came by with a basket of different breads: from mini baguettes to raisin filled wheat muffins.

As I was looking over the menu, I realized The menu, which changes frequently, is divided into four sections: La Tradition (classic country cooking), La Saison (seasonal dishes), Le Potager (vegetarian choices), and Le Voyage (world cuisine). The first appetizer arrived and my white asparagus with risotto was superb. Felt transported back to Paris eating this.

After ordering, my tiny entree came later, which was the lamb trio. The portions on both the appetizer and entree seemed unduly small, even by new york french restaurant standards. For example, there were like 5 teaspoon slices of lamb in my entree (along with two other types of lamb). I was still very hungry after eating both the appetizer and entree.

When the desserts arrived, they were so huge they were fit for a truck driver. Hmm....

Overall a good experience, but not a restaurant I will return to. With one glass of wine for two people, the total bill came with a 20% tip came to about $250.

Favorite Dish Ratings:

Zagats 2006: 27/30 food
New York Times: 3/4 stars
Michelin 2006: 1/3 stars

vtnyc's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Cafe Boulud: Nicest Service

What stuck me as special was the understated yet elegant ambience. The food was absolutely delicious - everything from salad to coffee was again perfect. There didn't seem anything that needed alteration, including the wonderful service. Then I noticed the really interesting crowd; again, understated elegance, but something that could be expected by Hollywood casting for a spectrum of ages and styles, but all absolutely perfect in understated but stylish dress and manners. The whole experience left me relaxed and happy. A great New York experience. Moderate (for NY) prices.

lopaki421's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011
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Cafe Boulud: French Bistro

The restaurant was packed when we got in. Although there were a lot of people, it didn't seem to look overcrowded, just enough to get the people to feel comfortable and happy. We were seated right away, although one of my friends was not there yet, so we could sit at the table, drinking some Kir Royale while waiting for her. The service was excellent and professional but friendly at the same time, it didn't seem to give any aura of pompousness which is typical in highly acclaimed restaurants in New York City. I was overwhelmed by the way the dishes are plated as well as the taste of the food. They are all well seasoned, although I would expect the menu items to be more exciting, since this restaurant belongs to Daniel Boulud, so I had a very high expectation coming into this restaurant.

Favorite Dish The menu items were divided into five sections, La Tradition (classic french), La Saison (seasonal), Le Potager (vegetarian), Le Voyage (fusion) and there is another one that I forgot what it was called, but it was a separate piece of paper and if I'm not mistaken, it's the summer specials menu. Some of the best dishes I tried was one of the summer menu, which was the lobster chowder and the porchetta, which was an italian inspired dish of pork cooked and stuffed back in its skin. The pea soup was great and fresh, although I thought season it a bit more with salt and pepper. The monkfish that I had was cooked to perfection, because it wasn't rubbery but tender and juicy. For desserts, we had the chocolate souffle, petit four and a chef's selection of cheeses. The cheses really blew me away, because actually none of us ordered the chese course, but because of a mistake, they gave that to us for free. It ended up to be one of the best things I had at the restaurant.

rosie_b's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Cafe Boulud: WOW

Wonderful place. Seems a bit plain at first but the food is wonderful. The prices are in the 30s for main courses and teens for the other courses. I thought the food was excellent and it made for quite the lunch date. It is supposed to be considered the second rate restaurant to Daniel but the food is anything but that.

Favorite Dish I had the Mushroom soup, the Med Rouget, and a pear tart. Fabulous food.

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Apr 04, 2011

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