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Katz's Deli Tips (46)

Katz's Deli: yes, ... Yes, .... YEESSS!!!!

My fave deli for BIG pastrami or corned beef sandwiches.
Two can get by on one sandwich they are so huge.Per the waitstaff (I agree): you shouldn't take it with you ... in other words, your sandwich is not nearly as good when reheated later, try & eat it all before you leave.Everyone has their fave NY Deli: Carnegie, 2nd Ave, etc.
Katz is my favorite for both taste and location,
and they stay open late (after 2am on weekends, see website). The sign out front says: - "Katz's, that's all"
per Alan Dell the owner:
“ This sign originated when Benny Katz hired the signmaker to make the sign,” Mr. Dell said. “The signmaker asked, ‘Well, what exactly do you want to have it say?’ and Benny said to the signmaker, ‘Katz’s, that’s all.’
Sure enough he painted that on the sign! ”Here's a good descriptive & current NYTimes piece on the Katz experience.

NOTE: TICKET ALERT - when you enter they give you a "theater ticket" that you must redeem when you exit ( they do this to minimize theft ). Hang on to your little yellow 'theater' admission ticket,
or you will have some esplanin' to do w/ the security guard on the way out.

Favorite Dish Hot Pastrami w mustard & horseradish.
If I shoot the moon, I start with chopped liver, a pastrami & egg salad sandwich, then cheesecake with either cherry or strawberry topping.

About $19 bucks for a sandwich & rootbeer (that's "tableservice" - it's a couple bucks cheaper if you get it yourself at the counter and sit at a middle table)

Probably $30+ for all the above, but it's enough for 2 and imo some of the best you'll ever eat.
Ess gesunt!

Here's the menu

davequ's Profile Photo
Oct 08, 2009

Katz’s Delicatessen: Send a salami …

In relatively recent years Katz has become famous as the place “where Harry met Sally” in the film, but its original claim to fame came during the Second World War when this Lower East Side deli established a mail-order business for its traditional meat products with the slogan “Send a salami to your boy in the army”. The slogan still appears on all their merchandise, staff uniforms etc, and has unfortunately acquired a new relevance in recent years, with a steady stream of salamis finding their way to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact Katz’s can truly claim to be that often over-used entity, a “New York institution”, dating back as it does to 1888. Whether its other claim, to be the best deli in the city, is quite so justifiable I’m less sure, but a meal here is certainly an experience and should certainly be on your New York itinerary.

We came for lunch and shared a Reuben sandwich (portions are very large), which with a couple of sodas cost us $11. To be honest it wasn’t the best Reuben either of us has ever had, by some way (and Chris considers himself to be a bit of a connoisseur of Reubens!) and the accompanying pickle was also a disappointment, but that’s not really the point. Coming to Katz’s is much more about the experience and the setting than it is about the food, and there’s no denying the setting is worth seeing. It’s also arguable that this is deli food as it was traditionally intended to be, and we’ve got too used to the more refined offerings at trendier joints!

Do check out the website, by the way. There’s an interesting history of Katz’s and a gallery of famous stars who have eaten here (a much more comprehensive gallery lines the walls of the restaurant). Look at the photo under the heading “… worth a 1,000 words” to see just how big a Katz’s sandwich can be!

toonsarah's Profile Photo
Nov 12, 2008

Katz's Deli: Pastrami on Rye!

Katz's Deli is a fabulous New York institution that dates back to 1888.

While it is not glamorous, it is one of those must go places in New York for lunch - but make sure you are hungry. Their pastrami on rye is HUGE!

Katz is also famous as being the location for "that" scene from 'When Harry Met Sally', and has also been used as a location for numerous other films.

The walls are lined with photos of the owner with the various celebrities that have dined here.

Favorite Dish Drop by for a pastrami on rye - I like it with mustard - YUM - you won't be disappointed!!

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Aug 16, 2004

Katz's Delicatessen: Sally's Orgasmic Pastrami Sandwich!

This deli circa 1888 is NYC history between two slices of rye. But before I brag about the food, let me explain the intimidating ordering process. When you first enter you will be handed a ticket while passing through a turn-style. You then head on over to the long counter and place your order. If you're ordering a sandwich, you will be given a small sample of the meat. Make sure you leave a tip in the cup and you might receive a few more slices in your sandwich. At this time the counterperson will ask for your ticket so he can write the price on it. Then slide down the counter to order drinks. When you are ready to leave, you must have your ticket when paying or they will not let you out. Now for the food. You're here for only 1 reason and that's the Pastrami on rye. Thick cut and house-cured, like no other pastrami you've ever had. The brisket and corned beef are also known for causing "orgasmic" (When Harry met Sally was filmed here) reactions. And wash it all down with a Dr. Browns Black Cherry soda.

sneaks2210's Profile Photo
Jun 03, 2009
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Katz's Deli: KATZ'S DELI - A Must Experience In New York

Founded in 1888, Katz's Deli is an institution and you have not really seen New York until you have tried it. Would you believe many New York residents have never even tried Katz's? We were in New York last November 2008 and we said we had to try this famous deli, made even famous by the film "When Harry Met Sally". The East Village is not exactly the most pleasant place to walk around in, especially at night, but the trip to Katz's is worth it. We came by 6 Train from the Bleecker St. station and walked a bit west on Houston St.. When we got in, the fellow at the door gave us one ticket each and we proceeded to the food counter. We ended up with one of the more "senior cutters" and I ordered a salami to-go. He gave us a choice of bread, pickles etc. and even made us try the salami before he made the sandwich. When he was done, boy was the sandwich big! The VT tip was right, it is made for 2 persons. While we were there, we decided to wander around the deli, looking at the photos. On the way out, we presented our ticket and the paid the cashier. Since everyone else took photos of the place, I decided to post the bag of my salami sandwich for a change.

Favorite Dish Since we were on the go, we ordered to-go so it had to be a cold sandwich. Otherwise I would have tried maybe the hot pastrami. Thus we settled for the salami sandwich and it's meat was twice as thick as the bread it was on. It was huge too, we split the sandwich and it was just right. But there is always another trip - next time it will be hot pastrami or hot dogs.

Dec 21, 2008

Katz's Deli: Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army

Katz's Deli, founded in 1888, is the New York Deli world's answer to the Hofbräuhaus -- crowded, touristy, and expensive. But, like the Hofbräuhaus, the product it serves is first-rate. Renowned for its preserved meats, particularly its pastrami, corned beef, and salami, Katz's made a name for itself in World War II because its hard salami was so resilient, it could actually be shipped to the troops. Hence the motto "send a salami to your boy in the Army" came into being. You can even ship a salami to the troops today if you want to -- check the website or ask at the counter for details.

Lots of celebrities have visited Katz's over the years -- from Bill Clinton to Sarah Jessica Parker. Then-Vice President Al Gore even brought Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin over for a bite. And probably the most famous visitors were the cast of "When Harry Met Sally." Yes, this was the place where Sally (Meg Ryan) filmed her famous "yes...yes...YES!" scene. The table she sat at is labeled, in case you want to re-live the movie. Want to have what she was having? According to the website, it was the brisket.

Favorite Dish I had to try the pastrami on rye. I have to say it was the tenderest pastrami I had ever eaten. I washed it down with a bottle of house seltzer. The sandwich is quite large, so it can easily be shared by two people. Since I was alone, I ordered it "to go," ate half at the deli, then brought the other half home.

When you enter the Deli, you will be greeted with a hearty "How Ya Doin'?" and handed a ticket. Whatever you do, don't lose the ticket, as this is where your bill will be totaled when you exit (lose your ticket, and you pay 50 bucks). As you order your food and drinks, hand your ticket to the server, and he/she will add the appropriate amount to your bill. Even if you don't order anything, your ticket is your exit check.

travelfrosch's Profile Photo
May 29, 2015

Katz's Delicatessen: I'll Have What She's Having - Katz's Deli

On New York City's Lower East Side, where Jewish pushcart peddlers once hawked their wares, is the deli to end all delis.
You don't go to Katz's Delicatessen for elegant décor. You don't go for the service. You definitely don't go if you're on a diet.

But if you're seeking authentic Jewish deli food that is truly New York, look no farther -- corned beef, pastrami, salami, and Nova Scotia Lox.

Katz's operates on an unusual system. To enter the restaurant, you pass through a turnstile and take what looks like a raffle ticket from the cashier. The food is served cafeteria-style; you stand in line and give your ticket to the cooks when you order. They'll punch the ticket and hand over your food. When you're finished, just hand your ticket to the cashier and he'll ring up the bill.
The atmosphere at Katz's Delicatessen is bright, bustling and no-nonsense.

The décor is old fashioned without being quaint: salamis hanging from the ceiling, promotional food signs (circa 1960, judging from the color scheme) and autographed pictures of celebrities. There are letters of appreciation from several U.S. Presidents who stopped by for a nosh when they were in the neighborhood. And John Glenn requested Katz's Pastrami before his ride on the Space Shuttle. A bit of trivia for movie buffs: Katz's Delicatessen is where they filmed the famous deli scene in When Harry Met Sally ("I'll have what she's having!)

Favorite Dish Corned Beef Sandwich, Saurkraut, and Potato Knish

Jun 28, 2003

Kat's Deli: for pastrami fans

Kat's Deli is a sort of legend of the Lower East Side, became famous during WW2 with the slogan "Send a salami" because, from there, girls could send a salami directly to their boyfriend at the Army. Actually I went there in August 1999 for the first time, because the most famous scene of "When Harry met Sally" was right here. Besides, my husband felt in love with their pastrami sandwich. It is a 10-inches-tall sandwich, so full of lovely sliced meat (beef), served with gurks and mustard (but I hate both of them, I prefer a plain pastrami, it's full of flavours standing alone). In July 2009 we came back, the place mantains its atmosphere (we recognize some waiters) but found it bloody expensive. For two pastrami sandwiches and two beers, we paid 48 usd!!!! And we waited at counter, so we had not paid the service. Moreover, we were short of cash, at the main cashier credit cards are not accepted, at the 2° cashier they were out of order....I took the risk to stay there and do the washing up! A draft bier costs 6 usd and a pastrami sandwich 14,95 usd. Don't leave NYC without trying Kat's Deli pastrami, but you can find cheaper bier.

Favorite Dish Pastrami sandwich is a legend; thanks to VT I had read the interesting story of it, brought to US by Jewish immigration, see

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Jul 17, 2009

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Katz' Deli: Good matzo ball soup.

I had matzo ball soup which I thought was pretty good, a good pastrami sandwich and an excellent creamy cheesecake. My friend had a brisket sandwich. Unfortunately it was full with many tourists, but is was fun observing everyone including a guy wearing a Hell's Angle leather jacket from Switzerland!

Favorite Dish The matzo ball soup. Nice and big, and soft, not like my mother's small canon balls!

stevewall's Profile Photo
Jan 19, 2010

Katz's Deli: Probably the best sandwich on EARTH !!!!!

Katz's deli open since the late 1800's has been in business for a reason ... IT IS AWESOME !!!!!!! The specialty is the pastrami with mustard on rye bread !!!! Such a simple sandwich, but you will not find a better one anywhere else on EARTH ... many argue the Carnegie Deli is better, but I don't believe so .... at least here you don't get the attitude. The staff here is friendly and will let you try the meats before they make your sandwich. Be warned ... CASH ONLY ..... as you enter you are given a ticket you then walk you walk up to the counter ... BE READY TO ORDER IF YOU STEP UP ....... if not stand to the side .... prices are NYC prices so don't be shocked ... Pastrami sandwich runs $14.95 plus $2.00 for a soda plus tax, your talking $20 easy ... BUT WELL WORTH IT ... and yes this is where they filmed "Where Harry meet Sally" and Yes there is a sign that shows you were Meg Ryan sat ... be warned also, come early because if you get late, the line goes out to the street ......

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2012

Katz's Deli: Melt in my mouth harden my arteries heart attack

I wanted to go here even tho I felt guilty for being attracted to what I thought might be a touristy version of my pastrami dreams. It was wonderful. The pastrami was steamy, and had the perfect amount of melt in your mouth fat bordering the meat. The homemade pickles were awesome. It's crowded, but the security guy streamlines the entry and ordering process. They let you munch on a sample while they make your sandwich. The meat is cut to serve. It has a great atmosphere. It's expensive for a sandwich, but one sandwich fed two of us to satisfaction.

Gatorsnakebirdbugluv's Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2014

Katz's Deli: Dont Miss it

It was a sunny day in New York. Having sometime to spare. An idea crossed my mind since I am in New York why not try some of the locals eats . No not the pricey Nobu restaurant , AOC Bedford or a Peter Luger Steak house (this one I had to try another time). I simply wanted a sandwich. So I headed to Lower East side Manhattan using the subway. I came in about late afternoon the crowd was not bad sometimes lines form for a 30 minute wait just to get in. I was issued my ticket (Don’t lose your ticket) before heading the ordering counter. The place was old since 1888 but it was clean and still has that spark in the air. So I lined up at the self service counter. I order the classic corned beef on rye. Their corned beef is supposed to have been cured for a month before serving. They cut a small portion for you to taste while they go about making your order. When I tasted my sample. The beef was tender and full of flavor. It was as of now the best corned beef I ever tasted. I eagerly awaited my sandwich. My Sandwich was humongous about 5 to 6 inches thick along with it came a small plate of home made pickles and Dr. Brown’s Cherry Soda. The sandwich was good enough for 2 people luckily I can eat for 2 people hahahahahah.

Meg I saw the pictures of famous people who ate at Katz from Harry Houdini to Meg Ryan. To those movie buffs yes this is where they filmed the movie “When Harry met Sally’. The spot where Meg Ryan faked an orgasm I sat beside it. Sorry no Meg Ryan that day. The sandwich was a lot but it simply so good you really want to finish it with the Cherry soda washing it down. But Alas I simply had to take home half of it. Burp. Anyways if you have the chance to be in New York I suggest you drop by Katz’s Deli trust me it’s worth the trip.

Favorite Dish Corned Beef on Rye ...simply perfect

gagarcia's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2006

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Getting to Katz's Deli


205 E. Houston, NYC 10002


  • Sunday 12:00 to 22:45
  • Monday 08:00 to 22:45
  • Tuesday 08:00 to 22:45
  • Wednesday 08:00 to 22:45
  • Thursday 08:00 to 02:45
  • Friday 08:00 to 23:59
  • Saturday 00:00 to 23:59