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Rosa Mexicano Tips (7)

Rosa Mexicano: Fine Mexican

absolutely wonderful place! Guacamole is to die for. Children-friendly, but they handle it soooo well, you don't even notice!

Favorite Dish Budín Azteca (Layered tortilla pie with shredded chicken, Chihuahua cheese and poblano chile sauce.)

Mole Poblano (Classic brown mole made with 21 ingredients)

Apr 04, 2011

Rosa Mexicano: nice place to hang out after the theater

After the ballet show, a small group of us headed towards Rosa Mexicano for guacamole and drinks. The place is very nice and at about 6pm on a Saturday, was full (at least in the restaurant area), but we were ok sitting by the bar and we found 3 stools.

A water wall will welcome you as you go to the maitre d' and wait to be seated. The rest of the walls had rose petals in their decoration, with some wood-like lamps, very modern and chic! I had fun seeing the waiter prepare their guacamole. The guacamole portions are big.

Favorite Dish I only had a beer because I was on my way to have dinner.

marielexoteria's Profile Photo
Feb 02, 2010

Rosa Mexicano: For the best guacamole and desserts

This was the very 1st restaurant in Manhattan that we went to on Christmas Day 2006. Though it's already past 9.30pm, the place is packed and many people are still at the bar and have not started dinner. I was told that New Yorkers eat very late.

Ambience is very cosy with warm lights. We sat next to a water wall made of iridescent blue glass tiles with cliff diver figurines swooping down the whole wall.

Food was wonderful especially the Guacamole en Molcajete, made in a traditional lava-rock mortar. It is prepared by our tableside and served with housemade chips and warm corn tortillas.

Rosa Mexicano warrants a 2nd visit which we did towards the end of my visit!

Favorite Dish Guacamole (I could not stop eating this yummy appetiser. Good thing it's a healthy dish!)
= US$14.00 per order

Tres Leches de la Casa - this is a meringue-covered three milk cake with lime natilla and mango salsa (see picture below. It tastes as divine as it looks!)
= US$8.00

Restless-in-kl's Profile Photo
Aug 03, 2007

Rosa Mexicana: Definitely Go For Great Margaritas!

This place is definitely great for the atmosphere, it has a really cool design. Also for the frozen margaritas, completely natural flavor and not wimpy ones. And let me not forget the guacamole that they make right in front of you and serve with fresh salsa and chips. Unfortunately the other items that we had were not exciting or memorable at all.

If you go here for sure get some margaritas and guacamole!

Favorite Dish Guacamole!

ctorres1979's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2006
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Rosa Mexicana: The Best Mexican in NY

There are two locations for this Top Choice for Mexican in New York City: Upper East side (the oldest and my personal fav), the Upper West Side. Don't go here expecting traditional tex-mex, like you get so often in this country. This is the real deal, served up in a beautifully-decorated dining room and (usually) friendly staff.

Favorite Dish Start with a signature frozen pomegranate margarita and some terrific tableside-made guacamole en Molcajete. Try a bit of the ceviche de dorado appetizer, but save room for the succulent salmon al guajillo with mashed boniatos, or the puerco an Manchamanteles for a main course. Frankly, you cannot go wrong here. Enjoy!

kucha's Profile Photo
Jul 10, 2006

Rosa Mexicano: Best Mexican on a splurge: Rosa Mexicano

Right across from Lincoln Center, Rosa Mexicano is upscale, expensive, crowded with opera-going, designer-wearing dyed-hair cell-phone yabbering people...

BUT the food is great. It's worth the expense to check this place out.

Favorite Dish Just to whet your appetite and give you an example of the quality of food: when you order a guacamole and chips appetizer: the waiter brings a rolling cart over, cuts an avocado or two in half, takes a mortar and pestle and mixes the avocado, fresh cilantro, and other goodies right then and there. It's served in a wooden bowl surrounded by freshly made multicolored tortilla chips.

jglsongs's Profile Photo
Jan 23, 2004

Rosa Mexicano (Lincoln Center): sophisticated mexican

Classic mexican updated and contemporary mexican dishes. David Rcokwell designed the interior. It is a blaze of colors - mexican moderism. It's located across from Lincoln Center

Favorite Dish Specials change weekly. Duck with a blueberry mole - quail stuffed with dried fruits in a pine nut mole. The sopa de tortilla is wonderfully psicy yet all the elements retain their distinct flavors and textures. The margaritas are well done.

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Aug 21, 2003

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