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United States of America Nightlife

  • Copacabana

    New York City Nightlife

    Nice club with good dance area and friendly stuff. Basically I liked it. I was there on Friday night and it was "Ladies in red dress night". The organizers promised free tickets for Ladies in red dresses as well as free champagne all night . So the true was only about free tickets. Bartender told us they are out of champagne today and we can get...

  • For Adults Only

    Las Vegas Nightlife

    I collect stamps, coins and postcards. In Las Vegas I almost decided to start a new collection - girl's cards. Each minute, in each corner, discreetly, a guy slided to my hand a card with a beautiful woman as naked as allowed, with friendly suggestions. In a couple of nights, with full pockets, I only received five repetitions - 4 blonds and one...

  • Bourbon St

    New Orleans Nightlife

    Well obviously this isn't family friendly .. though we did see some people bring kids and infant. Every night its a combo of weird and wild .. lots of drinking, titty clubs, people yooting and laughing and puking, Street performers, homeless folks, people of all ages here, it's quite the show. We saw topless girls walking around for tips... and it...

  • Night Clubs

    San Francisco Nightlife

    Liquid's resurrection is Pink, the brainchild of two French hipsters one of which is DJ Franky Boissy who spins Latin House and Deep, sexy house. The cool ambiance is heightened by rose scented candles lit for the entire evening lending it a rosy glow and perfuming the air in the process. French film is played in its two flat screen tvs. Brigitte...

  • Signature Lounge-Hancock

    Chicago Nightlife

    located in the 96th floor of the john Hancock Center in the Magnificent Mile and is one of the most spectacular and romantic views around the city of chicago and lake michigan aroundso it is ideal for romantic dates or proposal but even for just chit chat and hanging around. For the price of a trip to the John Hancock tower observatory ($15, two...

  • Adult Entertainment

    Key West Nightlife

    My girlfriend and I were in Key West and walking Duval Street when out of nowhere it started pouring down rain. We were looking for some place to duck into while we waited for the rain to stop when some very beautiful girls sitting on the front porch invited us in to dry off and play around for a little while until the rain stopped. I never in a...

  • SkyBar

    Los Angeles Nightlife

    Here is a website that lists all the nightclubs that are good and gives their contact info: http://www.clubzone.com/sponsors/index.asp?city=2 No sneakers or hats; men wear collared shirts for most places

  • Lansdowne Street & Kenmore Square

    Boston Nightlife

    You know you want to spend a crazy night out on the town in Boston, but you just don't know what you want to do? Hit up Lansdowne Street and you won't be sorry. The entire block is jam packed with a variety of dance clubs, lounges, bars and nightclubs all right next to each other. Off the top of my head I can name the following places that I know...

  • Pleasure Island

    Orlando Nightlife

    the adventurers club is an oasis of calm in the noisy disco atmosphere of pleasure island. this bar caters to an older visitor to pleasure island. an update the adventurers club is now closed and soon will be demolished. in the near future disney plans to up grade the pleasure island complex

  • Downtown Seattle

    Seattle Nightlife

    I was wandering around south downtown Seattle neighborhoods around SafeCo Field when I stopped in the Pyramid Alehouse, which is directly across the street from SafeCo House. With this kind of location, the beer just needs to be adequate in order for the place to flourish - and I can happily attest that the beer here is more than adequate. It's...

  • Buckhead

    Atlanta Nightlife

    Hey---you can check out The Sanctuary in Buckhead--should be close to Marta 3209 Paces Ferry Place very close to intersection with peachtree rd, roswell rd and W Paces Ferry down Roswell Rd a bit. www.sanctuarynightclub.com dustmon

  • Gaslamp Quarter

    San Diego Nightlife

    Gaslamp is growing with its lux entertainment. If you don't like the grungy dives of the area and prefer elegant dining, check out these venues listed below. Premier Venues: Make reservations here for VIP, tables and other seating. Bassmnt- http://www.bassmntsd.com F6ix- http://f6ixsd.com Parq- Fluxx- http://www.fluxxsd.com Dining: Meze-...

  • Night Clubs

    Houston Nightlife

    This is a good club with a decent management. Best in the city for cheap lap dances- try IVY, Roxy or Angel. All of the girls were absolutely beautiful and very friendly. Hands down, the best strip club in the country. Feel completely free to disregard this review and never go there... more girls for me as I will definitely be going back! Collared...


    Dallas Nightlife

    I have been to Deep Ellum a couple of times. The first time was to see a band...Lifehouse, I believe. And the second time was to eat at the Angry Dog (which you can see in my restaurant tips). Both times I felt it was very low key. While I was in college it was the "place to be" but I believe shortly after I graduated it was getting lots of...

  • Monk's Cafe

    Philadelphia Nightlife

    We love coming to this bar/restaurant every time we find our way here in Philadelphia. They specialize in Belgium beer and dishes with a nice selection of beers on tap at a rotation and a large selection of bottled beers. Food here is quite good and you can find a variety to please anyone. We been here about 4 times during our many visits and the...

  • Night Club

    Honolulu Nightlife


  • Night Hiking / Stargazing

    Yosemite National Park Nightlife

    I can't believe we skipped this. There is a standard moonlight tour that meets at Yosemite Lodge, shuttle stop #8, costs $20 and lasts about 2 hours. The times vary depending the moonlight. That sound great enough, but the one night we were in Yosemite happened to be a full moon. The staff at our hostel suggested that we do the moon tour, but we...

  • Beale Street

    Memphis Nightlife

    As early as the mid-19th century, African American jazz musicians were already performing in the many clubs located along Beale Street in Downtown Memphis. In the 1940s, a new sound began to emerge on Beale, performed by the likes of B.B. King and Muddy Waters. These young men would of course become music legends, and Beale Street itself would also...

  • Stargazing

    Death Valley National Park Nightlife

    Face it, there's not alot of nightlife in Death Valley, but that's not why you went out there, right?. Campfires are only permitted in established campgrounds and are not allowed in the backcountry. So what to do? If you're not already in a remote area camping, hop in your car, check the map they hand out when you enter the park and find a dirt...

  • Bars/Pubs

    Nashville Nightlife

    Sunday, May 18th, Tony and I decided to go over to the Vanderbilt area and bar crawl or bar hop..whatever you want to call it. We have seen this bar a few times and pasted it many times, so we decided to stop here. We went inside, they just opened at 11am. Albert greeted us. He was so very nice. We ordered a PBR and a soda for only $4.50 with...

  • Beaches/South Beach/Art Deco District

    Miami Nightlife

    Si quieres pasar una noche con buena música latina, anglo, actual... lo que quieras!!! Visita este club que abre sus puertas para refrescar tus noches en South beach. Aquí encontrarás shows en vivo a cada media hora. Disfrútalo! y recuerda, la bebida en este distrito no es tan económica. Si bebes, que otro conduzca por ti.

  • Downtown

    Albuquerque Nightlife

    Burt's has been a staple on the downtown scene for years now. You can catch a whole bunch of live bands, mostly alternative and a bit of everything in between. This is a pretty chill place and it's at it's most chillest in between 9:30 and 10:30 PM. This is before the crowds come in and the place gets bumper to bumper. The inside is very much how...

  • 4th Avenue area

    Tucson Nightlife

    I lived in Tucson, AZ for 20 years. If you want to meet the local crowd, go to some concerts down on 4th Avenue in a bar or club (unfornately, the live jazz bar and restaraunt "Cafe Sweetwater" has closed boo-hoo but there is a club in its place). Also, many times a year, the Avenue hosts outdoor parties (other than the Street Fair) where you can...

  • Ybor City

    Tampa Nightlife

    We wanted some cigars for a wedding gift, so we swung by -- where else -- the cigar capital of the free world, Ybor City. We were looking for a small, quiet place where we cigar novices could choose a bundle or box of cigars without the pressure of a bunch of cigar snobs looking over our shoulders. Our first stop was La Herencia de Cuba, a small...

  • The Downtown Party District

    Richmond Nightlife

    Until recently, prevailing flood waters made restoration of this historic district difficult. The completion of a multi-million dollar flood wall has spurred dramatic redevelopment of this charming neighborhood. Now one of Richmond's hottest night spots, Shockoe Bottom features some of the area's most sought after restaurants and nightclubs. The...

  • Inner Harbor / Downtown

    Baltimore Nightlife

    I accidentally walked up "the block" as the locals call it, and I knew where I was as soon as the first doorman approached me about free cover and discount dances.... I actually went in a couple of these spots, and as a bachelor I would recommend only Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, the others are a bit seedy and overpriced.... They expect casual, but...

  • Live Music

    Monterey Nightlife

    Possibly the most beautiful theatre I have ever seen in my life. I am so excited to see The Robert Cray Band this month! And the Growlers in December should be fantastic. They've had to move their smaller acts from The Lobby to the main stage due to sound complaints, which I thought would be kind of a drag, but I saw The Tumbleweed Wanderers there...

  • The Elbo Room

    Fort Lauderdale Nightlife

    established in 1938 the elbo room is a typical florida beach bar. this local watering hole became famous for it's part in the 1960 movie "where the boys are". the elbo room gets a mixture of locals and tourists. an interesting place to visit for people of my generation who remember the movie. casual

  • Nature Nights

    Grand Canyon Nightlife

    Two years ago my son and I were at Capital Reef in south central Utah. I had to go to the car and get an item and I happened to look up on a clear night. I yelled at my son to get out side and check out the night sky. We were both really impressed compared to the night sky in Iowa! Three weeks ago I was staying at the South Rim of The Grand Canyon...

  • Jacksonville Landing/Downtown area

    Jacksonville Nightlife

    Many cities shoot off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day and maybe New Year's Day, but few shoot them off as frequently throughout the year as Jacksonville. Whether to celebrate the two aforementioned holidays, every weekend of the holiday season, following Jaguars football games, following Suns baseball games or signifying a major festival or...

  • First Avenue & 7th Street

    Minneapolis Nightlife

    Most happening after 11pm or whenever there's live music. Music varies depending on the night, anything from salsa to metal to techno. It's dark, the beat doesn't stop, and if nothing else it's a great place to people watch. Pretty much anything goes - you can go from leather and studs to the typical preppy club attire.

  • Scarlett Ohara's

    Saint Augustine Nightlife

    Scarlett O'Hara's is located in a nice old house, giving it a quaint and cozy atmosphere. It has three bars: one upstairs, one downstairs and one outside. There are tables outside on the porch for smokers. The upstairs part of Scarlett's was my favorite because it has lots of nice couches and comfy seats where you can gather with a group of friends...

  • Scottsdale

    Phoenix Nightlife

    In the heart of beautiful Desert Ridge Marketplace, in North Phoenix lies an underground nightclub called Scorch Bar. The club features indoor and outdoor bars, a dance floor, and cozy booths (that fill up fast). Scorch Bar is filled with giant lava lamps and with glowing bar tops, and (sometimes) the all glow in sync to the music. After 11:00...

  • Bars & Taverns

    Kansas City Nightlife

    I'm not sure if the frozen cocktail "wave" in summer 2012 was just a one-year fad, or whether this is going to be the kind of drink that people will want to come back for on a regular basis. The owners of "Snow," a new iced cocktail lounge in the Crossroads District, are clearly betting on the latter. They've opened a hip new space in the new art...

  • Billy Bob's Texas

    Fort Worth Nightlife

    We made it there pretty late after the Rodeo, and missed Billy Bob's own bull riding show. Yep, this honky tonk, the world's largest honky tonk, has its own indoor rodeo/bull riding arena. Unbelievable but I have seen that place, it's true three acres! It has a Texas-size dance floor - Veronica suggested for us to dance on, but yay, with those...

  • Koots!

    Anchorage Nightlife

    If your looking for a nightclub with all kinds of people in a very rustic setting, then Koots is the place for you. You'll find all kinds of people from rednecks to pimps in fur coats! This is not an upscale nightclub by any stretch of the imagination. If your looking for a more classy nightlub experience with ultra-lounge seating and contemporary...

  • Dancing

    Portland Nightlife

    One thing you'll notice while out in Portland, everywhere serves food. There is few "dance clubs" or "bars" that are strictly just that. Everywhere is a pub once way or another. You can;t miss this one with the huge inflatable purple octopus on the outside of the building. The Greek Cusina is a restaurant downstairs and upstairs during lunch...

  • Club Cohiba

    Long Beach Nightlife

    HORRIBLE crowd ,Bad security ,dirty and expensive place you will expect some kind of safety for the cover charge you pay DO NOT GO just turn and leave before you have one of the worst nights ever. You dont need to go ,so you dont need a dress code

  • 6th Street

    Austin Nightlife

    The Voodoo Room opened in 2003 and caters to the college crowd, young professionals and out of town visitors. The music tends to be loud and trendy, the patrons young, attractive, and dressed for a night on the town (not meaning dressy), and the drinks are strong. Better for younger VTers than ones my age unless you are there to remember when you...

  • Huggos

    Kailua-Kona Nightlife

    A great casual bar in the heart of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Definitely idolic of the 'beach' bar atmosphere and setting - this ocean-front cocktail bar and pub is an off-shoot of the Huggo's Restaurant next door. My one and only visit found it to be very friendly, hospitable, with great service and good bar staff. The patrons all looked...

  • Gordon Biersch Restaurant Brewery

    San Jose Nightlife

    One of my biggest complaints about San Jose has always been the lack of casual nightlife. The city has a huge trendy club scene with big bouncers guarding the doors of the hottest clubs and ensuring only the most beautiful and well-dressed people enter. What is there for those of us who wear ratty blue jeans and t-shirts to do? I occasionally like...

  • Warehouse District

    Cleveland Nightlife

    Decorated in an OSU theme, this bar has a number of beers on tap and drinks specials. Besides Blind Pig, this bar is one of the more relaxed, chill bars to go to in this trendy area. No cover and a good dj. They have large screen tv's for sporting events, as that is when the place gets full. This bar is associated with the Blind Pig, but since you...

  • Woody's Tavern

    Moab Nightlife

    2015 update: still our favorite watering hole. If you've read my warning about bizarre Utah liquor laws, you'll know that finding a spot for a post-hike pint can be frustrating? Eureka: we found one here. Woody's is your no-frills, no-attitude oasis for a cold one on a sunny patio or in the bar with no annoying ado. It's a battered local's haven...

  • Night Clubs

    Hollywood Nightlife

    Basque is a trendy nightclub on the Corner of famed Hollywood and Vine. Always full of Sexy people, its best Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I had a great time at Basque even though I had read some horrible reviews on it. I'm not sure why tight people would go out in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter, and why they come back and write reviews...

  • Nightlife

    Sanibel Island Nightlife

    In a lot of beach towns, (and I mean A LOT), the beach closes at 11:00pm, and you are not allowed back on it until dawn. In Sanibel, most of the accomidations are walking distance to the beach, and a quiet deserted beach. A quiet, moonlit walk on beach can be had here!


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