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Bar and Grill Tips (5)

Bricktown Brewey: This amazing place has it all, in Bricktown!

I strongly suggest the Bricktown Brewery. Entrees as well as appetizers there cost between $8 & 9. They brew their own beer there and there's a full bar upstairs with pool tables, phoose ball table, and some video games. A really cool place. I've got pics of it on my blog, just scroll down to the bottom of it. ONLY if you want pics. There are also pics of places to eat along the river walk, like the bowling alley where the wait staff comes to your lane, or you can eat outside along ther river.

Favorite Dish Both the burger & the cod were good, but I'd have to say that the cod was my favorite.

PurePink's Profile Photo
May 05, 2010

Bourbon Street Cafe: Great atmosphere.

This creole themed restaurant is located in The Bricktown Entertainment District, a warehouse neighborhood that has been dramatically restored. Being on the side of the spectacular canal captured my attention. We dined on their patio along the canal.

I did not order their specialty which is mostly Cajun but instead I tried the New York strip as recommended by our waiter.
The meat came well done as the way i like it sometimes, but when I cut it, it was a little bit tough and by the time I put it on my mouth I tasted nothing but a piece of dry red meat covered with some grease from the drippings of filet mignon.
The fried calamari balanced the disappointment and of course with a little help of an amazing view. Can you imagine yourself watching a boat full of tourists slowly passing thru a narrow canal while you're holding a bottle of Miller 64, ahh priceless.
Good thing my kids doesnt care about their macaroni and cheese.

Ambiance is great. Food is whatever. Price is $$. Service is okay. Anyway our waiter is a little bit creepy.
We should have went to Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse instead as the parking staff first recommended.

descant1's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2009

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill: I Love This Bar!

I went on a Friday night and was surprised at how low maintanence it was. There was a band playing country music. There was plenty of room at the bar and many tables available. There is also a patio that you can sit at. We decided to sit at the bar and just take in the country ambience. The bartenders (all female) were really nice. We even got a cheaper bill then I thought which is always a nice surprise :)

Favorite Dish I had draft beer and some cheese fries. I would recommend those if you like that sort of thing. I didn't eat an actual meal.

msbrandysue's Profile Photo
Jun 25, 2007

Bricktown Brewery: Yummy BBQ

The Brewery is my choice when wanting BBQ.
The amount of food is great and the prices are right too. We usually use a coupon thought because there are four of us.
The atmosphere is great as well. It can be a date place or you can take your family. The Brewery is best known for it's wide variety of beer and ales that they make.

Favorite Dish Combination BBQ plate with fried ocra and corn for sides.
Their french fries will feed several people.

yankacy's Profile Photo
Dec 30, 2003
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Bricktown Brewery: Bricktown Brewery

I did not eat here as I had only popped in for a beverage or two. I regret this, only because if I had known more about the place, I would have spent my time here rather than at Hooters. The 'visuals' may not be as good, but I have a feeling I miised out by not giving the Brewery more time.

A renovated warehouse, they is plenty of wood panelling & wooden booths or tables for seating.

I did examine the menu and it's standard brewhouse fare although they did offer a range of barbeque foods.

I understand that they offer live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. They also have billiard tables, big screen TVs and video games.

Overall, I give my visit a 'Satisfied' but I think I would have marked it higher if I had visited longer or in the evening.

It's on my 'Must Go Back' list

Favorite Dish Of the beers on offer, I tried the 'Land Run' lager which was excellent

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Nov 26, 2003

Top 5 Oklahoma City Writers

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"Highlights of OKC"
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"The Renaissance City - Oklahoma City"
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Myriad Botanical Gardens

The Myriad Botanical Gardens are unusual as botanical gardens go as they are contained in a huge glass enclosure. It's like walking through a space age hot house and on a cool wet day, it's like...
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Museum of Art

Surprisingly this museum holds the largest permanent collection of Dale Chihuly's art in the world. It began in 1999 when they commissioned him to do a memorial tower (in the photo) as the signature...
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OKC National Memorial and Museum

It's a long day to take in the museum, the reflecting pool, the gates, the fence, but there is more to be experienced at the Memorial. As you leave through what may have been the backdoor of the...
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Bricktown is Oklahoma City's attempt at getting some of its luster back. In the era of the “land run” thousands of people flocked to the area as they were giving land away. For Europeans, it was...
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Oklahoma History Center

This is a fairly new museum and is dedicated to the history of Oklahoma. If I were to criticize it at all, it would be that the variety of exhibits is almost too great, but it does cover the...
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Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City has a very nice zoo, a definite must see when visiting the city. The zoo has a large collection of African animals in large modern enclosures. The zoo sits along a scenic lake close to...
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