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  • Wide Open Areas typical of Sandy River area
    Wide Open Areas typical of Sandy River...
    by glabah
  • Siam Sushi in Core of downtown Troutdale
    Siam Sushi in Core of downtown Troutdale
    by glabah
  • Pacific Northwest and Thai Art side by side
    Pacific Northwest and Thai Art side by...
    by glabah

Troutdale Things to Do

  • Sandy River Delta Park (Wildlife, Dog...

    The area where the Sandy River enters the Columbia River now has a park of sorts on the est side of the Sandy River. The land is currently owned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture division known as the US Forest Service, but several local groups have also participated in the planning for the park.The park area includes a very substantial area...

  • Caswell Gallery

    Temporarily located in a new home while their main gallery is being remodeled, you will find that Rip Caswell creates some impressive work. The huge bronze moose in front of the building (with burgular alarms and a sign that says WARNING: MOOSE IS HOT) should tip you off as to what goes on in here.However, the fact is that the gallery houses the...

  • First Friday Art Show

    Troutdale is not a large city, and the First Friday art show is therefore not a huge show. However, if you don't like the extremely crowded conditions of Portland's First Thursday show, this may be more to your liking.As a general rule, the shows start about 5 PM, and run until 9 PM. Some of the stores in the downtown area of Troutdale stay open...

  • Edgefield: golf, food, wine, glass...

    I have a very hard time trying to describe Edgefield for those who have no idea what it is. For those who are in Oregon I can say it is a "typical McMenamin Brothers Establishment" and they would know what I mean, but such a thing is meaningless to most tourists.For many years, Edgefield was not a very happy place. Those who were housed here wer...

  • Cracked Pots Garden Art Show @ Edgefield

    Cracked Pots is a group of artists that creates items from scrap material, trash, and various other cast off items.Edgefield is an old "farm" mental hospital which has been "recycled" into a brewery, golf course, hotel, pub and restaurant complex, with some fairly extensive gardens.Naturally, Edgefield is an ideal place for the annual Cracked Pots...

  • Multnomah Falls

    If you'd like to see an incredibly beautiful waterfall not too far from Portland, then this is it!The hike up to the bridge is short and easy. You can also continue on up to the very top of the falls.We never ate at the lodge but the BBQ smells emanating out of it were most delicious!

  • Columbia River

    The Columbia River runs along the northern edge of Oregon, from Astoria at the Pacific Ocean to near Hermiston, about 2/3 the width of the state.There are great views at many places. This photo was taken from Vista House, situated at high-point along the Historic Columbia River Highway, about halfway between Troutdale and Multnomah Falls.

  • Horsetail Falls

    The waterfalls plunge in a shape that seems to ideally suit their names - they look just like horse tails! Horsetail is my favorite of all the falls. For one thing, it is practically on the highway, so you don't have to walk in. For another, there are lots of good places to take pictures. Visitors can actually enjoy two distinctly different views...

  • Multnomah Falls and Benson Bridge

    Benson Bridge crafted by Italian stone masons, allows visitors to cross the Multnomah Falls. In 1914, Simon Benson, a prominent businessman and owner of the falls at that time, erected the bridge. Before then, a wood log bridge was in its place.

  • Multnomah Falls

    With 620-feet in height, this double tiered waterfall is the fourth highest in the United States. From the information center, visitors can follow the 1.2 mile paved trail that climbs approximately 600 feet to the top of Multnomah Falls. This trail provides great views of the falls and the Columbia River Gorge.

  • Wahkeena Falls

    The Yakama Tribe word "wahkeena" means "most beautiful." (spelled Wah-kee-na) tumbles 242 feet in a cascading type of falls with 3 plunging falls. Wahkeena Falls can be enjoyed from the parking lot, or, for the more adventuresome visitors, by taking the hiking trail back into the woods. In fact, there are two more smaller falls behind Wahkeena,...

  • Bridal Veil Falls

    Bridal Veil Falls are more than worth the effort of hiking into the woods, a hike approximately 3/4 mile round trip and a 0.5-mile paved path to the gorge overlook. Visitors are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes and to watch their steps as they climb down the trail to reach the falls as there can be several slick spots along the way. However, once...

  • Vista House

    Although the Vista House is only open in summer, the parking lot and circular lower promenade are accessible all year. The view from 733-foot Crown Point encompasses extinct volcanoes in Washington, the Columbia River, Beacon Rock—an 800-foot-high volcanic plug—and the spectacular eastern rim of the gorge.

  • Portland Women`s Forum State Scenic...

    Offers the magnificent view of the entire gorge amphitheater. This is the place to photograph Vista House perched on Crown Point, with the Columbia below and the gorge wall in the background, just as you've seen it in thousands of pictures.

  • Historic Columbia River Highway (SR 30)

    The Historic Columbia River Highway is America's premiere Historic and Scenic Highway. Built between 1913 and 1922, along the steep cliffs of the magnificent Columbia River Gorge, this narrow, curving roadway was a technological tour-de-force when it was constructed. When the Interstate Highway system was being constructed in the 1950s, many...


Troutdale Hotels

Troutdale Restaurants

  • Artfully Decorated Thai and More

    Many businesses along the main road through downtown Troutdale have been part of turning the community into a small arts center. This means the art on the wall may change regularly as it is sold, and replaced with new works.Siam Sushi is one of the businesses making an effort in this direction, which is why you will find a mixture of Pacific...

  • Chinese in Downtown Troutdale, photos of...

    Troutdale has a long history, and part of that history is told in the photos on the walls of this Chinese restaurant. The food is good, and comes quickly. There are a huge number of lunch and dinner options to choose from, and you can either dine in or if you are willing to wait a brief time you can have it as a take out as well. There is a small...

  • Antique Store Lunch Counter

    Some years back (early 1990s or so) it became fashionable for Portland area antique stores to have their own coffee shop inside. This proved to draw customers into the store who would normally not visit, and therefore increase the number of spontaneous buying as well as provide a little bit of revenue from the coffee sales. (Possibly this tradition...


Troutdale Transportation

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    TriMet bus service slow but reasonable

    by glabah Updated Jul 30, 2008

    TriMet's bus route #77 serves most of the interesting places in Troutdale, including the small downtown area and the Edgefield. This bus route is a fairly long, slow route, however. Service is reasonable even on Sundays. It sort of connects with MAX at 82nd Avenue (not very well marked) and at Hollywood Transit Center.

    Bus route 81 connects to MAX by going directly south, but it doesn't operate on Saturdays and Sundays. It only operates about 12 times a day during weekdays. Bus route 80 is a similar story, but at least it operates on Saturdays and Sundays.

    TriMet bus route #77 laying over in Troutdale

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Troutdale Off The Beaten Path

  • Bird Blind (part of Confluence Project)

    The Confluence Project was part of creating artwork for the 200th anniversary of the Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark Expedition). It is located on the Sandy River Delta park property, and at the end of an approximately 1.2 mile (2 km) trail that winds northward from a gravel parking area near Interstate 84.The bird blind is not just a blind...

  • Lewellyn Park

    This little neighborhood park has tenis courts, a paved walking trail, a number of picnic tables, a playground, and a number of other features that are appropriate to a neighborhood park.This might be a good place to stop if you want a quiet neighborhood area to walk around if you need a chance to get out of your car. Otherwise, the park has little...

  • Sunrise Park, a look into Portland...

    Head east on SW Hensley Road from SW 257th Avenue and you will quickly come to a sharp bend in the road. This sharp bend in the road, where Hensley turns into SW 262nd, is the easiest point of entrance to find for Sunrise Park.While the park is mostly of local interest, on clear days it also offers a beautiful example of what the Portland area once...


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