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A Great Oregon Wine Tour of Willamette Valley
"Join us on our all day Willamette Valley Wine Tour and get a taste of the most decadent wines the lush Willamette Valley has to offer. Whether you are a wine tasting veteran or a newcomer we have something for you. Our guides are expertly trained in the ways of the Willamette Valley and its many vineyards and they will usher you to 4-6 separate vineyards over 7 ½ hours where you will have the opportunities to taste the famous pinots chardonnays rieslings
From $160.00
Portland City Tour
"Portland is the largest city lying between San Francisco and Seattle and when compared to those cities Portland’s environment is not as fast-paced; instead it has a more laid-back smaller town feel to it that has been created by planning policies. Portland however is still a city just shy of 610000 people with a metropolitan area population of about 2.4 million and as such has its fair share of cultural amenities
From $55.00
Columbia Gorge Waterfall Tour
"After getting picked up from your hotel head out of the city on the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Byway. Make sure to bring your camera and be photo-shoot ready you'll be making a few pit stops along way. Enjoy the opportunity to take in fresh air as well as an up close visit of some world famous waterfalls such as Multnomah Horsetail Latourell and Bridal Veil. Your tour doesn't stop there! No trip to the Columbia Gorge would be complete without stopping at the quirky McMenamins Edgefield Hotel and Brewery the Crown Point Vista House and Bonneville Dam."
From $115.00

Downtown area Tips (9)

John Helmer: When Men wore Hats...

A wonderful store filled with traditional clothing, furnishings and a terrific selection of classic hats of all shapes and materials.

This is a rarity: a third generation business (run by John Helmer III) alive-and-well in the
21st Century.

What to buy Suits and sportcoats in all weights of fabrics. Especially wide range of ascots!

What to pay Very upmarket ($750 on up for suitings).

steedappeal's Profile Photo
Nov 21, 2010

Oregon Historical Society Museum Store: Portland and Oregon History and Contemporary

Oregon Historical Society book store sells quite an assortment of materials. Originally, when they were in a different part of the museum, their store was mostly historical books with information on the history of Oregon, places to explore such as eastern Oregon ghost towns, and similar materials.

These days, however, the museum store has relocated to its present spot at southwest Broadway and Madison. There is far more space here, and the collection of materials available for purchase is now far beyond the historical information books that used to be their largest collection.

Don't get me wrong: their historical books are usually interesting and there is still quite a collection for sale here. However, you will also be able to purchase quite an assortment of items well beyond books.

The store is on the southwest corner of the intersection of Southwest Broadway and Morrison, but the entire block is dedicated to the Oregon Historical Society museum. Only a small part of the facility is the museum store, however. The west side of the block (the museum entrance but not the museum store) faces the South Park Blocks, and across the park blocks and one block north is the Portland Art Museum main entrance.

See Also: Oregon Historical Society Museum under "Things to Do"

The URL below is to the Oregon Historical Society web site, which includes a bit of information about the store.

What to buy How about a few miniature totem poles or other Native American materials?

Or glass ornaments?

There is a reasonably good assortment of Portland and Oregon post cards and various other Oregon memorabilia available here.

The 150th Anniversary of Oregon Statehood Blanket is made by Oregon's own Pendleton company, but there were only a few produced, and the current asking price for them is in the four digit range.

What to pay Unfortunately, you will have to pay whatever the price tag says to pay - there isn't any negotiation over price in this store.

glabah's Profile Photo
Feb 17, 2009

Signature Imports: All over the world....found in downtown Portland

This is my favorite store in downtown Portland. Signature Imports has handcrafted clothing, jewelry, accessories, furniture, and knicknacks from all over the world. I particularly love their collection of natural fiber clothing from South America and India, and have bought several items over the years from here.

What to buy The absence of sales tax in Oregon makes this shop a real bargain for someone like me (a California resident, where I pay 8.25% in sales tax!)

There is such a variety of items, that it is difficult to recommend what to buy. What I can recommend is to pay the store a visit, and see what strikes your fancy.

What to pay Again, no sales tax for those of you who come from states or countries with sales or GST taxes. Compared to similar items that I find in my hometown of Los Angeles, CA, the prices are comparable. The selection is the real draw.

VdV's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2005

Downtown area: Laugh Your Lips Off

Jelly Bean has been around for nearly 30 years! The store is a haven for liberal people who plaster their cars with propaganda. There was plenty of anti-Bush junk, and proud to be from a blue state stuff. Check out their website.

What to buy I had to laugh at this one, "Stop Honking, I'm On the Cell Phone, Damn It!". Not enough to slap a $3.00 bumpersticker on my truck's clearcoat finish, but it was funny.

Even funnier... A few weeks ago in Portland a woman drove off one of the many bridges while she was talking on her phone. She wasn't hurt. But, she admitted that was why she drove off the bridge. Takes all kinds. This is a shop for the "all kinds". They advertise themself as "cutting edge".

mcpangie's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2005
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Downtown area: Actually, You Can Buy A Car Downtown

There is a BMW showroom in the downtown area. Mostly I just liked this billboard this car dealership from Portland Area had painted on the side of a building.

What to buy A handful of years ago, Beaverton, OR (just up the road a hop, skip, and a jump up 26) had some of the best prices for vehicles in the nation... no sales tax in Oregon.

mcpangie's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2005

Downtown area: Didn't Bring Your Walking Shoes?

Make sure you bring good walking shoes so you can walk around. I was putting a good 5+ miles a day in wandering around seeing the sites. But if you don't...

What to buy You can buy anything downtown. I found these shoes for sale and got a smile.

mcpangie's Profile Photo
Apr 15, 2005

Downtown area: MADE IN OREGON

Companies come and they go as market forces build them up and them break them up. Sometimes, all that is left is an empty warehouse. Sometimes, not even that. One local sportswear company – White Stag - that thrived here for years until they were bought out and moved overseas to Asia, left behind the huge neon sign (the sign originally advertised for White Satin Sugar from 1927 till the late 50’s when it changed brands) at the west end of the Burnside Bridge that had greeted commuters for years. Unlike a few other such signs, it has survived, albeit with a few subtle changes to its message.

What to buy The sign advertises Made In Oregon shops which can be found throughout the area selling local products - food, wine, woolen goods. A good place to get acquainted with the plethora of products available.

mtncorg's Profile Photo
Nov 16, 2004

Downtown area: Shop tax free

Coming to Portland to shop is a really good idea beacause we don't have sales tax here. Yes, it's amazing isn't it?

There's plenty to see at Pioneer Square, and personally, I like Sacks Fifth Ave. or Marios, all 3 downtown.

What to buy Designer clothes at Marios or Sacks, ethnic or liberal clothes can be found in the Pearl District. What are liberal clothes? I don't know, I just made it up.

What to pay $20-1000

bhorton's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2004

Top 5 Portland Writers

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"Nearest Big City"
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"Portland, an great liveable city"
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"The Pearl of the Pacific Northwest"
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"If it's tourist season, can we shoot them?"
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Downtown area: Places to Shop

Well, Oregon has no sales tax on items bought, so many people from Washington State that live near Oregon do their shopping in Portland.

Pioneer Square area is the hub for shopping with Nordstroms next to it, A&F, Columbia Sportswear, two shopping malls all within a few blocks .

What to buy well, items are in general at least about 8.8% cheaper then Seattle, because of the sales tax, and around christmas and the day after thanksgiving(huge shopping day) and christmas are massive sale days.

If your traveling and need new clothes, those two days are great, if your in the area.

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Oct 23, 2002

Things to Do Near Portland

Things to Do

Powell's City of Books

While Super Stores are not a big favorite of mine and you might guess would not be popular in an alternative kind of town like Portland, Powell's City of Books is a mega store with a grass roots...
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Things to Do

Pioneer Courthouse Square

This is probably considered the center point of Downtown Portland. There is an information center located here along with public restrooms. A large open space with lots of people hanging out, having...
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Things to Do

Columbia River Gorge

With several dozen incorporated cities, dozens of smaller towns, several dozen state parks in Oregon and Washington, and great gobs of land owned by the National Forest Service, the Columbia River...
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Things to Do

Portland City Hall

Merrill Auditorium is the historic auditorium at Portland City Hall. It's home to the Portland Symphony Orchestra and PCA Great Performances. The performance schedule is a little light in the summer...
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Things to Do

Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum was founded in 1892, which makes it the oldest art museum on the West Coast. Although its collection was rather small at first, the museum soon gained popularity thanks to the...
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Things to Do

Steel Bridge

Built in 1912, the Union Pacific Railroad owns this bridge - the upper deck is leased to ODOT and part is also subleased by TriMet for MAX light-rail operation. This is, like the Hawthorne Bridge, a...
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