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  • 1. Downtown

    Part of the Local Improvement District for the MAX light rail ten fountains with twenty-five bronze sculptures of Pacific Northwest animals were installed in 1986. They were designed by Georgia...

  • 2. Haircut anyone

    Scheduling haircuts can always be a challenge for my wife when traveling. While visiting Portland, OR, she decided it was time so she tried Rudy's on a...

  • 3. VCS Southeast Portland Animal Hosital

    You're on vacation and your pet gets sick, worse yet, it's 9:00 PM at night and you have a bleeding, crying pet in your hands and need an emergency vet quick....

  • 4. Three day itirenary in Portland

    There are many things to do in Portland beside shopping. Residents from Washington State go to Portland because there is no sales tax. Therefore, Portland is a...

  • 5. "Mystery, Mayhem and Muslin in Portland"

    This was my third time attending a Jane Austen Society of North America AGM. After going to the ones in Toronto (2002) and Chicago (2008), it was quite a...

  • 6. Mount Hood

    The beautiful, snow-capped Mount Hood, the highest point in Oregon, is visible from any tall building in Portland. It is located about 50 miles east of...

  • 7. the strength to escape once

    There was no need to look at my watch for happy hour had been etched in my brain since we had arrived in Portland. And those happy hours were to be spent at...

  • 8. the perfect state of mind for wandering

    A couple of loaves of bread was what I was returning for on my way out of town. That's right. I was going to a brewery for bread. Not that their beer had lost...

  • 9. Tipping in Portland

    Tipping in restaurants:Servers 15-20cktail 15-20artender 15-20% or $1 per drink before mealWine Steward 10% of wine billIf bar has a cover charge do not tip on...

  • 10. Driving Into Portland

    Portland is just s small city so it is fairly easy to drive here and not get lost unlike in los angeles. Portland's downtown area can be walked in about a half...

  • 11. NO Sales TAX!

    What you see is what you get in Portland. Since there’s no sales tax in Oregon, the price you see on an item is the price you pay at the register. So if you buy...

  • 12. Immigration Pro & Con

    "People coming from California or the east coast usually find everything here very cheap in terms of real estate." - glabahToo true. They have added great vigor...

  • 13. Relocation

    April 2008What line of work are you in? St Johns may be limited in that respect. What you save in rent may be eaten up in time & transportation.Portland has two...

  • 14. Plasticland

    Update: February 2008Tail Wags Dog! Film at 11!Beaverton is the Capitol of Oregon. Some sticklers for accuracy will claim the Cap is Salem; more astute students...

  • 15. Health Check For Dummies

    Health Check For DummiesUpdate: January 2008One thing you can do while in Portland you can not do anywhere else I'm aware of, is a cheap, accurate...

  • 16. Best Bargain In Town ~ Any Town, Anywhere.

    Health Check For DummiesUpdate: January 2008THE BAD NEWS: I was crestfallen to learn the preceding Providence health care program no longer existed. It seemed...

  • 17. Signs Of The Times

    A work in progress.Update: December 2007Something new has been added in time for the 2007 tourist season, so new exact details can not be provided at this time:...

  • 18. My Favorite Thing About Portland?

    The form entry says "Please enter the single most important activity or site you would take someone, if they had never been to Portland before" but for me I...

  • 19. Districts

    Portland is made up of a number of Districts, each with its own special flavor. One can enjoy the city by simply getting oneself to one district or another and...

  • 20. Chapman and Lawnsdale Squares

    Part of what makes Portland so attractive to me are its large open spaces. Here we came across a really nice square with a nice fountain of an elk. I did some...

  • 21. 10 Digit Dialing

    There's a new area code in town kids: 971. It hasn't obliterated good ol' 503 but now there are two in town soooooo...when you dial a phone number you need all...

  • 22. Books, books, books, books and more books!

    You should go to Powell's Bookstore. It is one city block and several stories high. There are new and used books and you can always pick one up and take it to...

  • 23. Flowers of Spring & Summer

    Portland is known as the City of Roses, but there's a lot more than just roses growing here. Visitors to our city are always pleased with the abundance of...

  • 24. The Pacific Northwest Has It All!

    If you're looking for all kinds of scenery, outdoor activites, and mulit-ethnic cultures, visit Portland and other cities in the Pacific Northwest. There are...

  • 25. Parks Galore!

    Portland has tons of them! The best known to visitors because of the Rose Gardens and Japanese Gardens is Washington Park, but some others that you may want to...

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