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Waterfall Canopy Zip Line Tour Plus Park Activity Pass at Foxfire Mountain Park
"This course has seven different lines and two sky bridges with several platforms each with their own unique characteristics. The tour lasts approximately 2-hours and will glide you right over their very own Lost Mine Falls. This tour starts with a short tutorial in their barn and beginner 60’ zip line to get your feet wet. Th"""Get set to experience the majesty and beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains with their classic zip line adventure the Waterfall Canopy Zip Line tour."title=Highlights&1=Ticket+to+the+Waterfall+Canopy+Zip+Line+Tour+at+Foxfire+Mountain+Adventure+Park&2=Enjoy+the+Great+Smoky+Mountains+in+a+memorable+and+active+way&3=Fly+over+a+60-foot+%2818-meter%29+waterfall&4=Use+the+included+Discover+Foxfire+activity+pFlexible
From $90.00
The Goliath Zipline Plus Activity Pass at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park
"The 2 hour tour encompasses five extreme zip lines that will leave you breathless and nothing short of awe-struck. This tour starts with a short tutorial in the barn and a beginner 500 foot zip line to get your feet wet. Once you are ready to take on the nestled in the Smoky Mountains. All the while you will be escorted by your professional guides whos number one priority is your safety. The Goliath zip-line is equipped with state of the art braking systems so you will not need to worry about your speed or manual braking on the zip line. On your way down through the mountains you will have the most excellent panoramic views across the Smoky Mountains Foxfire Valley and Dunn's Creek. Also Discover Foxfire is included when you book this adventure."""For the brave and daring the Goliath Zip Line is your adventure! This zip line course is the highest (475 unexaggerated feet high) in the Smoky Mountains and the longest course at that height.
From $95.00
Bear Crawler Adventure Plus Activity Pass at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park
"You start our at the office and your guide will drive you up the mountain to begin the trail. You will venture to the back of the Iron Mine and they will give you a chance to climb to the top. Then your guide will take you around to the front of the waterfall and let you cross the bridges and play in the mist. We will also take you by our historic graveyard the final resting place of the original owners of Foxfire Mountain. The entire drive lasts about an hour but there are stops along the way so you may be out a little longer. Also Discover Foxfire is included when you book this adventure."""Take a ride on the one and only Bear Crawler Adventure of the Smoky Mountains. Experience nature from an extreme 8-wheeled drive ATV on rugged off-road trails dodging trees and riding through water to make it to the top of the mountain. This awesome adventitle=Highlights&1=Ticket+to+the+Bear+Crawler+Adventure+at+Foxfire+Mountain+Adventure+Park&2=Cruise+down+off-road+trails+aboard+an+8-wheel+extreme+ATV&3=Splash+through+water+on+your+way+to+the+top+of+the+mountain&4=Use+the+included+Discover+Foxfire+activi
From $77.00

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Celebrity Dairy

Celebrity Dairy is a local goat farm along with a beautiful B&B. In addition to goats, there are ducks, chickens, pigs and turkeys on the farm. Oh, and peacocks. Banish any thoughts of hokey,...
Sep 27, 2009

Visit Maple View Farm

No trip for families - or any one else for that matter is complete without a trip to Maple View Farm - a Dairy Farm 20 minutes from downtown Chapel Hill. There is a Country Store here - with Ice Cream...
Feb 15, 2009
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