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Guthrie Things to Do

  • Beautiful Murals

    As you all probably know, is that I love murals. I cannot stop and not take the time to take pictures of them. They had some wonderful ones in the area I had parked the rental car. So as you can see, I clicked away. I think if you visit here make sure you bring your camera ok. So get out and explore and have some fun:-)

  • Historical State Capital Publishing...

    Guthrie has some wonderful museums to enjoy and this is one of them. It was actually still publishing till 1911 and still had some of the operations for the company who were still operating from the building until 1973. Of course it is on the National Register of Historical Places and houses the history of the state, town to city and a look back of...

  • AND JUST A FEW MORE........


  • Downtown area

    Once you venture into the downtown area, you'll become immediately immersed at what beautiful architecture this town has to offer. You can surely spend the day just wondering around and taking in the sights and beauty. The have many types of seasonal events happening so are sure to checkout the calendar at their web site. Lots of shopping and...


    BLOCKS AND BLOCKS OF MAGNIFICENT OLD BUILDINGS, WELL PRESERVED. Many have shops open for business on the ground floor.

  • Foucart Building

    Restored in 1980 to its original features, this building was constructed in 1891 to house the Boston Dry Goods store. Later proprietors included other dry goods merchants, the National Biscuit Co., and an automobile agency. From the mid 1920s to the mid 1970s, furniture exclusively was sold in the building. Joseph Foucart, who designed this...

  • Victor Building Interior

    The entrance to the Victor Building is underneath an oriel window, from which the visitor proceeds into a lobby that for all intents and purposes resembles a frontier bank of the 1890s. There is nothing in the information to support this, so the "teller" windows are probably part of the territorial offices of yesteryear. A little farther into the...

  • Victor Building

    Built in 1893 by Winfield S. Smith, this "block" was the triumph of its time. Besides Lillie's Drug Store, the Victor Building contained several territorial offices, a few saloons, a wholesale liquor business and a ballroom on its third floor. Perhaps most interesting of its marvels, its basement connected to other Guthrie buildings via a series of...

  • Fine Building Well Preserved

    Except perhaps for the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum, the State Capital Publishing Co. seems the least removed from its early 20th-century activities. It looks no different today than it did when finished in 1902. Like the streets outside, the simplest imagination can easily picture a veritable hive of activity in the counting room, the press...

  • A Copper for the Cause

    Like many others, this building was designed by Belgium-born Joseph Foucart, who gave its northeast crown its distinctive "turret." Today, the State Capital Publishing Co. is one of Guthrie's top museums, featuring an extensive collection of early printing presses, historical prints and other memorabilia. Admission is free, but the suggested...

  • Let the Editors Spin in their Graves

    Built in 1902, the State Capital Publishing Co. is to my mind the building in Guthrie. Occupying its prominent place at the SW corner of Second and Harrison, the editors could watch much of the local goings-on without ever leaving their offices (and as the press, who ever needed firsthand knowledge of anything to report it in the paper?). Today the...

  • Frontier Flophouse

    I knew you were particularly interested in this next tip. Miss Lizzie's Bordello was also under the watchful eye of the editors from the State Capital Publishing Co. across the street (it yet remains a mystery which came into existence first. . .). Equipped with sixteen rooms each about 10' x 10', the larger-than-modern-sized employees presumably...


Guthrie Hotels

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Guthrie Restaurants

  • RIBS

    Never ate there. It is a relatively new restaurant right by the interstate at Guthrie, Oklahoma. Here are some offerings from the menu as of June 2009:Georgia pulled pork sandwich.....$5.95Five Rib dinner....$12.95Oklahoma Brisket sandwich.....$5.95Smoked Chicken Dinner.....$7.95

  • Fast Italian Food

    Never ate there. They were just finishing the building of this new restaurant in the spring of 2009. It looked like they were setting up a small salad bar, and their menu includes pizza, pastas, etc.It it right by the Guthrie exit on I-35.

  • Great pie and Ice Cream

    We did make a point to take a break and have some ice cream and pie at this delightful place. I could not remember what it was called at the time, but I remember the rustic atmosphere and the wonderful murals. My friends enjoyed their icecream, while I had the traditional apple pie and coffee. We sat here and chit chatted away all awhile being made...

  • Guthrie's Finest

    This restaurant has occupied these quarters since 1987. Always busy, offering mainly American dishes and so-called "country dinners," the Stables Cafe is likely the choice for the choosiest diners in town. This is one of only a few places in Guthrie where you can get a rib-eye, the highest priced item on the menu at $14.95 (14 oz). On the menu...

  • All You Can Eat Buffet

    Like all the other buildings in Guthrie, this was formerly a much different kind of building (I'll try not to mix the two to keep your appetites up). It's long and narrow, full of tables, where incoming guests are quickly seated, asked what they want to drink, and then shown the buffet. I've never been to a Chinese restaurant that operated any...

  • Don't Let the Cover Fool You

    Do not let the extremely modest outside appearance guide you away from this eclectic dining establishment. Guthrie has steakhouses and burger joints like any other town, but according to local lore, this is in a class by itself.


Guthrie Nightlife

  • Down by the Railroad

    Down by the railroad on Harrison Street is this wooden box called "the Gusher" with its mock oil derrick on the lawn. As the sign says, live bands play here every Friday, but whether they are any good or not I don't pretend to know. Karaoke nights are every Thursday and Saturday.

  • Live Professional Theater

    Residing in a structure bearing the date 1901, the Pollard Theater boasts the best live professional theater (presumably anywhere). Recent engagements (2003) have lasted from four to five weeks, including performances of "Dinner With Friends," "Guys and Dolls," and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Showings are Thursday through Saturday at 8:00...

  • Guthrie Hotels

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Guthrie Transportation


    HERE ARE two gasoline stations located at the eastern end of Guthrie, nearest to Interstate 35. Valero and Love's are two brands you will see often in this area.The prices you see were during the last week of February in 2006. At that time gasoline was averaging about $2.13gallon, so these stations were priced fairly low. However as I recall, one...

  • Carriage

    Though it's way too cumbersome to be the best means of travel in historic Guthrie, you can always hire a carriage. Tours are generally available every day of the week, but if you have something specific in mind, call the proprietors first.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Guthrie Shopping

  • Gifts and Arts

    This particular shop strives to merchandise items actually crafted or designed in Oklahoma, as well as thing "apart from the usual." most everything in Guthrie is modestly priced

  • Gifts and Cabin Decor

    The Country Corner with its distinctive oriel window is easily recognizable at the corner of Oklahoma and Division. Inside you'll find every conceivable kind of gift and novelty, all kinds of antiques and collectibles (including what the proprietor calls "cabin decor," which I don't pretend to understand, not having seen anything that answers the...

  • Antiques, if that's Your Game

    If you're into antiques, rummage through the Victorian Parlor across Harrison from the Guthrie Leader.


Guthrie Local Customs

  • The Best Things in Life are Free

    Most of the attractions in Guthrie merely ask for donations, but by and large the greatest portions are free of charge. Even parking in the historic center is free, quite unlike the case in downtown Oklahoma City. Just get here early enough to find a spot and walk the historic district on foot. Depending on the hour, there is generally little risk...

  • Look Up

    One of the true marks of authenticity in this city of authentic structures is the building material in the ceilings. Modern offices and almost anything constructed after 1960 has the gypsum tiles in the ceiling, all resting comfortably in a metal framework. Look at the ceilings in Guthrie. As often as not you'll see the delicately-textured ceiling...

  • Keep it to Yourself

    This is one of Oklahoma's most heavily touristed areas, and from a glimpse down the main drags it is easy to see why. After mentally blocking out the parked cars, the pavements and the streetlights from Harrison, Oklahoma and Division Streets, one can easily imagine a posse or a gunfight or even a land speculator in the midst of a dusty street...


Guthrie Off The Beaten Path

  • Old North Tower

    In Edmond, just a little south of Guthrie is one of the state's least known but most interesting gems, something you'd expect to encounter in Guthrie instead. This is the first building constructed in Oklahoma Territory for the purposes of higher education. Known then as the Territorial Normal School, its classes first assembled in a nearby...

  • First Christian Church

    Of least interest perhaps to church architecture aficionados visiting Guthrie is the First Christian Church on Noble Street. Having every chance to make its forms more noble or elegant, the builders stayed strictly within functional lines. Thus the facade and windows are without character, beauty or much interest.

  • First Baptist Church

    Less ornate and less promising in its architecture is the First Baptist Church on Broad Street. This single-story structure is little more than a rectangular basilica (to stretch the term) with a modest facade and little else to recommend it. On the other hand, most of the churches on church row were founded on or little after the Land Run of 1889...


Guthrie General

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  • Logan County War Memorial

    Like any other county seat in America, there is a special pavilion commemorating the war dead from Logan County. Not attached in any way to either the town hall or the county courthouse, the memorial anchors a spacious park set out for one purpose -- to remember those who lost their lives in service to their country.

  • County and a Pity

    As I said, Guthrie is the county seat of Logan county. Given the efforts at preserving the historical wonders all around it, one would have expected a more elegant or charming courthouse than the monstrosity that presently houses the county offices. Nevertheless, if you have little interest in courthouse architecture (i.e. people like sambarnett,...

  • City and County

    Guthrie is both the county seat of Logan county and the largest town therein. Accordingly it has both a county courthouse and a civic town hall. The former is a nondescript box of no especial aesthetic virtue, while the latter is a new and somewhat overblown structure at the NW corner of Second and Oklahoma. Depending on which government agency you...


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