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Brooklyn Bridge Guided Bike Tour
"This 2-hour tour takes you up in the air above New York City! The entire New York Harbor will be visible including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Staten Island the port of Brooklyn and several miles of the New Jersey coastline. Descend into Brooklyn seeing NYC’s Financial District from across the river followed by historic houses of Brooklyn Heights. You will return over the bridge
From $49.00
New York City Luxury Bus Tour and Harbor Cruise
"Your experience will begin by boarding a state-of-the-art luxury vehicle. You will be greeted by a licensed professional NYC tour guide and start your adventure to get to know the city of New York.During the tour you will find out information abo the Metropolitan Museum of Art Grand Central Terminal Madison Square Park Wall Street the 9/11 Memorial and more. Continue your experience on a 1-hour guided sightseeing cruise of New York Harbor. Take in the city's most amazing views as you admire the famous Manhattan skyline passing iconic New York attractions including the Statue of Liberty
From $109.00
Viator VIP: NYC Night Helicopter Flight and Statue of Liberty Cruise
"Your adventure begins at the Downtown Heliport at Pier 6 when you board a luxury helicopter for a 15-minute helicopter flight. Your helicopter flight takes place after dark offering you views of the magnificent New York skyline lit up at night. Listen to your friendly pilot share fascinating facts and anecdotes as you spot some of the city's most famous sights. Marvel at sensational views of the Brooklyn Bridge and World Financial Center Chelsea Piers Time Warner Center and Ground Zero as well as New Jersey attractions such as the Goldman Sachs Tower Colgate Clock and Liberty State Park. After your helicopter ride
From $249.00

Subway Tips (33)

Dirty, old but very convenient

First time in NY City - love it. The subway is the most convenient way to get around New York city - extremely convenient. The negative side - it is VERY OLD subway, (do they know the world of upgrade). The subway is dirty,
(do they clean and wash?) smelly and the tiles are like in the 1900? Dark and creepy. Hot in the summer, no air condition until you are in the train. New York subway looks like Eastern Bloc - some of the Exit entrance/depart is still creaking
with the 1920s oval shape go around animal cage, rusty, iron rod. Totally filthy subway - can put the mayor of New York into shame.
Will they ever upgrade? I wonder. However, the subway is very convenient to get around places in New York city.

Junglehike's Profile Photo
Jul 06, 2016

New York with a Toddler

New York is a great place for kids, even small ones. My son was in love with all the noises and sights. He couldn't wait to get moving every morning. He loved Times Square in particular. It's generally an ok place to get around. The museums, shops, hotels and restaurants all have elevators and are usually quite child friendly. People are kind, and even the famously stone faced New Yorkers melted whenever our son was nearby.

The one black mark however is the metro system. New Yorkers must be used to it because they are careful to carry their children or have them in lightweight, easily foldable pushchairs. Because if you have a big stroller, a must for anyone with a child under six months, you are going to be in big trouble on public transport because they will insist that you fold that thing up and carry your baby, and all your baby life support equipment (nappies, milk bottles, etc.) with you onto the bus or train.

I know the subways can get really crowded at rush hour and big prams take up a lot of space, but we were careful to travel outside of these times and still the rule was enforced. And on the subway you just cannot go through with a pushchair - you had to go through the normal turn styles. Our son got scared by all the commotion and absolutely refused to walk through it. This caused far more trouble for the other passengers than allowing us through to an almost empty train.

On the PATH trains it is a different story, with child access through the same wide doors as the disabled use. Although like the subway not many of the stations have elevators and they are often confusingly signposted. Buses are just plain child unfriendly.

antistar's Profile Photo
Jun 04, 2013


I lived here for the past 13 years. Subway is the best way to get around the city in a rush hour and going for longer distance. I NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS. Don't be a stupid tourist. Also can you all just act normal??? What's up with backpacks turned around so the bag is actually on your stomach. you scream "mug me". People will harass you just for fun, just to scare you because you look stupid. come, enjoy, go about your business and ignore the rest. Also don't stare at strange people. They are everywhere. What you are doing is actually being confrontational. That's how your stares are read here. So again, get your pass, hop aboard and enjoy the ride.

Apr 11, 2013

Subway stations are dirty, badly designed bunkers

(work in progress)
Living in a city where public transport coverage leaves a lot to be desired, I am a huge fan of metro train systems. However, I have to say that of all the metro systems that I’ve been privileged to use, the New York subway is probably my least favourite. Granted, it’s affordable, safe and gives fairly good coverage in what is a vast city, but it’s hard to get any more enthusiastic about it because it has so many undesirable characteristics compared to its peers in other major cities.

Firstly the design of subway stations is claustrophobic and would be classified as being frankly hideous even by the lowest standards of brutalist architecture in the former Eastern Bloc. I accept that metro systems are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be downright ugly - by way of stark comparison, consider some of the lavish stations on the Moscow underground - and the fact that they aren’t all that clean does nothing to mitigate their lack of aesthetic appeal. Put bluntly, New York subway stations are little more than badly designed and increasingly decrepit concrete bunkers, so if you go with that expectation, then you won’t be disappointed.

On a related note, my experience is that subway stations are usually hellishly hot, which may be a bonus during a snowstorm in January, but is downright unpleasant at pretty well any other time of year. I’ve visited New York four times now – but thankfully only in spring and autumn – and even in those transition seasons, I’ve found the subway unpleasantly warm and would question the effectiveness of the ventilation systems. I can only speculate on how bad it gets in New York’s hot and notoriously humid summers when the mercury climbs into the 80s (30s centigrade) and humidity levels edge towards 100%, but my assumption is that it would be penitential, and it’s something that I’d care to ground truth.

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Oct 23, 2012
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pickpockets and fake tickets

Always keep an eye on your money, and camera in the subway, pickpockets are good at taking your stuff without you noticing it in time.

and never buy tickets from a stranger on the street, and so you do not buy fake tickets, and never go fake cab

can be good also to read a bit about New York before traveling here.

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Oct 02, 2011

Don't make sudden movements

While travelling to Brooklyn from Manhattan, I slid along the seat toward the subway map on the wall of the train to confirm the name of our station. I was was about to ask the gentleman (???) sitting beside me if I could look at the map, but before I could he jumped up and gave a very solid punch to the top of my head. Lucky for me the train was at a station and the doors were open so we made a very quick exit. I was pretty shaken up and had a beaut black eye, but that was all. Next time I shall be more careful.

Aug 26, 2010

Remember what way the subway is going

QWhen your traveling around manhattan & NYC. You must know what way the subway is going.

Subways can either go Uptown, Downdown East or West

So on the 6 line make sure you know what platform the train is going on. If you swipe your token & have to goto the otherside you will have to exit, walk upstairs cross the road, enter the other subway & buy another token

this also goes with travel cards. You can easily waste a trip by swiping the card & going on the wrong platform

Jun 28, 2010

Avoid the automatic machines

We put our money into the machine to buy the ticket. We went for the multi ticket as we knew we'd be using the subway quite a bit over the week. Of course, the machine took the money and gave us no ticket. There is always a person there behind a counter selling tickets so we went over with the receipt that said on it "Failure" to get a refund or a ticket. The lady said no, she gave us a form and told us we had to fill it out and mail it in to get a mailed refund, so we were a bit put off with that. We are from Canada so we have our doubts we'll see the money but you never know, maybe they will be good for it. From then on we bought our tickets from the ticket seller. If you have a bent card or one that is freaking out (won't work all the time etc) they can reprogram a new one for you too.
ps- we were a bit nervous the first time travelling the subway, you know how the nyc subways always gets portrayed, but after doing it a few times, we saw only good normal people doing their thing, no trouble so far and we've been here four days now and travelled a lot of trains all over manhattan/queens etc. If you get on a wrong train, no problem, just get off and get something to get you closer. The subway is very cheap, only a couple bucks to get to your as long as you don't go through an exit you can keep travelling them one after the other until you get where you need to go. They are very fast and they go all over the place. Overall a good experience so far.

Dec 01, 2009

Top 5 New York City Writers

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"I Heart New York."
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""I want to be a part of it ...""
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Take care and be prepared

We had a worrying incident on the subway coming in from the airport. Our carriage only contained me and my wife and another couple at the far end of the carriage from us. Three young men came along and stopped directly in front of us and started swinging to and fro while holding the grab rails. The midriff of one of the men was swinging only a couple of inches from my face and it was not only very intimidating but also very frightening. I remember thinking I would just hand over my wallet if they asked for it. What I wish I'd done in advance though was to seperate my cash from my credit cards so they wouldn't be able to take everything and that would my advice for this tip - try to secrete your credit cards where they will be fairly safe in this kind of situation. The train was on a Thursday afternoon by the way. We didn't end up being mugged as the men wandered away and talking to a couple of cops later they said they rarely get muggings on the subway in broad daylight and they were probably just wanting to scare people - it worked!!!

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May 04, 2008

Beware of pickpockets!

Sometimes you need to ask for help to use the subway. Though generally New Yorkers are ready to help, be careful who you ask.

At a busy subway station, I drew out my subway map to double check my next destination. A guy came up to me and asked if I was lost. Whilst I was pointing to him where I wanted to go on the map, he started moving closer to my handbag. I quickly shifted the position of my body so that my bag was furthest away from him and quickly thanked him and walked away.

Now, I don't know if he had any ulterior motives but it's better to be careful. From then on, I only pulled out my subway map when I'm on the train with my bag safely tucked in front of me or inside a shop/restaurant. I won't even risk pulling out the map on the streets.

Restless-in-kl's Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2008

Make sure you know your way

There is a chance that the subway will break down, or get delayed. This happened to us in going from Manhatten to Brooklyn. Get what? Not one employee told the 200+ passengers what was going on, and a lot of us departed the cars, waiting for an answer. Then, the conductor just left the platform. We waited for 15 minutes to find out who would help us stranded on the platform, but no one showed. We eventually left the platform, bought a bus ticket back to Manhatten at an extra cost.
Never trust a unionized non caring group of employees. They are in it til they get home.

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Nov 19, 2007

Don't get pushed, take your time!

Subway is a great transportation but be smart!! The platforms can be a bit tight, and during rush hour they can be just right down dangerous! I have seen a dead body on the platform about 5 years ago, and since then I refuse to stick my head out to see if the train is coming, if I do, it’s with a huge caution. Be careful of your surroundings, make sure no one is running with a possibility of pushing you in to the tracks –happens, so don’t let it be you.

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Oct 16, 2007

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National September 11 Memorial

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