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John F. Kennedy Tips (96)

JFK, La Guardia and Newark

New York has 3 international airports (JFK, La Guardia and Newark) and is an average 8.5 hours flying time from Western Europe. All 3 are connected to central Manhattan and there are few ways for getting there: taking a taxi, subway, bus, train, helicopter or water shuttle.
I actually took taxi or car service from each one of them, even in NY traffic it's still more efficient (especially with the bags) and not that much more expensive than train.
A car service from Newark to Dumbo costs $100, from JFK to Dumbo - $75, from La Guardia to Dumbo - $30. I used Promenade Car Service: tel, 212 587 1616 or 718 858 6666.

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Aug 24, 2007

Van Taxi

I took advantage of the wagons that transport passengers to all over New York from the Airport. It is reasonably prices and if you are the last one dropped off, then you get to see the most of New York for free. I did that, as I asked the driver to drop me off last and I kept him occupied by firing questions as soon as I saw a new sight!!! Well worth it!!!

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Aug 16, 2007

Taxi from NYC to JFK

Taking a cab from the airport (JFK) to the city is definitely the most convenient option. Since my arrival and departure times to and from the city were very early in the morning (around 6 AM each way), I was advised that the subway might not be the safest route. I'm used to traveling alone with large bags, but I decided to take the advice of my friend that lives there. The flat rate from Manhattan to the airport (and vice versa) is $45 plus a toll, ... altogether, with tip, around $50-60 depending on how much you like to tip. I think it decreases the travel time, as well.
Had I arrived /departed at a later hour, I definitely would have taken the subway instead. It's very easy to get around New York that way. I guess the $100 was a little insurance!
You should note: One cannot arrange for a cab pickup in Manhattan, instead, you just have to grab one whenever you see one. This is fine at the airport and in front of large hotels. They are always lined up, no matter how early/late, and they are easy to catch.
Getting a cab around rush hour, however, is quite different... and sometimes it might be about the same amount of time to walk/run if you're in a hurry!

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Aug 09, 2007

Transportation from JFK

There are several methods and different price points to get to NYC from JFK International airport.

The quickest and easiest mode of transportation is to take a taxi. Once you exit the airport terminal, you will see a taxi line formed with a person directing people into taxis. The fee into Manhattan is $45 flat rate (tip not included). If you are traveling with more than one person, this might be the easiest way to travel and not as cost prohibitive if you can share the cost.

There are also bus companies that provide transportation to midtown Manhattan (drop off/pick up is across the street from Grand Central Terminal). I believe the cost is around $15. It takes a little bit longer, as the bus picks passengers up at each terminal in the airport. The bus also runs on a schedule. However, if you are not in a rush, it certainly is cheaper than taking a taxi and leaves you centrally located in midtown.

Another alternative is to take the new airtrain from JFK to the subway. Follow the signs in the airport for the AirTrain and for $5.00 plus $2.00 for a MetroCard, this is definitely the most economical way to get into the city. You can connect to the A or E trains at Jamaica Station or you can walk a few blocks to the F train. These trains run quite frequently and are express to a certain degree, so it should only take 45 minutes to get to midtown Manhattan. If you are carrying a lot of luggage, be cautioned, as the trains can be very crowded during certain times of the day. This is the only downfall of choosing this method of transport, especially after a long day of flying. You will have to drag all of your luggage through the subway stations (possibly including flights of stairs) and then on to your final destination once you depart the subway.

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Jul 24, 2007
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Staff at JFK

I arrived at Terminal 9 on an American Airlines flight from San Francisco as the final leg of my round the world trip...never have I encountered such rude, obnoxious, unhelpful staff at JFK airport - when enquiring about a shuttle bus, I gave the details to the member of staff behind the enquiries counter who in barked at me whether I 'had a voucher'. I politely gave him the details of where I wanted to go and was told - 'you want me to read it to you? you can't read'?! I told him I could, but he obviously couldn' much for customer service.
I ended up getting a yellow cab (after avoiding the touts) and ended up paying 45 dollars (plus toll and tip of course) to Manhattan.

We caught a shuttle bus back to the airport and the driver took 2 hours to get there - also rude and unhelpful - took two hours from the Upper East Side and when asked how long it would take to get there grunted 'you'll get there!'

Be wary!

Jun 10, 2007

Air Tran to JFK

Best and convenient way to get to JFK from Manhattan is to take the LIRR from Penn Station, sometimes just one stop, 20 minutes to Jamaica Station. The fare is $5off peak/$7 peak. From there you can take the Air Tran to JFK terminals $5
Operates at all hours. Very convenient.

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May 05, 2007

To JFK Part 2

At the Howard Beach station
The train stops at Howard Beach every 5 to 10 minutes during rush hours and every 15 to 20 minutes evenings and weekends. AirTrain stops at Howard Beach every 4 to 10 minutes. Most subway lines connect to the train. Just be sure you take the marked "Far Rockaway," NOT "Lefferts Boulevard." It's about a 12-minute ride from the Howard Beach station to the airport.

At the Sutphin Boulevard station in Jamaica
trains all stop at the Sutphin Boulevard station where you connect to the AirTrain Jamaica Stop. trains run every 5 to 10 minutes during rush hours and 8 to 12 minutes evenings and weekends. AirTrain travels to the airport from Jamaica every 4 to 10 minutes and the trip takes no longer than 12 minutes.
At LIRR Jamaica Station
There is an in-station link to the AirTrain platform — AirTrain travels to the airport from Jamaica every 4 to 10 minutes. The AirTrain ride takes about 12 minutes. The AirTrain is connected to the Railroad's hub by escalators, elevators, people movers and an overhead mezzanine bridge.

Sample Travel Times and Costs
(using full $2 subway fare and $5 AirTrain fee)
To JFK Total Cost Time
at 53 St/Lex Av station via Jamaica $7 50 min.
at Fulton St station via Howard Beach $7 1 hr. 5 min.
at West 4 St station via Jamaica $7 1 hr. 5 min.
at Jay St station via Howard Beach $7 55 min.

Long Island Rail Road
Penn Station to Jamaica via LIRR express train $12* 35 min.

Save money on weekend travel to Jamaica by using CityTicket. CityTicket costs just $3.00 for Long Island Rail Road travel that begins and ends in New York City (excluding travel to or from Shea Stadium, Belmont Raceway or Far Rockaway), then transfer to AirTrain at Jamaica Station. See CityTicket for more information.

*$7 peak time LIRR fare and $5 AirTrain fee.

For more AirTrain information, call 877-JFK-AirTrain or log on to

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Apr 28, 2007

Transportation from Manhattan to JFK and Back

Make the connection.
By Subway:
to Sutphin Blvd
to Howard Beach
By Rail:
LIRR to Jamaica

The subway or the Long Island Rail Road and AirTrain are the new, fast, economical ways to JFK International Airport.
AirTrain is a light-rail system that links the Howard Beach and the Sutphin Boulevard subway stations, and LIRR's Jamaica Station directly to JFK. It takes about an hour from most parts of the city, and about 15 minutes from LIRR's Jamaica Station — with no traffic or parking worries ever.

And just like the subway, AirTrain runs 24/7.

AirTrain stations are fully enclosed, heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. They feature wide escalators and glass enclosed elevators. Transfers between the subway and AirTrain at Howard Beach and between the Long Island Rail Road and AirTrain at Jamaica are ADA-compliant; the transfer between the Sutphin Boulevard subway station and the Jamaica AirTrain station will be ADA-compliant when construction is completed later this year. At the airport, convenient moving walkways take you and your luggage to any one of nine connecting airline terminals.

On weekends, you can use CityTicket to save money and speed your trip to or from JFK Airport. Use the $3 CityTicket for Long Island Rail Road travel to or from Jamaica Station for travel within New York City for your AirTrain connection.

The Fare
Travel to and from JFK via AirTrain is $5 each way. Children under 5 ride free. You pay the fare with Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard at either the Sutphin Boulevard or Howard Beach station (unlimited ride cards are not accepted for AirTrain).

Be sure you add additional money to your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard to cover the cost for the subway and AirTrain.

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Apr 28, 2007

Top 5 New York City Writers

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I found JFK surprisingly difficult to get around when I got off my flight from San Diego. No signs anywhere to the train or anything like that.

Actually getting to the airport from Manhattan was fine, it is a long old journey though by the time you get on in Manhattan, change at Jamaica Station in Queens, get the ticket for the Airport bullet train ($5) and then watch out for your terminal.... so you really NEED to know what terminal you're going to, otherwise you will waste valuable time.

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Dec 05, 2006


JFK is where most international travelers and a decent share of domestic ones will arrive.

It is a multi-terminal airport with the airtrain linking the nine of them in six stops. Terminals two and three, five and six and also eight and nine are shared stops.

The major international terminals are one and four although international flights leave from nearly all. Depending upon airline of course.

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Jun 04, 2006

Getting To and From the Airport

To get from the airport into Manhattan, plan ahead: figure out exactly where you're going and the best wya for you to get there before you deplane. The return trip to the airport should be a cinch: use the bus services mentioned above, call that limo service again, take the Air Shuttle to JFK, or pull your bags to the cub and hail a cab.

There are two major airports in New York City, both in Queens: John F. Kennedy International Airport, the bigger and grimier of the two, and LaGuardia Airport, which is closer to Manhattan. From midtown Manhattan, it's about 15 miles to JFK Airport and around 5 miles to LaGuardia. Be prepared to spend an hour or MORE to get from either airport into mid-Manhattan. Newark International Airport in New Jersey is actually closer to some parts of Manhattan than either New York City airport and the journey takes around 30 minutes.

GOOD NEWS: AirTrain JFK: My new favorite transport option is AirTrain JFK, which connects all the terminals of JKF Airport to the MTA Long Island RailRoad (LIRR). Connecting to and from JFK costs $5 each way. You can reach AirTrain via the LIRR at Jamaica Station. The LIRR runs between Manhattan's Penn Station and Jamaica several times a day; the LIRR trip costs $12 one way and lasts 35 minutes. This is a relatively inexpensive, relatively quick (no worry about rush horu traffic), and reliable method of transport.

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Jun 03, 2006

Cheap way to JFK and back in the city

Take the subway lines E, J and Z to "Sutphin Blvd" or A to "Howard Beach" or the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to "Jamaica".

Then you have to switch into the AirTrainAirTrain (runs 24/7) that links the Howard Beach and the Sutphin Boulevard subway stations, and LIRR's Jamaica Station directly to JFK. It takes about an hour from most parts of the city, and about 15 minutes from LIRR's Jamaica Station ? with no traffic or parking worries ever.

The subway or the Long Island Rail Road and AirTrain are the new, fast, economical ways to JFK International Airport.

The Fare: Travel to and from JFK via AirTrain is $5 each way. (Subway fare is about 22 dollars for a weekly card that allows to ride a whole week by subway and bus.)

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Apr 17, 2006

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