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Lower Manhattan Tour: Wall Street and 911 Memorial
"Meet your guide in the Financial District to learn about the early history of NYC the early Dutch settlement and the transformation into today’s financial capital. It was like the Wild West a trading outpost on the outskirts of the law where guns and ammunition were traded in exchange for beaver pelts from the Native Americans. You will see financial and historical landmarks such as Wall Street the New York Stock Exchange House of Morgan the Charging Bull as well as go inside Federal Hall and Trinity Church.At the New York Stock Exchange building
From $35.00
Private Brooklyn Bridge Guided Walking Tour
"New York City began in lower Manhattan as the Dutch colony town of Nieuw Amsterdam in 1626. It grew from the Battery Park area a quarter-mile north to what is now Wall Street. Taken over by the British in 1664 New York then grew beyond ‘the wall’ northward eventually taking over the entire 17km (13 mile) island.Once the hub of New York’s maritime trading empire the tour begins and ends in historic South Street Seaport. You will touch an artifact that was created at the start of the American Revolution. Plus enjoy great views of the Statue of Liberty
From $199.00
Private Tour of the Financial District and 9/11 Memorial
"At the National 9/11 Memorial your tour guide will give you a history of the World Trade Center the events of 9/11 and explain The Memorial design. They will share poignant 9/11 stories of two heroes and take you to their spots on the wall.Your tour will include but not be limited to the following:Battery Park Spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Staten Island and New York Harbor East Coast Memorial Castle Clinton Merchant Marine Memorial The Sphere City Pier A Lower BroadwayAlexander Hamilton Custom House The Chargin your guide also has a hotspot installed on their mobile device so your tour comes with free Wi-Fi too!This is a walking tour conducted all outdoors. Tour will occur tour rain or shine. If transit is needed we take the NYC Subway system. Publ which is free and open to the public. This tour does not include the 9/11 Museum
From $250.00

Wall Street Tips (110)

Big Boy!

The "charging bull" of Wall Street is quite a sight.

It sits in the middle of Broadway, just down from Wall Street.

This huge bronzed bull first appeared in 1989 and is now a favourite for tourists (like me!!)

Rumour has it that if you rub it's testicles you will have good luck in the stock market!!


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Sep 23, 2004

Home to the NYSE and more!

One thing I wanted to do on this second trip to New York City was to walk around the Wall Street area, preferably on a week day to see one of the world’s biggest financial districts in action. We left our hotel early on a Friday morning and got to the corner of Broad St. and Wall St. just in time to see thousands of people on their way to work, many wearing a business suit with running shoes, a coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other. It sure was an interesting experience! We walked around the area for a while and managed to locate some of its most significant buildings, including the New York Stock Exchange, housed in a beautiful neoclassical building, the humongous Federal Reserve Bank, Federal Hall (where George Washington's inauguration as the first President of the United States occurred in 1789), and of course we made the quick detour by Bowling Green to take a picture of the "Charging Bull" sculpture by Arturo Di Modica (and no, we did not molest it as so many people seem to have done judging by how shiny some of the bull's "parts" are!!!).

Another thing I found quite fascinating about NYC's financial district was to see how some historic buildings have managed to survive in the middle of all the modern skyscrapers. Fraunces Tavern, dating back to 1719, is perhaps the best-known example of 18th century architecture in the financial district but there are other examples, such as the shrine dedicated to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American-born saint, which includes a building dating back to 1793 that was once a Christian mission for female Irish immigrants.

Jefie's Profile Photo
Apr 26, 2010

South and Wall St Architecture

Architects from other parts of the country likely salivate when they see NYC.
So many interesting and different building designs from different periods of city history.

When the light is right in the afternoon on some of the older / non-skyscraper buidings in financial district, I thought the effect was stunning at times.

Great buildings in South Wall Street area, but they're all over town.

I liked the Hunter bldg uptown also.

davequ's Profile Photo
Oct 05, 2006

Bring On The Bulls...

Wall Street was the first permanent home of the New York Stock Exchange. Located in lower Manhattan it runs east from Broadway to South Street through the center of the financial district. The architecturally interesting NYSE building (with its elaborate marble facade) is located at the intersection of Broad and Wall Streets. Many other US stock and other exchanges are headquarted on Wall Street including the NASDAQ.

The Federal Reserve Bank of NY is also located in the financial district. The bank has a gold vault 80 feet beneath the street. This depository is the largest in the world, larger even than Fort Knox.

There are some very nice buildings in the Financial District and Trinity Church can be seen from Wall Street. Make sure to visit the Charging Bull (also known as the Wall Street Bull) in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street. He was created and installed following the 1987 stock market crash as a symbol of the strength and power of the American people.

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Aug 01, 2011
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Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange

Wall Street, home to the New York Stock Exchange, is where America made its first audacious architectural assertions, as there are many great buildings here by grand old banks and businesses. Wall Street itself took its name from a small wooden defense wall the Dutch built in 1653 to mark the northern limit of New Amsterdam.

Commerce has always been the backbone of New York City's prosperity. In 1792, 24 brokers signed an agreement only to deal with eachother, and the NYSE was born. Membership is strictly limited - in 1817 a seat cost $ 25, today it's over 2 million dollars. There are 17 trading posts which each consist of 22 sections of traders and technology, each trading the stock of up to 10 listed companies.

The most severe "crashes" of the NYSE were "Black Friday" - the gold crash of 24 September 1869, the Wall Street crash of 29 October 1929 which marked the start of the Great Depression, and 19 October 1987 - "Black Monday" - when the Dow Jones index dropped 508 points.

The public viewing gallery has been closed since the 2001 terrorist attacks on Manhattan, but it's really worthwile to take a stroll along Wall Street and the surrounding area. Enjoy the wonderful architecture, some of the other landmarks nearby, and watch besuited brokers march up and down Broad Street, glowing with confidence and trying to look very, very important.

Christophe_Ons's Profile Photo
Apr 08, 2004

Too much scaffolding!

Charles really wanted to go to Wall Street and of course being such a famous area I didnt refuse! Everything in that area is very close to eachother so its all in walking distance, no need to get on and off the subway, especially with the wonderful weather we were having. If you DO decide to subway it however, the Wall Street stop is on lines 4 and 5 or line 2 and 3. We were at the WTC and so it was just a short walk from there and would have been more time consuming to have gone back on the subway as we would have had to change lines a few times.Im writing these tips in order of how we covered the city so when I say it was just a short walk away, I mean from the previous site we were may of course decide to do it a different route!

So we arrived and there were American flags everywhere and lots of Chritsmas lights, but WAY too much scaffolding...not good for photos...! Unfortunately you can no longer go into the New York Stock Exchange so we just had to take photos from the outside. A quick walk around the Financial District, and then we were off to our next place! Read on to find out where!!!!!

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Feb 05, 2006

Gordon Gekko would be proud of this one...

Arturo DeModica was responsible for this ststue that almost seems to be moving, it is now located at Broadway and Front Street very near to Wall Street.

I quite like the fact (as far as I can discover) that the statue was originally put up without the appropriate paperwork and red tape by the artist outside the stock exchange.

The New York Authorities initially reacted by carting the statue off to the local police compound. Local pressure resulted in the authouriesfinding an appropriate location for this addition to the streetscape.

Perhaps in these more difficult times it should be balanced with statue of a giant bear.

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Jul 11, 2004

Federal Hall National Memorial

At present (2005) closed for reconstruction, Federal Hall is one of New York's finest Greek revival buildings. Built in 1842 on the same site as the former British City Hall (wherein Congress once met and George Washington took his oath of office in 1789), this building actually came after those events. The statue of Washington came long afterwards in 1883. Inside (when the building is again open to the public) there are many historical exhibits, including treasury displays when this building served as a custom house (before becoming a memorial). Free admission.

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Apr 09, 2005

Top 5 New York City Writers

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"NYC: Everyday, Something new."
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"I Heart New York."
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""I want to be a part of it ...""
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". : New York City : ."
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walking in the heart of kapitalism is for free :)

Ok, Wall Street (pic 1) is famous around the world as the heart of the financial district in NY but that doesn’t mean it’s something good to see especially when its full of tourists. The story behind the name is interesting though. In 1653 a defensive wall was built there as the north border of New Amsterdam so the Indians to be outside! What I like most was the ironic image of a church that overlooks the famous Wall street.

It’s the Trinity church(pic 2) that is located at the intersection of Broadway avenue and Wall street. It was built in 1846 by Richard Upjohn in gothic style but there was an older Trinity church that was burnt out of the great fire in 1766. Next to the church is the Trinity building a gothic skyscraper that was built in the early 20th century.

Then we walked for a while at the confusing small streets around there and we noticed many churches, some big but old skyscrapers (again!) and some interesting sculptures like the four trees (pic 3) a black and white sculpture made by Jean Dubuffet in 1969. It’s located at the Chase Manhattan Bank Plaza, off Pine street and is made of synthetic plastic..

We took some photos of buildings like the Federal Hall (pic 4) at 26 Wall street or the New York Stock Exhange (pic 5) at 8 Broad street (closed for the public) and it was very funny to see all the visitors with the cameras at hand and the at the same time all the businessmen trying to smoke a cigarette before returning to their relaxing work, you know that money swapping thing :) It was time for a walk at the Battery Park.

Battery Park is one of the popular parks in NY located at Lower Manhattan. Along the waterfront you can take the ferry for the Statue of Liberty, a watertaxi or the ferry for the Statten Island. The green area was very useful because of the hot sun above us. There are some sculptures like Fritz Koenig’s The Sphere that was once at the World Trade Center’s plaza.

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Jul 27, 2008

Charging Bull

We were walking down Wall Street from Trinity Church and turned up Broadway (I think that's how it happened) and came upon this 7000 pound bull from the rear. They say that it was delivered in front of the New York Stock Exchange in 1989 and later moved to Bowling Green. I can't imagine the place without it now. I heard that the bull was supposed to have been put up for sale in 2004 (although kept where it is), but I didn't hear if anyone bought it.

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Feb 06, 2005

Big Bull

If you go to Battery Park or The Statue of Liberty, it is well worth walking back via Wall Street which is only a couple of minutes away. Although I didn’t have much time here, it was worth stopping off to get a glimpse of the massive Wall Street Bull which can apparently be rubbed for luck.

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Jun 19, 2006

Where Fortunes are made and lost!

Wall Street; this was just a short walk away in the area known as the Financial District. Everybody in the world must surely have heard of this most famous street, where so much of the global economy can be strengthened, or weakened, depending on the thinking of the high flying whiz kids working on the stock exchange market here.
The road containing the stock exchange was cordoned off by a strong police presence, but it was still possible to get very close and take some pictures.

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Aug 14, 2003

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New York Stock Exchange

The floor of the New York Stock Exchange at 68 Wall Street is what made Wall Street the economic powerhouse that it is. The frantic hands trading at a million dollars a second, the exalted faces of...
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Castle Clinton National Monument

Castle Clinton is a round, sandstone fortress in Battery Park, and is the ticket purchase and departure point for ferries to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Islands. Originally built to be a fort for...
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Federal Hall National Memorial

Federal Hall served as the first Capital of the US after the war. George Washington was sworn in here as the first president in 1789. That capital building no longer exists, the current was built as a...
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Trinity Church

Trinity Church was meant to be a personal highlight of my visit to New York. I've always wanted to see it: This little old Anglican church, looking like something plucked from a quiet English village,...
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National Museum of the American Indian

This branch of the Smithsonian is set in the old Customs House by battery park in lower Manhattan. Entry is free and they have a small but very nice display of native artifacts from across the...
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Bowling Green

Hello Suzanne, NYC is a great place to visit during the holiday season. As a New Yorker I found it very expensive visiting attraction so I decided to work on a site, on what I think the must see...
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